Maha Vajiralongkorn, King of Thailand

Thailand’s King Vajiralongkorn – his name means “adorned with jewels or thunderbolts” – is a cunt of galactic proportions and a truly frightening person. He even puts Caligula to shame.

From a young age there were rumours of gambling, womanising, and associating with illegal businesses which plagued the then prince’s reputation. A few years ago he was photographed in a bizarre crop top displaying tattoos in Germany. When a photo of the king was posted on Facebook he threatened to sue the company, saying the images were insulting. Since then the King has largely ruled Thailand from a luxury resort in Germany where he has a harem of 20 mistresses.

The king himself had five children with a now-dismissed mistress while he was still married to his second wife (that mistress and four of the five children have since been disowned and are now living in the United States). Many former wives end up persona non grata, fearing for their lives, with their families imprisoned.

The king is also a keen cyclist, the mating call of cunts world-wide. He recently shut the streets of Bangkok for a 24-mile (39km) cycling event where he could be seen riding in yellow spandex.

Vajiralongkorn also named his pet poodle Foo Foo an air chief marshal. Air Chief Marshall Foo Foo would accompany the king to formal events dressed in full miniature uniform. When Foo Foo died in 2016, he was given a four-day funeral with full Buddhist rites. The poodle first came to the attention of the general public when a video was released showing him eating cake from the hand of Vajiralongkorn’s third wife while she cavorted in a G-string at the dog’s lavish birthday party. At a 2009 gala dinner in honour of Vajiralongkorn, Air Chief Marshall Foo Foo was kitted out head to paw in black-tie dress and jumped onto tables to lapp from guests’ water glasses.

The king’s extravagance is no less remarkable than his private life. A monarchy that was impoverished in the postwar period has increased its wealth to between $40 billion and $60 billion.The King has taken control of the Crown Property Bureau, previously administered on behalf of the nation like the UK’s, into his personal control. He has also taken two regiments of the Thai army into his personal control, giving him his own private army he can set up against Thailands notoriously coup-happy generals if he has to.

Even more ominously, death squads have targeted anti-monarchist refugees outside of the country. Three of them were abducted and killed in Laos, their bodies eventually floating to the surface of the Mekong River. They were not the first to meet this fate. A few years earlier, two members of the opposition also vanished. One has never been seen again; the other turned up dead.

Vajiralongkorn has several palaces in and around Bangkok. One of these palaces was where he spent time with his third wife, a former nightclub hostess who he secretly married in 2001.The palace is now mainly used as a prison and military punishment camp – a place where Vajiralongkorn can incarcerate and punish anyone who displeases him with impunity and without any oversight at all. It also boasts a crematorium. The place is described by some of those who have been imprisoned there as “hell on earth”. Instructors at the prison film the daily punishments of the inmates. The footage is routinely sent to Vajiralongkorn, who apparently enjoys watching video of soldiers being beaten and abused.

Vajiralongkorn is an insecure bully, but now he is king of Thailand, with the power to torment others with impunity. Thailand is a nation living in fear.

So for you republicans moaning about King Charles, count yourselves lucky. If you criticise the king in Thailand you get 12 years in jail. Or worse.

Maha Vajiralongkorn is an evil cunt. He also looks like Frankenstein on a bad day.

God save the king – Charles III that is, not Vajiralongkorn.

Daily Mirror

Nominated by MMCM.

48 thoughts on “Maha Vajiralongkorn, King of Thailand

  1. Good job he doesn’t have pet butterflies, otherwise nothing would get done.

  2. Sounds very much like he’d soon sort out “just stop oil” etc

    Probably by brutally torturing and murdering them.

    • That’s exactly why these cunts don’t protest in places where the majority of “pollution” is coming from – rather than the tax payer picking up the cost of the UK police giving them tea and biscuits we ought to fly them out to third world shit holes like this to “spread the good word” (by executive jet of course, like all good virtue signallers use, it wouldn’t be that expensive one way surely😁).

  3. Good cunting.

    It goes to show that successional monarchy doesn’t work.

    The people have no choice in who they get and once they get a monarch they are stuck with the cunt until he dies.

