Victoria Beckham, UN Ambassador


I am convinced that the world runs on irony. First the UN makes Tony Blair a peace envoy, then they give him an award as Philanthropist of the Year (I didn’t even know he collected stamps!). Then the UN takes on Bono as special advisor to Wanky Loon. But now they’ve appointed none other than Victoria Beckham as an ambassador. FFS!

So what do you reckon Victoria? “Well, it’s taken me to get to 40 to realise I have a responsibility as a woman and as a mother.” Amazing! She’s been a woman for 40 years and despite her three kids, she’s just realised she’s a mother.

“For some reason people will listen to me. This is the beginning of an incredible journey for me.” Yep, I can’t explain it either but I sure as hell agree that it’s incredible.

Apparently she missed the opening of her shiny new London store to be there saying she felt her public profile meant she had a duty to do more about woman’s health. Bollocks! The only thing Victoria Beckham ever gave a flying fuck about was Victoria Beckham and the promotion of Brand Beckham – so this all fits in as a nice little profile raiser and money earner.

I should know. I’m married to the cunt!

Nominated by: David Beckham

The Beckhams


I see the Beckhams are at it again. They’ve got a new TV show to tie in with The World Cup: It’s called “David Beckham – Into The Unknown”

Into the unknown,eh? Well if it involves those two media whore cunts being jettisoned into outer space, then I will watch it. If not then they can sod off… Bloody hell, it’s been over ten years since he left United (backstabbing little fucker!). Yet he and his horrendous wife still fascinate and infest every corner of the media. Will they ever fuck off and leave us in peace?

( Probably not, Norman! Ed. )

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Victoria Beckham [2]

Posh Spice or whatever her bloody name is, y’know the ‘ol prayin’ mantis features herself Bekham’s missus. What fucking purpose does she fulfill? apart from wandering around pouting like a puckered arse hole wearing dead animal skins. She’d probably end up wearing a pair of shoes made out of her cunt flaps one day. Fucking boob. Mind you he’s as much of a fucking twonk for putting up with her shit. Can you imagine putting up with her fucking droning mouth all day long? *retch* Just fucking slap the cunt you twat David!

Nominated by HurlingDervish