NHS Race and Health Observatory

Racism in this racist hellhole. As reported by the NHS Race and Health Observatory. (the clue is in the name) In the Guardian of course.

”Racism, racial discrimination, barriers to accessing healthcare and woeful ethnicity data collection have “negatively impacted” the health of black, Asian and minority ethnic people in England for years, according to the review, commissioned by the NHS Race and Health Observatory, which reveals the true scale of health inequalities faced by ethnic minorities for the first time.”

My doctor operates a whites only policy, as does the local hospital. Of course they do. In fact blacks and Asians in our area are having to go back to Pakistan and Nigeria to get proper free trearment.

Why the fuck do we tolerate and presumeably pay the race obsessed cunts who contribute to this fucking nonsense? And fucking self-serving lies.
They claim Covid has had a worse affect on minorities. So much so that despite the jab centre in Scunny being in an ethnic area, they sent a van and doctor round knocking on fucking doors for the fuckers while us idiots had to drive or arrange transport for elderly folk. There were no fucking Parking Stanleys in a queue of about 70 when I got jabbed. In a P*kie area.

Below is from the report, and is a fucking insult to everybody who works in the NHS:-

”Its findings are shocking. The review concludes that inequalities in access to, experiences of, and outcomes of healthcare in the NHS “are rooted in experiences of structural, institutional and interpersonal racism”. For “too many years”, it adds, the health of minority ethnic people in England has been “negatively impacted” by a lack of appropriate treatment, poor quality or discriminatory treatment by NHS staff, missing ethnicity data from NHS systems, and delays in seeking help for health issues “due to fear of racist treatment from NHS healthcare professionals”.


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38 thoughts on “NHS Race and Health Observatory

  1. No one wants to treat P*ki cunts, they stink, the Blicks can’t get through the doors because of the size of the chip on the shoulder.

    Total bullshit, if someone goes to a doctor or hospital the treatment is the same regardless of colour, what pisses me off is the bullshit about ‘white medicine’ doesn’t work for ethnics.

    I would like to see the additional cost of getting the Covid vaccine to hard to reach communities (black and p*ki), the privileged white man had to get his arse to vaccine hub, the P*ki had it delivered to the door.

    I wish they would all just fuck off somewhere else, I hear Ukraine are looking for foreign immigrants.

    • Wakanda is overflowing with the greatest minds in medicine, science and agriculture on earth. Maybe they should all go there.

  2. Are the “effnick comunidee’s” actively trying to make people hate them?, they seem to turn even the most mild mannered folk into racists, I’m sure this is how 1930s Germany started?

  3. No wonder that lot in the header are smiling; they have managed to get first class tickets on the gravy train.

  4. ‘The NHS Race and Health Observatory’ indeed. If they’d produced a truthful report, which is that everyone is treated equally by the NHS irrespective of race, then their entire raison d’etre would collapse. So they have to come up with this shit to justify their salaries, pensions and existence.
    I wonder how many extra doctors and nurses the NHS could afford by scrapping this bollocks.

  5. I worked in a hospital with a lot of diversity. You kind of expect patients to have accidents occasionally, but not staff.

    Hence the occasional nugget on the staff toilet floor and signs on the walls saying no squatting on the toilet itself.

  6. I read that the effnicks didn’t want the vaccines cos they white mans jabs and made of things damaging to effnicks. Tough shit. If these cunts think the U.K. is racist they should have a look at what the various armed factions are doing to effnicks on the Ukraine Polish border. Welcoming not. That’s racism not having a free jab because some dickwad said the sky man is cross or the spirits of the ancestors disapprove cos it’s whitey magic not racist just cuntish.
    Problem is a large number of “jobs” depend on this utter shite racist bollocks. Fuck the fucking lot of the useless oxygen thief bastards

    • They should fuck off and develop their own then. I’m sure the enough monkeys with type writers principle applies to vaccine development.

  7. Wave the white flag, surrender to the ethnics. Apologise for being white in a WHITE country.

    It pisses me right off!

  8. My daughter is a nurse. She has told me that “nurses ” from Africa are being employed with medical qualifications but with no medical knowledge. They can all bring their families with them after a couple of years. Its a scam. A very dangerous scam that no one can raise because of “racism”.

  9. Assuming this study was undertaken in Londonistan, it is factually correct.

    The indigenous population are now a minority in their own capital city. 46% White English and dropping with every dinghy rat that arrives on the south coast.

    Try getting an appointment at your GP and look what is infesting the, waiting room.
    Take a trip to A&E and see entire families of dark keys and parking Stanleys clogging up whitey’s wonderful NHS reception area.

