Afghanistan Clerics

Well, you’ve got it in black and white here, fellow cunters.
Afghanistan don’t want interference from other countries in their affairs.
Would that include the millions of foreign aid they begged for, following the recent earthquakes?

I absolutely, totally agree that we should stop interfering.

Let’s start by cutting off any kind of humanitarian aid.

” How do you like them apples?”

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

39 thoughts on “Afghanistan Clerics

  1. Is there a “cuntry” anywhere, ending in “istan”, that is NOT full of cunts?

    Hmm-let me think.

  2. The taliban don’t mind the hundreds of millions in heroin sales, the fortune in UN and US aid, the 80 billion Dollars of weapons China Joe deliberately left them as he abandoned Americans to die in the profitable and prearranged fall of Afghanistan, or the trillion Dollar deal they have just signed with the yellow locusts for the rare earth metals in Afghanistan.
    So a bunch of inbred, Woman hating Peter Phile pyjama wearing third world medieval savages bleed the west dry and then tell us to fuck off – “but still send money you infidel pigs!”, now where have we heard that before? Oh yes – from every single muslim Country we have “blessed with democracy”, ever.
    We should have never have been there in the first place, I have lost people I know in this fucking boil on the arse of humanity and I think it is time to have a very serious discussion about removing islam from non muslim Countries.
    I once described islam as a cancer on humankind – because it is.
    Nuke the fucking lot.

    • Leave them to it.
      Its their country.
      Let them stone each other and live like medieval headtheballs.

      Nowt but trouble.
      That earthquake caused £50 worth of damage.

  3. They have 60 billion dollars of weapons to sell to anyone with the cash and they are selling them.

    What a massive balls up that was!

    God knows how many lives and how much money have been wasted there by the west and Russia before us.

    I know people find it hard to connect events throughout history but the Afghan adventure should be raising a lot of questions.

    Invaded to get rid of the Taliban, 20 years of occupation and then leave handing it back to the people you went to destroy in the first place.

    It doesn’t add up!

    Every member of the forces that was killed or maimed there was it all for nothing? All the millions if not billions spent on intelligence gathering and yet no one had an inkling that the Taliban would be able to overthrow the government in Kabul in a day or two?

    Outside of arms manufacturers and logistics suppliers who benefited from that war and occupation? Maybe, just maybe that was the justification all along.

    The Taliban as far as I know have no ambitions outside of Afghanistan, let them have it.

    • SV@ – Afternoon SV – the Afghanistan debacle makes perfect sense if you have a financial interest in arms and military supply companies.
      A fabricated crisis for profit.
      “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”

      • If ( as a gentile ) I offend a Jew, then a certain book is thrown at me, and I am Jailed. How so, when a Muslim calls for the extinction of the Jewish State,and its people, is the Muslim allowed to make such a statement under the protection of his “Cultural Prerogative” ?

  4. I could never quite understand why Afghanistan wasn’t nuked. Glassing the Lavatorial Bowl that is Afghanistan would bring enormous benefits to the west, and taxes might even be lowered as a result of their removal from the face of the earth.
    Why Blair chose to have young white soldiers killed for the benefit of the Camel Shaggers is quite beyond me. Perhaps their is a “plan” which is yet to be revealed. Fuck Afghanistan, fuck Islam and fuck all the kiddie diddlers of west Yorkshire, Brum, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London, Bath, indeed all infested cities of Britain.

    • Telford being the latest where ‘lessons have been learned’. Bullshit.

      • The fear of the Bradford inquiry by the labour run council and that fucking Naz Shah just shows that there is something to hide.
        It would be bigger than Telford, Rochdale, Oldham and Rotherham put together.
        The place has been a fucking mess since the 70’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the epicentre of the P*ki Grooming culture.

      • Here’s an article on the Telford peaceful rape gangs in which the BBC manage not to mention the obvious.

        They did it in a other article too, but they added a photo of the rapists to the article two days later, probably after complaints. The wording of the article itself is still a fucking joke though.

        Anyway , here’s their latest on this topic, which doesn’t tell you anything you’d need to know as usual.

        The fucking cunts.

  5. Every single moslem country is a hellhole of repression, corruption and inequality. Every fucking one. Do the soft cunts championing immigration think they will leave this behind when we welcome the cunts here? I look round the cities should enlighten them.
    Afghanistan can get to fuck. And our so called Afghan allies, who feasted on fucking corruption can fuck off back as well. This is a culture that sells 7 year old girls. Truly Islamic.

    • And much worse. they don’t laugh the mudlims, they are not capable of fun and joy. they just pretend for your presence.
      Everything is too fucking serious with the ignorant cunts that they are
      and those types are the ones that dominate their own societies with the fear of fucking ha ha hal ah.
      Some are of decent nature but when a cunt of whoran shows up, its back to basics Ha Ha hal, learn to smile ye grim bastards.
      Any of the young in arab land knows if they contest Ha Ha, they won’t last long

    • Aye, like that Malala Masala or whatever she’s called. Shot in the face for going to school.

      Oh aye, it’s out of order. I felt sorry for the bint at the time.

      So we give her a new life, place at Oxbridge, status and money. Oh, and freedom.

