The Beckham media circus

A real front page cunting is in order for elderly footballer ponce David Beckham and his ugly brats. Every day every tabloid in the land has some vacuous photo-op like this one:

Who cares what the old media whore is up to?. Is there no level below which he would fail to stoop to get his fucking face in the papers?. He seems to think everyone is fascinated by his oxygen-wasting life, and the kids since birth have been employed to fuel. Right from the Beckham’s first born getting circumcised, to the last one looking for a school there is no part of their lives this pair of arseholes is not prepared to make public to ensure they keep in the public eye. Their insane desire for publicity seems even more extreme than Anthony Blair and his equally ugly family.

Beckham is encouraging his kids to grow up to be self-obsessed poofs.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Romeo Beckham


Romeo Beckham is a cunt (must run in the family)…

Because of who his parents are this little fucker is going to be a model… One of the ugliest kids in the world (he looks like his revolting mother), and he’s going to be a fucking model… Have you seen those teeth? Like a bomb going off in a graveyard…

Nominated by: Norman