Ping! Freedom Day Postponed (2)

The country in chaos is a cunt,

In two days time the Boris show will announce lifting restrictions on the 19th of July, the New Freedom Day.

But Covid is on the rise, the Johnson variant (Sir Kweer used this at PMQ’s) is running out of control, but it’s fine the majority of the adult population has been jabbed.

Sadly the story continues with Labour saying it’s too soon, too fast, we must keep the masks. School kids being sent home because one little cunt gets the sniffles, the solution from the government is to scrap the bubbles.

NHS workers self isolating because they have been pinged by the App, the solution, well if they have been double dosed ignore it and carry on. Ordinary workers who could be pinged and self isolating could stall the recovery, the solution is the desensitise the App.

And what about long Covid, less people in hospital but the number of long Covid suffers will increase (an early Christmas present for all the hypochondriacs). And to top it off, the Universal credit uplift of £20 per week will disappear and the triple lock is likely to be suspended.

Fucking Chaos!!

And finally tomorrow will be Bloody Sunday when England play the Italians, social distancing will be non existent, no one will give a fuck about Covid and infections will be through the roof.

Will the Johnson variant imported from the South East Asian shithole be the end of Boris.

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Seconded by – Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

So much for fucking ” Freedom Day”…..

So still expect to wear masks in shops and I have little doubt that the self-important harridans that man my local Co-op will be itching to refuse service to anyone who attempts to go maskless…Well,they’ll hear my views on the matter if they try to stop me after the 19th.

Fucking politicians boasting about our “successful” vaccine drive…what’s the fucking point if nothing changes?

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  1. Full oven for Doris the snake.Utter contempt for us “the plebs”.The SAGE and Onion party have gained power now.I am not wearing one Monday.As far as I am concerned Jellyfish can shove his mask where it hurts.

  2. I don’t believe a word that comes from any government/ cabinet mouths anymore. It’s one lie after another from them all as they watch the Mophead do it and they have all assumed the same level.

    I came across this earlier where a bleck man across the pond has a better idea of what Mophead & Co are up to and the divisive distractions they continually fire at us.

    Bear with his accent if you can as it is worth a watch. Some of it is quite funny in how he says things, though it’s not so funny living at n the reality of this clown country…

  3. Re: vaccines.

    lol into Lipid’s, spike proteins and the data that has been collected over the last 12 months.
    Look at the concentrations of Lipid’s in ovaries, lymphatic systems and, worryingly, bone marrow.

    Many leading scientists agree that we cannot rule out massive complications from untested vaccination’s in the years to come.

    This is not just about Covid-fucking-19.

    • It is my duty to repay mother nature for allowing me to be here by rejecting the offers of any mNRA injection in order to preserve an uncontaminated blood supply and my little swimmers.

      The sperm banks will be gagging for unvaxed spunk in years to come and the price per teaspoon will make gold & bitcoin investment like penny shares 🤣

  4. Anybody who is involved in delaying this.

    Hoo-ee, what a bunch of cunts,

  5. “I’m refusing to wear a mask, aren’t I clever?”
    If I was a health care worker I would have despaired by now. They’ve been doing everything they can to look after those affected by the virus and have been vaccinating people as fast as is humanly possible, yet the government in their wisdom decides to leave the back door open and welcome a new and virulent strain into the country. Every time we start getting the number of deaths and new infections down to manageable proportions we hear vociferous groups calling for the lifting of restrictions because they want to get together and party, and go on holiday. The government responds and here we go again, the figures inevitably start to rise. We’re now up to more than fifty thousand new infections a day. It used to be ‘save the NHS’. What is it now, ‘fuck the NHS’? We’re living in a world of fucking idiots.
    People were being interviewed on the radio the other day, being asked why they refuse to be vaccinated. They were saying things like “Well, we don’t know what’s in it.” I’ve never heard such tripe. When was the last time any of these turnip heads refused a prescribed medication from their doctor because they didn’t know what was in it? The answer is never. They talk through their fucking arses. Let’s hear the real reason, not a made-up excuse. Which is they’re refusing to do something simply because they’ve been told that they should. They’re like petulant children.

    • Allan@ – Wearing a mask to stop a virus is like wearing a tennis racket as an umbrella, and if there is a “deadly spike/pandemic/variant” why are there abandoned masks littered along every pavement and street in the UK instead of being securely removed to a biohazard containment area?
      “It’s all the fault of the nasty anti maskers and conspiracy theorists” some would say.
      Sorry, but it ISN’T – look to the real culprits.
      1.2 million people marched in London recently, but bizarrely no “spike in infections” whatsoever.
      European Cup Final in London recently – Wembley and London packed – no “spike in infections” whatsoever – does this NEED spelling out?
      The globalists tried to smash our resistance using the bad and dishonest excuse of a cold, but there are still some who are convinced that “Governments” are protecting us.
      And if there ever was a “deadly pandemic” why have all airports, sea ports and Channel Tunnel rail ports been wide open for over a year with no facility to track, test, trace, isolate or “vaccinate” any visitors?
      I am unable to spell this out more clearly.