    Yes, there is racism in the NHS and it is directed at the indigenous population.

    The indigenous population who pay their fucking wages.

  10. The only way to redress the balance is to treat black people as a priority and push white people to the back of the queue.

    That seems fair to me.

    After all, it’s the black and Asian people that contribute most into the system.

    Srcap the Nation Insurance payments and give the working people the opportunity to buy cheaper and far better private health care.

    Keep the ageing NHS hospitals and their surly staff exclusively for the lazy unemployed.

  11. ”Its findings are shocking. The review concludes that inequalities in access to, experiences of, and outcomes of healthcare in the NHS “are rooted in experiences of a post code lottery”. For “too many years”, it adds, the health of people in England has been “negatively impacted” by a lack of appropriate and poor quality treatment by overworked and underfunded NHS staff, missing data from NHS systems, and delays in seeking help for health issues “due to fear of bat flu by NHS healthcare professionals”.

    Spin it any way you want, but I don’t like being played by fuck monkeys.

  12. I got my white privilege card through the post last month but it doesn’t seem to work.
    Any ideas ?

    • Fly to France, lose your passport, don’t change your clothes for month, change your name to Iqbal Rahhman from Afghanistan, catch a boat taxi to Britain to begin complaining, and live like a king.

  13. Another gargantuan racist conspiracy?
    Involving all the white employees of the NHS?

    What a complete load of shit.

    The reason for all of their woes is that they are thick as pigshit.


  14. Is this the same NHS that forced me to leave York Hospital and unlawfully discriminated against me? (legal case ongoing)
    The same NHS which allowed my Mother to die of a treatable cancer because a GP was too fucking lazy and professionally negligent to arrange a consultant with a specialist for two years?
    The same NHS who sent my Brother home with two broken ribs, a broken spine, a punctured lung and a paralysed right arm and did not pick up any of these “pretty fucking obvious injuries” then sent him home with some fucking paracetamol?
    The same NHS who tried to insist I had chiropracty for a back injury when a nerve surgeon had contacted them and said to under no circumstances do so as it could leave me a quadriplegic?
    The same NHS who killed my Daughter?
    Privatise, all “public services” – they are a fucking joke, not fit for purpose and I am just fit to fucking explode now.

      • Mnc@ – Apologies, rather angry about this one and running something of a temperature.
        Best I don’t post any more today.

      • Understandable Foxy.

        They also nearly let my missus bleed to death,
        If I hadnt caused a scene shed be dead.

        Africunt nurse .

  15. Up here at my hospital we have monthly if not bi monthly BAME and alphabet people meetings.
    Same people turn up for the meetings and usually gets cancelled when they can’t attend due to shift patterns.
    Most of the LGBTMGBBGTV8 can’t be arsed
    We even have an Armed Forces Aware group!
    I have no idea what goes on there.

    • ‘worra lorra shite’
      – Cilla Black.

      Health inequalities?
      Oh my, yes indeed.
      Ive had scurvy off and on my whole life,
      And had Rickets twice.
      Once had Consumption.

      The whining from the ethnics,
      Why whats your fuckin issue?
      Whats your ailment?

      Terminal banana split?
      Jungle boogie in the lower limb?
      Fruit mania?
      Dry wool?

      Quit your fuckin whining.🖕

      Owt do with me you wouldn’t get medical treatment.

  16. During canvassing recently for the upcoming elections, a canvasser knocked at one terraced house and asked the voting intentions, “Let me see 6 of us are voting Labour, 6 of us are voting LibDem, 6 of us are voting Independent – but of course, I can’t speak for the people upstairs”

    The truth is Pak*s and dark keys live in cramped conditions – the latter are obsessed by chiggun and their wimmin having backsides modelled on the boot of the 1954 Austin Somerset, so they are obese, and the pak*s go round spitting on the pavement spreading germs for everyone. They live in filthy hovels rarely wash and to save money do their washing up in the lavatory pan. They contracted Covid more often BECAUSE of those cramped unsanitary conditions. When out many of them didn’t wear masks, especially the dark keys. They are unhealthy but I see no evidence they don’t get treated as well as those of us who do make efforts to stay healthy.. his load of bollocks is another example of victim hood, which these foreign johnnies thrive on.

  17. ‘Health Tourism.’ Come over here why don’t you? It’s free. We cater for the rich, as well as the poor. There’s no charge. Honestly.

  18. So depleting Nigeria and the Philippines of nursing staff is acceptable though?
    The head of NHS diversity pockets a cool 1/4 million per year.
    Let’s all clap.

  19. Out of 10 people I spot three whitey’s – that’s real racial representation for a UK based whitey founded country.

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