Baby Boomers

Please could I nominate the “baby boomer” generation.

Not every single one of them but to be honest, most of them. These are people born between 1945 & 1960 and for a variety of reasons over the years many seem to have become complete cunts.

They have lived their lives during the fastest and most sustained rise of living standards in history, benefitted from both free higher education and healthcare, bought their first houses for £15000 (5 times average earnings in 1975) & now worth 20 times that ( & 12 times average earnings for someone starting out now). They’ve benefitted from generous final salary pension schemes and investments that actually paid more that inflation, and for many years a lot more. Thats all fair enough until these selfish arrogant fuckers tell you it was all their own “hard work” and they deserve it all. Nothing to do with the sacrifices of the wartime generation, nothing to do with the ideas or entrepeneurship, hard graft and diminishing opportunities of generation X or just being in the right place at the right time.

Do they fancy spreading their good fortune around a bit? Oh no, its all about them them them. Now of course that they are approaching old age suddenly there are cries of “There’s no decent social care!! Pay for our social care!! We are babyboomers we must be given everything we demand !!” They didn’t give a toss when they stuck their granny or Mum or Dad in a fetid old folks home did they? Oh no, but of course they are the “special” ones aren’t they? They really do think so, just ask one of them.

On top of all that so many of them are fat. Don’t even get me started on fat people, thats another group of selfish cnuts if ever there was one. Fat people are kind and jolly? Whenever someone says that I laugh so hard I have to check my pants afterwards. Rant over.

Nominated by factotem.

99 thoughts on “Baby Boomers

  1. I suppose it’s only fair for Baby Boomers to receive a cunting as Millennials have been cunted on here a few times before (and I agree with millennial cuntings even though I am a millennial)

    But for the most part I have to disagree with this cunting. Maybe I am biased as was raised by Baby Boomers due to having ……. as the name would imply…… shit loads of aunties and uncles.

    I don’t blame baby boomers for having been born into the best time to live (even my Dad said is was the best time to grow up). Although I agree with you that they often attribute it all to “hard work”, you just attributed it purely to the era – bit of a false dichotemy going on here I think. I would say that their success has been a product of both hard work and good luck.

    I say that baby boomers were hard workers but sadly they offset that with hard playing and hardened livers………… Baby Boomers will probably go down as the most unhealthy generation in history with an average life span (for men at least) of about fucking 67.


      Judges AGAIN need to be cunted most severely.
      Another “right-to-die” case is being blocked.
      When, oh when, will people just GROW THE FUCK UP ??!

      We are continually being told to take responsibility for ourselves, our health, general fitness &c., NOT to bother the overstretched NHS, but…when it comes to deciding if our time is up…

      “Oi, no !! Archbishop-Cuntuar says NO; Lords Temporal and Spiritual say NO.”
      Feckin cunts, what a bloody shower. Me, I’m going to make sure I have a tank of Nitrogen at the ready, in my First Aid kit. Odourless, non-toxic, non-explosive, lighter than air, and it already forms a very large part of the atmosphere.

      Buggered if I want to rot away in a diarrhoea-filled hospital bed, the way my mother did, being ignored by the “carers”.

      I wish Mr. Conway and his family all the very best during what must be an appallingly distressing time for them.

  2. I was born in 1951 and I did work bloody hard for every penny I’ve got.

    I bought my first flat (not the 4 bed house the snowflake generation expect to start with) for £7,000. I was earning £520 a year. That’s 15 times earnings so 12 sounds good to me!

    How did I do it. Simple. Joint savings with my future wife. In my day you couldn’t expect to buy a home as a single person like the current generation expect today. We make sacrifices. No eating out, going to the pub, living on takeaways…

    I had no company pension. Got made redundant 4 times and got off my arse and carried on. I’m retired and living off my savings. How did I do it? Simple. I didn’t piss every penny I earned up the wall. My car is a 23 year old Honda not a fucking brand new 5 series!

    Social care? I expect none because I plan for the future and take personal responsibility. I don’t expect the tax payer to give me benefits as a ‘human right’

    And while we’re at it, here’s some statistics :

    60% lost value in investments because of the economic crisis
    42% are delaying retirement
    25% claim they will never retire (currently still working)

    To sum all that up, you’re talking bollocks.