    The Thai King seems like a nasty bastard.

    King Charles is a useless cretin.

    Two extremes.

  4. Talking about Monarchy, this poor old dear has just died.

    Now, going to back to that US slag Sacoooooolas who claimed she was not a spook when she was and killed Dunn having driven on the wrong side of the road I would like to believe in our justice system and bring this royal whore Sophie Holland bang to rights.


      • She was complicit – that’s good enough for me. If the tart wasn’t driving to some engagement it wouldn’t have happened.

        Sophie needs to dig deep and pay the family off.

  5. This bloke must be in a competition with Kim Jong Un to see who can be the biggest cunt.
    It’s not called the mysterious east for nothing.

    • Clearly that’s the main problem with him. Bet he posts videos of people pulling out in front of him. Then the execution.

      • Sod the execution, bet he’ll have a more up to date version of this beastie for those moments where
        a. Only instant justice will do, and
        b. It’s good to be the king

    • Damn right Sammy! Riding a bike is sufficient justification for his immediate execution.

  6. I digress. The rainbow sandwich brigade have asked United fans (by reminding them too) not to chant iron(y) slurs when Elsie comes calling tomorrow night.

  7. Thai people scare me. Too much vice and sex trade to be going on in their country for it to be normal. And they look terrifying when they – like all Chong Types – get a sweat on. Savage.

    Food’s akin to beef water, too. Disgusting.

    Afternoon, all.

    • I’ll probably order a Thai bride if Mrs Gravy snuffs it before me. Plenty of gardening to be done, bathroom could do with re-grouting, guttering needs cleaning out and there would be some tea on the table dead on 7pm every night when I get home from my after work session in the pub

    • Who cooks cows’ vaginas? It was on here a few months back. Am sure it was some slitty-eyeds. Makes a change from dog, I s’pose…

  8. Put him in charge over here he would soon sort this shitehole of a country out whilst fucking pussie

  9. Seems ok?
    Apart from the cycling stuff.

    Got all the right qualities for a king.


    His dog Foo Foo is a homosexual though.

    • Indeed Mis.

      Wealthy beyond imagination.
      Own private army.
      Hot and cold pussy on tap.
      Clearly off his fucking tits.
      Ex shagpieces have to move to another country.
      Likes dogs.

      Let’s face it, none of us would knock the chance of being him.

      • He’s the king we wanted but never got Odin☹️

        You won’t find him chatting to bushes!

        He’d shag it then wipe his winky on the leaves.

  10. Hey Maha, are you king of the country of Thailand?


  11. I’ve got family in BKok and go quite a lot. It’s strange how their king can do no wrong, they worship the cunt and are petrified to speak out.
    This nom pretty much nails it as he is an evil bastard.
    I found a banknote a couple of years back and it depicted the king in a cartoon manner. Not particularly offensive but the locals ran away when I showed it to them.*

    * the banknote

    • He is an evil cunt. Most Thais worshipped his father, Bummipole, and although he was not evil he was no saint either.

  12. Vajiralongkorn recently had a tiff with his sister, who is widely respected. Inside reports say he flew into a rage, knocked her down with his dogs and broke both her ankles by either stamping on them or breaking them with a cane. Charming fellow.

    • I’d never heard of him till your nom MCMM.

      He’s certainly a colourful character.

      Do the Thai’s like him?
      That’s not me being flippant,
      Genuine question.

      Sometimes people love tyrants,
      He’s OUR tyrant.
      Take pride in a homegrown monster.

      • They hate the fucker MNC. But they are cowed into submission and can’t say anything openly. It’s forbidden to criticise the king in Thailand are there are quite a few languishing in Thailands hot, rat infested jails for lesse majeste. If that cunt that that threw an egg at King Charles had done the same in Thailand, he would never have seen the light of day again.

      • Never fails to surprise me when western scrotes get caught smuggling hard drugs in places like Thailand,
        Then act stunned when facing life in Thai prison?!!

        Dysentry, scabies, malaria, and random beatings.
        Well played!

      • The Damage Done by Warren Fellows should be required reading for anyone thinking of smuggling drugs in Thailand.

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