Al Gore

Al Gore the Bore has got a new climate change film coming out….the sequel. More of the same landfill sized lies but twice done. Not that many of us will be settling down to a family sized box of popcorn to watch it. But you can bet it will be spoon-fed, forced indoctrination for all school children. Anyway, enough publicity for that.

The real reason for this cunting is he is also suggesting Brexit, the rise of populism and nationalism is down to climate change. Yup, listen up Brexiteers, farting cows and your 4X4s are to blame for your stupidity in voting to leave the great benefactor and saviour of the universe, the E.U.

He says, a Syrian drought which caused Syrian people on the move to clash with the refugees from the Iraqi war was the problem. This, then led to the Arab Spring which then led to the Syrian war and the refugee crisis to plague Europe.


I thought it was Dubya and B.Liar who started the Iraqi War. Then George Sore-ass and the globalists who manufacturered the Arab Spring and finally the U.S fancied a spot of regime change in Syria, wanting Assad out of the frame, to stick on in the eye, to Vlad the Indestructible. To add to that, up popped the peaceful religion’s inter-faction fighting and general hatred of each other, along with everyone’s favourites, Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

That doesn’t much sound like climate change to me. Sounds like good old warmongers, stirring up a hornets nest of religious fanatics in that region, after bombing the fuck out of their homelands. After all, Saddam and Gaddafi had no drought in their countries, nor were they religious. Finally, the whole  region is a desert anyway  – desert equals drought.

So Gorey has managed to turn a man made, unnatural disaster, i.e. war, which his political friends in the main, were responsible for and now blame it on man made climate change. Talk about ‘fake news’ .

Lastly, he and the U.S miltary, believes much of North Africa and the Middle East is in danger of becoing uninhabitable. No shit Sherlock, if the globalist political class keep interfering there, changing governments like underpants and feeding rancid regimes, while letting terrorists terrorise the region, what do you expect? It’s got nothing to do with it being hot and sunny there. It has always been hot and sunny!

So Mr Bore your solution is what exactly? Invite, them all over to Europe for a long stay, all expenses paid holiday, so they can “Carry on up the Jihadi” here?

In case of any doubt, don’t forget Al Bore is a fully paid up, card carrying, globalist cunt.  ‘Nuff said.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

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  1. If only we had known this “truth” in the last two centuries. The Industrial revolution could have been avoided and we would all be living in a utopia of total pleasantry. No wars, no crime, no poverty. Yep, we could have had it good. This lard arse and his ilk must be the hangover from the Hippy movement, and their brains fried with hallucinogenics. Remember that ginormous cunt Timothy Leary ? Well enough said. Fucking shit.

    • Leary was a fucking cunt… And so was that other twat, Ken Kesey…. I fucking hate ‘heads’ and hippies… Cunts…

    • Jolanta was refused the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Instead it was awarded to Al GoreCunt. She smuggled 2,500 babies and children out of the Warsaw ghetto over a daily 2 year period using amazing subterfuge. EVERY day. When caught, the gestapo broke her arms and legs in multiple places as part of her torture. She resisted. Here’s a short Bio. Go on Al look in the mirror you funking lying cowardly greedy piece of shirt.

      In August 1943, IrenaSendler, by then known by her nom de guerre Jolanta, was nominated by Żegota, the underground organization also known as the Council to Aid Jews, to head its Jewish children’s section.[14] As an employee of the Social Welfare Department, she had a special permit to enter the Warsaw Ghetto to check for signs of typhus, a disease the Germans feared would spread beyond the Ghetto.[16] During these visits, she wore a Star of David as a sign of solidarity with the Jewish people.[17] Under the pretext of conducting inspections of sanitary conditions within the Ghetto, Sendler and her co-workers smuggled out babies and small children, sometimes in ambulances and trams, sometimes hiding them in packages and suitcases, and using various other means.[18]

