Extinction Rebellion (10)

And you don’t use soap.

Extinction Rebellion and co founder Roger Hallam

Like all looney cult leaders he has finally flipped his lid in front of a tv camera. This fucking idiot studied for a PHD in Civil Disobedience, no really, and then set up a training camp for activists to show them how to be a nuisance to the general public.

Andrew Neil, not one to miss an opportunity after the car crash interview of now EX XR spokesperson Zion Lights who couldn’t leave the sinking ship quick enough, managed to get Roger in for an interview, and yes it really is another hilarious car crash. Watch him explain away his demand for zero carbon emissions in by 2025.

Whilst Brillo remains calm this clumsy leftist, that couldn’t fit the stereotype of an angry socialist any better, stumbles his way through the interview nervously half answering questions.

He point blank refuses to mention why XR do not protest in China, when they produce over 20% of carbon emissions and the UK only produce around 1%. He doesn’t seem to understand why XR Germany have denounced him as their leader due to his absurd claims and XR UK have told him to fuck off, albeit in public politely.

Oh by the way, his first name is Roger either, Roger is his middle name, His real first name, have a guess? Nope? Ok I’ll tell you, it’s Julian, ffs! What struck me is how easy this ageing hippy is to see through, yet the woke luvvies and the rest of the fawning cult fell for him hook line and sinker under the guise of doing their bit when in reality Julian is just really interested in anarchy.

Julian, you are just another communist/socialist whose only real aim is to try and redistribute the worlds wealth! Well the secrets out, no wonder XR UK booted you out, l can’t really see Emma Luvvie giving her dosh away to the great unwashed, getting arrested for a dinner party story yes, but not going skint for you, Comrade.

Here’s the interview, you shouldn’t need to watch more than 2 minutes of it to see straight through Julian 😉


Ps, pay attention to Julian and see why there may well be a UK water shortage this summer.

Pls, the icing on the cake….he’s Welsh too 😀

Fuck off!

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69 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion (10)

  1. The icing on the cake?
    More Welshism and hate speech.

    Sheepshagging is carbon neutral.
    Lava bread is a natural plant even if it is inedible.
    The leader of Welsh Labour is an example to us all, look you.
    We havent burnt down a holiday home for weeks.
    We have taken Captain Quimson in and he is a white supremacist.

    Time to focus on the positives.

    • “White supremacist” indeed CC, I’m an ambassador of love compared to the typical Pembrokeshire resident, anyway born in Pembrokeshire and moved when I was 8 to Rhodesia so I was already well versed in “white supremacy” before departing!

    • The Welsh may well have taken Quimson in but I am sure that they’d drawn the line at you.

    • @CC, the slur came from a dead man walking 😂

      However I am amazed that half the population of Wales haven’t topped themselves seeing and listing to Mark Drakeford every day for the last 18 months. He would win the most boring cunt on the planet competition by a cuntry mile 😂

      • Not to mention the Braying cunt that spent so much time hovering round Westminster like a bluebottle round a turd.
        Drakeford would make a good Miss Marple.

    • Not to mention the Braying cunt that spent so much time hovering round Westminster like a bluebottle round a turd.
      Drakeford would make a good Miss Marple.

  2. What a cunt:
    “Hallam was previously an organic farmer on a 10-acre (4-hectare) farm near Llandeilo in South Wales; he attributes the destruction of his business to a series of extreme weather events.”
    Well maybe if he looked after the land properly he’d still be in business. He should have asked Mr Fiddler for some tips.

    I think these XR cunts have never done a proper days’ work in their lives. I bet they go to protests filming the lot on their iPhone 12s not thinking about the environmental impact or working conditions of the people that make them. Demanding shit like electric cars, limiting people’s movements but not turning down their parent’s money of course. Then going for a beetroot burger on low fat vegan sustainable bread at £15.60 from their local artisan bakery made by an obese, bleck, lesbian with a limp.

    • Speaking of obese, black lesbians I’ve just unfortunately seen a trailer for the new series of The Equaliser and, yep you’ve it, Queen Latifan is the lead. Another programme that originally suffered from miscasting, now gets totally woked.

      • Edward Woodward will be spining in his grave. In his day, they all played the perps as they had the natural acting ability.

        They probably set up the filming scene then told one walking past that there was a brand new TV in the apartment, then just filmed a genuine act of theft.

