Ping! Freedom Day Postponed (2)

The country in chaos is a cunt,

In two days time the Boris show will announce lifting restrictions on the 19th of July, the New Freedom Day.

But Covid is on the rise, the Johnson variant (Sir Kweer used this at PMQ’s) is running out of control, but it’s fine the majority of the adult population has been jabbed.

Sadly the story continues with Labour saying it’s too soon, too fast, we must keep the masks. School kids being sent home because one little cunt gets the sniffles, the solution from the government is to scrap the bubbles.

NHS workers self isolating because they have been pinged by the App, the solution, well if they have been double dosed ignore it and carry on. Ordinary workers who could be pinged and self isolating could stall the recovery, the solution is the desensitise the App.

And what about long Covid, less people in hospital but the number of long Covid suffers will increase (an early Christmas present for all the hypochondriacs). And to top it off, the Universal credit uplift of £20 per week will disappear and the triple lock is likely to be suspended.

Fucking Chaos!!

And finally tomorrow will be Bloody Sunday when England play the Italians, social distancing will be non existent, no one will give a fuck about Covid and infections will be through the roof.

Will the Johnson variant imported from the South East Asian shithole be the end of Boris.

Nominated by – Sick of it 

Seconded by – Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

So much for fucking ” Freedom Day”…..

So still expect to wear masks in shops and I have little doubt that the self-important harridans that man my local Co-op will be itching to refuse service to anyone who attempts to go maskless…Well,they’ll hear my views on the matter if they try to stop me after the 19th.

Fucking politicians boasting about our “successful” vaccine drive…what’s the fucking point if nothing changes?

143 thoughts on “Ping! Freedom Day Postponed (2)

  1. And to top it off vaccine passports could be coming into pubs too. I’m generally working at the weekends anyway so don’t really get to go to the pub, but still…

    • Braindead people downloaded this app and get everything they deserve.

      My business has been compromised yet again due to this fucking racket as there’s been a couple of lads forced to ‘isolate’ when there is absolutely fuck all wrong with them. Fuck all.

    • Anyone who thinks Javcunt is the saviour? Think again. Since being ousted previously by Cummings / Johnson, his hands haven’t been idle.

      Nobody finds it strange that every person who becomes Health Secretary is in bed with these bastards? It’s not a requirement that any country attends or recognises the existence of these cunts (many countries don’t) yet the UK has jumped through the cunts hoops as they plan to fuck you over.

      We’ve experienced a zombie parliament since 2016 (which resumed service again in March 2020) and now we have outside forces making the NHS a zombie health service. We need every one they f these cunts with invested interests or spouses & parents with such interests howed out on their arses.

      They don’t have our interests at forefront of their priorities and don’t be fooled into believing the ‘they work for you’ bullshit one minute longer.

  2. Freedom Day – I hear North Korea is lovely this time of year.

    This virus saga has got legs I’ll give it that and ten out of ten to the sociopathic corrupt bastards in power who have played an absolute fucking blinder.

    Expect a further spike in suicides. (that will obviously be nothing whatsoever to do with society being systematically reduced to rat shit)


    • Kim Jung Uns bird is lovely too.

      If you don’t here from me again, you’ll know I went to DPRK on my hols and got captured by Kims goons for saying the above. Jealousy will be running through him as he knows she couldn’t resist my SWC and would dump him after having experienced it.

  3. I can’t wait for ‘Terminus Day’. Seeing all those stupid cunts in masks in the minority for a change. Fuck the lot of them. I used to feel sorry for them, that they might genuinely be scared of Covid 19. Not any more. There is so much evidence that it is all turd that the only conclusion must be that they are fucking idiots.

  4. Not worn a mask anywhere since June 21st. Do most of our food shopping in Sainsbury’s and Iceland, no problem in either.

    Only once been asked to put on a mask, that was in St Elizabeth Hospice charity shop whilst sourcing underwear for the wife. Took my patronage to the Mind Shop across the road instead.

