Michael Moore [2]

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a fat arsed big mouthed yanky cunt in UK promoting another irrelevant film of meaningless opinions. It beats me how they got the fat fucker on a plane, maybe he had to travel as cargo. He has called UK “toxic” and has “nothing to offer”. Not surprisingly the rancid mound of human waste is anti Brexit calling Brexitiers “haters”.

In other news a shop in Londonistan has been valdalised for displaying pro Brexit posters in its window. This brave blow for human rights was carried out by fans of Mr Moore at approximately 2:45 am leaving the owners of the shop, a pair of brothers in their 80s, shocked but even more resolute to promote Brexit in future.

They do this, Mr Moore you useless sack of week old dog excrement, because they have something British which IS worth having. It is called bottle, and you can have one in your mush any time you like.

Nominated by: Skidmark eggfart

Michael Moore is one big fat fucking cunt of a snowflake

Nominated by: Bastard Well Bastard

13 thoughts on “Michael Moore [2]

    • Investigation by whom? Plod can pop over anytime he wants, nothing to hide here. I’ll even make him a brew.
      I’m getting a real “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” vibe from this…

      • “Invasion of the Avatar Snatchers” starring that sad twat Rickie from Norfolk/Dave/Bane/whatever the sad prick is calling himself this week and many, many more… cunts.

      • You’re not Sir Limply, you’re an imposter.

        Doesn’t grandad fuck you up the arse on Sundays…?

  1. Probably thought food bank meant he could borrow a few bags of food to tide him over until lunch.

    • Unfortunately Michael probably has an exhaustive and exemplary private health care plan which covers everything.

      Which is a lot better than the millions who rely on medicare in the US for their health care, who Michael claims to speaks for.

      Like I say, it’s these faux, neo liberals/socialists who think *they* know best while doing the complete opposite themselves (cos they’re minted) who are the main problem with society currently.

      Well Michael, a lot of real folk would be doing better had they not had to foot the bill for the greedy-banker crash of 2008 to the sum of trillions of dollars across the globe.

      And yet, where is your documentary on getting all those finance/banking vampires locked up for grand larceny – which is essentially what it was? Not one fucking conviction across the boards!

      Why aren’t you tackling that injustice instead of berating people for exercising their democratic right to get out of a shit economic deal – strangely enough – run by former bankers (i.e. the EU) who probably made sure their corrupt cronies *didn’t* get prosecuted?

      Where is *that* documentary Michael, you cunt!?!

    • he certaily looks beyond the phase of Elvis and John Candy just prior to them checking out. I had a look at that new show he did. Was questioning if the cunt would make it to the end.

      Would be a good Dead Pool flank shot for sure. Probably a safe one as well.

  2. Well cunted. They did him good and proper in Team America, ‘…a giant socialist weasel’.

    Fucking pie munching sepo parasite.

  3. What’s this about nonces?
    Don’t even fucking joke about that.
    I’ve just found out my daughter’s friend was abused by her dad.
    Pedo’s are the scum on a cunts’ cunt.
    If it’s true, lock ’em up and throw away the key.

    • It’s just some insignificant troll trying to make trouble coz he got booted off for being a twat…

  4. Michael Moore is a grade A vile hypocritical cunt who embodies everything that is wrong with the regressive left in America. Someone punch this sack of shit were it hurts & send him on a nice visit to A&E. Now that would make for a nice real life documentary Michael

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