    • I’m 35 in August (almost gen x) and my dad was born in 1950. He’s pretty much said the exact same thing as you just did Dio. Fair play to him, he never moans about millennials and their epic cuntitude (although I do non stop) but when I told him earlier last year what a lot of entitled millennials say about baby-boomers (ie the above cunting) he laughed his arse off and told me his personal story which was very similar to yours. He said it’s all about individual, personal responsibility.

  3. What a simplistic pile of old bollocks. The rich cunts are screwing us up the arse and squeezing out every penny they can so let’s blame it on old people. Why aren’t these old bastards grovelling in the gutter where they belong? “Divide and rule”…it’s a political trick that’s as old as the hills and the inevitable outcome of Thatcherism. Well get ready for the next con trick….it’s all the fault of brexit! You muggy cunts.

    • you might reasonable blame fucking “real” cunts… as in feminitwit cunts. It was the demand that the world financially look after their every single-parenthood, yearly mammogram, snow flaking whim that has bankrupted us… It was the fem demand that everyone sponsor their faux professions with first grants and then fake internships and ultimately unpayable debt that got us here. So let’s just call a cunt a cunt. Its not as ‘generational’ as one thinks. Its feminism… its continued.

  4. That’s a bit cruel, old folk make easy targets I guess.

    (Probably because they move slowly)

    Lets be honest though, most of the baby boomers who haven’t croaked are as mad as coots, smell of cabbage and are fucking nasty old bits of work. The ones who go round on these fucking mobility scooters are the worst. Cunts.

    • Most baby boomers are not old enough to require fucking mobility scooters, most of which are driven by fat lazy gluttonous thick cunts who spend most of their benefit money on junk food and beer…

  5. A cunting for Peter Davies

    This is some 90 year old veteran who has decided to “transition”. The cunt’s G.P. has put it on oestrogen tablets (no waste of NHS funds there),it has taken to dressing in woman’s clothes,and it has joined the fucking Women’s Institute. I hope it gets fucked to death by Peter Stringfellow.

    All this shite about being “trapped” in the wrong body is just fucking wrong. People are born either male or female,and that’s all there is to it. The perverts who claim otherwise are self-indulgent freaks who have a mental disorder,not a physical one. Pandering to their delusions does them no favours,and they should not be indulged. Millions of pounds are wasted just so that a bunch of weirdos can prance around making unconvincing attempts to defy nature.

    Euthanaize the whole lot of them,be they 9 years old through to 90. That should save the NHS a few quid,and prevent the risk of an ordinary red-blooded male,who had possibly had a few beers too many, making a terrible mistake and attempting to board one of these decepticons.

      • Gender dysphoria is very rare, only about 0.05% of the population are diagnosed and of those only a few go onto gender reassignment. However outcomes for those who do “transition” are not good. Attempted suicide is as high as 41% compared to just 1.6% in the general population. In fact suicide is such a large possible outcome that many, like Dr. Paul R. McHugh former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, say that gender reassignment surgery is “collaborating with madness”.

        The current fad for gender identity is just teenage rebellion. The problem is, adults are actually facilitating this nonsense when they should just tell the spoiled little brats to shut the fuck up and get on with being either a boy or a girl.

      • 41% ? So between Kellie Maloney,Lauren Harries and that Caitlyn Janner, one of the fuckers must be due an untimely end…. Good, I hope they “U-Tube” it,I like a good tranny termination I do.

    • Agreed. All this gender reassignment bollocks is just that. “A woman trapped in a man’s body”. What a sack of “look at me” bullshit. You’re either born with a cunt or a cock. Simple and fundamental fact of life on this planet.

      All this gender bending is diluting an already weak as piss gene pool into a piss pool. It paves the way for snowflake devotees to appear on TV, craving their five minutes of fame before sliding back down the well of obscurity and for countless bleeding heart, dying swan fluffy cunts to proclaim them “so brave” and “heroic” for wanting their spam-luggage chopped off to feel special. This in turn leads to book-deals, TV appearances and for the SJW armies to climb atop Mount Moral High Ground. Bullshit on that.