    • @rtc I’ve honestly never wore a mask since this began and aside one that lives in the box with my electric sander, I don’t own one.

      I have shopped as normal in all those shops that have remained open and I’ve never been refused entry or questioned by any staff or door security types about the absence of one. Ive passed police in supermarkets who have never batted an eyelid either. I’ve just went about my business quietly and as normal.

      I’ve never heard of anyone that I know being challenged either. I think a lot of the news footage showing people having difficulty entering shops or encountering over zealous police officers were staged media stunts to make the public believe this would happen to them should they dare venture out without one.

      If the government sends out the masks to every household like they did in WW2that actually prevent virus particle ingestion, I might buy it and wear one.

      I mean the masks we see used by the virologists in laboratories that filtrate the size of virus particles. If any lesser standard mask was up to the job, they would be wearing them.

      I’m no scientist, but I’m an engineer who previously worked in electronics industry installing equipment to create sterile manufacturing for memory components.

      Here is a simple test anyone can do to prove masks readily available in retail are useless. Put on your mask, go to a mirror in a cool room in the house and put your face right up to mirror and exhale. If the mirror mists up, your mask is shit.
      The vapour particles / droplets you see when exhaling are just like in winter day are around 40/50 microns in size. Any scientific papers I could find say C19 particles are average of 4.7 microns but they play the scare game to say the particles could be as little as 1 micron.

      When people said a year ago that wearing a mask for C19 protection was like putting up a chain link fence to keep out flies were pretty much spot on.

      The only thing I’ve done the government asked was regular hand washing which I’ve always done due to owning dogs. I’ve never bought any alcohol sanitiser either. Hot soapy water washes germs off your hands. That gel encourages people not to wash and unless you douse your hands thoroughly in it, they could easily miss germs. Ever watched people at supermarket putting on a pathetic half squirt of the stuff before a quick half hearted rub as they walk in store? Silly cunts.

      • Bob@
        Im a trifle worried!
        I tried your experiment and not only did the mirror not mist uo,
        But I don’t appear to have a reflection?!!

      • @ Bob – I’ve never used hand gel either, except once when required to upon entering the dentists surgery.

        After coming in from shopping, etc, I immediately wash my hands thoroughly (singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ backwards twice) and that’s about the size of it.

      • @mnc the mirror / room is likely too warm for it to show.

        @rtc I bet that alcohol gel is causing no end of skin problems for people too. Doctors will be prescribing let us if creams & lotions to keep pharma rolling in cash. Make up for empty NHS not buying much stuff over last year.

        A place I worked in 10 years ago had a couple of dispensers which nobody ever used. I used it for a few days maybe 2 or 3 times and only a small amount and my skin dried out and became inflamed quite badly.

      • I’ve been using hand gel for about five years, as I have to use PCs and equipment that coughing sniffling cunts who never wash their hands use. Its worked a treat, as I’m rarely ill with whatever ailments these sickly twats have from week to week. I never put my fingers in my mouth unless I’m home and I know my hands are clean. This doesn’t mean I’m a germophobe, far from it, but it makes sense to avoid the viral crap, like cold flu, and any other germs that unhygienic cunts spread about. Dirty cunts who blow their noses, then stick the snot ridden rag back in their pocket until they top it up later, then handle stuff I have to use after them. When a real bad virus eventually turns up we are fucked, because of cunts like this, and after this shit show, loads of cunts will denounce it as another globalist plot, right up until it kills them….

    • I’ve been to Woking. It’s fucking weird. Does your aunt wear a hat? If so, I might have seen her.

    • The staff in my local hospital were all told right after app was launched to leave their phones in their locker with apps also disabled as people were triggering each others phones creating the pings walking past lockers in changing areas when the phone owner was at other side of the hospital.

      It also triggered alerts on staff working in
      both the fucking floors above & beneath them if they took their phones onto the wards.

