The BBC (11)

The BBC (again).

They are advertising a programme for next week called ‘Labour – the summer that changed everything’. It’s a love in by the looks of it, on how comrade Corbyn has changed the face of politics forever. How he changed from looking like a smelly geography teacher, to the most popular politician in the world that looks like a smelly geography teacher. I wonder if it will touch on how he conned the votes of all the student layabout cunts by lying that he would do away with tuition fees, and other election promises that had no chance of being implemented?

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye.

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The BBC [10]

More BBC cuntwittery…

They now have a ‘news’ article online titled ‘We ask mixed race couples about Prince Harry getting engaged’… And on Newsnight: ‘Is the royal engagement a significant moment for people of mixed-race heritage?’…

Lefty media cunts utterly obsessed with race…. They try and squeeze irrelevant identity politics into every single story and every TV show… If we thought the Femstapo/Lezzernazi Doctor Who farce was/is bad enough, wait till they want/demand/clamor for a black one (and probably a black female one), because it’s coming…

Nominated by Norman

Q: What did the white pigeon say to the black pigeon

A: Lookatthecoon…..lookatthecoon….!

Nominated by Mr Mullatto

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Tony Hall [3]

Tony Hall,BBC director general is a blithering delusional old cunt who thinks that we are in serious danger of missing out on quality TV due to a shortfall in funding. This has absolutely nothing to do with their pension shortfall by the way,and heaven forbid that the Licence Fee might have to go up again to avoid this catastrophe.

I don’t know how I’d manage not trying to figure out which country I’m in when the News is on or basically being called an ignorant racist wanker several times a day. There is a thread on their website with nearly 2000 comments on it, 95% of which say the BBC is a pile of festering old cunt. Not surprisingly this has been moved off the first page!

Nominated by Mary Hinge

The BBC [9]

Can I cunt the BBC? Well I’m going to anyway. Day in day out the fucking BBC pushes the line we are a racist, homophobic, misogynist bunch of cunts.

If it ain’t women it’s Muslims, if not muslims it’s LBGT. Today there’s a story about a Muslim woman who found she could get a job if she removed her headscarf. Proof we are all racists apparently. What about the alternative BBC, that when the woman concerned made an effort to integrate she was then welcomed into employment.

The multicultural experiment has failed totally and completely. When people of any colour come here and integrate everyone gets along on the whole. Leave your 3rd world 7th century garb where it is the culture if you want to be part of our.

No more fucking Mosques, no more Islamic council of Great Britain. Assimilate into our culture or fuck off.

As for the BBC, stop pushing agendas and divisions and start acting like the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Whilst I’m at it we should ban Islamic and Punjabi radio stations. Tired of being expected to be ashamed of being a white English male.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

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The Apprentice (2)

It’s BBC Apprentice 2017. How a year has flown by since the business equivalent of Britain’s got NO talent reappears on our screens. The best young business entrepreneurs Britain has to offer for a 13th year running. I hear the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Germans, Americans….OK, the whole fucking world, shitting their pants, as UK plc unleashes these titans of business acumen against them.

Fronted by east end wide boy Sir Alan – Lord Sugar, a man with a bad dose of titulitis. I do so wish one of the apprentices has the balls to call him “Al” or “mate” and watch him go apoplectic or just to call him ‘Sir Alan’ instead of ‘Lord Sugar’.

The king of the one liner, has some ‘great’ new material such as  “Forget Brexit…Here, I’m the one who decides who remains and who leaves.”  Such quality, perhaps he picked that out of Sir Brucie’s suit pocket from his grave.

This year’s line up of 18 apprentices are a veritable smorgasbord of British society. A posh ‘Tory Boy’ as he’s known, who worked for ‘Call me Dave’. A double barrelled named woman, a few other whiteys, probably Northern and Southern wideboys, a generous spattering of superwimmin, an Alan Carr/Graham Norton look-a-like, a black woman, two peacefuls, and a Chinese dude.

The BBC having duly ticked all the diversity boxes stuffed a cherry on top with one of the peacefuls being a hijab clad woman who describes herself as an ‘ independent woman’.  Go there BBC, liberty, equality and freedom for the peaceful  sisterhood. Next year can we expect a black sheet and matching pillowcase peaceful sister demonstrating her freedom of expression and independence?

Any bets on who will win?

I will go for the Chinese bloke if it’s purely based on who is hardest working and best in business, although if he hasn’t already made his first billion on his own, then he may just be a token entry. Otherwise, the hijab wearing peaceful looks promising… I seem to vaguely remember one of those winning a competition on the BBC before…..although I maybe wrong…. because they never gave her much publicity afterwards.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.