Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup, is a cunt.

So this arrogant cunt in a recent interview said that the countries from the south of the E.U spend all their money in women and alcohol drinks and then they come ask for financial aid.

Well fuck me , but how can a cunt with his anecdotal, racist, sexist and unfair views be president of the Eurogrup?

Sure some countries in the south have deficit ,debt and ask for financial aid but is more due to corrupt politicians and bankers and even joining the European union was economical blow to some, than spending money on women and drinks.
Maybe they would like to spend their money on women and drinks but guess what there isn’t any left, instead taxes get raised to pay for the”help”, salaries stay the same or you get fired from you job due to cuts and it makes pretty hard to get to the end of the month still fuckin alive and breathing .

And Jeroen Dijsselbloem after confronted with the media, apologised and said that he was misunderstood and was not thinking to resign his job.

How can what he said be misunsderstood?

So Mister Jeroen Dijsselbloem sincerely understand this,

Go fuck yourself sideways, you arrogant cunt!!

Nominated by Elder Cunt.

107 thoughts on “Jeroen Dijsselbloem

  1. Yep! Germany’s fourth Reich using economics instead of panzers. Been saying this for years. Don’t invade – just bankrupt and buy…

    • His commentary is a racial cliché and quite offensive and i don’t understand how can a cunt like this get to be president of the eurogroup, “spending their money on women” may i remind that prostitution IS LEGAL IN HOLLAND??
      Maybe mister Jeroen Dijsselbloemycock is the one spending it all on them and drinking south european wine at the sametime, what a cunt!!

      • Bollocks racial cliché, what’s racial about it? Are the Spaniards a different race to the Dutch? Are the Poles a different race to the Italians? If I was to become a Greek citizen, would I have changed race? Some people need to consult a dictionary now and again.

    • That’s right on point mike, times of economical crisis are good for this kind of shameless robbery.

    • Couldn’t agree more. This is something I have been saying for as long as I can remember as well.
      Nicholas Ridley described the whole thing as a “Franco German racket” and was roundly condemned. He was right then and would be right now except it’s more of a German racket with the Frogs going along with anything the krauts have to say.
      The Jerries learned from their two military attempts to rule Europe that that didn’t work so decided on doing it by economic means. Yet again it looks as if we are the ones to stand up to them.
      as for the cunt pictured above I was happily ignorant of his existence until now but his outpourings do not surprise me. Of course he was “misunderstood” . All these cunts who put their feet in their mouths are always misunderstood or what they have said has been “taken out of context”.
      Seems to me he said what he believed and is now grovelling.

  2. This cunt had obviously just “had a good lunch” (a rich cunts euphimism for pissed-up) when he came out with this sweeping and xenophobic generalisation. Like most of us when pissed he abandoned the public facade and now is desperately trying to backtrack. Unfortunately once you’ve dropped your trousers in public and called your constituents a bunch of drunken cunts there’s no way back from that….er…unless you are Boris Johnson of course.

  3. Could you imagine this tin pot Dutch Cunt speaking like this without the EU standing behind him? , emboldened by so much power political Pygmys like juncker, tusk and muscrat strut around making threats to all and sundry, no wonder they love the EU , without it the likes of holland,Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Malta etc etc would resume their natural place in the world order……

  4. The thing is, he may well be a cunt but he is right. Southern Europeans are lazy, feckless fuckers who are hanging on the money teat the EU provides. Your tax money is going to pay for bullfighting in Spain, how do you feel about that? Fiestas and ferias are subsidised with EU money because they constitute “cultural” activities when in actual fact they are 3 day piss ups and yet another excuse to have days off work. I was having a passport sent to me with some visas in it, urgent by DHL. But it was feria week in Malaga so it took a week to get it the 50 km to me. UN-fucking-believable. That little fuck up cost me personally $10,000 and the frayed good will of my client. Just think what it costs the EU as a whole. Lazy fucking cunts.

    • You are insulting a lot of good working people with your remarks , or to you everyone in south Europe is, a how do call it? Feckless fuckers and inbreed peasants

      • I don’t think you quite grasp the purpose of this site, it exists to insult cunts. And if the lazy feckless inbred peasants had cost you $10,000 ( and a lot more besides ) you might be singing a different tune.

      • Right this site is to insult cunts note an entire country population.
        But i do agree with what you said about the fuck up that happen to you, that´s is pretty revolting .

