Cunt of the Year [2] The results!

After much debate I am pleased to announce or is a cunt cunt of the year 2016.Judging by the comments I reckon it is Tim Farron.However Blair and Gina Miller were very close seconds.

So let us have a summary to this momentous year that was in which cuntitude become a competitive sport indeed:

The year began with a flurry of celebrity deaths which by February had reached full virtue signalling griefjacking proprtions.We then of course had the cunt fest that was the EU referendum campaign were the Remain and Leave campaign both were labelled cunts by milions across the land.The really substantial cuntitude came in the form of the reaction post referendum from those loyal servants of the people who showed what democracy hating cunts they really are.We had Farron Miller David Lammy Tony Bliar Ken Clarke Michael Heseltine Anna Soubry the late Tam Dalyell Paul Flynn and that fucking useless non-entity Owen Smith telling 52% of the population they were dumb ignorant racists who would have made Hitler proud.

Of course not to be outdone by us English the Jocks had to send in an army full of whinging cunts to claim us English were stupid and racist.From Wee Jimmy Crankie to Alex Salmond or Taggart as I call him to Angus Robertson Pete Wishart and dozens of other of the Scottish cunts went into full whinging mode all in the midst of a pointless second referendum calls in both the UK and US.

And not to outdone by us Brits the Americans had their own election which comprised of more cunts than a pornhub gang bang.And then when Trump was elected after crooked Hillary failed to endear his sociopathic personality and shaky health to the nation the liberal Hollywood retards showed their true colours.From de Niro threatening to punch Trump in the face Cher`s whinging and Rosie O`Donnell and the views incessant whinging the yanks Trumped the Brits on hissy fits.That isn`t to say we didn`t have our fair share of whinging cunts.From Damon Allman to Lily Allen and Charlotte Church Bono Eddie Izzard Bob Geldof James Corden and Saint Gary fucking Linekar and J.K Rowling to Richard “I don`t believe it”Wilson it seemed everyone in celeb land was suddenly a professor in Politics.

I would also like to give a shoutout to Dioclese who stepped down from admin duties at the very end of last year.He has served this site with disnction is indeed not a cunt as far as I can see.Without Dioclese many Cunts would have gone un cunted over the years and what a terrible loss that would be.

Anyway this was a hard contest with so many worthy recipients of this award.I miss last year when It was Corbyn Abbott and Blair fighting it out.I will leave with some of Farron`s nomination reasons for this prestigious award.I duly invite Mr Farron to do the SLS shit bucket challenge in a ceremony where he is crowned king cunt from all of us here at is a cunt.But of course after he arrives and does his challenge we will have to make the members vote again to make sure they really knew what they where voting for.

“Blair is for me, cunt of the century. Little Timmy bulbhead Farron is still my pick. He is the yardstick with which future cunts will be measured by. Such as, ten Linekers equal a Farron, there are four Farrons to an Abbot, and there are at least fifty Abbots to a Blair. You can get change for a Kinnock, two Izzards and a Lilymong, from a Hilary. Also, there are five Nadyas to the Sue Perkins. I did start wondering what a Corden was worth, then I realised it was fuck all, like a fake pound coin……”

“Tim Farron, and his stupid little face on his empty bulbous head.”

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

“My first thought was Cameron or Osborne for Project Fear. Then Sturgeon for her ridiculous Brexit posturing. Then there’s Corbyn for getting a vote of no confidence, standing for re-election and being elected by different people, then expecting the PLP to do what he tells them. Ffs!

But the crown has to go to Farron who believes that there’s a vote winning strategy in defying the will of the electorate that should finish off the Lib Dems forever!”

Nominated by Dioclese

“Hang on for a nano second.. FARRON. I mean, what is the fucking point!”

Nominated by kendo Nag

“2016 Cunts of the year…
Political cunt…. farron”

Nominated by Quislings

“Farron has to take the crown of cuntitude for now.”

Nominated by Deploy The Sausage.

Zeineb Badawi

Zeineb Badawi is a cultural marxist BBC cunt.

Am ill at the moment so couldn’t sleep last night and stupidly put on hardtalk on BBC news.Badawi was interviewing a mixed race south African comedian Trevor Nah who is. Pretty liberal. Anyway she sneeringly asked him if he regretted telling racist jokes about himself. When he dismissively said no I am a comedian and that is self deprecation which is part of my act

Badawi kept quoting Lenny Henry saying he regretted telling un pc jokes and asked Trevor Noah why he didn’t agree with Henry before saying I wouldn’t ever say racist comments about myself to which Noah said yeah well you aren’t a comedian. Did this stupid bitch think she could pull the race card on a black guy and succeed? Fair play for the guy for not walking out.

I mean surely the fact she assumes that all black people should automatically agree with her and Lenny Henry is a sign of racism on her part. Badawi is a cunt and the license fee is a joke.

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

The BBC [6]


I’d like to nominate the BBC for a further cunting. For weeks those cunts have been droning on about the “fall of the pound” as a direct result of brexit while also neglecting the fact that exports were up because of it.

Today in the business news segment there was a 20 second soundbite that the pound has risen significantly against the Euro and the Dollar, before then spending 5 minutes crying about housing development being down, because of brexit, and that it was bad news for the government.

Utter cunts. If the pound rises a bit more what’s the betting that that is reported in another 20 second soundbite before spending 20 minutes discussing the impact on exports with any remoaning expert they can muster!

Utter partisan biased cunts!

And why is it that in every segment they begin about Trump since his election they begin with the: “And we will build an impenetrable wall…” video before discussing what they actually want to get on about to do with the President Elect? Cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

Children in need

cm10_terry_wogan.jpg / Children In Need

BBC Children in Need is just phase one of the charity barrage that signals the start of the Christmas onslaught in earnest. The chuggers are coming, and woe betide you if you tell them to bugger off!

And this year it will be even worse – because we have all those poor unaccompanied ‘refugee children’ like the one in the above picture lurking across the water in France. And we have to help them, don’t we? Well, actually, no we don’t.

Fuck ’em. Let them eat cake. Let them in and their families will miraculously appear to join them and bring even more extremist bomb makers to our shores.

Nominated by: Dioclese

The BBC [5]


The BBC are still cunts.

Never mind the ‘so called’ Isis shit, every time these scum are named. In case using ‘Islamic’ offends – hence the ‘so called’ bit.

But the pits was yesterday on the Today programme. Some moslem cunt was wheeled out to explain why the governments anti radicalisation policy was oppressive or whatever. (we are being victimised) Humphreys was interviewing so I looked forward to a good old Humphries kebabing of the cunt when he made the usual claims – moslems not terrorists, killing of MP was terrorism, moslems peace loving, nothing to do with us, terrorists take many forms etc etc. – You know the words by heart now. And every one a self serving lie.

But no. Humphries was strangely compliant with this barrage of untruthful shit. Failed to challenge in his usual combative style.

I can only conclude that there is a BBC directive to bend over backwards to give a platform to this rubbish and that serious challenges are deemed Islamophobic.

We are continuing to nurture the viper in our midst when we should be recognising it for what it is and our public broadcaster should be warning of the dangers.

The BBC are a set of trendy cunts. They should make Corbyn Director General and be done with.

Nominated by: Cunstable Cuntbubble