      Jewish children were placed with Polish Christian families, the Warsaw orphanage of the Sisters of the Family of Mary, or Roman Catholic convents such as the Little Sister Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary Conceived Immaculate.[19] Sendler worked closely with a group of about 30 volunteers, mostly women, who included Zofia Kossak-Szczucka, a resistance fighter and writer, and Matylda Getter, Mother Provincial of the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary.[20] The children were given fake Christian names and taught Christian prayers in case they were tested.[21] Sendler was determined, however, to prevent the children from losing their Jewish identities. She kept careful documentation listing the children’s fake Christian names, their given names, and their current location.[21]

      “Every child saved with my help is the justification of my existence on this Earth, and not a title to glory.” (Irena Sendler)

      According to American historian Debórah Dwork, Sendler was “the inspiration and the prime mover for the whole network that saved those 2,500 Jewish children.”[22] About 400 of the children were directly smuggled out by Sendler herself.[22] She and her co-workers buried lists of the hidden children in jars in order to keep track of their original and new identities. The aim was to return the children to their original families when the war was over.[11]

      In 1943, Sendler was arrested by the Gestapo and severely tortured. As they ransacked her house, Sendler tossed the lists of children to her friend, who hid the list in her bra.[21] Should the Gestapo access this information, all the children would be compromised. Thankfully, her friend was never searched. The Gestapo beat Sendler brutally upon her arrest, fracturing her feet and legs in the process. Despite this, she refused to betray any of her comrades or the children they rescued, and was sentenced to death by firing squad. Żegota saved her life by bribing the guards on the way to her execution.[17] After her escape, she hid from the Germans, but returned to Warsaw under a fake name and continued her involvement with the Żegota.[8] During the Warsaw Uprising, she worked as a nurse in a public hospital, where she hid five Jews.[8] She continued to work as a nurse until the Germans left Warsaw, retreating before the advancing Soviet troops.[8]

      • SHE lost out on a Nobel Peace Prize to a lying cunt like Al Gore? Mind you, it shows that the pricks in charge lost their marbles long ago, when they awarded a Peace Prize to Obama for having done fuck all.

      • The Global Club own the Nobel Committee. The peace prize and other humanitarian honours are given to each other by the politico’s to masturbate each others ego’s. Fuckwits the lot of em.

      • We should expect no more from the cuntish Noble shitsters. Obummer got one for being half black!

    • I’d like to cunt Yahoo. Why ? Well, we all know that The BBC, Channel 4 , Sky-fucking-News and IT-fucken-N are in the pay of the EU, but, what might go under the radar when these cunts are in full anti Brexit flow is that Ya-fucking-who are just as bad. Go , look see at their news page any day of the week and tell me I’m wrong. Time to change my e mail account and get these fuckers out my life. I suggest you do the same. Power to the people.

    • “EXCELSIOR!!”

      (Translation “My career is on the rocks so I need to get noticed”)

  2. The Donald has signed an executive order releasing the Mining Industry from the shackles of Obamacunt. The news is that the environmentalists have gone absolutely atomic in their reaction. Wooses everywhere are wailing and gnashing their teeth, and I dare say Streep and Jolly Jolie will escalate matters to a global fanny freeze.

    Al Gore will no doubt be shit hot on the blower to his handlers over this one. I did enjoy this mornings comment, that USA now joins the pariah’s of the likes of Uzbekistan in their approach to environmental matters, Uzbekistan ? Where in fucks name is that ?

    • I’d like to nominate remoaner cunts.
      The Beebistan broadcast caliphate, Sky, the radio, sociul medya, just about everywhere is full of em this morning ahead of the bloody article 50 letter being delivered. They are all crying into their snowflake Twitter accounts about how bad it is, that we don’t know what we are doing, that it’s the end, How they need a safe space, that leavers are thick uneducated waycists who don’t understand… you can guess the usual suspects, but here’s a list of the top 10 should anyone from the Tower of London fancy enacting the punishment for treason.

      The BBC in total
      Jk Cunting
      Nick Clugg
      Tiny TIm Far Wrong
      T B liar (war criminal)
      A Cuntbell
      N Hammond
      Sadiq Kunt
      M Cuntestine

      I’m sue erstwhile counters can add a few more as the day progress. I’m off to unfurl my cross of St George and fly it from the roof top.