      The real heroes are the men and women who suffered through the last two world wars (and other periods of history), and today’s members of the armed forces, nurses, paramedics, fire and rescue, lifeboat crews etc who put their lives in the cross-hairs to help others, not some mentally mashed brainfried weirdo who is influenced and brainwashed by other weirdos and can’t decide who or what he/she/it wants to be. Snowflakeism is the bomb that will explode on its own creators…and us too.

  6. Millenials I suppose have been the generation most exposed to the gogglebox , intense marketing and advertising, and have been systematically indoctrinated on a daily basis by the BBBC and its chums. I can’t really blame them for everything today.Except! ( There always is an exception ) This “must give my country away” “long live the union ” ” Oh , Henny Penny! the Sky’s falling in! ” “Rainbow World etc ”

    It is the millenials who have most changed the world. ( and not for the better ) Who the fuck in my day went to a restaurant every night? Who the fuck in my day would eat poncy shite from some poor fuckers roof tile, complete with pigeon shit! And who the fuck in my day could take “gap years” fucking around the world “backpacking?”

    The generation gap has always existed and always will. Let it not widen any further
    because of a lost ideological experiment, fucking corrupt cunt politicians, and shite awful fucking whining computer aided crap you call music these days.

  7. Tbh if they want to mutilate themselves I don’t really give a fuck, that’s their decision albeit for me anyway a strange one but why they get funding from the NHS is another story, you want it?? You pay for it!! Same with leaches complaining their breasts are not the right shape, if there’s a real medical issue i.e. Freakishly large , reconstruction after cancer etc etc which effects their physical wellbeing / mental wellbeing then that’s different but I see dozens of these Cunts in the papers demanding surgery on NHS because in their opinion they could look better!! Fuck off and start saving..

    • Quite right. Some of the fucking awful sights Ive seen lately with facial inkings, studs where no stud should ever be, and tits that defy Newton’s Law ( the one of tit defying gravity I think ) its like a mobile fucking freak show on a daily basis. The point you make on the NHS is a good one. The attitude prevails today, that I can fuck up anything and the State will pay makes my blood boil. And another thing.All these mutants with spiderman facial tats, cobwebs and Nelson Mandela’s Balls are fucking unemployable. Who the fuck wants to employ a circus freak. Stop all benefits to them for life

  8. I wouldn’t cunt the entire generation as many have earned what they have although I know where you’re coming from.
    I go to Spain quite regularly and the cuntitude that I encounter out there is astounding.
    These old cunts Swan about like they’re fucking Richard Branson just coz they retired to Spain. They love talking down to me and try to give me advice on how I can make it, just like they have.
    They love telling about how they bought their house for £8000 and sold it for £450,000 like it was down to their business acumen and not the sheer luck of being born at the right time.
    I can’t blame them for cashing in, fair play to em, but don’t talk to me like you’re a big shot and I’m just some dumb cunt.
    As I say I wouldn’t cunt the whole generation but like all generations it has its cunts.
    …..and don’t even get me started on the state of this country after their watch!
    …and they did vote in the fourth reich! 🙂

    • Most people who retire to Spain are, let’s face it, thick losers who failed in life and can’t afford to retire in England ‘cos they pissed their money up the wall on crap…

      • That’s right Dio, why would you want to live in the sunshine, have a comparatively low cost of living, live in a 4 bedroomed villa with a swimming pool and afford to pay a maid to come in a few times a week when you could spend all your cash living in a 2 bedroom terrace in some shit hole surrounded by w@g scum and pay for through the nose for the privilege? Fucking thick losers.

      • Yeah, much better to go and live in some Deigo shithole where the food is crap, skin cancer is rife and you can drink yourself to death on cheap booze surrounded by thick ex-doley English expat cunts.

        Have you never watched “Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun”? It’s a real revelation of retirement in Spain – specifically Benidorm, a festering carbuncle on the arsehole of Iberia…

      • Benidorm is my idea of hell!
        Bet it’s full of cunts like that twat on the lottery advert “We’re off to benidorm!”
        Good. Fuck off. Don’t come back!

