Michael Moore [4]

I see American motormouth Micheal Moore has been giving his opinion on brexit? As you can imagine it wasn’t a positive one, infact he said that we should ” enjoy our miserable life on our island” ?? Charming!, so I say ” enjoy your early heart attack you lard arsed fat cunt American gobshite!!” …….

Nominated by Quislings

Michael Moore [2]

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a fat arsed big mouthed yanky cunt in UK promoting another irrelevant film of meaningless opinions. It beats me how they got the fat fucker on a plane, maybe he had to travel as cargo. He has called UK “toxic” and has “nothing to offer”. Not surprisingly the rancid mound of human waste is anti Brexit calling Brexitiers “haters”.

In other news a shop in Londonistan has been valdalised for displaying pro Brexit posters in its window. This brave blow for human rights was carried out by fans of Mr Moore at approximately 2:45 am leaving the owners of the shop, a pair of brothers in their 80s, shocked but even more resolute to promote Brexit in future.

They do this, Mr Moore you useless sack of week old dog excrement, because they have something British which IS worth having. It is called bottle, and you can have one in your mush any time you like.

Nominated by: Skidmark eggfart

Michael Moore is one big fat fucking cunt of a snowflake

Nominated by: Bastard Well Bastard