      These apps must trigger through walls to your neighbours too. Think I will download the app and report myself suffering so my neighbours get told to stay in and isolate so I can get peace from the cunts in the garden.

  5. I’m writing this on London bus. No mask. I’m getting a tube in a minute and Kahn can stick masks, which I haven’t worn anywhere for a month, right up his arse.

  6. I wonder if it might help if those scientists who are always on the TV now were put in a concentration camp?
    It’s worth a go.
    Masks my arse.
    A nation of M.ongs.

  7. You cannot get pinged if it is not turned on. If you are asked check in, just take a photo of the sign. Fuck it I have joined the resistance.

  8. Caught Mr Motivator (MBE) on the radio last night, objecting to the term “Freedom Day” (re July 19th) cos he says it’s demeaning to black slaves freed 200 years ago or some such bullshit.

    Mind you, I also object to the term – nothing to do with British slaves freed by the Romans – but because it’s an example of prime Orwellian doublespeak.

    Mr Motivator (MBE) also thinks the wearing of face masks should become a permanent feature of British life, cos it would show how much we care for the welfare of our fellow citizens… 😬

    Couldn’t find a link this morning so deleted it. If you find one re-submit it. Thanks – DA

  9. Fuck this shit. I hate these busy body, self appointed COVID please. These cunts stop whatever they are doing to question why you are not wearing a mask or ask you to wear it properly. I was in B and Q last week and the fat cunt woman ‘in charge’ of the queues at the tills started to kick off and shout at people for being too close to each other. I quickly raised my arm and muttered ‘Heil Hitler.’ This did not do down too well. I wish these twats would fuck off and mind their own business. Fuck Off!!!

  10. Due to the badly thought out Track & Trace app that millions of mugs have downloaded, turns out almost 500,000 got pinged last week alone to say they had to SI even though they’ve been on no contact with anyone.

    Moreover, some poor cunts got pinged through connecting walls with their neighbours who did test positive even though there was no direct contact with either party. The government blamed this on Bluetooth connectivity being too sensitive on the app. But despite the fuck up, people still had to SI for 10 days regardless.

    I’ve also received emails from Copeland council to say they a lot of their staff have been “pinged” and have to SI. Therefore certain services – like garden refuse collections – have been postponed until further fucking notice!

    Other large corporations are reporting staff having to SI due to be being pinged for no genuine reason, thus disrupting business including supermarkets and food hauliers, which just might generate panic buying in the shops!

    What an utter shitshow to go onto of an already massive shitshow Boris and his circus of idiots have baked over the last 18 months. And the cunt has the front to say Freedom Day is upon us, even though it really isn’t!

    And I wonder if him, his ministers, assorted advisors, SAGE cunts, royalty, VIPs, celebs and other bigwig cunts have to put with this pinging shite? I bet they don’t. Far too important to have to follow their own fucking guidelines.

    We live in a land of confusion (Fuck! Now I’ve got Genesis in my head.)

    • For the cunts lucky enough to work for companies who pay salary on sick leave it’s a Brucei Bonus, my former colleagues have been boasting about the amount of time they have been able to take off due to Covid contacts.

    • My local council suspended the garden refuse collection and when it resumed, you got one free collection. A request came through with council tax bill stating you needed a ‘sticker’ for your bin costing £30 in order to get garden waste uplift now.

      A loicence to fill a bin that the cunts actually compost and resale to the public from the depot? They can fuck off as I know the cunts will charge for the glass next or the paper.

      They claim it to cover the additional costs of the collection process? The truck to s already up my street at the gullible neighbours anyway so that’s bullshit. They can suck my lawn cuttings out the gulley instead. I’m a nocturnal gardener now. Cunts.

  11. This will never fucking end until they accept that the double jabbed are at such a low risk it’s not worth worrying about. Yes, the non vaccinated (adults) are at risk but if they’ve had the choice of having a vaccine…then fuck it. I’m sure they’d agree too.

