Cunt of the Year 2015


As the end of the year approaches, it’s your chance to say who you think is the biggest cunt of the year, the cuntissimo of cuntissimos, the mega twat of twats, the labia of labias, the … well, you get the picture!

Leave your vote in the comments below and if we can be arsed we’ll add them up at the end and select a lucky winner to receive the grand prize of a free bar of COTY soap (plus £19.99 p&p) .

Last year's winners presentation...

Last year’s winners presentation…

92 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year 2015

    • Well, it didn’t take long to get that ball rolling did it? 😉

      For those of you interested, here’s the results for the last two times I ran this :
      CotY 2013
      CotY 2010

      Interestingly Dianne Abbott was runner up to Gordon Brown in the political category as far back as 2010… and the cunt is still around today!

    • I nominate Chris Spivey too (and his whole sad crew):

      Jingle bells, Dogturd smells
      Spivey’s had his day;
      Wolfie died of rabies
      and Raine Raine’s gone away.
      Dublin Mick choked on sick
      he was worthless anyway;
      Curious Girl herself did hurl
      in front of a high speed train.

      Lisa Pea fell out of a tree
      while F.U.C.K.I.N.G;
      Piggins, he got Camarooned
      up Darren’s Caverty; (Oooaarrr!)
      Fuck the State ain’t been seen of late
      with a serial killer he had a date;
      And as for Slaphead Spivey
      well he’s just history.

      Merry Christmas Everyone!

    • There was an old man of Dundee
      Who molested an ape in a tree
      The result was most horrid
      All arse and no forehead
      Three balls and a purple goatee

      and they called him… IDS. I wonder if he’s got an extra nipple? Cunt of cunts, Alleluia, Alleluia!.

  1. Can’t we be a little more inventive? If spivey is voted coty he would probably claim it’s because he’s so ‘leftfield’ with his nonsense and wear it as a badge of honor! He should just be regarded as a mediocre talentless cunt who screams for attention with every look at me word he writes, which is basically what he is.

    I said this in another post peoples ‘outrage’ makes a fail troll a successful troll, I don’t like bandying around the word troll as the hard of thinking use it far too quickly simply because they don’t like what someone posts, but in spivey’s case it is probably quite apt.

    There must be far better or worse as it goes cunts out there that are more worthy of such an accolade that wouldn’t like the fact they won it!

    Bahhhhhhhhhhhhh suit your fucking selves!

    • Fair point, pagliacci… Spivey would almost certainly revel in his notoriety… There would have been a hysterical outcry for Walter Palmer too, had this been six months ago… I think Diane Abbott is a twat… I also think Wayne Rooney is a monumental cunt, but the biggest cunt of the year? It is a tough one….

      • Spivey’s not a troll though, he’s a conspiracy theorist – he actually believes what he writes, he doesn’t do it to create outrage. The cunt is just mentally ill.

        Come on cunters, it HAS to be Spivey!

        • shshhhhhhhhhhhhh yes he is, and he would fucking hate it! Imagine the shame in having the prestigious conspiracy theory tag removed and just labeled as what he is, a two bob attention seeking troll cunt 😉 Probably better to give him a troll of the year award….

          • Shurely that award goes to Bane / Patroller / Dave for the inestimably quality and wit of ‘Disabled Toilet’
            Especially as he has to be a total cunt to not have figured out by now that he’s still getting trashed by the spam filter every time he tries. He still tries.

            Total cunt and defo troll of the year for sheer stupidity aloneQ

    • Bout time we agreed on something mate 🙂

      Anyone one else than the troll spivey in my book, probably should be a politician but in that case a collective coty award for all of the cunts as they’re all the same person really.

  2. I’ll still stick with Diane Abbott….

    Other hopefuls:
    Nicola ‘Wee Burney’ Sturgeon
    Jihadi John (Hopefully dead!)
    Wayne Rooney
    Jihadi Jez Corbyn

  3. With a month to go the standard of cuntiness has been exceptionally high this year. I’m nominating Russell Brand, and by association every single woman who has looked at this scrawny junkie sack of shit and thought “hmmm, I’d love to suck his stinking chopper.” I forget what he’s actually meant to do for a living, maybe in his passport it says “Occupation – full time cunt”?.

