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I would like to nominate the Netflix (un)Original series “Designated Survivor” for a cunting.

The premise is great: during the State of the Union address the Democrats and Republicans nominate a “Designated Survivor” to remain in a protected location away from Capitol Hill. Usually cunts who’ve upset their respective parties.

Now what happens if Capitol Hill is blown the fuck up and all of Congress with it??

What a great premise for a series. Kieffer Sutherland playing the impromptu President thrust into the ultimate position of power.

So potential rag heads have blown fuck out of DC. So in complete opposition to the Trump mantra of “Let’s stop this shit…” (cunts from predominantly “peaceful” shitholes) “…until we know what the hell is going on!”, Kieffer – me auld sausage – takes the opposite slant that it CAN’T POSSIBLY BE PEACEFUL SCUM so let’s let all of the cunts in anyway and fuck the unworthy, waycist US citizens in deference to our bomb-makery friends.

Also there are strong nods that the attack could be – shock, horror – from within the US Govt itself.

In fact pick any line Trump has said in the last 18 months, flip it 180 degrees, and you’ll be in the ball-park of what Kieffer says.

His wife is an immo lawyer fighting to keep ICE targets in the US.

You really couldn’t make it up. Except Netflix has. Not that their preachy fucking message will ever affect the glitteratti or meejah establishment where THEY belong!

An original idea completely ruined by leftist neo-liberal bullshit.

Fuck you Netflix you unpatriotic cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

32 thoughts on “Netflix (2)

  1. We have Netflix (thanks to my stepdaughter) and it pumps a steady torrent of PC American shite into our house.
    Same libbo crap in all of it, even kids shows.
    Anything for the money eh Twatflix?
    You cunts….

    Thank fuck for headphones

    • I have no telly at all. I subscribe to no ‘media company’ whatsoever. I make up my own mind, and am informed by Is A Cunt.

      • Wise choice. We blew out the telly licence a few years back. Our TV sets are just DVD/computer monitors now.
        Fuck television…

      • I think it is coming up to 9 years since I last watched the idiot lantern (apart from occasional therapeutic Xbox forays of fantasy generally involving slaying evil Peacefuls) and I have never felt better.

        From what I see from the family viewing the output has seriously deteriorated in that time!

  2. Marcus Rashford… You little Glazer stooge and total cunt…
    Rashford on his sending off at the Six Finger Club on Sunday:

    ‘Emotions got the better of me, I shouldn’t of reacted like that. Sorry to everyone at the club and all the fans’

    Apologising for not spreading Phil Bardsley’s ugly hooter across his mush by not nappering him? Bardsley is a cunt, always has been… And whatever he got (or, in this case, didn’t fucking get) he deserves… Losing your rag with a cunt like Bardsley is undertandable, but fuck all really happened… Yet the lad is apologising?! To who? Not true Mcr and Salford reds, like myself who couldn’t give a fuck… No doubt some ‘lifelong Man U fan’ on Twatter from Thailand or Tunbridge Wells got offended, so ‘Dead’ Ed Wooward and his loathsome paymasters put Rasher up to saying sorry to these faceless knobheads… And ‘ I shouldn’t of reacted like that’?!! He deserves another one match ban for being fucking stupid… I know the modern footballer isn’t supposed to be Einstein, but for fuck’s sake…

    • I love Normans United “rants” – with you all the way. Bardsley is a full weight cunt. Rashford would have garnered more sympathy had he done a Zidane and broken the cunts sternum like a twig. Bardsley is a sly cunt in the Souness mould.
      Bardsley`s initial kick out after the ball had gone into touch was a red card offence, but John Moss `missed` it.
      Then, after Rashford pushed his head against Bardsley, the Burnley man pushed his head against Rashford. That, again, was a red card offence, but evidently, John Moss `missed` that one too.
      Rashfords retaliation was petulant, Bardsley is an disgruntled ex United player, given the heave-ho by SAF and used the well known tactic and experience of conning the referee. Many incidents are re-examined and turned over. That cunt faced Bardsley should have a been awarded a red, and still should be.

