Sadiq Khan (6)

Rapidly moving up the COTY charts for 2017 is The Mayor of London.

Citizen Khan has delivered the expected “we all stand stronger” shite speech last week, and the heat of candles is melting the lead on nearby rooftops. This cunt khan knows how to milk a photo opportunity, and boy did he excel last week. He was surrounded by “wimmin” and some other ill defined types with thick socks all crowing and grieving like a swarm of fucking wasps setting about a buffalo’s arse. Surely Khan neds a good cunting for this one?

Nominated by Asimplearsehole.

After the terrorist attack in Westminster, The Donald on Twatter has called out Sadiq Khunt on his comment last year that terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city. Good….at least there is one sane world leader pointing out this madness for what it is.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

It took Sadcunt Khunt 5 hours before he appeared before cameras to make a statement. 5 fucking hours for the mayor of Londonistan to comment on a terror attack in the heart of Londonistan. What a peaceful cunt.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

86 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan (6)

  1. Half that audience are going to be well pissed off at the end when they find out that some cunt has nicked all their camels.

  2. Fucking hell, when will one of these politicians actually admit mass immigration has to end?

    No housing
    NHS in crises
    Can’t build schools fast enough

    All this because of the desperate need for Taxi drivers and Hand car washes,

    Fuck off you cunts, Fat Alex telling my I should thank these people for what they have done for us? Really, I look around and I don’t recognise my own country, fuck off you fat bloated cunt.

    • Yes, because they all come here to help us, out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s not because there are no jobs in their country in the wonderful EU. Fatboy obviously thinks we are all cunts.

    • There is no way I could watch it. The only thing I could learn from it is there is no end to these cunts. Same bullshit arguments day in day out. Cunts.

  3. God I fucking hate Nick Clegg, the man is such a traitorous cunt, I would love to impale him by the arse on an EU flagpole outside Brussels.

    The guy is just an unbelievable wanker.

  4. Nick Clegg “I feel so sorry for young people.” I am 22 and me and a fair few of my friends voted leave you utter virtue signalling useless soiled tampon.

    • Clegg is a total and utter cunt of biblical proportions.

      He should fuck off to his beloved EU and take his Spanish wife Miriam González Durántez and his children Miguel Antonio and Alberto with him

      Hope they all get drafted into the EU army

  5. Mayor Khan was in Brussels today to discuss “security issues.” Fuck me, talk about sleeping with the enemy. Don’t tell him Pike!

  6. Refuse point blank to watch Libmong Time on ABBC…. That old turd, Dimbleby, should have been put out to grass (or down) years ago.. And I have no desire to watch LibDem whores, SNP scum, terrorist sympathisers, and handpicked snowflake mongs…. Fuck that…

    • Too right. If it was an even handed debate by rational people hosted by an impartial presenter, it might have been worth watching, but Clegg? Salmond? I’m out….

  7. Smeggy Cleggy should go on Britain’s Got Talent . “Well Nick what are you gonna show us tonight?” “I’m going to bend over and let these 27 european Gods fuck me up the arse one after the other. Then I’m going to climb up the butt hole of that old Belgian gentleman that smells of Cognac”

  8. I do love Melanie Phillips.I wish she would be in parliament but realise exactly why she isn`t and it is of no reflection on her.

    • We might have to differ on this one!

      Piers can be a cunt, but at least he’s an entertaining cunt.
      Farage is nobody’s cunt.
      Campbell can give a masterclass in cuntitude and is a pissant of the first water…!

      • Morgan can be a cunt, but at least he isn’t an identikit snowflake and one of those men who pretend to be ‘feminist’…. And his piece on the disgusting Madogga after her ‘White House’ threats was superb…

        Campbell is a corrosive little turd and a war criminal’s bitch… End of…

      • I agree wholeheartedly with Dioclese.Lydon is not a cunt.He is one down from that.A dick maybe but not a cunt.He is consistent though at hating authority figures.

        It is hilarious at my uni the punks are dropping a bollock over what Johnny Rotten said claiming he has sold out.When they themselves are the one who embraced censorship and authoritarianism which punk always fought against.I was in an online argument about this with a SJW girl who I am tempting to cunt as her so called activism made the national press.But you would be better off not knowing she existed:P

      • You’re right, Shaun… These snowflake cunts revel in any sort of publicity, and they also have the twisted idea that any coverage they get somehow proves them right… Ace/King/Queen//Jack Monroe being a case in point…

    • John’s alright…. Talks a lot of sense at times… Vicious was a useless, nasty little cunt though….

  9. Jingle bells, Sadiq smells,
    Islam’s full of cunts.

    Oh what fun to watch him squirm
    When the terrorist is a goat-fucker.

  10. My gripe this morning is the BBBC hand picked audience for Questionable Time!

    Never before in the field of human conflict, has so much shite been uttered by so few to so many. The same shitheads spouting the same shite, from the same shiteholes.

    I don’t give a fuck how many generations Mullah and other Punka wallahs claim to have been here, they aint English, they aint welcome and they don’t fucking count.

    The biggest insult, is that they came to a backward shithole of a country, and THEY made it Great Britain. CUNTS

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