        Can your hear the clock quislings??
        The should ring Big Ben at 12.30
        And declare a national week of partying…… 😂😂😂

      • You missed out the world champion remoaner James O’Shithead who churns out 3 solid hours of shit every weekday. These remoaner cunts remind me of the loonies in “Cuckoos Nest”:
        I want MY vote to count Nurse Ratched, I want MY vote to count. I don’t want his, or his or even his. Nurse Ratched are you listening to me? I WANT SOMETHING DONE!!!!!!

      • Not forgetting

        Fanny Izzard
        Damon Allbran
        Lily Mong
        Ghanian Cockmunching Trollop Up In Banana Tree
        Jeremy Clarkscunt
        Braindead Beckham
        Girly Lineker
        John/Paul/George/Jack Monroe

        To hell with the lot of them….

      • Sweet jeezus I do deserve a cunting for missing out the banana mouthed Ghanaian Trollope Miller for sure.

        This was a schoolboy error I will try not to repeat. I’m a cunt!

  3. Well After fucking 9 Months of Preparing to Prepare For Brexit, Theresa May is Prepared Enough to Prepare for Brexit Preparations, apparently….. of course shes a deceitful CUNT! Also her we will not waiver in the face of terrorism speech is the dumbest thing ever to come out of her fucking dumb cunt mouth. All this is that she’s signing is the trigger This could have been done on bloody day one. Cunt!

  4. As the clock runs down to the UK invoking article 50 let’s see how many liberal Cunts start virtue signalling? J k Rowling started early this morning on her twatter account saying how sad she feels today?? There’s a little picture of a young girl in a union skirt letting go of both an EU and Scottish flag balloon!!
    Listen up bitch I’ve felt sad everyday since that utter cunt major signed the Maastricht treaty!! Felt sad since 2004 when the EU gave accension for 10 mostly poor unwanted countries to join the club!!
    I’ve felt sad with the millions that have come putting an unbearable strain on housing and the NHS!!
    I’ve felt sad when Blair signed the Lisbon treaty!!
    I’ve had 24 years of feeling sad that we were conned into a two bob wannabe superstate!!!
    So j k Rowling your fuckin sadness is my delight!!
    Stick to writing books!! Cunt!!

    • I felt sad when that saggy titted old witchbag, ‘JK’ blighted the world with her crappy kids stories nicked from many other books, films, and ideas… Launching a million and one sad, spotty, sweaty, snotty fancunts who think a girly swot kid who goes to ‘wizard school’i is real, and actually go into mourning when some pointless fictional character ‘dies’… Wish they fucking would… Cunts…

  5. Surprised that Al Gore s got the nerve to do this again , as his last movie was total bollocks and full of inaccurate figures and data which have have been slammed and debunked over and over again. Pure wank extract of the highest order , total moronic cunt .

    • You took the words right out of my keyboard, Sir Sheriff. You are 100% correct. The one thing which has stayed with me about his first pile of shite propaganda was that graph showing how global temperatures increased as a result of atmospheric CO2 increases. When in fact, it’s the other way round.

      I’ve read a few books about climate change and they all say pretty much the same thing 2 things. (1) We don’t know – climate change is real and always has been, but the link to mankind inducing it is not established. (2) If you want to uncover the truth behind the ‘man made’ global warming claims, follow the money trail. Starting from a position of ‘it’s real and I’ll find a stat to prove it’ = big grants, lots of attention and fawning over by lefty liberal mongs. Starting from a position of ‘it’s not proven and here are the stats to support that’ = career over and being ostracised from the scientific community.

      Well, must get ready for work so I’m off. Can’t wait to get home tonight and burn a few tyres in the back garden. One feels one must contribute. 🙂

      • Can you put the said tyres around the necks of the smorgasbord of Remainer cunts listed above, prior to ignition? Bunch of puerile cunts.

      • Back home and rounding up the tyres – see what I did there? I have a gaggle of Remoaners and a truck load of illegals to use as tinder.

      • Your exactly right there Yank,its easy enough to see when you look into it.

