The cost of living crisis is worse for Lesbians

And it is a cunt for them, apparently.

Whoda thought it?

”One in five lesbians live ‘paycheque-to-paycheque’ amid cost-of-living crisis”

”Fear around having enough money to put food on the table is being especially felt by queer women on lower incomes, with 18% saying they live ‘paycheque-to-paycheque.”

It seems that struggling with the cost of living is much, much harder for lesbians.
So when you struggle with your bills, cheer up, it could be worse. You could be a lesbian.

However, reading the attached I can see no reason whatsoever that being butchish affects prospects any differently than the rest of womanhood.

Still, victims rule, ok.

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69 thoughts on “The cost of living crisis is worse for Lesbians

  1. I live pay cheque to pay cheque. This is because the fat greedy wankers put so many levels of shit in the way to take what is rightfully yours. I ain’t worried about some fucking lezzers who blew the budget on jelly and buttplugs.

    • I don’t get a paycheck.
      If I’ve no work?
      I have to sell my arse outside Granada studios.

  2. The phrase that has got me in bovver many times is-

  3. i haven’t read a Metro article in years, maybe 10. Concluded a long time ago that it was a pile of shite.

    The Metro will probably go bankrupt soon enough. Here’s hoping xxx.

    • Same.
      Easily over ten years since I looked at a Metro.

      Only get them on buses.
      Or trains.

  4. Just shut the fuck up and get on Onlyfans. Lezzing it up with another bird; licking out pussies and assholes will certainly pay the bills.

  5. Well maybe if these Lebanese (intended) individuals invested in themselves more and developed their own skills and attributes as opposed to being a ‘lesbian’. They would be able to have a higher earning capacity.

    Ask yourself what you want to be remembered for?

    A leader, an investor, an engineer, a designer, a hard worker, a mechanic, someone who can build something with their bare hands, someone who can build a company from nothing.

    Or. A lesbian.

    If you let your sexual identity define you and your life: why should you be suprised that your lack of ambition for money or material posessions means you struggle month to month.

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