        I happened to come across an episode of what appears to be a Lethal weapon mini series late one night last week. What a pile of infiltrated shite that was. Nearly as bad as an episode of Hawaii Five O that I caught a few weeks back. Telly is absolutely shit now.

    • “Well maybe if he looked after the land properly he’d still be in business. He should have asked Mr Fiddler for some tips”….Chemicals,Dark-key fieldhands,fiddling the subsidy system,factory-style accommodation for animals,lots and lots of bonfires, determined vermin control (foxes,badgers,ramblers,pushbikers etc)….. and the use of Agent Orange on anything that doesn’t turn a profit….. that’s the secret to my vast landholdings. .

  3. These XR fools ignore the obvious; global problems can only be tackled on a global basis.

  4. I am convinced, we are all doomed.

    The best solution is a mass cull, no point waiting, do it now, If 6 billion will die through starvation and war why allow the suffering. Mass extermination, we have the technology 😂

    • Typical ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ unresearched, stuttering, simpering piece of lentil shitting flange that seem always to be presented as frontcunts/spokescunts for such groups.
      “I’m not trying to frighten children, I’m just listening to their expressed fears yada fucking yada…”
      No love, what you’re hearing from them are the echoes of the propaganda that YOU initiated you silly cunt! Unfortunately you lack the discernment, historical context, fact base and mental depth of field to spot this.

      Gotta hand it to Neil, he has the capacity to reduce such types and better to ruin, Fuck knows how he does it. Quick poll…
      Did any of the assembled cunters here ever pick up a blog (around 2010 onwards from memory) called “The Devil’s Kitchen”. An excellent site/mouthpice run by Chris Mounsey and one of the original “swear-bloggers”. Essentially libertarian but he carved the establishment into bloody slices with searing, sentence by sentence take downs a la Robert Fisk laced with anatomically impossible invectives. He was invited onto Neil’s current vehicle, The Daily Politics(?) and I thought “oooh fucking yessss! this is gonna be a fucking blood bath but no… under studio lights Chris collapsed when Neil confronted him with lines he’d written as his devilish online alter-ego.

      Dioclese! Wan’t he on your links side bar and vice versa?

      But anyhoo back to…
      Putting aside Neil’s citing of the IPCC’s bogus AR5 scenario for the moment, straight away you know you’re dealing with a cunt but of all the possible handles the drippy bitch could have why the fuck would you choose that??? Can’t be through any religious affiliations as she is a hardcore Marxist so….?
      Could this be referencing the judaic concept of Tikkun Olam d’ya think? That they (the orthodox Jews) will be “… the thousand points of light (currently hidden by the Kelipoth = the Gentiles) that will bring about the cleansing and healing of the world.”? Well ExReb in their delusions hold themselves to be performing that very function when in fact they are as much proxies of greater forces as are BLM, Antifash, the IPCC and every other leftist poitical haemmeroid currently dangling from the arsehole of international politics.

      And then you check their corporate logo which Muzz Shites has had fashioned into a charming and tastefully discrete necklace by a ten thumbed four yr old;
      “Oh it’s representative of an hour glass”
      This device is a modification of the deeply masonic sigil adopted by the Ordo Templi Orientis (Gregor Mathers, Crowley et al) which divided the two triangles that comprise the Star of David which is in reality the satanic/caballistic Star of Remphan aka Baphomet aka Satan signifying ‘as above so below’… the two Messiahs… Moshiac ben Joseph & Moshiac ben David… the cap stone and its perverted inversion… ‘good’ versus ‘evil’… and of course ‘Left’ versus ‘Right’.
      Enclosing the two oppositional forces within the outer circle signifies the actuality of having control over BOTH sides of the dialectic which is what we’re seeing right now… very bad boys…

  5. XR hate capitalism and yet probably have the latest gadgets and Apple/Samsung smartphones.

    Just another bunch of uppity social media wannabe cunts trying to look tough in a fairly tolerant country, but wouldn’t dare do anything similar in the real polluting countries like Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China or India because they know they would have the shit kicked out of them 10 or 12 times before being dumped in some ripe prison cell with some tasty geezers!

  6. Traditional strategies like petitioning, lobbying, voting and protest have not worked due to the rooted interests of political and economic forces. (XR website)

    I’m not saying nonviolent direct action is a wonderful solution, or that its proponents don’t have a hidden agenda.