      • We are free to cunt any cunt we want, individuals, groups, nations, whole continents and entire religions. The only thing off cunting limits is each other.

    • Spain is a great place to go on holiday; great weather, not too long a flight, cheap, well developed, safe, something for everybody, beaches, nightlife, culture, history. Just don’t go to live there, then its a cunt.

  5. What is the fucking “Eurogroup” anyway? I presume it’s another layer of poncing pen pushing cunts filling their capacious pockets with my fucking money. Would anyone care to enlighten me?

    • The Eurogroup is the recognised collective term for informal meetings of the finance ministers of the eurozone, i.e. those member states of the European Union (EU) which have adopted the euro as their official currency. The group has 19 members.

      In other words poncing pen pushing cunts filling their capacious pockets with our fucking money.

      And in true EU style, even though it is just an informal group it still needs a President. What is it with Johny Foreigner and presidents? They can’t get enough of the cunts. No doubt the chief bog scrubber at the EU is President of the shit hole cleaning group and is on a 6 figure salary as is appropriate to his position.

      • Thanks. So I got it right. To be fair it wasn’t exactly a wild shot in the dark so I’m not claiming any credit.

      • You’d think that Tess and Wee Burney would be are grateful for all the compliments about their anatomies that they can get… Marine Le Pen has nicer pins than the pair of them though..

      • I’m no fashionista but what the fuck was Wee Jimmy wearing yesterday? It looked like the Birmingham City strip circa 1974. What a fucking mess.

  6. The shit storm surrounding The Mails front page today needs a cunting. The offending headline draws attention to the fact that both Treezer and wee Burney have got legs. Phew! The usual suspects have jumped on the bandwagon to scream “SEXISM!”. Comrade Corbyn demonstrates his firm grasp on history by commenting that it is 2017. In a rare show of Labour solidarity, pe@do enabler Harriet Harmen and non-pe@do enabler but still a cunt, Yvette Cooper do the same. Ed Millerband broke ranks, but kept to a historical theme by plagiarising a very old joke while Catherine Mayer, co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, blamed Brexit on this sort of thing. Meanwhile Sky News’ breakfast time ginger skank Sarah-Jane Mee (me-me-me-me) opined that this was precisely the sort of thing which kept wiminz out of politics, thereby defining wiminz as fragile little flowers who cannot take a fucking joke. Sexist much? Cunts.

    • It’s a pity these cunts were not as quick to criticize islam for last weeks terror attack. #islamits2017

      • ….Or the two bob Pakistani cricket cunt who hit his wife with a cricket bat and tried to make her drink bleach for spending too much time with her English friends. He got 18 months, suspended sentence because he is about to turn professional with Leicestershire…….actually he’s not! ( Sound of tumbleweed rolling down Feminazi lane )

      • Exactly! That fucking disgrace against the UK by a home-bred “peaceful” cunt just a week ago was merely described as: “A single act of violence by a misunderstood bloke from Kent.” – and has now faded into “peaceful” appeasing obscurity!

        Mention Tess and Wee Jimeh’s pins and its SJW world news! It fucking stinks!

        And besides, I bet both the PM and Scotland’s first minister were privately flattered by the attention.

        It’s only the easily triggered “too much time on their hands” SJW twats who feel insulted on their behalf!

        Fuck off cunts!

    • Yeah. That was one hell of a headline wasn’t it? It was just up there asking for a fucking onslaught from the liberal left and any fucker else with no sense of humour. The photo that accompanied, must have driven the shrivel titted brigade into a frenzy and they will feed on this for fucking weeks.
      On a personal level, my vote would go to the little Crankie woman, but only after quaffing huge amounts of alcohol and several spliffs!

      • Oh dear. Not much of a choice there I’m afraid Asimplearsehole. I’m a thinking there is only one cunter qualified on this site to make a choice between teaser and wee Jimmy…. And that is Mr D Fiddler. If he won’t/can’t no one can 😉

      • Strangely enough,I’m in a position to give judgement on this question…
        I recently attended a swingers party at the local Working Mens Club,the theme was “The person who you most admire in the World.” I,naturally, went as myself. However on arriving at the Jim Royale Function room I was faced with a “select” group of local free-thinkers who had made a bit more of an effort. Mr and Mrs Goldstein had come as Adolf and Eva. Col. (rtd.) Bullingdon-Club had come with his old governess as Nelson Mandela and Winnie. Jeremy and Rupert from the artisan bakers had come as Cagney and Lacey.Mohammed from the local offie was there dressed as Gary Glitter,and the delightful lesbians from the building supply yard had arrived dressed, I guessed,as William Wallace and Jack Charlton.I was wrong. After asking if I’d come as Aleister Crowley they told me that they were, in fact, Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon.

