Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup, is a cunt.

So this arrogant cunt in a recent interview said that the countries from the south of the E.U spend all their money in women and alcohol drinks and then they come ask for financial aid.

Well fuck me , but how can a cunt with his anecdotal, racist, sexist and unfair views be president of the Eurogrup?

Sure some countries in the south have deficit ,debt and ask for financial aid but is more due to corrupt politicians and bankers and even joining the European union was economical blow to some, than spending money on women and drinks.
Maybe they would like to spend their money on women and drinks but guess what there isn’t any left, instead taxes get raised to pay for the”help”, salaries stay the same or you get fired from you job due to cuts and it makes pretty hard to get to the end of the month still fuckin alive and breathing .

And Jeroen Dijsselbloem after confronted with the media, apologised and said that he was misunderstood and was not thinking to resign his job.

How can what he said be misunsderstood?

So Mister Jeroen Dijsselbloem sincerely understand this,

Go fuck yourself sideways, you arrogant cunt!!

Nominated by Elder Cunt.