      • My elderly parents live just around the corner from the link cal Tescunts and on the passage to a few local housing estates. I’m never finished picking up filthy old masks that get trapped in their garden fence, bushes etc.

        The full street is absolutely littered with them. We haven’t seen the council litter picking guy with his barrow or even a road sweeper since summer of 2019. I walk my dog last thing at night past theirs to check in on them and I dread it as my dog keeps trying to pick them up.

        Coupled with cracked & potholed roads & pavements, street lighting that either don’t work at night or is on during the day is further evidence of lazy cunt local councils. Oh and planning applications being sneaked through as public objections are frozen out. Cunts.

    • Fuck the number of new infections, it’s serious cases and hospitalisations and deaths that count, and they’re minimal.

      The more millennials get it, along with the resultant antibodies, the better.

      • We need more clarity on numbers of hospital cases where a case is a person being admitted for the sole treatment of Coronavirus and not just testing positive while they attend A&E with a cut finger etc.

        Them PCR tests are so inaccurate that’s it’s absurd the media have allowed them a free pass to lock down & screw an economy based on these results.

        I don’t dispute the existence of people catching respiratory disease which all now seem to be classed as Covid cases but I dispute the level of fear that’s been used about it when Whitty said a fraction of 1% catching it would die. This fear has continued unnecessarily affecting the old & vulnerable mentally most and more so now those groups and more have been vaccinated, there has been no reason for that hysteria and fear to continue.

        This makes me suspicious of either the number they claimed have too ‘the jab’™ , it’s effectiveness OR both.

        I say the above as someone who hasn’t taken up the offer of ‘the jab’™ as I decided right at the start I wanted to wait and see how effective & safe each brand was before choosing.

        Firstly, I was told I would never get the choice of which brand would be injected into my body and then the methods using coercive behaviour & hard sell tactics in the time that’s elapsed since has pretty much sealed the deal I will never take anything mNRA.

        I have elderly parents, relatives & friends who took up the offer and I sincerely hope that this thing doesn’t detrimentally affect anyone’s lives and I hope all my suspicions are wrong. Time will tell and despite the MSM feeding us bullshit about it being tested like every other vaccine, there is NO substitute for time and no laboratory can do any tests that replicate how healthy recipients will be in years to come except Doc in Back to the Future.

  6. From reading this thread the only thing I’ve learned is not to have a different opinion l, or you’ll get shouted down by facts that don’t cite any sources just “research”.

      • To add if you dismiss the vast population of a country as blindly believing something they’re told, then repeat the same conspiracy things you were told you’re exactly the same just on the opposite side. You’re just like them! 😂😂😂

    • Lazybiscuits@ – Sources?
      OK – FOI requests made to HM Coroners office, Public Health England, Office of National statistics, HM Government, HMRC.
      Feel free to do the same.
      My opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s – and I leave “conspiracy theories” to the brain dead fuckwits who chant them.

      • Lazybiscuits@ – Furthermore, masks ARE a big pharma profit scheme, as well as fuckwit Johnson making some Chinese companies a lot richer by handing out massive contracts that should have gone to UK companies.
        And I do not “ignore or dismiss any counter argument” because I am not arguing with anyone!
        I have given you the sources of my information in an earlier post – feel free to crack on and “present your well researched and factual evidence”.
        Getting a bit fucking tired of cheap digs.

  7. If I am still around for the next GE, I shall NOT vote Tory, unless they get shot of Doris. He is a buffoon, a goon, an utter embarrassment. I believe that there are definitely better candidates in the party. (If there weren’t, the party would deserve obscurity)
    Fortunately, there do not appear to be any other parties that could get into No. 10. Doris the snake, you are on borrowed time.

    • I voted for May & Doris but I will never vote conservative again now.

      The failure of Labour to appoint a worthy leader – what the fuck were they thinking putting up the remainer that the media filmed going off to Strasbourg to derail our EU exit plans? That was the warning signal that this was a cunt who would shite in his own nest. Not forgetting his affiliation with cunts like Savile. He never failed to deliver expected cuntiness either as him and Rayner dropped to their knees bowing to BLM masters.

      The fact the opposition is so shit will allow conservative to scrape in. They can kiss that 80 seat majority they got only for lying about delivering brexit.

      The problem is bigger than finding a decent Labour leader among that bunch of traitors. How do you pick a cabinet from them? Once you rule out all the lying remainer traitors who tried their best to fuck over the UK electorate before, what does that leave?

      Not many competent of even being an MP in the first place but then add the final factor that the globalist machine would pressure any labour leader winning an election to make up their cabinet with ‘diversity in mind’ and sadly every ethnic MP on labours benches are either thick as shit, white race baiters or both.

      I voted Labour all my life (yep, even for that cunt Tony twice to my shame) prior to voting May but switched as I didn’t trust catweazle Corbyn not to U- turn on brexit then May & Doris did what I feared.

      I will never vote Labour again either. The Tories are now the Green party and after Clegg & Cable the lib Dems can’t be trusted either. I’m actually considering never voting again and pulling my details off the electoral register. Voting for different self serving trough feeders is a cunts trick. We always get the worst deal and they get the cash.

