The Beckham media circus

A real front page cunting is in order for elderly footballer ponce David Beckham and his ugly brats. Every day every tabloid in the land has some vacuous photo-op like this one:

Who cares what the old media whore is up to?. Is there no level below which he would fail to stoop to get his fucking face in the papers?. He seems to think everyone is fascinated by his oxygen-wasting life, and the kids since birth have been employed to fuel. Right from the Beckham’s first born getting circumcised, to the last one looking for a school there is no part of their lives this pair of arseholes is not prepared to make public to ensure they keep in the public eye. Their insane desire for publicity seems even more extreme than Anthony Blair and his equally ugly family.

Beckham is encouraging his kids to grow up to be self-obsessed poofs.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

49 thoughts on “The Beckham media circus

  1. A most deserved cunting, though I take issue with the Blair family comparison as that bunch are all elite tier cunts well above the working class cunt Beckhams. Plus they are face smashed ugly.

    • I have always thought that if a fart had facial features it would resemble David Beckham and if wet farts had facial features it would resemble Victoria. And on that note Victorias facial strained features always remind me that she is trying to hold one in, whereas David always looks like he has let one go.

  2. Went to the FIFA World cup in Japan, 2002.

    First hand experience of his presence and adoring Japanese fans. He was thought of almost as a demigod there.

    From the then to the now. Almost irrelevant and forgotten other than the many sad and pathetic adverts with him in at Xmas.

    No interest in him, his talentless wife or any of their spoilt kids.

    Takes himself far more seriously than is good for him, and is of the deluded opinion that he is multi talented. Here is some evidence to substantiate that fact.

    With the money that he has amassed he should enjoy the remainder of his life away from the limelight as nobody gives a flying fuck about him any more.

    And by the way, not worthy of a knighthood. Of course not FFS.

  3. What bloke, aged 19, goes on holiday with his parents? Poofy little rich boys I suppose.
    Cunt should be knobbing birds left right and centre not hanging around with his Mum and Dad.

    • “Posh Spice takes it up the arse” was apparently a popular football chant…. Disgraceful slur.On a totally unrelated note, it’s nice to see that Brooklyn has taken after his Mother in so many ways.

      • I knew a bird who worked for David Beckhams parents,looking after his Grandmother,she said his family hate that miserable looking bitch,always slagged her off in private amongst themselves and cursed the day he met her,so his family cant all be bad even if Beckham himself is an A list cunt

  4. Don’t follow football closely but always thought of Beckham as a footballer who made the absolute most out of his talent and also enjoyed the limelight, but things changed dramatically and for the worse when he married that utterly talentless skeletal media hungry attention seeking cunt!..
    As his career blossomed his wife’s was in terminal decline, although he was a willing participant I think the twig was always the driving force to sell brand Beckham, that emaciated frowning uppity cow would go to the opening of an envelope! Dragging ( joke) her family behind her..

    America’s loss is most definitely the U.K.,s gain……
    let’s all pray that the brand Beckham media circus never leaves the USA…..

  5. Has anyone else noticed just how ugly the Beckham spawn actually are? Brooklyn looks like a foppish smackhead, Romeo looks like Plug from the Bash Street Kids, and Cruz resembles your common shopping precinct millennial brat… Mind you. with a mother like they’ve got (a truly horrendous woman… Met her once, and that was enough!) they were never going to be handsome, were they? Calum Best may be a weapons grade cunt and thick as a whale butty, but at least he has some of his father’s looks, so he’ll always get a few birds… But if that cunt Crooklyn wasn’t the son of Becks and Dog Spice, no bird would touch the spotty, emaciated cunt with a ten foot pole…

  6. I believe Brooklyn (girls name) is a talented photographer , having worked with some of the greats at the tender age of just 19.

    Beckham and his fucking atrocious wife have taught the kid the sum total of fuck all about hard work getting you places. Oh what’s that they made him wash dishes at some place for a day or two (publicised that as well) before setting him up on a Burberry photo shoot, his brother (plug ugly) models for them already .

    My piss boils when I hear what a talented designer Victoria is . I’d imagine being married to a world famous football ponce has had no bearing on the opportunities afgorded to her.

    As for his piss tasting whisky…..don’t fucking start me off.

    Oh and why didn’t Beckham ever sue anyone for the Rebecca Loos accusations when the bloke goes legal at every single perceived slight on his name? Seems odd that he wasn’t interested that time.


      • Didn’t the stick insect have a hand in designing the latest model Land Rover?
        That’ll be the ugly squashed looking thing that owners dare not get dirty…

  7. Ugh I can’t stand Beckham. He was always more interested in being a celebrity than being a footballer – hence why he whored himself out to the States with expectations of an acting career that never materialised. What a self obsessed cunt.

    • Problem with acting is you have to remember your lines and not continually inject words like “er um” and “ basically “ into every sentence, that prerequisite instantly dismissed a man whos IQ could be got on the roll of a dice….

  8. Heard a Muslim woman on the radio yesterday, responding to Boris’ comments, saying “right wing extremism is out of control in the UK”… daft bat must be on a different planet!