        …quite like the idea of drinking myself to death in the sun though.
        Guess we all need something to work towards!

      • I once took a holiday in Lloret do Mar. In my defence, I was young and stupid and believed all the bullshit about what a great place it was for people my age.

        It was the worst holiday I ever had – and I’ve had some snorters! Also remember spending two weeks in Gran Canaria in an apartment infested with cockroaches. That was pretty shit too.

        Guess I’m just not a Iberophile…

    • I was born (just) in 1961, couldn’t help that, no say in the matter !!

      As for fat cunts, Croeso y Caerdydd – Welcome to Cardiff… You’d be lucky to see more than two of them in an average lift. As for the all the mobility scooters, it’s like some sort of Brands Hatch on Mogadon. Most of the drivers can bloody well walk, in any case.

      Fat gobshites.

      • I see the cunts here if I stray into town. Mobility scooter, fag in one hand, Greggs pie in the other and sometimes an oxygen bottle on board. Not usually of my , Baby Boomer generation. Much younger.
        Had’nt noticed the fuckers in Cardiff but I only go there for the rugby so too busy having a good time.

      • People on diets are almost always even bigger cunts than they were before!
        Always looking down their noses and tutting when I’m stuffing my fat Face with burgers.

  9. Another gripe is the abuse of the NHS for tattoo removal, although difficult to get it’s possible for various reasons, most try to go down the psychological damage the offending tattoo is causing them?? Most of these cases are apparently facial tattoos?? Sorry if your fucking stupid enough to have artwork on your face it’s not up to the NHS to pay for its removal!! If it’s so terrible then either get a job, maybe two and pay for it yourself!! Hopefully the experience will teach you not to act like a Cunt!, thus in effect making you a better more rounded individual…..

    • Or get a pistol, fire it in the vicinity… I believe some Germans used that method to get rid of incriminating political tattoos. Also, for some of these twats, an added advantage would be a gun-related fatality.

    • Anyone who gets a tattoo on their face is clearly an idiot.
      Furthermore, one of the main reasons they do it is to ensure you never get a job and can live permanently on benefits…

      In the words of the song
      They sent me for a an interview for some crap job
      I didn’t wanna do it but they said they’d stop me wad
      I turned up in a T-shirt with “Fuck you” on the front
      And the boss just took one look at and decided I’m a cunt!

      • Too true. I used to have a neighbour next-door-but-one who decided to let his house out. In moved a 21 year old, thanks to her rich parents who paid her rent, and a silly cunt boyfriend with a neck tattoo bearing her name, who sat around the house smoking weed all day long. When, six months later, she wised up and gave him his marching orders, I happened to notice two things; first, he came round one day and daubed SLUT on the front door and second, he was left with the name LUCY on his neck. Daft cunt now has three options : 1. steal some money to pay to get the tattoo removed 2. only ever go out with a girl called Lucy or 3. wear a scarf for the rest of his life.

      • Known a few people with tattoos on their faces, none of them on the dole, mostly self employed or working for less judgemental folk who valued substance over image, Some people will do anything to avoid work but some people just reject society and that includes benefits. Maybe it’s the circles i used to mix in but these were decent people didn’t buy into the 9-5 debt slave lifestyle.

        The vast majority of cunts causing strife in the world are a picture of “respectability” Rather deal with people who are happy to show you who you are than the reptiles in suits who run the world.