  4. I nominate Jeremy Corbyn first and meself as second, I still can’t forgive him for that cleveland steamer he subjected me to in East Germany back in the 70’s – the Cunt

    • Agreed. For sheer Teutonic stupidity in inviting the dregs of humanity to continue in Europe what they started in whichever shithole they crawled from.

    • Oh yes Frau has to win for sheer stupidity. Germany Welcomes all refugees till the fat frau realise that Germany actually doesn’t, closes the borders and leaves the poor eastern european states to deal will the shit, what an uber cunt

  5. Corbyn is a king sized cunt, it has to be said… If Corbyn was prime minister during the Second World War, we’d all be speaking German now…

  6. i have a solution. lets all agree Spivey is a massive cunt with his fucking idiotic ramblings ( how about a most idiotic spivey investigation of the year? i nominate his demented bizarre nonsense about the Alton Towers accident). yes lets agree he is a cunt but lets also agree he is totally irrelevant and only of interest to his merry band of followers. when the winner is announced just add a little footnote saying if Spivey actually mattered he would have won hands down.

    • Pretty well put so fucking suits me, he is indeed a cunt, we all know he’s a cunt, but not worthy of an award, not even that one!

  7. I almost called him also as he is a prize cunt, and death by drone evaporation is a method alot of the other nominees truly deserve. I chose Frau Merkel however mainly as she is going to be responsible not for a whole lot more, but for all of them to be in our front garden the cunt.

  8. Given that it’s Cunt of the Year, maybe we should consider what the candidates (cuntidates?) have offered in the way of cuntitude throughout the entire year?

    I reiterate all the stuff that Spivey has dismissed as hoaxes throughout this year, each theory more ludicrous than the last, but concede that flattering his ego is perhaps counter-productive. Maybe the Admins could create a second category? “Mummy’s Little Gay Boy Of The Year” could be awarded to Spivey perhaps…?

    Corbyn and Abbot have only really come into the spotlight in a major way since the Labour Leadershit fiasco – have either of them really displayed enough cuntitude throughout the entire year to merit the title? Weren’t they both crawling around in richly deserved obscurity prior to September?

    Iain Duncan Smith, the Heinrich Himmler of the Conservative Party and certainly the architect of their final solution for the so-called ‘Benefits Culture’ (never mind about the genuinely vulnerable who become collateral damage), is certainly the gift that keeps on giving in terms of cuntitude.

    What about Bono? The sanctimonious, tax-dodging cunt never tires of preaching about world politics at every opportunity.

    Sue Perkins? The smug, unfunny cunt has become completely ubiquitous this year, it seems like no TV or radio is complete without her simian features and Morrissey quiff.

    • I would like to rule Corbyn out of the race, if I may (I hope) for4

      He has his principles, and he sticks with them, regardless of whether they are popular. He is not chasing votes

      He is beginning to polarise politics by offering a genuine alternative to conservative values, unlike new labour who were plastic socialists, and mainly copied tories

      He will ensure that Labour will not get elected again for the foreseeable future, and that is a good thing given their track record ( see credit crisis, Iraq war, 3 day week, general strike)

    • Yes, yes I go with Fred West! Oh so true one has to work hard for this nomination; at least a whole year, only fair as we are talking COTY. IDS of course, he has shown masterful cuntitude throughout the year as many recievers of benefits have topped themselves as they realise that being mentally ill and physically disabled no longer qualifies them for for DLA replacement PIP or FUCKOFFYOUSCROUNGINGWASTER as we in the know call said benefit. Bonio always has been a total cunt and should win somekind of life award for being a perpetual cunt. Sue Perkins “come in you tennis coach” time is up. Accept the fact that you have been a cunt and fuck of on a long holiday to Nepal or Syria. Why does Bonio not go to Syria?

