Are Cunts!

I’m not a monarchist.
Never have been.
I don’t respect inherited privilege and wealth.

That said I could never align myself with such sniveling little drips as Republic.

Crying because they got arrested.
Soft twats were softly handled and still fuckin whining.
They say that the Met were rough in their handling.


No bruises, no split skulls, no broken bones.
Just arrested.

I never join anything because I think the majority of people are wankers,
But Republic make me want a monarchy just to spite them.

Long live the king!

Sky news

Nominated by Miserable Northern Cunt.

68 thoughts on “Republic

  1. Silly twats should of recruited some ethnics and bummers.

    The met police would of stood down immediately.

  2. In a democracy people have a right to protest, to make themselves heard.
    But they have no right to disrupt people going about their everyday business.

    I don’t know if Speaker’s Corner still exists.
    People could go there and voice their opinions no matter how nutty they were.

    Maybe a section of a London park should be set aside for protesters.
    They could book the space for their cause and protest all fucking day.

    If some of the general public wants to go along and see what is being protested about on a particular day then fair enough.

    Perhaps then the protesters may get some sympathy and even recruit people to their way of thinking.
    But at the moment the general public just want to give them a good kicking.

    • Spot on. Like you, i have no issue with people protesting o jection or opinions..after all i cherish the freedom to do so, but of late, particularly with these extinction cunts, their tactics are intimidation, disruption and chaos….of the general public. I dont like seeing free speech banned, but these cunts and their tactics are ironically going to take it down that route to protect the public and their everyday lives. They should think about that for a moment.

    • Hi Cunters!

      Triple book the park site with protests for neo nazis, extinction rebellion, stop oil and TranQBLT to start at the same time.

      Sell tickets and Let the games begin

      I’d support the cause that wins🤣🤣🤣

  3. I am a monarchist.
    The British monarchy is the 3rd oldest institution in the world, after the Japanese Royal Family and The Papacy. The system of constitutional monarchy gives an independence of judgement and a sense of continuity which is impossible to replace. To have someone with responsibilities and influence but no authority at the top of our governmental, judicial, parliamentary and executive systems is very important. Just imagine the President of the U.S.A. having to go around once a week to someone, who is his nominal boss and explain himself.
    I think it is necessary to look beyond the incumbent, who one may or may not like, and just look at the system which has worked for years.
    Those like Republic, who got off very lightly on Coronation Day, who are generally left wing and think the monarchy is outdated and an elected Presidential system be better I would say careful what you wish for. If we had a Presidential election now I think Boris might get the job.

    • Well said Wanksock and I totally agree.

      As for Republic, they all remind me of Adrian Mole -“its so unjust, it’s so unfair, boo hoo…”. I agree with the right to protest but not at the cost of causing inconvenience for everyone else and certainly not so they could spoil an important state occasion with their juvenile protests for which so much painstaking preparation had gone into, and when the eyes of the world were on us.

    • Sorry Wanksock, but you seem to suggest that if an institution has survived for a long time it must be good. You give as examples the Japanese monarchy and the Papacy. Well it seems to me that after an Emporor being in charge for so many years it culminated in Japan being nuked in 1945. As for the Papacy, off the top of my head I can think of the victims of the Spanish Inquisition, Galileo and any number of choirboys who would have a somewhat negative view of that institution.

      Good morning all.

      • Japanese Imperial policy in WWII was more a product of Tojo than Hirohito. And since WWII the Japanese monarchy has been an important factor in the rehabilitation and stabilisation of Japan into an advanced democracy.

        The same could be said of the Early Modern Catholic attacks on Copernicus and Gallileo, who it must be remembered were brave enough to go against the prevailing scientific consensus of their day. Not long after, at the Council of Trent, the Catholic Church embarked on an ambitious program of reform, known as the Counter-Reformation, in which old abuses were abandoned. The Catholic Church today is a great supporter of astronomy, with its own observatory staffed by serious and professional astronomers with degrees in astrophysics and who are also ordained priests.

        The point is that none of these institutions remained static. They have reformed and moved with the times whilst remaining authentic to their ancient roots. That’s why, like our monarchy which has also changed from an autocratic one to a constitutional monarchy, has also survived.

        Old institutions are still here because they work. We overthrow them at our peril.

      • I can see we are going to have to agree to disagree here MMCM.

        Your point about Tojo I feel reinforces my point. If Tojo was able to do that then what was the use or of the Emporor? What was his purpose if he was unable to prevent just such an eventuality?

