Death on the NHS (19)

I just wish Her Majesty does not benefit from the tender ministrations of the World beating NHS as did my dear late Mater (aged 96).

Rock up as usual. For some reason screen drawn up around bed, empty ward, no sign of any doctors or nurses for several hours. I call out asking where everybody is. No answer. Patients hiding beneath their sheets. Still no answer. Barely literate Rumanian orderly suddenly appears at my mother’s bedside. Mumbles something like:

“Would you like something to calm you down dear?”

In the same breath closes the curtains and whips a syringe into her arm then fucks off sharpish. Her eyes roll up and the old Mater is brown bread within ten minutes. I kiss her, feel that old marble cold of death then inform the ward:

“She’s dead you cunts”

Silence for a few minutes then the Rumanian cunt returns with a bodybag on a trolley and removes her dentures and gives them to me along with her wedding ring. Asks me if she has any metal prosthetics in her body then zips her up in the body bag and offski. Says over his shoulder on the way out:

“I gotta get move on before she stiffens up”.

Fair enough but fuck me, happy days. Shortly there after the cunt returns and changes the bed and sprays around a bit of disinfectant. Then by magic life returns to ward, nurses put in appearance and even a doctor peeks in to check time of death for the death certificate.

With the deepest of respect Your Majesty, if some Rumanian cunt comes to give you an injection tell him to fuck orf. Oh and if you think I missed out the bit about the hospital chaplain sitting me down with a nice cup of tea and a kind word Fuck Off. Though I was clearly deeply conflicted between thoughts of grief and inheritance the cunt could not get me out of there fast enough and wheel in the next punter. Indeed saw the poor old cunt being pushed in on my way out. Sod him, I did not mark his card about the injection.

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NHS Race and Health Observatory

Racism in this racist hellhole. As reported by the NHS Race and Health Observatory. (the clue is in the name) In the Guardian of course.

”Racism, racial discrimination, barriers to accessing healthcare and woeful ethnicity data collection have “negatively impacted” the health of black, Asian and minority ethnic people in England for years, according to the review, commissioned by the NHS Race and Health Observatory, which reveals the true scale of health inequalities faced by ethnic minorities for the first time.”

My doctor operates a whites only policy, as does the local hospital. Of course they do. In fact blacks and Asians in our area are having to go back to Pakistan and Nigeria to get proper free trearment.

Why the fuck do we tolerate and presumeably pay the race obsessed cunts who contribute to this fucking nonsense? And fucking self-serving lies.
They claim Covid has had a worse affect on minorities. So much so that despite the jab centre in Scunny being in an ethnic area, they sent a van and doctor round knocking on fucking doors for the fuckers while us idiots had to drive or arrange transport for elderly folk. There were no fucking Parking Stanleys in a queue of about 70 when I got jabbed. In a P*kie area.

Below is from the report, and is a fucking insult to everybody who works in the NHS:-

”Its findings are shocking. The review concludes that inequalities in access to, experiences of, and outcomes of healthcare in the NHS “are rooted in experiences of structural, institutional and interpersonal racism”. For “too many years”, it adds, the health of minority ethnic people in England has been “negatively impacted” by a lack of appropriate treatment, poor quality or discriminatory treatment by NHS staff, missing ethnicity data from NHS systems, and delays in seeking help for health issues “due to fear of racist treatment from NHS healthcare professionals”.

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Chantelle vs NHS Recruitment

Spot the biggest cunt here.

Chantelle Poku v NHS recruitment

A woman (of colour) has been jailed for obtaining a position in the NHS with a bogus CV and references, Chantelle Poku landed a job with the NHS claiming she had a degree in molecular biology and was a leader of a charity.

In reality she was a tin rattler and serial liar, but how the fuck did she get through the interview or interviews, are the NHS so desperate to employ POC’s in senior positions that they don’t actually ask questions, or is this woman a fucking good actress.

The interview panel need a good kicking and she has got her reward at her majesty’s pleasure. If she hadn’t got a custodial she would have been a prospective Labour candidate, got all the qualifications for that one.

Link to story.

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Ungrateful Bastards

It really pisses me off when I read of paramedics, NHS hospital staff and ambulance staff being physically and/or verbally abused by ungrateful pissheads, druggies, and out and out cunts!

The emergency services are there to help people: what they don’t want is to be kicked, punched, spat at or told to “fuck off!” by irresponsible cunts who should be left on the street to fend for themselves.

My hatred runs even higher for those cunts in A&E who aren’t satisfied with the service they are receiving and resort to violence against the first doctor/nurse/admin person they set eyes on. And yet these very same people have a duty of care to attend to this cunt’s injuries, otherwise they will be held accountable if anything bad happens to them!

Personally, I would leave these cunts to fester in their own excesses – if they’re drunk or drugged up, fuck them! If they use intimidation or violence then they shouldn’t get any treatment at all, but should be thrown in a police cell to rot.

And that applies to so-called joy-riders that end up in a crash and are seriously injured. Don’t bother with hospital just let the fuckers wither in pain – perhaps that might make them think again about nicking someone’s car and booting it down the road at 90mph.

Ungrateful cunts!

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The NHS [3]

The NHS is due a uber cunting.

Even after various scandals including Harold Shipman, Mid Staffs and now fucking Gosport they STILL have the arrogance and the sheer gall to think they’re above criticism and are incapable of making mistakes and have absolutely no reason to improve because they see themselves as some omnibenevolent, morally virtuous, beloved public service who are the guardian angels of British society.

Well, they’re not – they’re a bunch of bureaucratic cunts who keep squandering the British taxpayer’s money on yet more measures to paper over the cracks, all whilst repeatedly ignoring the serious systemic issues at the heart of the organisation and treating anyone who even so much as dares to bring up these issues or suggest improvements as pariahs. And that’s just scratching the fucking surface – if I went into detail this would become as long as a QDM cunting!

By this point, I would honestly be in favour of privatising our complete and utter deadly farce of a health service. Fucking cunts.

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The NHS in England has decided it is going to stop providing treatment where it considers it ineffective – for which read not cost effective. The 17 treatments it plans to remove will, apparently, affect about 100,000 people every year and free up an estimated £200m.

Great unless you’re Mrs D who is waiting for a steroid injection (after the referral was fucked up and we’ve been waiting 16 weeks for an appointment that hasn’t been requested!) and for treatment for varicose veins (which the GP says is urgent because it could lead to potentially fatal DVT or blood clots).

Have any of the cunts running this pile of crap actually worked out that if you don’t treat some of this stuff, then it could lead to conditions further down the road which involve treatments that potentially cost even more than money they’re saving on minor procedures? No, of course they haven’t.

I’d give the fuckers the finger, but that would be difficult as they’re also going to stop treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Bloody idiots! The lunatics are running the asylum (assuming it hasn’t bee replaced by social care on the community, of course…)

Nominated by Dioclese

I am currently in Royal Surrey hospital waiting at outpatients. I have never been here before.

If the NHS is so fucking great, why is there a cafe and an M&S by the foyer? Why does it look and feel like a motorway service station? Why is there an open backed gallery in a corridor (where it’s supposed to be clean)? And why the fuck does the stench of bureaucracy fill the air like an oppressive macro-infection?

The apparently wonderful NHS is a perfect example of why big organisations are not only bad, but enherently evil in their impersonal and dismissive nature.

To think that this thing, so obviously corrupt, inefficient, and downright awful, is anything more than a pile of old wank, you must really be a cunt.

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