        When Krakatoa erupted in the mid 1800s i believe it produced one of the highest amounts of co2 and other greenhouse gasses and dust and it gave us the mini ice age in Europe. There was even a year with out a summer and the Thames froze over so solidly that ppl skated and sold chest nuts roasted on it .

        when mount st helens erupted in the 1980s it deposited 30 years worth of co2 and methane sulphur etc into the atmosphere.

        climate change has and always will effect this world and i cant believe that we are doing more damage to the atmosphere then nature can do in an instant.

        smog and other noxious gases should be kept out of city’s if possible as a health issue and cfcs and other ozone depleters should be band as it kind of important.

        this world has baked froze and burnt many times over well before we were even single cell creature s.

        We could let off every nuclear bomb and poison all the water and all we would do is kill ourselves off and many other species of course. But in only 10 million years the earth would recover with all new species and the world will go on until the day the sun turns into a super giant and swallows the inner planets .

        sorry bit of a ramble but i just smoked some very good weed lol.

      • The weed obviously works Sir Sheriff because you’re 100% correct again. Tons of noxious gas gets blurted out into the atmosphere every time there’s an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Underwater eruptions happen all the time and bubbles of bastard substances rise up to the surface. Nothing to do with humans. Cows create tons of methane gas, another of the hated green house gases and again, nothing to do with humans.

        My personal favourite is the ‘greenhouse’ gas that is most prevalent in the atmosphere – water vapour. All the wank stains who drive around in their Prius wind up toys think they’re saving the planet, when in fact the production of those shitmobiles and the water vapour they generate could be argued are making things worse. Hahahaha.

        Al Gore is a rich, hypocritical cunt who needs to be flogged. Daily.

  6. The fact that they keep harping on about that bus nonsense demonstrates the paucity of their position. I remember that bloke from Channel 4 actually sitting on the bus with Bojo and tying the wanker in knots about it. He made him look a right fucking cunt. But still they go on about. Bus wankers.

    • And the smug looks on their faces when they churn out the “bus lie” is incredible, as if they have proved the existence of God. Sorry, it just makes you look a cunt, not a clever cunt, you cunt.

      • Perhaps we could use this bus they keep going on about to accommodate all the remoaners who continue to denounce the democrtatic right of the majority. Take them on a tour of the areas of the country blighted by influx of high gimmegrants, rapfugees and other peacefull types.

        Whilst they are all on board a serious electrical fault could lock the doors and at the same time cause a spark to ignite the fuel tank.

        Harsh but fair I’d say.

  7. So, here it is my friends. The day when one of the doors on my medical cabinet decided to shatter for no reason, and slice open the back of my hand. Oh and, apparently, something called Article 50 was ‘triggered’. So, we’ve now officially told that the EU that the it’s a contemptible, money stealing undemocratic, anti-British, incompetent, belligerent load of elephant shit.

    There will now follow two years of them demanding we pay £52 billion to fill the black hole we leave behind, and us telling them to go fuck themselves with a lit stick of dynamite. There are 196 countries in the world. Take off us and the EU 27, and that 169 countries with which we could potentially trade. Of course, some of those countries would have evil regimes, like North Korea, so we wouldn’t deal with them. But there’s still loads of partners we could happily trade with.

    So, contrary to what the whingeing of the remain loons say, the UK will NOT suffer once we leave the EU.

    • “Wouldn’t deal with evil regimes?”

      What about Saudi Arabia? UAE? Iraq?Turkey?Pakistan?India? and various African shitholes?

      I hope that was irony there.

      • OK, I’d forgotten about them. WE know their evil, but apparently, our government considers them useful for reason or another. Saudi for its oil. And I’m not seeing how the others could be considered useful.

        ANYWAY, I’ve SEVEN stitches in the back of my hand. I can’t be expected to think straight.