      • The vast majority of heavily tattooed bikers work for a living and have wives, kids etc. A lot of them are pretty well off from doing engineering work or suchlike and many are ex armed forces and solid dependable types. There are of course exceptions but the knobs and nutters invariably get spotted and fucked off sharpish. If you want a punch up, go to a flash city night club full of clean cut “respectable” types. If you want a good time getting tanked up on decent beer and listening to proper music amongst folk who are far less likely to randomly attack you, go to a biker do…

      • Nothing wrong with tattoos anywhere but on the face?? it’s their shout..Pay your money take your choice… just don’t ask the NHS to sort it out if you change your mind when your 50+

  10. The old’uns are getting it in the neck from everyone these days…. The collapse of the NHS is even blamed on them now… Nothing wrong with anyone who works hard and has paid into the system… This country’s real problem is the cunts from Bogo-Bogo Land, the Iron Curtain, or Syraqistan: doing fuck all work (and having no intention of doing any ever), sponging state money, getting free housing, jumping NHS queues, and infesting Blighty with their kind by breeding like rabbits on viagra… Those cunts should be getting the stick, not the Baby Boomers…

      • Cheers, Dio… The thing is anyone who is British and who has actually worked hard and paid in all their lives has to jump through hoops and even then gets little to no help off the system if or when they ever need it… Yet these foreign cunts get houses, permits, interpreters, money, you name it… And don’t get me started on cunts who get transbender ops for free on the NHS while some pensioner will be lucky to get the time of day off the health service… They’re even giving convicted serial rapists sex change surgey, and in the next breath are saying the elderly are hoovering up NHS money… Disgraceful…

      • Yea it makes me sick!

        I have family that work in the NHS and they tell me that the amount spent on translators is astronomical!
        Cunts that have lived here for 20+ years but never bothered to learn English are hurried to the front of the queue while the people that paid taxes for over 40 / 50 years have to sit and wait.

        People that paid tax their whole lives should go straight to the front of the queue and if you can’t speak English, tough. Fuck off.

      • In the NHS, each and every year, material is published in 26 languages. Everything from health education to accessing the system. The cost is huge. Another rip off is the use of language line at £22 per minute. Some scaly cunt who can’T be arsed to learn the language demands “LL” and we jump to it. Often the translator tells me that the patient simply wants something ( in his language ) to read.

    • Actually I don’t blame immigrants for anything. I hold the politicians who let the fuckers in personally responsible for every crime and misdeed the migrant cunts do.

      • If I went abroad to somewhere on a long term or permanent basis I would attempt to learn the language of the country I was in and try to integrate (like my Uncle Frank did when he was based in Germany in the army)… But we get cunts here who have no respect for Britain or the British people… Just selfish grabbing w@gs who make no attempt speak English or adapt to English life, yet they take all the perks… There is always the odd ones who do try and make the effort (usually from Eastern Europe, and quite a few of them are OK and not afraid of hard work), but the majority of the Bogo-Bogo lot and the muslamist ‘refugees’ are simply sponging, parasitic, dignity free filth…

    • Yes spanish food is lovely!

      Never understood why someone would go to Spain and eat full English and go to English chippy’s.

      • No, actually Spanish food is shit. What is paella for fucks sake other than rice with some left overs? And that’s as good as it gets?

        The wine is shit too, the reds are too heavy with too much tannin. They seem to think putting it in oak barrels for a year ( crianza ) turns it into drinkable wine, it doesn’t, it just turns it into oak flavoured undrinkable wine. The whites are far too acidic although they are better from the Rueda valley region but while not being as acidic are a little insipid, and comparatively expensive. In general, Spanish wine reflects Spain, old fashioned. You will get much better quality wine for less dosh, especially new world wine, and I don’t give a fuck what the cunts on Saturday kitchen say.

        On the plus side If you want cheap fizz, cava is way better than that way over rated prosecco shit ( can you remember when they couldn’t give cheap Itallian fizz away? Serve “nasty asty” at a wedding and it was the kiss of death ) and a bone dry fino or manzanilla is perfect with sea food and olives.

  11. Trump arresting corrupt mexican attorney generals who are trafficking drugs is racist!

    What people don’t understand is Drug cartels run Mexico. Its a terrible situation for the people of Mexico. Too bad the Lamestream media can’t level with them and paints Trump to be a racist for absolutely nothing. What he said about the LaRaza judge was true. What he said about them being brutal rapists was true and he doesn’t apologize and he shouldn’t. Trump could be the greatest thing to ever happen to Mexico if they let him.

  12. If you want to make some easy money get a bet down on the UK ending up with “nil points” in the Eurovision Cunt Song Contest. Nailed on.

