Flood Protection

Floods defences : A banner asking for a return to dredging rivers to reduce the threat of flooding

Flood Protection/Defence Agency needs the severest imaginable cunting, and an air enema of industrial strength.

Have just found out that we now have a major biscuit shortage, because United Biscuits in Carlisle was more or less wiped out. No more Bourbons for about three months, guess I’ll have to drink Maker’s Mark or JD instead… The FDA’s so fuckin’ wet you could shoot ducks off it.

Useless clap-infested cunts.

Nominated by: HBelinda Hubbard

8 thoughts on “Flood Protection

  1. Well you see Belinda, we have those cunts in the EU to thank once again for fucking up our country.

    It transpires that in 2000 we were forced to adopt the European Water Framework Directive (EWF). What this means is that the wildlife in the river cannot be disturbed by dredging as the waterways have to kept as close to ‘natural’ as possible.

    I’m sure that the thousands of people made homeless, the businesses that were destroyed and the lives ruined by the flooding will feel so much better about the whole situation once they are informed that the reason we are not allowed to dredge rivers is so that some crayfish and freshwater Mussels aren’t disturbed.

    So, thanks again EU! You really are a bunch of worthless bureaucratic yeast infections of the first order!

    I would call you cunts, but cunts are useful.

    • Must get orf to the opticians… I read “freshwater Muslims”…

      Of course, mustn’t disturb the Muzzies now, must we??!

      • Just seen the weirdest thing. A pair of muslim bints wearing the full five dollar ninja headbag driving a convertible.

        What the fuck is the point of that?

        Its not like they’re going to feel the wind in their hair.

  2. After careful study I have come to the conclusion the country – as far as flooding- is split into two regions:

    1. Londinium & the Home counties.
    2. The flood plains.

    I saw a wankstain from surrey doing a knee deep piece to camera when they copped for a cup full:

    ” We don’t expect this sort of thing, this is the weather they get in the North.”

    I kid you not.

  3. One of the effects of the last great downpour was that most of the buildings in the Thames valley ended up with “river frontage”. This would of course dramatically increase the value of their properties. Cunts, all they did was moan no pleasing some people. Joking aside following the EWF means leaving watercourses alone so as not to disturb wildlife etc which equates to doing fuck all so spending fuck all which is fantastic for those who look after our rivers. Another benefit to the custodians of our waterways is they can spend so much more on diversity and equality shite which is far more important than making sure old Mrs Grainthorpe’s cottage does not end up on Dogger Bank.

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