    But no, of course, some (not all granted ) fucking lazy public sector workers think it’s a good time to try and slack off on furlough or working from home 2-3 hours a day on full pay.

    Well keep it up dickheads. Where do you think all that money comes from that you take from the treasury? Fucking private industry you dumb fucks. Keep crushing that and there will soon be no money to pay you cunts to stay at home.

    Those with skills other than pushing pens around wouldn’t find it too difficult to find work abroad too if the system collapses here.

    No excuse for restrictions once every cunt who’s had the choice of being vaccinated, has either taken it or refused it.

    This will never fucking end because of these malingering cunts (doleys and peacefuls on tax credits are all for lockdowns and furlough too).

    Fake jobs in ‘certain communities’ will be made up too, to take advantage of this shite soon enough (furlough). It’s fucking coming.

    • If every cunt took to the street and had anti lockdown marches in every town & everyday of the week, the government would end furlough solely to force everyone back to work & empty the streets. I’m currently at the mercy of DWP and desperate to get back to work but the cunts have shutdown the NHS services I need keeping me fucking incapacitated.

      If this country doesn’t open as normal soon, they won’t have taxes / money to fund an NHS. Wait and see how those loving lockdown feel when they need medical attention. Cunts.

  12. Don’t forget conspiracy theorists are all nutters, everybody knows that. That’s why we must shut them up, get them off soshul meeja ……we can’t have all that misinformation floating about. Not to mention the nasty raaaay-sists upsetting our millionaire sportscunts and slebs. Only the truth must be allowed. We are being nicely tucked up, done up like a kipper.
    The Ministry of Truth is just around the corner.
    You know it makes sense!

    • As witnessed in N.Z, Australia, Scotland, Wales, England and numerous U.S states😢

    • The problem is that social media is full of anti vax stories that are easily debunkable, and when confronted with the evidence, they say ‘ok, that’s bullshit, but what about the other stuff…’
      If they stuck to the stories that had actual evidence then they might get somewhere, but there is so much shite out there that feeds their imagination, their paranoia, that they can’t help themselves.

      • It’s a difficult call, because some people believe everything they read, and the could end up making decisions on spurious claims. On the other hand if you ban it, it just feeds the paranoia of the tinfoil brigade and makes it worse.
        Loonies on both sides, I’m stuck in the fucking middle again!

    • The ministry of truth already exists in NZ. The buck tooth PM harridan said, ‘We will continue to be your single source of truth’.

  13. Did anyone really believe it would happen? A massive part of breaking people psychologically is to either create a doomsday scenario and then roll back very slightly so the people think you are the hero protecting freedom (Boris Johnson) or to be an overbearing bully who gives a glimpse of hope then removes it. (Boris Johnson).
    Turn half the population into traitors who are only too willing to rat out their neighbours through their piously quivering net curtains (Boris Johnson).
    Divide and conquer, terrify, gaslight and use constant propaganda to terrify the gullible and uninformed into grudging acquiescence (Boris Johnson).
    The last 18 month Psyop could have been taken directly from a KGB training session, and still the fucking walking corpses fall for it!
    Time for all to grow a pair, step up and end this.
    The “Government” never will.
    I will never post about death rates, hospital occupancy rates, pretend “vaccines” etc again because TBH I am fed up to the fucking back teeth of spending my time, money and sanity nailing down liars and crooks to be called a fucking moron.
    If people actually believe any of this utter bollocks any more that is up to them.
    I am done.

    • Couldn’t agree more VF

      The world’s populace are sleepwalking and dragging the rest of us into a medical/health dictatorship where vaccination id’s and yearly booster shots will become mandatory (in all but name)
      Doesn’t sound as far fetched now the bastards are casually attempting to implement it hoping no cunt notices.

      Take as many injections as you wish, wear as many masks as you can fit on your face and stay as safe asyou but please just leave the rest of us out of it.