      • I was a bit hard on Rashford… I like the lad, but it annoys the fuck out of me that the club now just caters for its worldwide social media mong fanbase, while the lifers, hardcore reds -young and old alike – are not given a single fuck about…. Marcus is ‘apologising’ on behalf of The Glazerscum and Dead Ed and their ‘franchise’…. And the boy is apologising to the waiting to be offended and outraged social media sad cunts… Sad and sickening….

  3. I started to watch this but got so fed up with the preachy lefty bollocks it spewed out.
    Worse than Kiefer was the sandwog press briefer who actually was obamas lickspittal cunt
    ITS never Muslims. It’s always white right wingers in Hollywood.
    Fuck this shit.
    Scummy lefty cunts

  4. I stopped using Netfucks after Michelle Wolfe’s salute to abortion bit on her Netflix produced show – you know, where she celebrated the actual act of abortion and not just a pro choice position on it. Now I’ve discovered Showbox (everything Netcucks has plus a lot more all completely free) I don’t need it now anyway. We still have a family account because my sister uses it but I certainly don’t watch it anymore.

  5. This whole premise sounds like the sort of shite that feeds conspiracy loonies.
    I don’t do Netflix and this ensures I wont be tempted.

  6. Sutherland is playing the Pres? Wtf? A WHITE GUY??
    Shouldn’t this be Robin Wright, or Morgan Freeman, or Jennifer Lopez, or Benicio del Toro, or Will Smith, or Jodie Foster as the lezza option or

    just anybody not Caucasian with a dick??

  7. Cressida Strap on says she would be happy to walk down any street in London, regardless of the time of day.

    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA…..

    She would be robbed by an Um Bongo drinker….

      • Also, if Labour had made comments about peacefuls the MET would have jumped to attention a ling time ago….

    • To be fair the culturally enriching stabbing tends to be practiced by one of our highly valued minority friends on another, and no man however desperate would go near her with someone else’s so maybe she’s got a point.

  8. Another load of right on bollocks!! I’m sick and fucking tired of these liberal series all having a dig a tango man!!
    I simply want to be entertained your patronising Cunts!! Save the party political broadcasts for another time!!
    On a similar and equally annoying note has anybody seen the bbc series bodyguard?
    What a complete load of liberal leftie femanazi shite!!
    The premise is some ex soldier who served his country in Helmand is now working as an armed policeman officer guarding the Home Secretary ?
    Every cunt in authority from bomb disposal, Co 19 commander, to Home Secretary is a fucking woman!! It’s unbelievable crap……
    They kept showing black co19 officers both female and male!
    So bomb disposal and co19 are dominanted by woman and black people are they? I know for a fact that is completely untrue!!! Fuck you bbc…..

    • Watching the “bodyguard” after reading your post Quisling. A bomb had apparently been detonated the previous week by a peaceful government official. Now, the white male officer is being questioned by the black female detective and peaceful chief as clearly he must have had something to do with it. Fuck sake…Al-BBC cunts

  9. Sorry change of topic but this is sooooooo funny it shouldnt be missed. get on over to the SPIVS website. he has a new ‘investigation’ ( ha h a ha ha ha ha ) out. its about Fred and Rose West. its full of hilarious ‘gems’ but the highlight is this ( and not a lot of people know this ) Rose West is actually Cherie Blair !! . i kid you fuckin not, he actually says that. the man is certifiable.

    • Mans a fucking genius !!!
      I had always thought that but never had the balls to say it…..
      CS you da man!! 😂😂😂
      I saw another of his investigations where he was looking for the U.K.,s silliest cunt? After months of forensic investigation it saw him knocking at his own front door ?
      Unsurprisingly nobody answered….. go figure….. 😂😂😂

    • That’s an insult to Rose West. btw have you noticed how the Spiv never runs any stuff on incidents which in actual fact probably are a lot of fanny like for example the Salisbury Novichok nonsense and such like.

  10. Off topic but they just had some daft bint on the radio saying that criticism of the policies of the state of Israel shouldn’t be allowed (in relation to Labour’s adoption of that antisemitism definition). Now, I probably am slightly more pro Israel than I am pro Palestine (if only because the social justice cunts put me off being pro Palestine – stupid and petty I know but there you are) but banning criticism of anything is pure and blatant authoritarianism. There should be no sacred cows whatsoever.