    • Yeh but the uk entry this year is called ” stick it up eu cunt” sung by daz Samson ft scoosh and Nigel farage so it’s hardly surprising….

  13. Fuck orfski I must be the oldest cunt on here. Me memories go back to The Depression (no, not the get a sick note from the quack type of depression dahlings). A time when most orf the country was terminally enemployed, no “benefits society”, no antibiotics and a gruesome private medical service. The terror orf the workhouse awaited.
    “Never had it so good”. Harold McMillan was right (speaking aboit the ’50s). You young wankers have no idea.

    • So basically your saying we are ungrateful brats for being privileged, Plus housing and schooling being ridiculously overpriced I agree with most points brought up. I don’t think baby boomers are that bad but very naive to todays problems but your right kids are lazy nowadays mostly do to electronics and moderzation driving young ones into hyper fatigue

      • And the millenials get 3% mortgages while we get fuck all % on our savings.
        My first mortgage was at 16%! Snowflakes have no fucking idea but it doesn’t stop them banging on.
        That song by Chas was fucking spot on…

      • Cunts are plentiful in all generations since the dawn of humanity ,it’s not like there were no cunts pre 1945 or any born since 1960. Every generation owes a debt to the one before and the one that follows. This whole fucking divide is being fanned to cause even more division and looks like it’s working.

        We are getting divided into ever smaller groups under the banner of diversity, we are encouraged to see every other group as the enemy and lay the blame there (perversely when there is real blame that can be legitimately be place with some groups it’s a crime to lay that blame).

        The ploy is simple and obvious if people open their eyes, as long as we look at each other as being the problem the real architects of our ills can carry on fucking us over.

    • I didn`t realize you were so old Sir Limpy but I suppose the picture was a giveaway.

  14. I’m of that era. Did an apprenticeship finished that in 79. Started working for meself in 83. Couldn’t afford to get married till I was 29. Saved up for a long time. Me and the mrs had to get interviewed by the bank manager for a mortgage. Interest rates were probs around 10% then. I remember the mrs crying when she saw what the repayments were gonna be. Never had 1 second on the dole, never had sick pay or holiday pay. Always stayed small in business, didn’t want the fucking hassle. Saved into a pension which is worth jack shit but I done ok because of hard work. You deal with the cards you are handed.

  15. The M6 Motorway

    The M6, specfically northbound between junctions 6 and 7 at Birmingham (but also between junctions 16 and 19) is a cunt.

    I live in Northampton and am currently working in Dudley. 2.5 hours plus to travel 68 miles! Can’t use the toll road.

    What is it with the roads in this country, and why is it that, even when traffic is crawling along, some BMW or Audi is still trying to drive into my arse? Why do “smart motorway” roadworks take so long, and what’s with the purple tubing sitting on top on the central reservation?

    What a load of twat.

  16. Don’t agree with this cunting probably as I fall within the cunting (born 1956). However not my fault. I don’t go on about it but I have worked hard and had a bit of luck along the way so it’s a mixture. Right place, right time comes into it as well. Again not my fault.
    Like others on here have said about mortgages I was paying at 15% at one stage so 3% looks a bargain. Wife and I saved like buggery and didn’t piss it up or smoke weed etc so we could afford what we wanted and needed. Neither of us have ever (or probably will never) ask the state for assistance. If I want something it’s my responsibility and if I can’t afford it I don’t have it. Seems simple to me but others do have a sense of entitlement and they are the ones who can fuck off.
    So cunting baby boomers feels like a large dollop of jealousy. We didn’t have a choice when we came along and have been lucky. I give you that but most of us have worked hard for what we have.

    • I’ll stick up for you, my favourite people Mam, born 1948, Dad,but sadly no longer with us 1944, my father in law 1946 (he’s sound as a pound) infact I like older people better! I’m 40 and have respect for my elders who are full of good advice and wisdom!

    • That cunt McLuskey is on. He is someone along with the late cunt Bob Crow who I hate without even having to hear them.

      • Those 2 are your typical union cunts.

        I hope a question comes up about Ken Livingstone saying the Nazis and the Jews colluded right up until WW2 started.