        It really was a night to remember as we dirty-dozen shed both our inhibitions and cloths,the sight of the prophet Mohammed being buggered by Winnie Mandela,wearing a giant pink rubber phallus as he gave Theresa May a rimming was a once in a lifetime event. I took the opportunity when Theresa was nicely lubbed-up to go for back- door entry,all the while strumming Eva Braun. The night turned a bit strange after that as we formed one giant daisy-chain,leaving no crack or crevice umexplored,and as i’m not one to kiss and tell,I’ll draw a veil over the rest of our magnificent Beast with 12 backs exploits.

        However,to answer the question, Theresa or Nicola?….. It’ll have to be the prophet Mohanned, bent over the buffet-table…quite the tightest orifice of the night, I had to ram a pork pie in there just to stifle the unconvincing protests. I’ve fucked the Prophet Mohammed…..think I’ll have that inscribed on my tombstone

      • That sir is legendary.

        as I’ve just consumed a couple of bottles of the old home brew scrumpy all I can think of is ‘piss be apon him’

        To be fair though Eva Braun up the wrong-un has a certain appeal.

      • If its a choice, its Teresa may.

        She done it for me in Escort, Fiesta,Razzle Dazzle and the sport.

        Theresa May the PM would get it before Sturgeon, even though the PM looks like a cartoon from Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

        The Sturgeon is very very very very very very boyish.


    • …. fortunately it wasn’t orchestrated with a ‘Sharon Stone – Basic Instinct’ sycronised ‘Hamburger Shot’ moment … however, that would be one I’d check out frame by frame just to make sure no human rights were violated… !!!

  7. I struggle with the name of this little cunt. It is Diesel Bluebowel isn’t it? This Diesel powered arsehole is just another in a long series of slimy shitheads. The EU is a career opportunity for all those sadly born with a severe personality disorder.!

    • I’ve developed a personality disorder since I was assaulted by a troupe of mime artists.

      They did unspeakable things….

      • I know what you mean JR the fuckers tried to trap me in a invisble box although it started off as a mirror, tricky bastards….

        Stole their invisble box and stomped on the dumb mimes foot BTW Anyone looking to buy a invisble box by any chance?! willing to part with it for a million shekels

    • I mean, what the fuck will be next?! All referees to to retrospectively sue all fans since 1908 for questioning their parentage?….. Fuck me…

      • Old Vince might as well have said to the daft bitch, ‘Oi, Sugartits!m Make me a bacon butty, there’s a good girl… Now toddle off, love, mantalk…’

        If you’re going to get sacked for PC nazi lunacy, go out in style…..

      • True.. I hope Vince sues MUFC, sues the stupid bitch who complained, and goes public in the media about a corporate monster with PC fascist values who are victimising an old man….

    • Fuck me Norm. The MEN link strangled my pc. Darent try again. Is this subtle censorship?

    • As ever with this sort of thing it’s the club who are the cunts for not telling the thin skinned bitch to fuck off in the first place.
      Then they try and explain it away by intimating that it’s the lounge goers who have sought a change.
      I honestly don’t know any women who would object at being called “love”. Then I only mix with normal people and not cunts.

  8. Cunts are offended by anything these days… All that fuss over Jim Moir… Oops sorry, Vic Reeves, getting a plastic knob out in front of Susannah Reid… I’d have got my real one out if I was with Susie, and there’d have been some real television entertainment…

    • I like how she blocks the view badly with her hand so she can continue to look at it, that’s good news , she probably would like you to show your knob Mike!

      • I didn’t see it but I’d bet it was the funniest thing all night. No sense of humour some people. And any kids who saw it coz it was on before 9pm probably thought it was fucking hilarious, its just the tight arsed parents who didn’t like it.

    • Only cunts would complain about that but considering it was comic relief which is mostly watched by Cunts its hardly surprising…..
      susannah Reid should have sucked it, now that’s comedy!!

  9. ………….I dunno,there must be something wrong with the World today if you can”t hit your wife with a cricket bat now and again…………………..Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Ungrateful cunt, he makes her a nice domestos cocktail and she goes running to the police. He should have married a 14 year old from Rotherham, they’re used to the thick end of a cricket back there.

