BBC News [2]


BBC News again prove they are cunts….

What’s their top headline this morning? Earthquakes hit Rome? Russian warships close in on Syria? Jose’s United see off Pep’s Blue Bastards?

No, it’s ‘Who has won The Great British Bake-Off?’
Jesus Horatio Hornblower Christ, they really are cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

Black and British


I would like to cunt the new show on BBC 4, Black and British.

The BBC today announced Black And British, a season of programming celebrating the achievements of black people in the UK and exploring the rich culture and history of black Britain.

A celebratory series of Black Britain. Confuses me this one. One day we are all equal, the next it is again Black and White.

Will this follow with White and British?

Fuck off Lenny Henry

Nominated by: King Cunt

BBC Sport

1966 World Cup Final

The BBC are still monumental cunts…

The 50th anniversary of England’s 1966 World Cup win: so the Beeb decides to do a ’50th anniversary celebration…’ So, have they put on a repeat of the final itself, or even the games that preceded it? Well, this is the BBC we are talking about… Instead there is a load of cunts in the 02 watching a screen, the usual BBC presenter cunts, a crappy Kinks tribute act, and some squawking tart has just been on… Why can’t the cunts just show the game on BBC2?

Instead we get fucking women’s bastard golf…


Nominated by: Norman

BBC Weather Forecasts


BBC Weather deserves a thorough cunting.

Just watched the post 10pm BBC PC Fest weather (formerly known as the news) and in a 3min slot the cunts basically told us the weather we’d already had today for 2mins (which they got wrong yesterday, i.e., no rain but windy where I live when in fact it was pretty still but pissed it down), followed by tomorrow’s guess of “bright but cloudy, dry but with some showers, and calm with the occasional hurricane.”

And to add insult to injury they now want soft cunts to ring/text/tweet/Facebook what the weather is like where they live now. Why? To cross check it against the lies their brand new £100m “Super Computer” states (remember that, the cunts were creaming themselves about that in January and it’s been about as accurate as flipping a coin, or a couple of pine cones ever since) – so they can “update as necessary”!

Bet the purchase order was for a refurbished ZX81 and the top met office brass divvied up the remaining £99,999,990 between themselves.

I wouldn’t let the cunts predict their own birthdays! Cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!