  9. I have mulled it over and I would like islam to be cunt of the year! A religion inherently based on hypocrisy, sexism and violence and followed by cunts so filled with shallow pride they are unable to admit the prophet who got the messenger job was a child fucker. The religion of peace used to blow up others into pieces in a put up with us or else threat topped off with criticise islam, muslims, prophet pedo or allah and we’llllllllllll keelllllllllllllllllllllllll youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    OI islam, leave your backward religious nonsense back in the middle ages where it belongs you cunts and walk out of the shit puddle you are neck deep in into the 21st century!

  10. Jose Mourinho has been a top class cunt this year…. That Lion killing shitkicker, Walter Palmer, is another one… Then there’s Simon Cowell and Jonathan King (the nonce cunt), and I know New Year’s Eve will be too late but when the latest Hootenanny has aired, loads of people will be thinking, ‘Jools Holland… What a cunt!’

  11. I would like to nominate gigacunt robert peston. I know there are sacks of shit more deserving, but I would gleefully serve a couple of days in prison for running this cunt down with a road roller.

    • Another champagne socialist at the BBC on the back of a bit of nepotism from the old man with a peerage.

      This guy has spent the last 8 years avoiding any debate about what Brown did when he ran the finances, using the fingers in ears ‘la la la la la’ approach to journalism.

      What a cunt indeed.

  12. Tony Blair, the biggest cunt in modern history. (Excluding dead cunts like Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Bin Laden, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Saville etc).

  13. I nominate ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI, alleged head of islamic criminals, I was going to cunt puttin but his inovative use of white phosphorus has put him in my good books.

  14. Seeing as all my favourite choices have already been taken, I am going to have to go with Bahar Mustafa.

    An absolutely shining example of a left wing fuckwit of a cunt that other cunts just can’t come close to.

    Mainly because they’re all too binary (whatever the fuck that means)

        • Been there before in the daylight! This time we’re doing Hurtigruten Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen in the arctic night. Hopefully we should see the northern lights.

          Last time smallish boat (300) this time big boat MS Midnatsol – but in a very big cabin! Mrs D has a significant birthday…

          • Enjoy sir.

            I write from Copenhagen, where Mrs Balls is currently trying to bankrupt me in the local shops.

  15. I nominate George Osborne.
    He’s been high-profile cunt for the previous 5 years, he’s been a cunt this year and will be a cunt for the next 5 years. The cunt seems to be teflon-coated, either that or he has regular daisy-chaining sessions with Murdoch, Dacre, the Barclays et al since he’s never slagged off in the MSM despite missing his targets for sorting out the economy. And then he finds £27 billion down the back of the sofa. This cunt is dangerous and will fuck up millions of lives.

  16. Its got to be Sepp Blatter and those other cunts from Fifa who have been cunts for over 20 years now. Also as an outsider that massive cunt Lenny Henry who got a knighthood for sleeping in cheap hotels and feeling sorry for those african cunts. what a cunt

  17. Also my ex work colleague Daniel Lewis who has got to be the worlds biggest cunt and beleive me if you knew him you would agree

  18. I’ve got to go with Spivey for cunt of the year. The blokes obviously a lunatic but after the distress he caused to Lee Rigby’s family he deserves cunt of the year for that alone.

  19. I would like to nominate The Daily Mail for cunt of the year being the UK pimps for those media whores The Kardashicunts

  20. Unlike yours truly to venture upon the football field but I surprise myself by nominating Sepp Blatter COTY 2015. The hubris orf the little cunt is colossal backed up by corruption on a scale to rival the Mafia – although the Mafia is more honest. All this on a world wide scale involving an interlaced map orf bungs, back handers and buggery. Every new detail as it emerges – fake football pitches, fraudulent football rights, the Doctor Strangelove emporium that is FIFA Headquarters in Zurich only elevates the little cunt’s status higher. Plus his hand picked cohort orf corruption – Warner, Platini, Blazer…..
    He vants to control ze vorld. So cunt him. At least this vote will be honest……or will it?

    • Incidentally Spivey is tempting but would we want to give the irrelevant low life an award for anything let alone the acknowledgement and prestige of COTY?