  17. Caught some of my friend James O’Shithead’s show this morning. As usual he was asking if anybody had any “reasons to be cheerful” (about brexit) and as usual he was flooded by a load of pathetic cunts agreeing with his unremitting fucking moaning. Well I’ve got a reason. Let’s suppose, for once in his life (remember the Iraq war James?) The cunt is right and we end up a 3rd world country, economically. That means all the fucking immigrants will be fucking off and, presumably all the fucking remoaners will be going with them. At the head of this exodus will be the very wonderful Mr. James O’Shithead. Let’s see how the EU paradise welcomes an arrogant cunt with a sense of entitlement who can’t speak the language. Happy days I say.

    • Add O’ Shithead to my list (above) of people who get my ire and hatred without saying or doing anything.

    • I heard this cunt in his bubble in London, he must despise Sunderland knuckle draggers like me, I wish the cunt would come up to Sunderland for a ‘chat’

      • If you are an immigrant he loves you ; if you are a Muzzie he loves you ; if you are a remoaner he wants to have sex with you. If you are none of those you are a worthless piece of shit and you can fuck right off. The cunt has probably never been within a 100 miles of Sunderland.

      • I’m a unemployed (hopefully not for long) bald, 40 year old white British male with a medium sized beer belly. So James O’crybaby will definitely not like me! Haha

  18. I’m tempted to ring James O’shithead and tell him to live in Greece! Hope I’m making sense to tonight, been to The Durham Brewery, recommend the Ale called ‘St Cuthbert’ it’s got me forgotten all my troubles

  19. That reminds me the cunt O’Shithead last week, making apologies for the Muzzie incident, was crying about MY city and how he loved the “diversity” of MY city. The fucking cunt comes from KIDDERMINSTER! The cunt is a fucking Brummie, although he didn’t go to school there, he went to school in Northumberland, one of the most expensive schools in the country. NO, it’s MY city O’Shithead and the sooner you are out of it the better. Fuck off cunt!

    • I love London Freddie but was more angry about how the hell, with all the security the terrorist cunt managed to kill the policeman. I can’t remember if you said you live in London but it was my impression the police in London were all armed? They looked armed when I was last there on holiday in 2014?

      • I am a born and bred Cockney wanker although I’ve lived in Saarf London longer than East London. If you saw a copper at all you must have been around Westminster and the tourist areas. You don’t see them round my way although the Met’s PR department put up posters to warn burglars that they are after them. I bet those cunts must be shitting themselves.

      • I had to Google why we saw red police cars, you can tell I’m from up north haha! Policing is just as shite here, we have Police Community support officers who the kids laugh at and take the piss out of, what happened to REAL police! A Pcso had his bike pinched by a knife welding idiot in York, infact police community support officers need a cunting! We pay tax for real police and get pretend ones!

  20. Alastair fucking Campbell on This Week. Whinging cunt, I am looking forward to his fucking demise the wankstain. Once again, where the fuck is a Tommy Mair when you need one.

    • I have to confess watching him made me want to smash his face in.I want to feel bad for having those thoughts but I am not a fucking saint!

    • Every time Campbell, possibly the most dishonest person in the UK, is on telly the interviewer should ask “Have you found those weapons in Iraq yet?” Cunt.

    • That cunt is possibly a bigger liar than his erstwhile boss Tony Bliar. He knows his “facts” are true because he made them up.
      His smug cunts face spouting shit causes me to lose my temper and shout CUNT very loudly.
      If he is not in the running for COTY then I will eat Paddy Pantsdowns hat.

  21. Alastair Campbell is on this week pontificating about how he will reverse Brexit whilst smirking and patronizing all leave voters.I will give him an emergency no holds barred cunting tomorrow when I am less tired.I am shouting cunt at the TV and am tempted to chuck it out of the window.I think he might get my nomination for COTY 2017 such a horrible duplicitous arrogant terrorist loving europhile shitbag.Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • One of the many things I despise about Campbell is when he goes fishing for sympathy about his ‘depression’. Fuck off Al, perhaps it’s just a moment of clarity, and you realise how much of a massive cunt you are, and how your best friend is an even bigger cunt. Crawl back under your rock you despicable twat, you’re part of the reason this country is as fucked as it is.