  10. Another cunt who works within the EU fucking army of cunts, he also has a job in a company most have never hear of. Fuck this whole pile of cunt and shit. I’m emigrating to Romania, I’m sure they’ll help me to settle and give me a nice house, and benefits.

    • I hate that cunt His last name always rings off a old Pink Floyd song in my head “corporal clegg” definitely not their greatest but far from the worst Floyd song.

      Alright its kinda terrible but in a funny kind of way kinda like gobshite Nick but I like to see someone make a better song with a kazoo not a easy task

      • “every 18 to 24 year old cunt, er, in this country…” HAHAHAHAHA!

        That was a very long time ago, when he was BFFO with the pig fucker and was deputy prime minister and got to sit on the front bench with all the grown ups. A very very long time ago indeed, wasn’t it you cunt?

  11. If you’ve ever seen a Spaniard going to work, you may have noticed him struggling with the massive cool box that contains his lunch.

    The ones without a cool box go to a bar for lunch.

    Definitely a bunch of lazy bastards who don’t even have the decency to hide their skiving.

    I don’t work with Spaniards, but know a lot who do and not one is impressed by their work ethos.

    As for partying all the time.

    Yep, that’s true.
    The schools have a day of once a month for all sorts of fake celebrations.

    The south of Europe are definitely taking the piss.

    Another difference with here and blighty is that Spain gets all the financial benefits of the EU but doesn’t have to obey all the nonsensical EU laws that the British people/small businessman get punished for disobeying.

    One day my contract will be over and I’ll be back in Northampton and the only thing I’ll miss is the beach.

    I fuckin love the beach. 🙂

    PS. Another afternoon wasted, waiting for the gasman to deliver my bottle of butano.
    Without the butane, I can’t cook or shower, in the year 2017

    Lazy drunk in the afternoon cunts.

    • I think in warmer climates people don’t seem to want to work as hard, in a way I can understand that as who wants to be sweating their bollocks off at work. There doesn’t seem to be as much urgency to get things done. You wanna try spending some time in Jamaica Birdman, things can take for fucking ever unless you pay more and tell some cunt you want it done yesterday. That’s when you roll a spliff and say ‘fuck it’ before you know it you’ve drunk some Rum and you start imagining what Charlize Theron’s pussy tastes of.

      • Here it’s mañana mañana mañana.

        And if it doesn’t get done then, it’ll get done mañana.

        I think mañana means never, that’s what I take it to mean.

        The other day I varnished my doors coz I’ve waited four months for the handyman to do it.
        My boiler isn’t as good as it should be, but that’s alright coz four months ago he said he’d sort it.
        Four months ago he pulled the tiles from around my bath, saw nothing wrong and patched it up with CEMENT even though I had spare matching tiles.
        My new kitchen was also going to be put in four months ago.

        Maybe mañana means four months.

        I see the cunt on his moped, balancing a massive cool box between his legs, and he always passes me without stopping but does shout ‘mañana’.

        Maybe I’m wrong and they are all just super loaded and don’t need feria money.

        I bet my shit is sorted the week before feria in July.


        Have you ever tried Honey Rum, Black and White Cunt ?

        Its lovely, but too easy to drink and before ye know it you’ve finished the bottle.

        The last time I drunk it, I tried to throw a cunt of a flatmate over a second floor balcony.
        That cunt owes his life to the two other flatmates that caught him just as he was about to drop.

      • Yep tried that Honey Rum, lovely stuff. I think there’s a lot of it in Spain?

      • Burning question :

        Does Honey G’s pussy/arse taste like honey rum ?

        Or shite and fish ? 🙂

      • Haven’t you ever noticed in all of honey G,s photos there are hundreds of seagulls milling around in the background!! Fish!, definitely fish! Yuk…….

      • I bet her pussy tastes of rotten fish with a a bit of shit mixed in, with honey on top to try to make it taste better.

      • It’s not hot all the time in Spain. In fact in winter it can be quite cold. I think the skiving cunts are idle because they are catholic. You look at all the poor countries in Europe and they are all catholic, even Ireland which you can hardly say is too hot to work. Catholics have more of a fatalistic air about them, it’s all in the hands of God sort of idea. While the richer countries are all protestant, who have a more God helps those who help themselves sort of vibe going on.

        Having said that, plenty of lazy cunts from UK. I should know as I’m one of them.

      • I just did, but they only usually hold four bottles in the shop, so rarely have any.