    • What these stupid mostly young cunts don’t realise, is in 20 yrs time when they’re older (something they can’t imagine) and they want to complain, the new young cunts on the block will say, sorry Grandma, you got your way and banned free speech, remember? I’ve had a few, does that make sense?

    • She’s talking rubbish. Probably a Chris Williamson groupie.

      Have you not read the IHRA definition of antisemitism?

      • In was wondering when the media would pick on this, perhaps some of catweasel’s dodgier collegeagues do have a point. These 4b2 lobbiest basically want the Labour party to sign up to something which *could* ban any criticism of Israel, at all under any circumstances – otherwise thoust be an anti-semite… my only criticism of Israel, is that i think they should just scoop up any and all sand dwellers within a 100 mile radius and launch them into outer space on a rocket made entirely of old magazines and hummus. And they should have done it 30 years ago. Same with us and the micks really, should have fucking squashed them after the first bit of semtex started to sizzle. Does that criticism make me an anti-semite? The Real problem here is that truly insidious legal precedent, the Macpherson principle – a definition of racism adopted following the murder of Stephen Lawrence that states that minorities should be allowed to define the racism they face. So any minority can define absolutely anything they like as racism. Stepping on a toe? Not letting them fiddle young girls? Not offering a grossly underqualified and completely unfit ‘Calais engineer’ a management job? You got it. Racism. When we’ve finally been bred out, and there’s a handful of us left – what’s the bet these rules still don’t apply to us?

      • Good food for thought BK.

        If Israel were a Nazi state it would have wiped out every rag-head and Muslim in the Middle East DECADES ago. Instead it has Arab judges, Arab political parties and Arab MPs in the Knesset, not to mention the civil service and military.

        Re the IHRA definition: it only applies to cunts choosing to join an organisation or body that purports to be anti racist and adopts the definition as part of its constitution.

        Last time I looked, Labour was still (on paper at least) a party unequivocally opposed to all racism.

        The IHRA definition has NO legal status in British law.

        And definitely not applicable to ISAC…. yet.

  11. Just as a follow-up…

    While I gave up on this shite after the 4th episode my daughter has continued to watch it.

    She’s on EP18 (ah the joys of being off school) and we now know exactly who blew up the Capitol… A far right neo-Nazi group called Pax Americana.

    While every sector of high-end US life is blessed with “cultural enrichment” Pax Americana is pure white and made up solely of ZZ Top rejects and butch looking dykes.

    So there you go America, the real threat to your nation isn’t by actual bomb-making “peacefuls” imported en-masse who actually perform terrorist acts, no, your own population of a certain skin colour – by virtue of which makes them all waycist – who actually don’t.

    Now you know the (Hollywood) truth I hope all of my American friends can sleep easy now…


  12. I am truly sorry for darkening the door with another cunting nomination I recently put forward but the US Netflix series “Designated Survivor” deserves an immediate emergency cunting.

    Why because in Series 2 Episode 22 at exactly 4mins 10secs two of the right-on President’s toadies are in a fictitious Carribbean or Africunt country called Taurasi and the governor of Taurasi says: “We democratically voted to sever economic ties with the US. We want our independence.”

    To which the slimy Mandelcunt style toadie states, I shit you not: “Yeah well I appreciate how independence may seem attractive, but ask Great Britain how Brexit is going for them!”

    Before walking off all self-satisfied, the cunt.

    Well first of all it’s non of Hollywood’s cunting business (I say “Hollywood” cos most US norms probably still think Independence is a fucking Ideal worth fighting for).

    And second of all who gives a flying fuck what the Uber rich cunts at Netflix think of our strife against an economically corrupt and morally bankrupt regime like the EU!

    So fuck off and mind your own borders and disaster zones (like most of California from Frisco to San Diego due to “cultural enrichment”)!

    Seriously, I gave up on this shitfest after Episode 5 of the first series when I could see where the neo-liberal compass was heading, but #1 child still watches it and I couldn’t believe my ears.

    So much so I had to ask her to rewind and replay the shite just so I could put forward this nomination.

    Keep your bastard neb out you fucking cunts!

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