  22. Campbell has been on the anti-brexit ‘The Wright Stuff’ all week, bleating on about how the worlds ending due to brexit, with Pantomime Dame Matthew Wright, nodding in agreement with Campbell. Matthew Wright is a double of my auntie Betty, all he needs is a fur hat and clip on ear rings.

  23. Police Community Support Officers are cunts, C.ompletely H.opeless In M.ost P.olice S.ituations
    Powerless, Pointless, Useless, need replacing by REAL police Officers! REAL Polices Officers with equipment!
    Nobody takes notice of them, kids have wised up to them and know PCSOS are powerless cunt, even MORE powerless after a PCSO had his bike pinched by knife point! If this had been a real equipped Policeman with, baton. Tasor, pepper spray etc. The knife welding yob wouldn’t of bothered. We need REAL POLICE on our streets, not a second class useless police replacement!!!!

    • Fuck da police.

      Fuck em all.

      Bunch of bullying cunts and I still celebrate when one is cut down in the line of duty.

      The Mater works with the polis, my uncle is retired from the Met, and have two cousins who are in the Met.

      Fuck them too.

      Fuck all chivatos.

      I have a hatred for the polis coz I have been bashed and mistreated by the cunts many times.

      When its cold, the pain in my ribs reminds me of how cuntish the polis are.

      Fuck em.

      I don’t understand why cunts hate the fire service though.

      Wtf is that all about ?

      Why do cunts throw rocks and shoot air rifles at good guys risking their lives ?

      Fuckin strange behavior.

      Anyway, fuck the polis . 🙂

      • PS.
        My hatred for the cunts will never cease when they treat our peaceful cousins better than they treat us.

        Why do ‘cultural’ areas of British cities have liaison officers ?

        Why don’t they just go in baton first, the way they do with us ?

  24. I stand by my two previous comments, but the anger probably came from my two day migraine.

    It finally went an hour ago.

    The reason I’m bringing up the migraine is, does anyone know any over the counter medication that works ?

    This time I tried nurofen 600- plus pills.

    I was doubling the dose, but they done nothing.

    I haven’t been to a doctor in fifteen years, maybe I should, coz they’re getting worse.

    Migraines and nurofen are cunts.

    • Migraines are caused by migrants, the link is obvious. I think it might have something to do with the smell. Probably.

  25. We mention all the time on ISAC about the media and their ways, well get this.

    An al Jazeera journilst has been imprisoned in Egypt and al jazeera are ‘DEMANDING’ his release.

    Getting a bit big for their boots, the media, eh ?

    I understand they want the lying upstart cunt released, but to demand it, leads me to believe they truly think the media runs the world.

    Or at least it should.

      • I think there were 3 of them that were locked up after a kangaroo w@g court found them guilty of publishing something the government didn’t like. One of them was Australian and has been released but only after several years. So much for democracy in the middle East, the stupid sand w@g cunts have no idea what democracy is.

  26. babyboomer me 1956.Had it lost it. my fault burned the candle at both ends although i did have the rug pulled from under by some bent solicitor who i know took a backhander to let someone beat my contract for my business premises which as a tenant i was trying to buy.1989.. the cunt that gazzumped me put my rent up from 100 to 800 pw.Iwas fucked sold out at loss.I should have shat in a newspaper and slapped it in that brief cunts fat arrogant face.took a tumble never recovered 30 years.future grim pension???Live in rented shithole.So we,re not all sorted n im sure im not alone.Now young people most are cunts. spoiled and unpleasent .worst thing due to mum n dad n grannys house values these little shits are going to be tilled up for life.They,ll rub your nose in it” old cunt look ” ,while they burn £20 note for you.And dont bother asking anyone under 30 for directions it ,ll go “dunno mate” and he,ll be standing in the street your looking for and has lived there for the last 10 years the cunt.Probably wont hear u anyway ,headphones on shite music while taking a selfie and checking face book. the cunt.

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