      • Huh medical cabinet eh? tell you the truth never trusted the fuckers a mirror that opens? had a old victorian style one, thing was bloody ancient where the mirror itself weighed 3-4 kg accidents are bound to happen with those things M8 glad your alright

        Sorry to hear about your hand QDM you get anything 4 pain at least? fucking doctors don’t even prescribe percocets or demerol anymore cheap fucking bastards

    • Used to live in one of those all glass fronted semis in the early 70s…. Supposed to let in more light, but made of that really crap and nasty green tinted glass… Anyway, one day I was messing about with my mates and I fell backwards right through it… My mum and my best mate’s mum were picking glass out of me for ages, passed out a number of times,still got the scars and all that… Also had stitches to my top lip… For a few days I looked like a Little Hitler…

  8. After the successful IAC east Africa appeal ( even I donated! my sunbed and an odd sized pair shoes) we need to have a whip round to help pay for the divorce bill coming from Our friends over at the EU, well I’m gonna dig deep to get the ball rolling by donating all of my dogs shit from the back garden and an out of date condom….
    Bon voyage Cunts!!!

    • As mentioned on a previous post, I have a selection of sticks I can donate.

      Perfect for the sandw@gs to use whilst sat down under the baobab tree poking at the shit all day long.

      It’s the only time they disturbe the flies.

  9. Today, in celebration of triggering article 50, I have been learning how to tie a bow tie. I can confirm it is a fucking cunt.

    • They are a cunt to tie for sure. Elastic one. That’s the answer.

      But carry the real one in yer pocket so at the end of the evening you can craftily replace with it with the real thing, albeit open and loose, all cool and nonchalant. The ladies think you are a player and can’t wait to grab the dangly ends…..and all the geezers think fuck – why didn’t I do that?

  10. So today is the day when we trigger Article 50, hopefully there won’t be an ‘overlooked’ part of the article that adds a long delay to this whole fucking pile of cunt. If there are a million Brits in Spain etc then we should allow a million of the cunts to stay here the rest can fuck off. Also this is going to be a messy divorce, imagine the worst kind of Ex wife and times that by 27 (or whatever the amount of other cuntries there are in EU). They will want to deter any other country from daring to leave the pile of shit and we are going to be the example. No doubt there will be a massive pay off us plebs don’t get to know about and we’ll sign a deal which lets in 100, 000 of the cunts in every year. This whole thing is a smokescreen and we will not be given a shit about as usual. If only I was in charge, I’d halve the population instantly by sending a load of cunts to Siberia.

    • Anyone see that cunt Clegg on Question ‘a cunt’ time? That cunt was doing his best to get a job in the EU. That lie about not raising students fees, already shows the cunt is a cunt yet like Blair they cannot fuck off out the limelight. They keep appearing like some sad cunt you keep trying to avoid.

      • Its a bit like dog shite on your shoe. It sticks, and once its there it can take forever to go. Clegg is like dog shite. Sticky and smelly, and he too just never seems to go away. Saw him talking dutch shite this evening, trying to impress his EU cunt friends and tap up a job with them. CUNT!

      • ‘You’ve got shit on your shoe, and I’m the shoe shine boy’

        Chuck Norris.


        ‘You’ve got shitty shoes on ya shitty shoe bastard’

        Paul Calf.

      • I can’t get who voted for the cunt Clegg or that Timmy far wrong traitor.

        They’d be unemployable in any other business.

  11. Sturgeon was proper pissed off after that carpet muncher told her to sit down.

  12. A cunting for that Lily Allen,

    She’s been on Twitter mouthing off about Brexit and has wrote a list of all the things that are Brexiteers fault. For anyone who can even be bothered to read her crap here’s a link.

    Saw the cunt in Notting Hill a while ago, if I see her again I’ll ask her to suck my know. If that fails I let her know she has a lot of support on here.
    What a cunt.

    • She probably would suck my knob the dirty slag, if she asked me to stay over id say ‘nah I’m a leaver’ you cunt.

      • Thought the ultraspaz we all know and don’t love was ‘taking a break’ from social media…. Could it be her ‘Lily Quits Twatter’ noise was just some more attention whoring?… Well I never…

    • I’ve just looked at the pictures of her. I’m now thinking the Scottish sturgeon clamped on the old fella would be a better proposition.

      Mong really is a stupid little girl.

      I wonder if we were able to show her list of ‘ Brexiters anything that happens from now is your fault’ to the first brave boys off the landing craft at Sword or Juno beach in 1945 what they’d have to say to her.