      • BB@ – All the same, all as bad, all with their fingers in the same till and snouts in the same trough.
        All 650 current MP’s need to be gone at the next GE and decent independent candidates voted in.
        “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

      • Doesn’t that rather define your posts in this thread? You repeat things constantly and ignore or dismiss every counter argument. You even suggested to someone who’s wife was going through chemo that masks were a big pharma profit scheme.

        You don’t ever cite a source for your claims either

      • I’m still waiting for people to realise that it’s the state that’s the problem, not the party in power. The state is crap at everything. Doesn’t matter which party. Look at education, look at the NHS. Whatever the state controls is shit.
        We need someone who will roll it back and let people just get on with their lives without interference.
        I can dream 🙄

  8. Cases have increased, we’ll fuck me that’s no surprise as they’re asking every fucker to get tested even if they’ve got no symptoms. 30,000 positive cases, 30 or something deaths, we’ll let’s all shit ourselves, the human race is doomed. The sooner this fuckin government grow some balls, fuck Whitty, Vallance and the Sage cunts off the better.

    • All of those clowns in “Government” and the SAGE and Onion party want sliding into Unkle Terry’s oven for 3 hours cooking time.

    • I had an idea for a brief moment that we could beat the government at their own game by using their tests to OUR advantage by all ordering the two tests a week (Sturgeon is telling Scotland to do this even if you have NO symptoms) as requested but I of swabbing, collect a drip of water from the tap.

      However it was short lived as I then remembered reading somewhere that a large syndicate of people have already been requesting tests and they just opened & closed the packaging swabbing absolutely nothing and results were coming back positive.

      If this was to be true, you can’t help but think the swab has its result defined when it’s manufacturered. Otherwise it’s a confirmation the test accuracy isnt fit for purpose. No doubt our government has commited to buy billions of these tests from some cunt already. Probably paid up front too. Cunts.

  9. Now Boris and Sunak are not going to isolate after being in contact with Javid. What a fucking joke and a pair if cunts. Every fucker else has to isolate for 10 days but not these two. Why should the general public listen to these twats anymore? I have had enough. What a load of old bollocks.

  10. Let’s get ready for the next ‘Clap for the NHS’ shite now the cases are on the rise and the NHS will be at capacity again. These nurses can fuck off. They signed up to do a job. They are doing their job. Fuck off moaning and get on with it. It also pisses me off when they refer to it as ‘The Front Line.’ Compare this to the Somme. Now fuck off moaning. If you don’t like it then change profession. Daft cunts.

    • I want Mophead to get that old bastard Stanley out doing laps of his garden until he fucking drops. Repent his sins for spawning that useless piece of shit. I wonder how many laps he would manage?

      You can bet he wouldn’t be going around the clothes poles of a 30x15ft drying green.

  11. just learned that Boris and Javid were pinged. However, instead of going into self-isolation as you legally should, according to the rules, they will both continue to go to work and go about their business because… and here’s an extract from the paywalled Telegraph this morning….

    “The Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer have been pinged as Covid close contacts, but will not self-isolate.

    Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace as contacts of someone who has tested positive for Covid but will be participating in a daily contact testing pilot to allow them to continue to work from Downing Street, No 10 has said.

    Some 530,126 people were pinged last week and legally had to isolate, but the Prime Minister and the Chancellor will not. It is understood the pair will only leave home to work, and will have to take tests every morning to ensure they do not have Covid.”

    So there you have it, as if we didn’t already know: one rule for the cunts, and and quite another for us plebs!

    • Our “Chief Medical officer”(who elected him?)old twatface Whitty says enjoy your 5 weeks of freedom.Another lockdown in September.Will these twats ever learn?No no no no

    • Seems that these pair of bollocks have bowed to massive media outrage and decided to abide by their own rules and SI.

      what a pair of fucking cunts!

    • How big actually is No10 and how many staff work behind that front door we see on TV?

      This app surely must have triggered on the phone of every cunt in there following any one time for them being detected as having been in close contact with a positive case?

      If it goes through walls, ceilings & floors of hospital buildings (steel reinforced concrete)and through metal lockers, the walls of downing Street will be a piece of piss for signal to travel through.

  12. Might as well shut the fucking world down every time some cunt sniffs.

    What a load of fucking bollocks. Those few dying are either unvaxxed or the very elderly (my bet is that they’d be just as likely to have died if they’d caught the flu – indeed seasonal flu is now much more dangerous to the elderly if double vaccinated). The percentages of deaths are fucking tiny among those vaccinated – to the point of it being insignificant (unless you think the very elderly are suddenly immune to dying, when contacting illnesses?)

    It’s getting fucking ridiculous now. I’ll tell you this…some countries will never get over their paranoia, even if covid ‘kills’ 600 people a year while seasonal flu kills 10,000. I’m looking at you, Scotland, Japan, NZ and Australia.

    By the way, I’m not anti vaccination, I can see the results of vaccination quite clearly. But what’s the fucking point if we shut the world down because of a few cunts pissing their pants over something less deadly than seasonal flu (for those who took the vaccine)?

    Just keep it up you cunts, and let’s all have the world looking like an episode of The Walking Dead instead then, eh?

    Piss take.

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