The Beckhams


I see the Beckhams are at it again. They’ve got a new TV show to tie in with The World Cup: It’s called “David Beckham – Into The Unknown”

Into the unknown,eh? Well if it involves those two media whore cunts being jettisoned into outer space, then I will watch it. If not then they can sod off… Bloody hell, it’s been over ten years since he left United (backstabbing little fucker!). Yet he and his horrendous wife still fascinate and infest every corner of the media. Will they ever fuck off and leave us in peace?

( Probably not, Norman! Ed. )

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

27 thoughts on “The Beckhams

  1. Some words of wisdom from a song by Chas C :

    I wouldn’t wanna be
    David Beckham
    Wouldn’t mind the money
    But I wouldn’t wanna be him
    I don’t wanna
    Bend it like Beckham
    Football’s boring
    Can’t stand his wife

  2. What makes me laugh is how she has been given the unofficial royal title of ‘Posh’…
    Posh? That was just a stupid nickname given to her by some record industry pervo (same goes for the others: Emma Bunton in blonde pigtails being called ‘Baby’? For fuck’s sake…). Because she has an old and proper girl’s name (by today’s chav standards!) and pouts a lot they decided to label her Posh: and of course the silly cow loved it and has milked it ever since… Truth is she is about as posh as the late Jack Duckworth…

  3. Everything is a publicity opportunity for these two cunts, and nothing is sacred… When Beckham played his last game at Old Trafford (for AC MIlan) he left the pitch with a green and gold Newton Heath scarf around his neck… There we were screaming “Glazer Out!” and suchlike, and there he is using our protest to get himself all over the papers and TV… ‘Becks’ of course said nothing even remotely anti-Glazer after the game or ever since… Media whore mockney cunt!

  4. What grates on my tits about this pair of clueless cunts is that she is only with him for the money.

    Look at those other Spice girl cunts and they all have a couple of quid, true. But nothing like the earning abilty of a premier league footballer.

    He thought he was being clever at the time by porking a Spice girl. The dozy cunt.

    She knew that the second she got up the duff by the stupid voiced chav icon, she could rinse him for half his cash. Being a chav retard who’s only skill in life is hoofing a leather clad pigs bladder up and down a field with 21 other fucking chav retards, he didn’t see this coming.

    I also love the way the sour faced cunt ‘posh’ is shunned by the fashion industry.

    Not being taken seriously as a ‘singer’ (I have heard a mongoose with throat cancer sing better than her) and not being taken seriously at her other profession of ‘fashion designer’ (the clothes are designed by people with some designing skill I understand) you would have thought she would give up and fuck off into the sunset.

    I mean, would you take someone seriously who has a brand logo that looks like it says VD?

    Stupid cunts.

    • Q: What is the difference between Yoko Ono and Victoria Beckham?

      A: One is a talentless, publicty hungry witch who ruined a great team. While the other is a woman who married John Lennon…

  5. YouTube is full of cunts….

    Whether it’s those two attention seeking slags who post ‘drunk reaction’ videos (which involves two silly exhibitionist tarts pretending to be pissed, and screeching at ‘event TV’ like Doctor Who or Sherlock). Or pricks who put wigs on their pets and film them (I hope the the poor dog or cat shits in their best shoes!). Or any tosspot who puts an ‘unboxed’ video on there… Buying a CD boxset or an MP3 player: then filming yourself opening it and putting it all over the web?! Seriously: who are these cunts?

    • Speaking of Drunk, retarded Exhibitionists, how about cunts that plague us with Selfies? Id like to round every one of these despos up and put them in front of ISIS.

  6. And the two of them name their vile crotch-fruit funny.

    And what have you Brit-fucks done to Spain?
    It’s 53 minutes and Spain is down 2 goals to Chile. If they lose, they’re out!
    Spain, the football team, are cunts. Even with a new King, it hasn’t helped.

    • Hi Cuddles. Where ya been?

      Same ol’ system as far as I know. We had some trouble a couple of weeks back when nobody could comment at all. Something to do with an update that screwed up. The Eye fixed it. Should be back to normal. Well, normal as it gets anyhow…

      • Hither and thither, mostly thither.
        And at Scary Duck’s.

        The “proof” template of my comment form “overlaps” the “Click to publish button”. I’ve electronic gymnastics and rings of fire through which to jump in order to post a comment. Perhaps it is my computer.

  7. I want to nominate Weather forecasters as cunts. The Fuckers don’t give a spoiler alert and launch into what the weather will be the next day, without giving me a chance to switch channels, or at least mute it. I wanted to watch it live

    • Most weather people on TV are indeed cunts… However, there is one who does the weather for the Granada region. Her name is Jo Blythe and I would bang her like a shithouse door in a gale…

  8. David Beckham – Into the Unknown, probably showing him walking around a library for once

    • I remember Posh once saying: ‘”David is really clever. He must be, because he can beat me at Trivial Pursuit.”

      It’s not much of an advert for him, is it?!

  9. A body dismorphic bint with infinitely more ambition than actual talent and a man with an iq lower than his football boot size. Says it all about today’s ‘celebs’…

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