        Luckily they had one.

      • Petrol stations usually have loads, more than 4 in any case, or are you out in the campo?

        I’m on the “new” silver bottles which only came in 15 years ago but only one petrol station in town sells them, the rest are all still on the orange ones. FFS! Prices are still shown in pesetas, its only 18 fucking years since the Euro was introduced and the soppy daft cunts still have to work in pesetas?! Thats assuming they can count. Its quite often some smelly dago cunt gets in front of you at the check out and they just offer the checkout girl a handfull of money and the girl has to count it out for them because they can’t fucking count. And have you noticed all the fucking mongs? Loads of the “special” little goofy fuckers. That’s because they marry their cousins. They really are backwards inbred peasant cunts.

      • I gave up driving twenty two years ago, about a year after I started.

        The world doesn’t need me to be behind a wheel.

        I can carry the orange bottles, but they are dirty and the orange paint transfers onto yer clothes.

        Its the missus that orders it, coz if she asks me, I’ll just say mañana. 🙂

  12. I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but well done The Daily Mail.

    Not for their front page, but for telling any upset cunt to get a life.

    As they pointed out, they slag or comment what politicians are wearing all the time.

    The Guardian are having a right whinge about it.

    Good. 🙂

    Do ye think Sturgeon was wearing stockings ?

    It would be uncomfortable to pack a cock and balls in pantyhose.


    After all this hosiery talk i’m away to watch some Michelles Nylons.

    Michelles Nylons.

    Michelles Nylons.

    I wonder if I’ll get free membership to her site for the free advertising.

    Michelles Nylons. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • You fucker, ye nearly got me.

        I googled the name and was about to click on images, when out of the corner of my eye, I spied the T word.

        How do you know about ‘it’. 🙂

      • haha, nearly got you!

        Just to make it up to you, if you like Michelles Nylons you will love Gill Ellis Young. Promise, just what you expect to find in the pants department.

  13. He gives a great insight into the elitist mindset. They despise the average European, no matter where in Europe they live. That’s why they don’t care a fuck about who they elt into Europe, the more barbaric the better.

    They want the west to fall, they want to see most of us dead and those left in servitude. They want to heard us all into mega cities, the rest of the planet will be their playground.

  14. I always knew her as Lady Sonia.

    Lady Sonia is probably the biggest madam in Britain.

    All the mature nylon ladies have appeared in her flicks.

    Sally Taylor
    Elise Summers
    Jan Burton
    Amanda Degas

    Yeah, good stuff.

    • Don’t forget Danica Collins. I remember her from Escort must be 30 years ago. She used to do a lot of posing with Debbie Jordan, who is sadly no longer with us. Danica did a great video with Lady Sonia as 2 busty nurses giving a lucky guy a nice double oily tit wank. Great stuff.

      • Danica Collins, fuuuck yeah !

        There’s some good lezza scenes on xhamster with her and Red.

  15. Right, Jeroen seems to be a detestable cunt but how was he elected, who is he accountable to and how can he be sacked?

    The problem with these political Johnnies is that they don’t spend enough time with real grass roots people.

    Some politicians have never had real jobs, they seem to leave school at about 40 and get top jobs like that cunt.

  16. Everyone stop what you are doing.
    You need to watch the One Show NOW.

    They have reactions to the new £1 coin.

    What a load of cunt.

    • It’s not that good. Like paint drying with a fucking awful theme tune. Mind numbing and pointless. What a waste of electricity.

      • It was presented by Elinor aldereoid (?) I think and she was having some class of sportsman on accompanied by his Mater, then some female athlete, and fro 8:30 it was going to be devoted to how England’s wimmins team can do better.

        Cracking stuff, eh ? 🙂

  17. Nicky Morgan is a cunt.
    Not content to sit with arch cunt, smells of smeg Clegg, and some nobody Labour gimp on some anti brexit organisation called Open Britain, a remainer group, she now reckons that the Tory policy of reducing immigration to below a hundred thousand socially divisive, and if it were to be implemented, she might not stand as a Tory in the next election. So what? The squeaky wheel does no need grease, it needs replacing. Open Britain sound like the new political party I was fearful of the other day. All it needs is a rich overlord like cunt of the century Blair to bankroll it and it will worm its treacherous way on to the ballot paper. Scary thought, the snowflakes will love them…..

