The NHS (2)

The NHS is a cunt because…

Every fucking year the saintly institution goes into crisis and every year we have to endure all manner of cunts telling us they must have more money. Not really surprising as the NHS is a socialist institution and the only thing socialists like more than spending other peoples’ money is the mass slaughter of anyone who disagrees with them.

They always tell us the NHS is the envy of the world. Is it fuck! Is that why the NHS is unique in all the world? The world envies the NHS so much that precisely fuck all other countries fund their health services the same way.

The NHS acts as a magnet for free loading cunts from around the world. And I’m not just talking about cunts from 3rd world shit holes either. Americunts fly to UK to get aids drugs off the nash for free as the flight over here is cheaper than buying the drugs back in US. I wonder how many cunts would be in Calais trying to break into UK if we didn’t have a NHS?

The NHS is a ponzi scheme. It is like one of those pyramid selling scams, it always relies on more people going in at the bottom to cater for the few at the top. It will eventually collapse as it cannot sustain itself.

The NHS fucks up quite regularly. They pay out millions each year in out of court settlements in compensation for their own incompetence and negligence.

The NHS is very expensive. Back in the bad old days when I paid tax I would pay many £1000s in NI plus my employers would pay even more on my account. I now pay less than €1000 per year for private health insurance and have access to health facilities world wide.

Those are just a few of the reasons the NHS is a cunt. I have every faith my fellow cunters will come up with more.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart

Richard Branson (8)

That desert island dwelling pirate Long Silver Beardy Branson has been telling porkies. Well I never!

He has been caught with his Bermuda shorts around his ankles over ‘Traingate’ last year. After a seven month wait, a small media outlet called Double Down News which requested the full version of the CCTV camera footage from the ‘Traingate’  incident has been reluctantly given it by Virgin Trains. Some bits are still missing due to  Virgin’s ‘technical difficulties’ (oh yeh) but it clearly exonerates comrade Corbyn.  The new footage  shows there were plenty of other passengers sitting on the floor of the Virgin train and all those “empty” seats, we saw last year, were in fact taken. Occupied by children and adults which in the original selective footage were invisible, now when run continuously, appear visible for a few seconds in frame as they fidget around or return to their seats. So it would now seem our tax exile Dickie handed over a doctored version to the media last year – the naughty cabin boy.

So what are we to conclude? 

First, Jezza was actually telling the truth, on this occasion, which I know is not a popular notion among cunters here, yet there you have it.

Secondly, Dickie once again shows himself to be a shifty, untrustworthy, E.U. schlong sucking globalist:

  • While he enjoys his billionaire lifestyle on his tax haven private isle in the Carribean he still has the front to raise the question of a second EU referendum.
  • He also should not be allowed within a Pendolino train’s length of another railway    franchise, since he runs ram-packed trains without sufficient seating for a rip-off priced ticket.
  • Then, there is the ‘small’ matter of him suing the NHS for £82 million since he lost out on a contract to provide healthcare sevices in Surrey. If the NHS loses this case, some children or old people may die due to lack of funding. As if he cares what is best for the country and it’s people and not just his bank balance.

However, to give him credit, where credit is due, as an advocate of open borders he does practise what he preaches. His luxury desert island is open to all, including migrants who can endure the 3000 mile rubber dinghy journey across the stormy Atlantic. For only the “nominal” cost of £330,000 per week, a migrant can enjoy an all inclusive stay for himself and upto 29 of his wives and children, subject to passport checks I am sure. By the same token any ex-Towering Inferno residents still in need of accommodation are also welcome but it is unclear at this time, if the smug bearded pirate takes Department of Work and Pensions payments.

Dickie is a true cunt of the people.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

The NHS (2)

The whole NHS is a pile of fucking dog shit, if you ask me.

Overpriced and under performing, it wouldn’t mater how much money you threw at it would only become worse. It is a money pit in the truest sense. £1885 per year for every man, woman and child in the country ( not including illegal immigrants ) and you can still die for want of seeing a GP? Fuck right off. I pay less than a 1/3 of that for private insurance and get to see a quack any time I like. Need a scan? How about this afternoon. Hip replacement? Would next week suit you?

Now I’m sure there will be many of you who have relatives or friends who have had their lives saved by the blessed NHS, but don’t think that proves it is the only way of running heathcare.

UK is the only place in the world that has this model of healthcare, does that tell you something?

The NHS is not the envy of the world and no more than is the BB fucking C. Both are an embarrassment and should be ditched soonest.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

I’ve had mixed experiences with the NHS over the years mainly to do with my ma and pa, both gone now.

A lot of NHS staff over the last few years are very poorly trained and don’t give two fucks. It’s just a job. Half of the cunts look like they just rolled out of bed and went to the laundry basket in the dark and grabbed some clothes.

Another time when my old man was in hospital I walked into the ward and you could smell the shit straight away. The guy in the next bed had lost his marbles and shat himself and wiped it up the wall. There was a 25 stone fat cunt of a nurse, eating her fucking takeaway at the desk. When I went to tell her, she just sat there and said, “Ah!”.  I kid you not. She came in after she’d scoffed her gruel with a few fucking wet ones to clear up the excrement. Fucking disgrace.

My old fella had all his marbles but they fucking drugged him up to keep him quiet.We had a meeting with the doctors and my sister ended up banging on the fucking table to get him off whatever the fuck they had him on. He was hallucinating BIG time.

It’s fucking frightening to think what’s in store for us poor cunts.

They need a fucking hard cunt of a matron to run each ward with a rod of fuckin’ iron.

Nominated by kendo nag.

The Doctors’ strike

Why do these fuckers always look so happy?

Why do these fuckers always look so happy?

Junior doctors are greedy self serving me me me cunts.

All the ones who don’t want to accept the very generous pay and working hours deal their own union accepted should be sacked on the spot and be made to pay back the £250,000 it cost to train them.

And then they can fuck off to Australia and get eaten by sharks.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

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NHS Doctors

#ImInWorkJeremy – What, you want a medal for it you Doctor Cunts? Is £100K a year basic plus over time not enough for you, you bunch of whining martyr cunts?

If you don’t like being an NHS Doctor, feel free to fuck off elsewhere. See how much you get paid elsewhere in the developed world, because it won’t be any where near what you get from the NHS.

Whats that? Liability insurance? What, you mean I actually have to insure myself against malpractice elsewhere in the world? No, didn’t think so you puss filled whinge bag cunts. Continue to work in the NHS, safe in the knowledge that you can dispatch all manner of taxpayers with your negligence and almost never have to face the consequences of your action.

Oh, how I would love to live in the gilded cage that NHS Doctors do. I don’t see many of them going of to work in say, America, do you? Or even France? What about the Far east? You see, they won’t have the fuckers on account of the massive ego and entitlement these cunts have, with little ability to function and above all perform in the real world.

NHS Doctors: CUNTS.

In fact they are such cunts, they make Harold Shipman look professional. He actually set out to kill folk and was good at it.

Nominated by: The Captain

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