    But what is to be done, assuming you have noticed that the environment is grievously fucked, feel you should do something about it, and you don’t work for RTZ or a Chinese megacorporate?

    As to those, the Chinese would take a lot more notice if we stopped buying unnecessary shit from them. And XR would do some good by getting that message across at home. (They don’t need to confront the very nasty Chinese state to do that.) Trouble is, the vested interests, which I see many cunters believe, are adept at smearing any movement – usually with the ‘dirty hippy’ or ‘middleclass theorist’ tags – and presenting the vested interest as being the public interest. The environmentalist message gets lost.

    “Reduce the population? Sure, but not me.
    Reduce your demands on the ecosystem? Sure, but I need a new SUV first.”

      • ˙ǝlqısuɐlp ǝɹoɯ sı uoıʇɐuɐlpxǝ ǝʌıʇɐuɹǝʇlɐ ɹuoʎ ǝʌǝılǝq ǝʇıuq I ʇuq ,ǝʇouq lɐıʇıuı ɹuoʎ ɹǝʇɟɐ sɔılɐʇı ǝɥʇ „ɟɟo ɥɔʇıʍs„ oʇ pǝlıɐɟ uoʎ pǝʇɔǝpsus I ˙ʇɐɥʇ puɐʇsɹǝpuu ʇ,uop I :ou ,ʎllɐuʇɔɐ ,ʇı ʇuoqɐ ʞuıɥʇ oʇ ǝɯoƆ

        ¿sʇuǝɯɥsıllǝqɯǝ suoʇıuʇɐɹɓ ɥɔus ʇuoɥʇıʍ ǝɔıɟɟus ʇıʍ ɹǝıpɐɹ puɐ sısʎlɐuɐ luɟʇɥɓısuı puɐ ʎɥʇıp ɹuoʎ ʎlǝɹuS ¿ǝɹǝɥ ʎɥʍ ,ʍou ʎɥW

        On yer head (or off it?)

      • More entertainingly, your reference to attention seeking appears to have served an evocation for one of the Uptick Faeries.

        Unsurprisingly perhaps, as ROFL Coconuts certainly was partial to the adulation and the tickies – and it is his nomination.

        Upticking is impossible to cheat. Honest. Also it’s pointless. – DA

  7. Burn them. Douse them in liquified fossil fuels that they so despise. Apply naked flame and stand well back.

    Apologies to Unkle Terry for taking trade away, but ovens are too good for these hypocritical, nose pierced unwashed sactimonious Eco loon bastards.

    Off now to run the 2.0 litre diesel. Cos I can.

    Breaking news…. Sad Cunt Javid tests positive for the rona virus. Course he has. Does anyone even believe this shit anymore?

    Fuckkkkkk Oorrfffffff.

    Fuck off.

    • “Off now to run the 2.0 litre diesel. Cos I can.”

      Fuckin’ sound… get 50 to a gall out of The Guvnah, me Rover 75 Conny Tourer and still get 40 pulling a big fuck off Osprey dinghy. Push comes to shove I can run that bad boy on fucking chip oil.
      And now I mention it, I think Unkle Tel is missing a golden opportunity here in the alternative future-fuels market, if he just fitted a couple o’ drain taps to his ovens he can collect the rendered run off and bingo. Finally a fucking use for the cunts. One 300lb feminazi will keep the Guvnah fuelled for a month!

    • 2 litres????
      My son’s van is 6.6L
      Cunt imagine trying to run that i UK!

  8. Utter cunts. I fucking despise them. Causing chaos, causing us to take detours to hospitals, delaying response times. I’d love to fit a fucking snow plough to the front of the ambo and shift ’em. HCPC may take a dim view of that, though.

  9. Class them as what they are.
    Then fucking round every last one of the commie cunts up and gas them.
    Carbon offset that you shitting rats.

  10. “There’s nothing more pathetic than an ageing hipster”

    Dr Evil, Austin Powers 1997

  11. The header pic is interesting, the one in the centre holding the banner definitely has the look, tensed up snarling face, however the blonde standing next to her looks well worth a sustainable fucking, they aren’t all bad 😂

  12. The guys a fucking nutter.

    Anyone who believes the nonsense he comes out with will be both gullible and as thick as pigshit.

