The cost of living crisis is worse for Lesbians

And it is a cunt for them, apparently.

Whoda thought it?

”One in five lesbians live ‘paycheque-to-paycheque’ amid cost-of-living crisis”

”Fear around having enough money to put food on the table is being especially felt by queer women on lower incomes, with 18% saying they live ‘paycheque-to-paycheque.”

It seems that struggling with the cost of living is much, much harder for lesbians.
So when you struggle with your bills, cheer up, it could be worse. You could be a lesbian.

However, reading the attached I can see no reason whatsoever that being butchish affects prospects any differently than the rest of womanhood.

Still, victims rule, ok.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble.

69 thoughts on “The cost of living crisis is worse for Lesbians

  1. I’d never considered that the reason I’m skint is because I’m a lesbian. I see it all so clearly now.

  2. Surely it must be worse for black lezzas and Peaceful rug munchers but they don’t mention that I notice.

  3. With all those lamb chops to munch on, how can any lezzer go hungry.

    Especially Flabbot, those flaps could feed the five thousand.

  4. Poor old lesbians ☹️
    Beaten up by trannies
    Dropping down the victim ranks,
    Can barely afford a fish taco .

    Having to cut each others mullets theyre that skint.
    And men’s clothes can be expensive.

    Where’s Bob Geldof when you need him?
    How about popstars raising some money ?
    Fishsupper Aid?

    Where’s Mel and Sue?
    Upto their knuckles in love.

  5. ‘gayblacks most affected’

    more narcissism, more special pleading.

  6. Never heard of ‘lesbophobia’ before.

    A travesty!

    I love lesbians too. Except the ones that look like Jo Brand, obviously.

    • You heartless bounder. They can barely afford their blue dye and head piercings. They have to resort to Lidl reduced price aubergines and sticking Pepsi bits through their cheeks.

      We should arrange a BBC charity for them: Doughnut Relief

  7. I’m not surprised.They are usually big slubberguts.

    Most lezbo wimminz have a 50″ bust and a 60″ arse.

    I am just surprised the spouse isn’t one. I wish she was then some butch tart could pay for her chocolate bars.

    • Is that your musings for the next W.C. Productions offering, W.C. ?
      We all know where the chocolate bars will go

  8. No wonder. They should go out and get a job instead of laying in bed rubbing their minges together all day.

  9. Well I self-identify as a transgendered, tetraplegic, pansexual, ladyboy dalek of colour. Those of us in the TTPLDC+ community stand with our lesbian comrades in the struggle against this fascist Tory government.
    See you on the next Pride march, sisters.

    • Are you getting confused with the gay robots in Star Wars® — IM-1 & RU-1-2 ?

      • No Sam, that was yesterday.
        And tomorrow I’m a non-binary, pansexual, differently-abled bottle of tomato ketchup. Of colour, naturally. Never forget the ‘of colour’.
        What about you?

  10. Note, it’s all about their feelings.
    Precious few facts involved.
    Conclusion: a non story.

  11. I’m a poof. What cost of living crisis? I’m caked up at the moment!

  12. Like the gender pay gap for women, the LGBTQ pay gap is down to life and career choices. You can’t force someone into STEM subjects to make up some quota.

    Maybe the lezzas should be regretting their degrees in dance theory and time spent crying about the patriarchy at university rather than getting qualifications for better paid jobs?

  13. They should remake Boys from the Black stuff with a lesbian slant.

    Lezzer Hughes😆

    Aaaaww hey like Chrissy la,
    I can’t afford mints to stop me breathe stinking of fish.
    How am I gonna get a job when I stink of fish like eh?
    Eh? Eh?.tell me dat soft lad?
    Dis is dat Thatcher’s fault like.
    It’s all dead gritty kitchen sink round here
    Me dad was a docker
    Me mam a diddy man.
    Ken Dodd laid her off.
    Now we’re all on der dole like.

    Gizza job in Equality and diversity.

  14. I’m a senior citizen. I’m male. I’m white. I’m hetrosexual.

    I suffer from Multiple Victimhood Syndrome, and I’m suffering.

    Can anybody advise if I’m eligible for any benefits?

    • How about perverts capacity benefits top up Ron?

      Your a bit saucy, a bit of a knicker sniffer?

      Try that!
      Extra £120 a week
      A copy of Razzle and a cup of bromide.

      You have to buy your own flashers Mack but it’s tax deductible.

    • How about preverts capacity benefits top up Ron?

      Your a bit saucy, a bit of a knicker sniffer?

      Try that!
      Extra £120 a week
      A copy of Razzle and a cup of bromide.

      You have to buy your own flashers Mack but it’s tax deductible.

    • Benefits? Be fucking thankful you ain’t black. Think of all the racism you’d have to put up with. Apparently.

    • I like your thinking lads.

      Think I’ll put in a claim for DLA (or whatever it’s called these days) on the basis that I’m a panty sniffer who identifies as black, and am therefore disabled by being a victim.

