Chris Evans [5]

I detest the four-eyed ginger Spacca. I just wish that he’d been to school with me. I’d have bullied the Cunt relentlessly until he couldn’t speak without a stutter and pissing himself. Wouldn’t have made much of a DJ if he swamped the studio with drool and piss every time he tried to open his flap.

I haven’t listened to the bastard for months. I couldn’t stand the endless talk about his family,very big house in the country and cars. However this morning after that fucking “Angels” song by Robbie (arsebandit) Williams started up on my new channel, I retuned to Radio 2. I was just in time to hear The Cunt Evans banging on about “Glasto” next year. That was enough for me,anyone who talks about “Glasto” is obviously a rampaging half-wit.

I had hoped that after getting the sack from Top Gear that the braggart would be so ashamed that he would load his family into one of his “I’ve just bought such and such car for £250k, blah,blah,blah) vehicles, loop a 50 yard long rope around all of their necks,tie one end to a tree in the grounds of his country estate and drive off at 90mph.

Apparently Evans has been encouraging his 5 year old son to wear a dress…as a DJ,I wonder if Chris’ll Fix It for the child to make an early appearance on the celebrity circuit?

Fuck him.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

73 thoughts on “Chris Evans [5]

  1. BBC payroll could be excellently sorted by REDUCING blokes’ pay to the level of the wimminz’ (which, by any stretch of the imagination, is generous).

    Am sure Linekunt et al. would stamp their little feet and feck off elsewhere.

  2. This cunt has to be a case study for science that ginger cunts are almost a complete sperate genus to homosapiens.. We as a species have an inbuilt sixth sense to other species that are a threat, the threat being from this translucent ginger froth of piss isn’t the physical it’s genetic, they are capable of reproduction with females of our own species and that’s the big worry…. Stuck to there own gene pool they would quickly breed themselves into extinction but there sneaky cunts who cling onto existence like a parasite… He is there talisman! The most annoying ginger cunt that has ever taken breath, imagine how much his wife must love money to have that chicken skimmed pin eyed cunt on top of you.. The only thing I would love more than to set a pack of hounds on him accros open field is to throw Danny Baker alongside him.

  3. I think he’s alright. Done well for himself, happy family, with twins to come! Oh and congratulations on your new move to Virgin! Well played sir! All the best Chris Evans!

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