    Not sure what Boris was up to on this occasion… after all, “letterbox” burka comments are nothing new.

    However, if Peaceful women choose not to integrate they should expect the occasional adverse comment from normal people. And I don’t mean Boris, I mean the average indigenous cunt in the street.

    Feminazi apologists claim Muslim wimmin wear these abominations cos they choose to, not because their menfolk make them, ha ha ha.

    Yeah sister… you keep on telling yourself that.

    • So these foreign cunts and their slave concubines are offended are they? Well i’m offended that a load of cunts are allowed to walk around my country wearing fucking masks. Guess what?…….I don’t trust cunts who cover up their faces.
      It should never be fucking allowed and if they don’t like it they can fuck off back to the sand dunes where they fucking belong.

  9. Have managed to ignore these cunts so not bothered. However I see that some cunt has stolen Timmy Mallet’s bike. You know, that giant of wit and humour who seems to have dropped under the radar since people even less talented than him and Victoria (hard to believe) came to prominence through reality TV.

    • If Timmy wants to know where his bike is he need look no further than the nearest pikey site. Of course he won’t be getting it back…… not unless he can persuade half of the Berkshire police force to turn up mob handed.

    • Operation Yewtree have probably removed it to prevent him pedalling off when they come calling, BBC camera-crew in tow.

  10. Paula Yates and her daughter Peaches Geldof set a sound example for Posh and her revolting spawn. I’d urge Posh and her foul offspring to act immediately and do the same. The nation needs a reason to pull together and smile in these troubled times,and I can’t imagine anything more jolly than a mass Beckham cull.

    Fuck them.

    • How do you think it would all end Dick? I cant see any of the Beckham’s topping themselves or having an accidental drug OD as they would want to milk the limelight and social meedja rimming.
      Perhaps something vain and selfie related, David being clobbered by the boon of a luxury yacht while in the Med, and that creosoted cotton bud blown overboard by a gentle breeze or the like.

      • I’m actually hoping for something a bit more gladiatorial, L.L.. Perhaps a bout involving the Beckams against Jamie Oliver and his tribe. The Beckham Batty-Boys,armed with lip-sticks and make-up brushes, up against the Special needs Oliver clan armed with whisks and comedy frying-pans. To keep it fair I would make the Olivers wear spit-hoods and the Beckhams ball-gags.

      • Winner to play Madonna’s brood but may be outnumbered as she might not be finished clearing out the orphanages of impoverished African shitholes.

    • I have said many times that Cherie Blair resembles a letterbox. Why am I not getting total media coverage?

  11. do people actually exist that see David Beckham plugging some product and say to themselves ‘ you know what ? if David says its good i’m going to fuckin get one of them? there can’t be surely? similar with Victoria’s ‘ designs ‘ oooh she’s designed it i simply must have it!! even though its farcically overpriced. i refuse to believe such people exist.

    • It is impossible to underestimate the intelligence of the general public. But I’m wondering if Victoria’s branded products attract any more than 25 people worldwide, and she has to price them up a bit to break even?

      On the way to the bridge problem in the Times supplement the other day, my eye failed to avoid a pair of minimalist ladies’ sandals at £425 in the fashion section. Production cost maybe a fiver maximum…wouldn’t you?

  12. Following in Victoria’s footsteps? Shirtless David Beckham unveils his first ever GROOMING collection (including beard oil, hair pomade and tattoo cream).

    This is in 2018, and apparently the tattooed wonder is still under contract to L’Oreal.

    I don’t know what the fuck ANY of these products are necessary for, other than to make you a slippery customer.

    • As they get older their attempts at publicity seeking will get ever more desperate. Imagine. David photographed taking delivery of his new stair lift (he even has tattoos on his truss) while his beloved wife launches her new range of incontinence knickers, meanwhile the Beckham Brothers set off on a world tour round Watford with their Beverley Sisters tribute act.

      They re a money grubbing load of old wankers

    • I thought grooming products were a load of sweeties in the mac pocket…

      But if Becks recommends it, it’s obviously ace, innit ?

  13. The Beckham publicity drive goes all the way back to their wedding. Do you remember that tacky little ceremony culminating in them sitting on a pair of thrones, all flogged for top dollar to some two bob sleb magazine ? Then, of course, they have to give their brats ridiculous chavvy sleb names saddling them forever with the mark of cuntiness. That’s not a marriage, it’s a fucking business corporation. What a pair of cunts.

    • Beckham had a more than a touch of cuntiness before the stick insect came along, wasn’t he photographed wearing a sarong a couple of times?
      Well two sarongs don’t make a right Beckham!! Cunt….. 😂

  14. I predict with absolute confidence that failure to attend a beauty salon once a week will shortly condemn male offenders to unemployable social leper status, just as it does the wimminz. Narcissism sells!

  15. I see Infowars the YouTube news channel has been banned by Google for hate speech . Or telling it as it is. Another nail in the coffin for freedom of speech .

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