      • Or big bollocks Wellington, before he kicked that French dwarf’s arse at Waterloo…

  13. A load of wankers were holding hands on Westminster Bridge today in remembrance of the Camel driver attack. Who are these arseholes who have to make a public exhibition of their grief for people they don’t know and never met? They are a national embarrasment and a bunch of attention seeking cunts. Get a fucking life for fucks sake.

    • Grief jacking no other word for it M8, its incredibly thick headed too, to gloat and say “hey no one is mowing us down today and killing us! stronger together wank” Its a fake sign of solidarity if u ask me

  14. Al Gore? Same Al Gore that lost an election to Bush II? That Al Gore? Nuff said………….cunt!

  15. That Jammyrocky is a cunt… Sorry… That Jamiroquai is a cunt…
    Thought that crap hatted gobshite gave up years ago… But he’s back with some new ‘electro-jazz-funk’ shite and more piss poor Stevie Wonder impressions…. Utter bollocks…

  16. EU ubercunt and walking advert for euthanasia, Guy Verhofstadt, has opened his account with a broadside on our Treezers proposals that UK and EU keep strong security and defence ties. The cunt, who must keep dentists awake at night all over the world, said “I think the security of our citizens is far too important to start a trade off from one to the other.”

    So why is the EU letting millions of sand w@g rapists and terrorists flood across Europe completely unopposed? In fact, the cunts are even encouraging the cunts!

    If this is the way things are going to be, I don’t see negotiations lasting long before Treezer tells the goofy cunt to fuck off and stick his lame duck single market up his arse.

  17. Haven’t been on for a while coz I’ve been too busy with work. Haven’t even had time to read the comments yet, but I’ll hopefully get chance later.
    Wednesday is usually DEAD for us.
    Today we’ve had the busiest day in months and I’m going to work until 11 tonight and still not get finished. If the rest of brexit is going to be anything like this, happy days!

    All hail king Nigel!
    All hail king Nigel!
    Article 50 is on!

    A great day for Britain!

  18. Bob Weighton, the 109 year old, said he was “not enamoured” with all of the European Union’s decisions and spending, but felt quitting was a “mistake”.
    He said he did not regard Theresa May’s signing of Article 50, as “a step forward at all”.

    Just how low will the BBC sink?… Getting a relic like this to slag off Brexit… And naturally you’ll get snowflakes saying ‘we must listen to him…. because he’s old…’ What a load of bollocks… If he doesn’t like it, he should just shuffle off then, the coffin dodging cunt…

    • Hopefully it will put paid to the idea that it was all the old cunts who voted to leave. I have had a great day winding up cunts at work today and failed my employers diversity quiz which filled me with pride. Apparently it ought to be common knowledge now which surgical procedures transsexuals have. Load of old cunt. I have just come back from Cornwall by the way and was surprised to see how many of them there are down there!

  19. Those slimey, underhand, below the belt, dishonest, undemocratic EU cunts have just slipped in a clause to say that A50 can be halted at any time during the 2 year period.
    Stand-by for the for the biggest uncooperative excercise of all time to fuck us about and try to force the abandonment of the whole fucking excercise. Do NOT think for one minute that this hasn’t been concocted up in some back room in Brussels with Blair, Clugg, Junket et al round a table thinking up every possible pemutation to void the DEMOCRATIC decision by the British people. And who the fuck gave the authority that this clause shoud be inserted, the 27? I don’t fucking think so. Fucking low life scum. I’ll be signing up with fucking ISIS at this fucking rate.

  20. Good riddance the EU! just watched another cry baby remainer on News night, Billie JD Porter, a slag who I’ve never fucking heard of and surprise surprise, another young I’m doing well and the country’ has had her privileged bubble burst! Well tough shit! Fuck the EU and hopefully a lot of these remainer cunts will pack up and maybe move to Greece to see how great the EU is!

  21. She is indeed a slag. Calls herself a journalist but specialises in “yoof issues”, I.e. Sex. She is basically a pornographer who obviously hopes to be the next Karren Brady. A disgusting and amoral piece of shit but very typical of the young media-savvy middle class on the way up.

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