      Freedom of choice and thought is rapidly becoming an outdated concept.

      • It will be interesting when the season changes and we see just how effective the vaccination really is. All I’m hearing from people right now in Scotland is people who are catching this are already double jabbed™ and are raging that they have been sold a pig in a poke.

        Give it time and they will be demanding that all the unvaxed get injected with the MNRA too as it’s not fair that people didn’t take the jab™ and arent suffering jab effects… “We thought this vaccine was 100% tested and it would work when we rolled up our sleeves, it doesn’t, what have you really injected into me? I want everyone forced to be injected with it so they can be just like me”.

  14. The latest stick to beat us down is infection debt: because most folk have been obedient with isolation and masks, as we open up, we will all catch colds, norovirus etc, etc, etc…

    This will run and run and run…

  15. So we don’t have to wear masks anymore? Ah but Wee Jimmy, that Welsh cunt, Suckdick Khunt and every Labour Mayor in every big city says we do.
    You don’t have to be. Every cunt you see without one is obviously an uncaring “right wing extremist” who wants you to die. (and probably a raaaay-sist, you know the sort). Do as you are told, listen to the science, listen to the people who care.
    The libtards know best, the slebs wouldn’t lie to you would they? Greta wouldn’t lie, Uncle Joe wouldn’t lie? Is it making sense to you now?

    • Travelling on a crowded tube with all the trash that lives in London is reason enough to wear a mask, fucking shit hole.

      However all this bollocks is ridiculous, we are heading for 70% of the adult population double jabbed with the vast majority of vulnerable fully protected (well more than 90% protection against death).
      The under 40’s are less likely to be hospitalised and the under 30’s unlikely to even get sick….

      The country should be fully open, keep out the fucking shit from abroad, if you ain’t British or a resident then fuck off. Let the virus run its course and take off this fucking self isolate bollocks.

    • You’ve just about hit the nail on the head Freddie.
      It sums up the world we live in today – if you don’t wear a mask, you are a racist!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF? It’s become as ludicrous as that.

      I don’t have that many more years left and I’ll be fucked if I give a damn about any of these turds – BBC and Whitty included!

    • The confusion caused by devolved administration is all part of the theatre. It allowed was them to plant the seeds with the MSM to ensure there desired plan will grow.

      Boris will rewind on freedoms to follow Krankie & Drakefird again.

  16. Well there ain’t a lot of freedom in my house. My eldest boy was sent hone to self isolate for 10 days, leaving me and the missus to take time off to look after him. He went back Friday morning at 8.45. At 11.00 we received a message to say that his younger brother would need to be collected to self isolate for 10 days. Luckily our bosses are very understanding, otherwise we’d lose 20 days money over it between us. Boris painted himself into a corner with this freedom day bluster and can’t back away from it. The truth on the streets is very fucking different.

  17. Covid Agenda
    Go Green Agenda
    Woke Agenda
    MSM Agenda
    Social Media Agenda
    Globalism Agenda
    Integration and Diversity Agenda
    Immigration Agenda
    Eating & Drinking Agenda
    Tax Everything that is bad Agenda
    Democracy and Freedom of Speech Agendas
    Voting Agenda…

    There are times when death has never been more appealing than now!

    I’m more annoyed nobody had Biz Markie in the Dead Pool – DA

    • Hard to nominate someone you’ve never heard of. Thankfully I havent, and after Googling him I am pleased I never did.

    • Once the government has pickled everyone’s brains on your list above, convincing them we are under an attack from aliens will be child’s play. They aren’t peddling all the current space bollocks stories right now for nothing.

  18. But what about all these…wait for it…’hundreds’ of scientists who say Britan or rather Boris is endangering the world opening up on Freedom Day.
    I mean he is doing what most cunters want isnt he?

    • Yes, he is doing the right thing, anyone who is worried can take action to protect themselves, Hands Face Space, no one will say ‘take your mask off’ or ‘why are you washing your hands’

      The world can fuck off.