      There’s got to be some cash in it.

    • Pale, male and stale?

      if you voted brexit that adds up to a hate crime.

    • Identify as a “Minor Attracted Person” (aka N 0nce).
      Evidently they are the up and coming “victims” / protected species of the future.

  15. Surely common sense and logic dictates that everyone on a lower income is suffering too. Just because one favours a more “interesting life style” does not automatically mean they are worse off. This shit is beyond belief, must be much much worse if your of the transbender genre. Fuck me is it worth carrying on?

  16. What I get from this nomination is:

    – Lesbians have higher food bills due to all the bananas, carrots, cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines, butternut squashes, marrows, bratwursts and salamis which go in the bin uneaten.

    – Which in turn leads to huge pest-control bills caused by rats being attracted to the unmistakable smell of kippers.

    • The regular drubbings they administer to each other in domestic squabbles leads to more days off work as well. Compared to straight couples and gay men, the rates of violence amonst bi and lesbian women are terrible.

      • I live next door to a lesbian couple and they never have loud domestic arguments.

        The one with the crew cut, the baggy jeans and the trainers goes out to work and the one with the nice tits and the pretty face stays home and looks after the house/garden/dog… It sounds so familiar.

  17. I’m not surprised they’re struggling, have you seen the price of Doc Martens?

    • To which one can add the price of dungarees and a weekly number 1 haircut.

  18. You too would be a little light in your employment endeavours if you had the choice of flicking a bean, eating a haddock mornay and slurping on a slippery pair of nipples all day.

  19. I recently caught a minute of some tarts’ ‘football’ match. It was Everton Rugmunchers Vs some other fish lovers.

    The camera panned into the ‘crowd’ and they had some horrific fat, butch tart with a fuck off drum. Banging it out of rhythm. She had a t shirt that said ‘I am the 12th woman.’ Mullet, big tattooed arms. You know the look. Some speccy, skinny soy boy near her.

    Fuck me though, she was more butch than the bloke driving the truck in those 1970s Yorkie bar adverts. Made Jo Brand look like a prime Kylie Minogue.

    She didn’t look like she was starving to me though.

    Sky and the BBC (and our fucking schools) keep trying to get little girls to go to the women’s footy.

    Well, it seems to me a large proportion of the small crowds are butch lezzas. Certainly, most of the ‘players’ are.

    If you’re ok sending your lass there, don’t be surprised if she comes home with a mullet and asks for a pair of dungarees is all I can say.

  20. Are we selling goods and services based on your gender and sexual preference now?

    Fucking good idea.

    Gay men: As they use public recreation area and conveniences as sex playgrounds they should pay extra council tax.

    Lesbians: an extra penny on the pound tax on everything they earn or spend. Then they could bitch about something real for a change.

    Bi: a grand a year additional national insurance, twice as much chance of spreading STD’s should come at a cost.

    Non binary: a special tax on these cunts. They need to pay for the additional teaching required because they keep inventing new pronouns.

    Transgenders: no monetary sanction on these cunts, they should all be on trial for attempted fraud.

  21. The lesbians seem to be in a pretty good place then.

    I recently read that due to the high cost of living, 40% of families who have a joint income over £100k are also living paycheque to paycheque

    But nobody gives a fuck about them because they’re normal, pay taxes and essentially fund all of the Gaylord’s, tuppence lappers and I haven’t got a fucking clue who I am this morning’s special fucking requirements.

    • You’re correct about from the gays. Gay men earn more than straights going on average salary. the gays are geared toward entertainment and professions that allow them to live decadently.
      It’s about ten grand a year more than straight men.

    • £100k, and struggling paycheck to paycheck?

      Fuck me, my heart bleeds, not.

      Cancel Jocastas violin lessons, and Tarquins Italian lessons. Take them out of private school and into a local primary, you’re hardly going to be living on a sink estate, are you?

      • London is one massive sink estate where a two bed flat in a disused warehouse will set you back a million quid.

        Cheaper dwellings can be found on the outskirts, but the walk home from the station at night has a less than impressive 66% survival rate.

  22. They really need to make their minds up.

    Are they proud or are they victims?

    They can’t have it both ways.

    It’s so confusing.

    • Depends on the situation.
      At pride they’re proud.
      When moneys at stake, victim.

  23. Would anyone like to buy a Rolf Harris Paedophone®? It has a lovely tone when caressed with the attached `stylus`.

  24. I’ve never met one of those man hating lezzer types.

    I’ve met loads and they all seemed ok with blokes,
    If anything like they was a bloke.

    But they ruin good stuff for people like me.

    Mullet haircuts
    Doc martens

    I’d love to wear some dungarees,
    Oliver Hardy chic👍

    Hey presto, no builders bum.

    But now?
    People would just assume I’m a lezzy far down the road on hormone treatment.

    It’s cultural appropriation.

    And the reason I shaved my mullet off.

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