    • Can we re-cunt the Jocks.
      A coalition of the sweaty fascists led by Nicola Krankie and the sandal wearing flat earthers of the Green party has demanded a referendum.
      Putting aside the fact that leaving the UK would be a total disaster for the dependent cunts, since when was it all about the Jocks?
      We have difficult negotiations coming up for the UK. We are leaving and the UK government needs to get a good deal. The Jocks voted to stay in the UK so should shut the fuck up and let us get on with it. We don’t need the Jocks and I for one would be glad to be shot of them but now is not the time.
      So, you useless, pointless parasites in your Mickey Mouse assembly. Fuck off and shut up. It’s not all about you.

      • Treezer needs to slap wee Burney down good and hard. She needs to have the little ginger cunt outside, NOW! They can have their referendum a week next Tuesday. Either way the vote goes is good for England, if they vote to leave we see the back of the SNP. If they loose, the SNP will collapse and we see the back of them that way. Win/Win but for fucks sake get it done quickly as delaying it will see the inbred dwarf picking at the heals of Brexit negotiations for the next 2 years.

  18. I’d like go nominate Nicola sturgeon for a cunting.

    She’s a cunt
    She’s a vindictive cunt
    She’s a fuckwitt cunt
    She’s an ugly cunt
    She’s a Brave heart believing cunt
    She’s a poisonous cunt
    She’s cunt
    She’s a stupid cunt
    She’s an ignorant cunt
    She’s an English hating cunt
    She’s a cunt
    She’s a cunt
    And she’s a cunt.

    And every other cunt that voted for a second referendum is a cunt.

    Hang them all.

  19. The PC lefty cunts are wetting themselves over the Daily Mail’s sexist Legs-it front page asking who had the better legs May or the Scots Guppy. Naff yes, sexist? Two women with the sexual attractiveness of a brick?

    Miliband pipes up, joined by many other cunts with accusations of casual sexism.

    Even Corbyn had something to say, so it must if been bad being as he is still in mourning over his Hero Martin “Peace lover” McCuntoss.

    Fuck me people you better have a chat with the invited guests you filled the place with, their sexism seems invisible to you. Once they have taken over I look forward to you offering them your views on their “sexism”.

    What a bunch of cunts.

    • Strictly speaking, Sturgeon has not got legs, they are little stumps with feet attached

  20. I think the majority of Scots will end up fucking her off. Doesn’t take much to work out what a complete fuck up going it alone would be. And them EUseless cunts are desperate for £50 Billion quid so they can bail out the banks at our expense. Fuck off ringpieces we are not stupid. Use your own fucking money for ONCE. Cunts.

  21. If Scotland does become independent (it won’t), do I apply for an English passport and citizenship ?

    The Mater’s English and my so called Da is a Scottish cunt.

    I was brought up by my English Mater and English grandparents and have always thought of my self as English and British.

    Will some cunt behind a desk decide who I am.

    And what about the pro British Scots?
    They poor fuckers are going to lose a part of their identity just coz a bunch of self righteous cunts got seduced by a Mel Gibson filum.

    Rule Britannia, cunters.

    • BM, I think apply for an English passport. That would be a good one. Just a thought though, If YOU are having that dilemma, then what about our peaceful friends north and south of the border? I guess they will have passports for all nations. Greedy sponging fucking cunts.

  22. One can imagine if the revolting Wee Burney and her SNP cunts were around during the war… The toxic dwarf would have been sucking up to Adolf, doing deals with the Krauts, allowing U-Boats to dock in Scotland, and she’d attempt to undermine and antagonise Churchill and the war effort at every opportunity…. I agree that Madame May needs to slap this traitorous little cunt down for good and all…

  23. Maria Sharapova is a cunt…
    After a laughable 15 month ‘ban’ and tiny (in financial terms) slap on the wrist, the ‘tennis diva’ (some other cunt’s description, not mine) said she’d ‘got her day job back’….
    Never done a proper full day’s work in her life, the cunt…

  24. You”d still pop her up the farter though eh Norm?……………………………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Too true lol what about Serena ‘the hulk’ Williams butch bitch looks like she has daily HGH enemas and steroids inserted into her twat hahaha Maria just took some heart medication whatever it doesn’t matter most teniis players all cheat.

      Either way tennis is fucking boring and your a cunt for watching it, though I myself have been playing virtua tennis 4 lately, fun game. Sega definitely makes better sport games then those fucking mongs at EA sports. Baaaaaaaah indeed jane Baaaaah indeed

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