    • Yes Miles.

      The country needs fully opened up now.
      No to restrictions
      No to child cruelty
      No to vaccine blackmail

      Fucking Enough already !!!!

      • HJ

        Yes I am going to use the phrase. ‘It is what it is’. I dont slaveshly follow the government. But I can see why they are constantly changing decisions because our understanding of this thing changes.
        My understanding now is that if you had both jabs it in no way stops you getting the virus. It just stoos you from dying in most cases now.
        The government have to weigh up the risks as has been said a thousand times.
        My sister has a debilitating illness. Much dismissed over the years. I have learned to listen over the years. I listen to the testimony of people who say they have Long Covid. I believe their stories. We really do not know how prevalent in the population it is. Another factor to take into account.
        Its a new realty. I know it seems strange but yes that’s what we have to do now. Be prepared to go into lockdown, be prepared to self isolate. Be prepared to stop flights if necessary. It does seem like these people coming back from france have just been told to quarantine on a whim. But it is data-led. I sound like an apologist for the government. But I just think that it is what the government says it is.

      • You’re right Miles.
        At the very start of this shitfest Chris Whitty gave a briefing, gave out some stats and predictions and this included him saying, “unfortunately a fraction of 1% would probably die” (that is 1% of those who catch it, not 1% of the population) and that most people wouldn’t be affected. So therefore it is what the government says it is.

        How have we gone from “most people won’t be affected” to jabbing every cunt in the country.?

      • 90% of the population were never in danger of death or serious illness.

        Now that the old and otherwise vulnerable have been fully vaccinated there is no excuse for not fully reopening the economy. Those who for medical reasons cannot be vaccinated can continue to shield if necessary.

      • Take the france thing. That has been caused by fear of the Beta variant. There are worries that that could evade the vaccinnes. So quickly (apt word) HMG gets data that says it is a problem. What are they to do? Immediately take measures. Therefore travel chaos.

        I think some cunters see this as a part of a CT but it is just the new reality. It is a fast changing situation. How can I put it? The virus is fast -changing so we have to be.

        The days of setting out for a predictable journey or a predictable day at the office or factory are gone I think.

      • But what if this Beta variant in France is proved to be vaccine resistant?
        The government want us I think to become nimble agile in our responses to new developments with this thing.
        Theres a very strong feeling within us all to get back to normal. For something like this to pass. But with each passing day I now believe this is the new normal. It isnt going to just pass away like the Spanish flu did. It is something different.

      • “90% of the population were never in danger of death or serious illness. ”

        Maybe nearer 97%. But I’m with Miles. I tend not to attribute to conspiracy what can be perfectly well explained by incompetence or ignorance ( the characteristics of the virus being unknown in advance, ignorance is a perfectly reasonable excuse). So 3% of the population were initially at risk, to the extent that if they got it, they would be going to hospital (and did). If they went to hospital, they had between 25 and 30% chance of coming out feet first. That’s a lot of corpses to bury.

        What has changed, thanks to vaccination, is that fewer people are going to hospital, and thanks to some fast and dedicated work by researchers and clinicians, more of those come out alive.

        The big BUT is that without controls of some sort, that’s still a hell of a lot of people going to hospital, and the hospitals have their work more than cut out already, catching up with the backlog of reduced or abandoned treatments during the first two, more lethal, waves, to say nothing of staff exhaustion and terrible morale.

        Yes, it’s not killing so many. But it’s still making enough people extremely ill as to impact on anyone else who wants to use the NHS. We are also seeing that ‘long Covid’ can be pretty debilitating in its own right, and is endemic now.

        That’s during the NHS ‘slack’ season (no DCI GC, I know it’s never slack at all) With the latest version of Chinese pig/duck flu this winter, there will be a perfect storm. Normally, the boffins have some idea what the next flu will look like and can prepare a vaccine for us oldies which might mitigate it a bit. But it mutates every year.