        I concede you are very much better informed on the Catholic church than me. Evidence though is that their clergy is still heavily into sexual deviancy. As for priests who are astrophysicists, I confess I cannot get my head round the idea of highly trained scientists holding belief in a sky fairy.

      • You raise some very interesting points arfurbrain.

        I think in the case of Tojo and Hirohito, the fact is that Hirohito was happy to go along with Tojo’s ideas. The Japanese monarchy was then very different to the British constitutional model. The emperor was more of a sacred figure rather than a secular ruler. He wasn’t then constitutionally bound like our monarchs, and Japan has often been ruled by strongmen (“shoguns”) who did whatever they wanted, unimpeded by the emperor. One early Japanese emperor was even destitute and had to beg on the streets for sustenance. All very different to our constitutional monarchy where the monarch has to uphold the constitutional settlement and the balance between crown and parliament.

        Sexual deviancy is a problem with some Catholic clergy. But the Church is making efforts to stamp it out. In my view it’s a risk wherever you have priests who have to make a vow of celibacy. That’s not natural and is going to run the risk of deviating sexual impulses into some strange channels.

        On astrophysics and religion it’s a question of individual attitude. There are those for whom astrophysics reinforces the idea of the universe as purely material, working itself out in accordance with defined physical laws (although those physical laws are always surprising us in the way they act and interact). But astrophysics is a peculiar science because absolute knowledge is impossible. There comes a point where we have no explanation for things and our knowledge breaks down. Why was the Universe created? What was there before it? Are there other universes? Why can we not find evidence of other life (there may be scientific answers to this one). It’s at that point, where science breaks down and philosophy and speculation creep into the scientific vocabulary, that some astronomers see room for God.

        I would not dismiss either approach out of hand. Of course we try to look for scientific explanations, but science can only take us so far in some areas.

      • As I said MMCM, we’re clearly not going to agree and I think we’ve wrung this one out, but I’ve enjoyed the discussion. You have a good day.

      • This new James Webb telescope is upsetting the applecart as regards our cosmological understanding. They have spotted galaxies as huge as the Milky Way right at the start of the universe. Seemingly fully formed. That doesn’t fit with the Big bang Theory and inflation.

      • That’s right miles. When the universe was just 5% of its present age. Completely upsets our previous understanding. WTF is going on – our model of the early Universe has been wrecked. But don’t fret – we have a catch all explanation, a tried and tested one trotted out whenever we don’t understand some peculiarity – dark matter.

    • ‘they got off very lightly’.

      Err, is that why the Met apologised after arresting them?

    • “If we had a Presidential election now I think Boris might get the job.”

      Fuck me… how out of touch with public opinion can you get?

    • The monarchy is shite. It is anachronistic and should be got rid of.
      They make no discernible difference to my life whatsoever. Did I weep when the queen died ? Did I fuck! She’s no relative of mine, they don’t give a diddly shit when some member of the public carks it. They only give a fuck for themselves and retaining their position of privilege. Fuck them all, shove it up their arse!!!

  4. Didn’t the Met apologise to this lot two days later?
    How’s about that for effective policing.
    At least the compensation lawyers will be busy for a while.

    • Yes they did, because the pritest had been organised for months and the idiot officers policing them shouldve known this but were so eagrr to use their new powers they forgot about democracy.

      • The cops did know about it in advance.
        They had liaised with the protestors and had agreed for it to go ahead.
        Until the day came and someone in the upper echelons thought the pictures going around the world might be a mite embarrassing…

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with hanging cunts like this from the nearest lamppost.

    • I agree with their sentiments but not their inevitable leftie “Just Stop Oil” “XR” connotations, the smelly commie cunts.
      But I despise the royals. The unearned wealth, the nepotism, it’s sickening.
      f I wasn’t so idle, I’d start a right-wing pro-England Rebuplican party and drive over the royals with a steamroller on the day of the President’s inauguration, leaving Princess Eugenie for last, for some reason.

      • notice how the police and the government give XR and Just Stop Oil an easy ride.
        Because they approve of their agendas.
        King jug Ears the Woke is a Net Zero fanatic, plus Net Zero is a central part government policy.
        Organisations like XR and Just Stop Oil act as the Establishment’s useful idiots.
        Even BLM are given the red carpet treatment, the Establishment being 100% in favour of diversity and multiculturalism.
        Police taking the knee, dancing with XR, and standing idly by while statues are pulled down.
        But woe betide anyone protesting against something that threatens the interests of King Jug Ears and his parasitic family and the Establishment.
        And these Republic cunts weren’t even inconveniencing the public, ffs.