      • Blatter is a very good choice… But hopefully the rotten cunt will be dead before he gets a chance at the award…

        Platini is also a foul, frog faced cunt…

        • Yes, Blatter is more than past his expiry date. A right Fucking Cunt, if ever there was one. Deserves to die by drowning in a salvo of his own fulminating diarrhoea…

    • I can only surmise that Blatter laid kids on for his acolytes to fuck in order to build his powerbase and ensure their silence.

  21. wouldnt it be nice now we know what actually happened in the Glasgow bin accident if Spivey had the balls to apologise for the offensive bilge that appeared on his site concerning that terrible inciident. frankly i dont know why he hasn;t been sued by the relatives of those who died and by those who were horribly injured. it has to be because they’ve never heard of him.

  22. I nominate;

    Tyson Fury (bible-bashing-shite-talking-lumux-fighting-pikie-cunt)
    Ronnie Pickering
    Russell Brand
    Chris Moyles
    Diane Abbot
    Noel Gallagher

  23. Has to be Bono for me, as pointed out for his ‘grief jacking’ of the Paris shootings and his most ignorant of comments on ‘praying for the terrorists and their families’. Cunt …..
    A close run second would be Nicola ‘wee burney’ Sturgeon, for her insistence on claiming ‘Scotland’ wants to stay in the European Union whatever, I’d wait and see the outcome of the peoples vote on that one, and her willingness to welcome migrants with open arms. Have a look at how it’s backfiring on Angie Merkel and she’ll be out on her arse come the next German elections.

  24. I would nominate your cunting website as I have been trying to cunting well see how I cunting well join and I cant cunting well fathom it out. Ergo you are the biggest cunting cunts from cuntsville I have ever met – or not as the case may be. Mind you, I am as thick as that fat cunt Bernard mannings shit on boxing day so I may well have missed how easy it is to register for your cunting website blog cunty cunt but I cunting doubt it.

  25. i would like to nominate the Paris climate change talks. what a load of cobbers. to see them arguing about fractions of a degree and how much they want to control global warmiing is fucking hilarious. there is no proof of man made global warming . all the so called ‘evidence’ is computer modelling and 95% of those models have over-estimated global warming. the climate had not warmed at all in the last 16 years. the planet will do what it wants to do it always has done. co2 makes of 0.4% of the atmosphere and our contribution to that is tiny.
    another myth is that 95% of scientists agree about MMGW. no 95% of the scientists attached to the International Panel on Climate Change agree but they have a vested interest, there are thousands of scientists who are sceptical about our part in global warming. they just dont get any air time. its all bollocks.

  26. A fiercely fought completion for this prestigious award, with strong efforts from the arts, politics and the media

    Any one of Bono, Abbot, Corbyn, Ratcliffe normally would have been worthy winners, but I wish to nominate the uber Kunt, Angela Merkal, self appointed Reich protector of the European Union.

    Now, being a dumpy , sour faced old krout who has turned the EU into a simpering province of the Reich, is probably is not enough for the title on it’s own, but deep within Krout DNA there is a desire to fuck Europe up every 50 or so, they simply cant help themselves.

    So what did Mekel do ? She lowered the drawbridge and invited any economic migrant who wanted to come into the EU, let them loose into Europe, then decided to close the German boarders.

    Suppose it gave the Germans reasons to get the barb wire out and reboot the concentration camps.

  27. There should be a special new category created like all those cunt award ceremonies, Russell Brand and Tony Blair should be nominated for life time Cunt awards.

    Chris Spivey is a weapons grade cunt, I would nominate him provided it does not massage his ego and encourage the cunt further.

  28. Lest we forget… that fucktard teracunt Justin Bieber. He’s been doing more of his self-aggrandising graffiti. FFS, lawks-a-lordy &c. Surely,three strikes and you’re out (I know he’s officially Canadian, but seems to live in the USA), and they’ve got some “cruel and unusual methods”, I understand… May the Lord have mercy upon his soul for being such a complete and utter arsewipe, yee-ha!!