        This year everyone was self-isolating and wearing masks so the early infections with next winter’s flu didn’t happen, and no-one has a clue what the new virus will look like…and the annual flu jab round will probably be ineffective. Hospital admissions will in that case be much higher than usual.

        This will not be helped by a continuing Covid outbreak, no doubt fuelled by everyone’s entitlement to instant gratification, regardless of what it costs their community.

        I am continuing to wear a mask when and where advised to do so. It doesn’t protect me. It reduces transmission, by a tiny amount, and that’s fine.

        “You know, mate, I’d do anything for you. Anything at all”
        “Except wear a mask, of course.”

      • @ Komodo – I have never sought to attribute any of this Covid stuff to conspiracy, apart from the initial cover up by the Chinks regarding the source and nature of the virus.

        Your points otherwise well taken.

    • The award for apocalyptic scare stories has to go to the Mail. Not a day goes by without some over the top headline warning us of more lockdowns and the infected dropping like flies. The Express isn’t far behind.
      The trouble is that the moronic Sheeple read this shit and lap it all up.

    • @ RTC, Sorry, didn’t mean to suggest you were a conspiracy loon. You’re not, and I know you’re not.

  19. I shall still wear a mask post 19 July, why?

    Well Mrs Monke is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer so last thing she needs is Covid, which because of her low immunity would probably kill her.

    She has been shielding and hasn’t been out of the house, other than for hospital appointments in the last 6 months.

    So although both of us have been double jabbed I will be wearing a mask, not to protect other cunts but to protect her.

    Selfish cunts like to thing about how mask wearing effects them, well maybe think about how contracting Covid could effect the most clinically vulnerable.

    The main point of mask wearing is not to protect you but to protect other people.

    • Uncle Monke@ – I hope things go well with the treatment, but wearing a mask protects nothing but the profit margins of the manufacturers.
      Ask how long the chemo was delayed as “overwhelmed” NHS staff did TikTok dances in empty wards.

  20. Im more upset being asked to wear a johnny than a mask.
    If asked to wear one because someones scared? problem!
    Hardly fuckin traumatic is it?
    I wear one in the supermarket for 10minutes thats it,
    Not bothered by it,
    Covids made no changes to my day to day life bar that.

  21. If the cunts have yet to realise it’s got fuck all to do with a virus, I can but hope the latest rule change announced at the last minute regards travelling back from France may help convince a few more….. especially as a lot of people were planning to take their cars/vans across the channel…
    Fuck the french. Fuck Boris and his cabal of unscientific advisors.

    • As people flock to book holidays to current green zones, the government will turn them amber or red in a few weeks while opening countries those booking neglected due to being amber or red.

      Compliant countries on the other end will help kerb ability to travel as when Boris makes them green, they will exclude us at their end. Mophead & Shapps are a pair of cunts following a scripted pantomime. The fear of playing the holiday quarantine bingo is enough to cause reduced travel volunterely. Also, you could arrive at the Costa Del and get ordered to mask up in the pool and be detained in the hotel complex at any time.

      The brutality of foreign enforcement never misses.

      • BB@ – I am working on the G7/UEFA travel restrictions – fuck all if you are rich and corrupt.

  22. A random addendum – did everyone know the pharma companies are using unemployed actors and “soshul meeja influencers” to push the “vaccine” as they are not legally allowed to advertise it as a “vaccine”.
    Because it isn’t.

    • Be thankful you don’t live in Scotland, the lies are openly broadcast on the SNPeeTV state channels and Ofcom are giving them a free pass. We even get infestation whenever watching stuff on YouTube. I wanna opt out of the lot of it. I’ve never watched a sTurdgeon briefing or any from her expert dentist pal.

      Check this shit…

      • Komodo@ – Feel free to explain why a medical experiment which does not vaccinate, does not prevent transmission and does not prevent re-infection can be described as a “vaccine”.