      • saw a video of a motorist who got out of car and snatched their banners and made an attempt to clear the highway as it were.
        And the coppers went straight for him.

        But we’re the protestors ‘obstructing the highway’?

        If the protestors had got ‘permission’ to protest fair enough. But I am sure they don’t get police permission every time they demonstrate.

        The police are on the side of the law breakers it would seem.

      • That was at a Just Stop Oil protest.

        The Republic protestors did not obstruct the highway or cause any inconvenience to the public.
        Their only crime was embarrassing the state by holding placards reading ‘Not My King’ etc, when the whole world was watching.

    • If I were president there wouldn’t be enough lampposts in the country 😂

    • People who largely werent causing trouble, just expressing their views in a designated area agreed beforehand should be hanged.

      All this attitude will bite a lot of people on this site on the behind in a few years when we get Keir adopting the same sort of hate speech laws as Ireland are doing.

  6. All Dictators were at some time elected, usually as “President” only to become some of the worlds worst and despotic leaders.leaders. Removal of these vermin has been paid for in blood. Dictators never give up the gravy boat without a fight.

    Republicanism. ? Be careful what you wish for.

    • If King Jug-Ears and his WEF/Davos mates have their way, we’ll be to bicycles and horses and carts with them having private planed and Aston Martins to themselves.
      Royals and politicans are parallel and equal cunts.

  7. On the matter of “inherited wealth”. We all endeavour to pass on what we have worked so hard for. And when wealth befalls us. We like to keep it in our family.

      • Two slice or four?

        I went to currys yesterday and said can someone sell me a toaster.

        The bloke said Kenwood. I said where’s he then?

      • I inherited a few handy tools one of which I used on Monday to do an oil and filter change.

    • Err they didnt work for their eealth, hahaha. It’s been stolen from the peolle by French nobles.

  8. Queen Kate and hang the rest, as for republic, well fuck that unless it me who is in charge 😂

    The republic cunts were arrested but not charged, obviously the police just wanted to make sure they didn’t cause any trouble, then say oops sorry.

    Yesterday some upstanding citizen was clearing some debris from Blackfriars’s bridge so the traffic could keep moving and what happened, the police stopped him, something to do with common assault. How the fuck can you assault trash!

    So the Met are happy to see ordinary folk disrupted but not the king, common man know your fucking place!

    Ed Davey says women can have a penis and Tate Britain are replacing art with fart.

    I say keep the monarchy (Kate) but also keep all the rest of our old values.

    • To keep both sides happy and draw in some tourism money I say let’s compromise.

      The live execution of Harry and Meghan,
      Or teenybopper favourite Prince Andrew.

      It’d generate much needed revenue to build asylum seekers new 4bed houses on green belt!

    • The Police need to start doing their job. These cunts were wilfully obstructing a highway, which is illegal and plain for all to see under S137 of the Highways Act 1980. They should have ushered them off the road before tempers frayed, not waited until that time then arrest someone who tried to remedy the problem.

      These tossers give plod a bad name.

      • Let’s face it Paul, the reputation of the police in general and the Met in particular is shredded.

      • I wouldn’t lift a finger to help the police nowadays, quite the opposite.

      • There couldn’t have been more than a dozen of the cunts doing a ‘slow March’, why the fuck didn’t plod push them onto the pavement where then can March as slowly as they like.
        The German police just drag the cunts away, none of the four coppers to one twat nonsense.
        The Met made a statement about letting the police do their job and wouldn’t tolerate ‘common assault’, absolute cunts.

        The police need to realise they police by consent and Joe Public have fucking rights, the lad who was pushing the oil cunts off the road is probably the sort of lad who would step in if a copper was getting a kicking from yobs, all they are doing is alienating ordinary people in favour of a few cunts.

    • I can live without any Royals or monarchy. The Americans, French and Germans get on with it.

  9. The royals are better than us because of their parents. Apart from the ginger one of course.
    Isnt that supremacy? As championed by their German relatives?

    Drop the fuckers down a pit shaft.

  10. We should go back to pre Magna Carta daze. The monarch has absolute power, get rid of the gravy train parasites in Parliament.
    Good morning.