  29. Sepp Blatter.

    Jeremy Corbyn, or rather Corbynistas. If all it takes is a basically apolitical man who doesn’t appear to own any ties to rile up the country’s political imagination, we are utterly cunted. Ruined any hope of a decent opposition.

    George Osborne is at least a reliable cunt and impressively economic with the truth. Our best chancellor yet.

    Also Prince Charles for being a pussy.

  30. Prince Charles is a credible nomination… The stupid cunt shaking hands and going to dinner with Gerry Adams, and conveniently forgetting that those murdering micks blew his Uncle Louis to pieces and the carnage at Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, when the Blues & Royals Royal Green Jackets were killed…

    • Charles is also guilty of looking like dobby from harry potter heres a picture I couldn’t be arsed to find another (better) one,
      “and conveniently forgetting that those murdering micks blew his Uncle Louis to pieces” Yes thats true but thats the price you pay for peace, also is a irish accent really a accent? I thought they sounded like that because they are horrible filthy whisky wife beating drunks.

  31. i’d like to nominate the cunts who decided to add another 10 balls to the National Lottery draw and did it with the slogan ‘ more balls to choose from ! ‘ unfuckinbelivabubble. i see no one has won the jackpot for the last 6 draws and last night no one even got 5 plus the bonusball .jackpot now up to £32million. this of course was the plan all along because believe it or not the bigger the jackpot the more tickets they sell. fuckin idiots. the correct response is fuck this it’s impossible i’m not gonna waste my money. and i don’t anymore.

  32. So much choice this year, from the Tory party to Daesh, Jihadists to that cunt and his aids medication price hike and Wu Tang purchase. Britain First, Ukip (hehehe) and the Tory party, with special mention of Cameron, Osborn, May, ID(wimp)S, Hunt (a walking spelling mistake) Boris Johnson and, apparently in opposition, Hilary Benn. Obviously Jeremy Clarkson and Bono and did I mention the greedy corrupt dosh for friends whilst 100,000 children are homeless over Christmas, massive suicide rates, huge increase in food banks, restrictive refugee policies, bomb innocent people to make profit from arms sales and shares, Tory party? But surely it has to go to the man that openly publicises and promotes stupidity, ignorance, hatred and racism Mr Donald (I’m no hairdresser, but really!) Trump

  33. I nominate Ian McNabb. The trampy hipster plinkety-plink. Probably living in a skip by now with one silver fingernail of hope and desperation from all the losing scratchcards he has scraped whilst crying. If you are using your losing scratchcards as roaches for your trampy rollies you have made some cuntishly cunting life choices. Jump in the Mersey you fucking loser cunt.

  34. I nominate Andy Murray dour jock cunt has just won sports personality of the year,how can an individual devoid of personality be a champion of it, fucked if I know

  35. So many cunts, so many. Have given this much thought and my nomination is all the fucking lefties who taught me at school back in the 60’s and 70’s. Middle and upper class wankers with some guilt complex that they tried to dump on me. All that bollocks about no work because of North Sea oil (not no bloody industry) every one has a culture/religion which you must respect no matter how wank or nasty. Not forgetting how I must pay for the “Empire” all my lot did was get killed and maimed for the Empire then dumped faster than a Tory promise on immigration; bastards, not much has changed has it? I hate all politicians never met one I liked. No thats not right always liked Norman Tebbit.

  36. Very late in the day, but I’m adding my support / hatred to Diane Abbott for COTY 2015. She is an incompetent, fraudulent, racist misandrist – my hackles rise the minute I know she is being given any screen time as I know she will be spouting her vile racist shite. She is a fucking disgrace – as a white, hard working, childless woman living near one of Britain’s multicultural (terrorist) havens, she is the antithesis to everything I believe in, a rotten cipher for political correctness in politics, and a fucking monster. Pleeeeeeaaase make her COTY 2015

  37. The Collective Great British Public

    A monumental shower of uneducated, ignorant, TV addicted, fast-food consuming, ipad owning, Twitter posting, Facebook addicted, BBC believing, Sun Newspaper reading, Sky TV owning, smart phone addicted, narcissistic, x-factor loving, coronation street watching imbecilic CUNTS

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