  23. You’ve got to laugh at the silly cunts booking holidays abroad based on the government’s fucked up traffic light system ,which seems to change quicker than Katie Price’s under crackers!

    And just because a country is green to fuck off to, doesn’t mean that that country is accepting holiday makers – especially dirty Brits – because their government are using their own traffic light system.

    Don’t suppose Boris, Princess NutNut and Sage cunts have to face this kind of problem – they can fly anywhere around the world and claim form of diplomatic immunity, even if they are carrying the dink virus around with them.

    Never fear though. All those people who have survived covid through being jabbed will be dead before too long with some other disease that has been pushed onto the back burner. And in a few years time when we all have to get rid of our gas central heating, we’ll die of hypothermia because the Go-Greener eco system will be too expensive, won’t keep you warm and won’t achieve anything other than make us more poor, ill or dead!

    All part of the Build Cunts Better!

    • Any cunt takes my boiler and nut nut and wilf will be going to that brexit cliff edge.

  24. Good cunting Sick of it and Sir Fiddler

    Any cunting of the corona hoax and self appointed covid ministry of truth 2 weeks ago the msm we saw them insinuating to blame the variants on the unvaxxed because blaming it on the actual source is just too racist for the woke cunts thats why the renamed it delta and now the new long covid bs

    They almost say this in the same breathe as admitting the vaccine doesn’t really work against new variants I mean for fucks sake

    • Any cunters out there wanting to see the truth on this variant bullshit? Tell everyone you know that if they ever test positive to ask the testing facility what variant they have got and see what answers they get. I’ve got a telephone conversation with the Corona test & trace recorded. I actually end up having the consultant laughing away with me in agreement that it’s a bigger con than British gas offering cubic metres of gas at different prices by simply switching to a different imaginary tariff they themselves create to dupe everyone.

      A new variant gets the blame whenever there is a concentration of positive results reaching a threshold created by modelling within a certain area. I played dumb to get this info with lashings of concern that I might not get the right medicine if they didn’t know which variant I caught. 🤣

  25. PHWOAR!!!

    Just seen two birds walking down the road adjacent to my back garden. Must be around 19-20, wearing shades, hats, white tank tops and figure-hugging cut-off jeans that appear to go right up the arse crack!

    Prick teasing bitches (or is this female empowerment?) Either way I’ve got a horn the size of the Matterhorn!

    Sorry, carry on……

  26. Who the fuck in their right mind would have that track and trace app anyway? I’ve never been in a situation where it would be necessary, and I’ve been out on the piss and to restaurants, so why have it?

  27. Well.. some of us have been sounding the alarm for over a year now. Lord Sumption was on it early on too, and I quote,

    “The British public has not even begun to understand the seriousness of what is happening to our country. Many, perhaps most of them don’t care, and won’t care until it is too late. They instinctively feel that the end justifies the means, the motto of every totalitarian government which has ever been … The government has discovered the power of public fear to let it get its way.”

    Nations are in lockstep, rolling out similar legislation and media soundbites in synchronised fashion.
    E.g. Greece and France are now going for the vax pass, and mandatory jabs for healthcare.

    It’s obviously being coordinated by some supra-national entity or players. How many more times does Boris need to delay and pull another excuse out of his arse for you all to see?

    There are now more people ill who are vaccinated than unvaccinated, yet Biden says the unvaccinated are causing this lol.

    It’s fucking bullshit and it gets more obvious every day. They’re lying and playing all of us for an ulterior agenda/s. It’s not stopping until the public tells the government to shove it.

    • @BCC

      It’s so obvious to me at this point that this has very little to do with any virus or viruses for that matter.

      Vaccinations in exchange for freedom, surveillance capitalism and media censorship are part of the wonderful new normal.

      Throw in Extinction Rebellion with a lashing of race baiting and perpetual daily white guilt from our friends at BLM and the result is division and chaos.

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