  11. Gentlemen, I give you a choice – the harmless but expensive Charles en familie (which he has reduced on the Civil List) or the current shambling, stinking, moronic London Mayor Suckdick Khant who currently “rules” London, who is expensive and causes a great deal of damage. What do you prefer? . How would you like THAT arsehole as President?. MR. GRIMSDALE!!!!!!!!!!

    • The $64k dollar question WC.

      Who would you replace the monarch with as head of state? How would that person be appointed? Elected? How quickly the political machines would take that process over! By some sort of commission? How would the commission be appointed, and who would be on it? Jointly by the HofC and the Lords? Fucking good luck with that one! It’s a receipe for chaos.

      I’m no monarchist, but the alternative seems even worse. Think of the likes of ‘President’ Blair, or Major, or even Khant. Actually it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • Again, a false dichotomy and strawmanning the concept of president.
      What the monarchists fail to grasp is that, whatever silly terrible current politican you can dream up, they can be voted out.
      So who’s next? President Corbyn? President Abbott? President Lammy?

      Doesnt matter who it is, they were elected.

      • It’s not just a question of the ‘concept’ of president to my way of thinking tho; there are the wider constitutional aspects to be considered as well.

        Eg, how would it affect/upset the current ‘balance of powers’ arrangements between the Commons and Lords, the monarchy (notional ‘head’ of the executive? and the judiciary? Who would actually decide how the ‘president’ would come into office? The assumption seems to be that the ‘president’ would be elected. Why? The established party machines would soon inevitably hijack the procedure, killing the idea of a ‘formal’, apolitical head of state. Do we really want that, with all its potential for Biden/Trump style divisiveness? Politics in Britain is already divisive enough as it is.

        Perhaps some would argue that the ‘president’ should be appointed, a figurehead to represent the nation, but who by, a commission? Who appoints the commission? Imagine the wrangles about the political, ethnic, gender religious (or non) makeup of such a body. In any case, whoever ‘they’ appoint will inevitably be a ‘Marmite’ figure; ‘President’ Blair, or Welby…

        Etc etc. Imo there’s a LOT more to it than just saying ‘they were elected’.

  12. Happy Empire day cunters. Athough I felt less satisfaction today at being nasty to gimmiegrants that refuse to integrate or even observe basic public niceties as this is the first since dear Madge Bess is gone. I’ll make myself better tomorrow when I put bacon bits in the coffee machine.
    God save the King.
    Presem Yasur!

  13. People are free to protest of course, but not at the expense of wantonly and persistently causing disruption and affecting the public going about their business. If they do that, the police should act. They were quick enough to do so at the coronation.

    Having said that, it seems to me that ‘protesting’ is becoming a bit of a hobby for some people these days, and I reckon that for the likes of XR and Just Stop Oil, it’s actually counter-productive. They succeed in uniting people alright; the public unites against them. It can only be a matter of time before some ‘slow march’ cunts get a right kicking off somebody.

    Morning all.

    • The activities of Just Stop Oil etc have nuddied the judgement of a lot of people on here, who now desire to see heads knocked when a pre-arranged protest is held in a designated area.

      Well, the overreactions of the Met are all part of the slippery slope against our freedom to express ourselves and the freedom of conscience, including being ists and phobes on the internet, so keep cheering for Christmas, day yer turkeys.

  14. Dont agree with this cunting at all i’m afraid.

    If you look into the what happened the organisers had organised this protest with the Met months in advance, they were largely peaceful, yet the Met’s brightest bulbs saw it as an opportunity to put new powers to the test and make arrests.
    Yes there were a couple of idiots who tried scaring the horses, but were they with Republic? I’m not sure.
    This is just more overreach by tin hitlers of the increasingly demented and polticised police ‘service’ in Britain.
    The fact that the Met issued apologies to those arrested shows they were in the wrong.

  15. Anybody seen the video of the Just stop Oil bellend standing in the middle of the road who then gets his foot run over by a fucked off Jaguar driver? I think I’ve watched it more times than Sharon Stone flashing her growler in Basic Instinct.

  16. My opinion is to scrap them all.No Monarchy needed.Drop the lot onto Mars.

  17. Those who were arrested for handing out alarms could have caused serious distress to Prince Andrew, as well as to the many Met officers present.

  18. Did the Met use the wrong shade of nail varnish and lippy on the detainees? How sad, never mind.
    I hear a raucous “Fuck off!!” from Edinburgh.

  19. Oh not the latest band wagon to jump on imagine these bunch of degenerates building a den let alone the cutty Sark.

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