      You’d think she’d be emotional with gratitude towards the people of the UK?

      Well, she seems to be doing nothing more than slagging us all off (especially whitey, of course!) and telling us how to run our country.

      The fucking cheek of it.

      And we sit here and let cunts like this do this?

      “We must be mad, literally mad..”

      • @Cuntybollocks, i never understood all this repatriation with nations once upon time occupied.
        give a few quid fair enough, but tell em to stay where they are should have been the way from WW2 and onwards.
        The whole of Europe is turning to Nohope with the constant stream of refugees.
        Im sick of my own town with cunts of foreign status talking in cell phones wearing earpieces telling the other cunts to come over because its easy to get the money and flat for fuck all.
        They seem to have endless credit on their mobiles the cunts.

  6. Nuking the bothersome swarthy cunts would be expensive.

    I’d recommend every type of chemical weapon we can lay hands on.

    Might as well include Pakistan in the fun,in for a penny in for a pound.

    Not one soul in either shithole is worth tuppence.

    Fuck em.

    • UT@ – Afternoon Unkle – just put jellyfish and Carrie Antoinette in charge for a couple of years if you REALLY want to fuck up a Country.
      I never thought we would ever be destroyed by those who are supposed to be our own.

  7. Not only shouldn’t we interfere, we should repatriate all the nappy-heads and potential child-fuckers who have arrived here after paying for the dinghy or lorry journey. They are swarming in like rats. Haven’t we got enough drug-dealers and rapîsts?

      • They have a decent system of punishment for crime!
        Not much chance of theivery when your hands are stumps.

        And their markets are pretty good!
        You can buy Russian machine guns.

        Dunno why they want to leave to be honest?

        No wokery, no trannies, no celeb shite,
        And ive a fondness for throwing rocks.

        If they had chippies and pubs itd be ok.

  8. The Afghans have a custom called Bacha Bazi………. adloescent boys who dance for older men and then get bummed. Considering the thousands of these savages we have imported in the last year I wonder how long it will be before that will surface over here. Of course we all know how the police and social services will deal with it……….ooh!…what’s that big lump in that carpet over there?

  9. Fuck them, let the place go down the shitter, the women aren’t all for freedom, the cunts here still put all that shit on and walk ten paces behind the men so why would they change in a Muslim country. Education, the only thing they need to know is how look after their husbands.

    What a waste of twenty years, the place has just gone back to shithole 1 within a couple of weeks of the rag head take over. The men don’t mind because they get to treat the women like shit, as prescribed in the evil book 😂

  10. Itd make you paranoid.
    Being followed by Darth Vader all the time.

    I can outrun the missus so im alright.

    • No fucking surprise that Labour don’t want a public inquiry, after all the corrupt cunts are anxious to remain in power and need all of those corrupt unverifiable mosque-whipped mass Muslim postal votes and will do anything to keep them, as in other towns, by ignoring their disgusting crimes and worse, blaming the victims.
      May I give a particular cinting to Greater Manchester PLODS who also did as little as possible to avoid upsetting “community relations”, but particularly because they were more shit scared of being called waaaaaaycist or “phobic”.
      The whole fucking lot should be tarred and fucking feathered before being strung up by their bollocks from the nearest lamppost, heads near the ground so the dogs can piss on them.
      As for Olham CUNCIL, proof that they have no shame and that it’s ALL about their titles so they can treat their non-chosen residents like serfs.
      If this isn’t obstruction of justice, misconduct in public office and fuck knows what else, including the bent sicitor, I don’t know what is.

  11. The towelhead on the left of the picture in the Grauniad article seems to be thinking “Fucking typical! I spent hours picking out these pyjamas and two other cunts turn up wearing the exact same thing”.

  12. That looks suspiciously like Bradford in the header pic. Where are the men? Probably off batchabazying or “grooming”

  13. Can’t be that many Afghans left over there..weren’t they all interpreters for the British army..

  14. After Malala and her attitude at being saved and given a great life, I don’t give a flying fuck about how bad any cunt over there, or in any other moose limb shithole has it.

    They can all fucking rot, the cheeky ungrateful grasping cunts.

    • Rather than giving them a suck of the tit with foreign aid,
      Or shooting at the cunts which never works,
      Theyve been invaded loads of times but not conquered,
      Think smart.

      In days of Empire we would let the cunts slaughter each other but get them on side.

      Get them to do dirty work on our behalf,
      Medicine in exchance for mineral rights.
      Get them to work in our interests!

      Politicians have no imagination.

  15. What good is to be had by importing thousands of goat testers, fiddly diddlers, child raping scrofulous cunts. How many of these bastards will make an effort to learn the language let alone get a job. Here have a house cos you have great need, fuck the local whose kids have been on the waiting list for15 fucking years, who cares that your family have lived in the town for 10 generations. Wait 4 hours at the doctors for a 5 min visit to said doctor cos a load of non English speaking cunts have registered (with aid of interpreter paid for by us. Shit will this ever end?

  16. Drop a low yield nuke (or two) on the barbaric savage scum and make their shithole into one big glass car-park and lets be done with it…….

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