  13. Notice that these cunts always pitch up and start their bullshit just before school holidays are about to start? Just like the BLM who appear 9 months before a presidential election to smear the republican party.? Like BLM, all these cunts do is vandalise shit and we are left paying the bill as they get off free, often not even seeing a police interview room or a court room.

    Mophead would have someone calling a footballer a shit cunt or a useless fucker banned from football grounds or jailed for hurry feelings under a racism crime guise than tackle hi s mates who push the green agenda he loves.

    Cause hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage? No problem, Dick at the Met will give those affected a ‘crime reference number’ to allow the owners damages to be rectified free of charge likely courtesty of one of Hancock’s landscaping chums who will do it at a nice inflated price because it’s through the insurance.

    Someone should have given those penalty missing cunts a reference number to cure their hurty feelings for getting told they were useless cunts. Their insurance company could then have got some professional cuddlers round to give them a big hug, a nice bowl of tomato soup and reassure them how great they really were before tucking the cunts in and reading them the Me-again Markle story book, The Bench. That’s where the cunts should be for the whole of next season for punishment.

    Where’s the disgruntled peaceful religion worshipper and his stolen Scania 144 when you need them? Cunts.

  14. I did 12 mins of the interview, then I gave up.
    It was not what I expected, I looked at his footwear and thought “They are not very sustainable” then I looked at his shirt and thought, those are plastic buttons ( I was expecting whittled twigs on a hemp shirt).
    So my initial thought of Billy Connely gone wrong, slowly went down the drain to be replaced by, this chap is a bit of a prick, a speaker without a voice.
    I gave up.

  15. Help we’re all going to die. But first I’ve got to help Emma Thompson pack for her round the world trip and then help Stephen Fry choose his new sports car.

  16. The internet uses far more power than the entire pre COVID airline industry. These fuckers use more power individually than any other generation in human history. Extinction oblivion will turn out to be a paedo sex cult. Just wait.

    • “Extinction oblivion will turn out to be a paedo sex cult. Just wait.”

      Yup, put a bag o’ sand on that, safe bet.

  17. I read we are making enough food for 10 billion people right now. That’s 25% more than is currently alive on earth.
    And wtf is all this carbon phobia about? There were periods in the past where CO2 was 16 times higher than now and those periods were characterized by glaciation.
    This twat is another Marxist loser out to grab wealth and make us all equal at the bottom of the barrel.
    I hope he falls into the bear pit at London zoo if he ever protests against zoos. Or a lion nabs him through the bars of it’s cage as he’s strolling by, or a gorilla……oh fuck off.

    • Don’t confuse Julian with Facts, or he will send Tarquin and Arabella round to delay your journey.

  18. Extinction rebellion protesting outside the Chinese Embassy?
    Didn’t think so.
    And as the 43 permanently active volcanoes in the world emit 100 times more CO2 annually than the entirety of humankind I am waiting to watch these fuckwits build a wind farm on top of Mount Etna etc.

    • Fake news, where did you find it? Current estimates by real scientists suggest, without being too dogmatic, that the ratio of volcanic CO2 to anthropogenic is about 1:10.

      “Continuously” erupting volcanoes? Maybe you got that here:


      Crucially, An eruption marked as “continuing” does not always mean that the activity is continuous or happening today, but that there have been at least some intermittent eruptive events at that volcano without a break of at least 3 months since it started. An eruption listed here also might have ended since the last public data update, or at the update time a firm end date had not yet been determined due to potential renewed activity.

  19. I look at the positives with renewable energy. We have to rely less on the Scots and the Peacefuls and more jobs in the future to power the soap factories to give these smelly cunts a good wash.

  20. I put these lot in the same category as some end of times cult. Like that Japanese Shinreikyo cult. Either that or a bit like the Manson Family or Jonestown.

    I feel the same way about them as I do when there’s a wasp in the room. I don’t see them as an immediate threat but I like to keep my eye on them.

  21. Saw this cunt interviewed on the telly recently, he’s a fuckin loon, at total screwball. There’s more cpmmom sense that comes out of my arse each morning than this cunt talks in a year.

  22. ‘You cant eat money’

    That’s the level of fucking twat we’re dealing with.

    • I mean… where do you even start? We’re back to the chalk board with these ‘6th form socialist’ knobbers.

      • You can’t eat money?!

        I’ll show those stupid cunts. I just ate a 5 dollar bill take that you bastards trying to tell me what to do

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