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Electric cars are a cunt.

They are priced anything from 50% upwards above the price of an equivalent proper car. Read any test of one and they rarely make more than 75% of the claimed range. If they break down the AA will only change a wheel, any failure beyond a puncture they will only give you a tow.

Note that to run out of charge is effectively a breakdown; you can’t get a mate to give you a lift back to the car with a can of coulombs to top it up.

The whole system for charging them away from home is a complete fucking shambles. As far as I can find out there are at least four different plug types out there which are mutually incompatible.You cannot pay for a charge with cash or a credit card. You need a special card or an app on your phone for each individual network; if your phone is flat you can’t charge the car.

At some chargers you have to pay a connection fee before you can start charging. you can only get the car serviced or repaired by the limited number of dealers who sell them. Guess the effect of that on the price. Depreciation is catastrophic, who wants a second hand electric car when you see the price of replacement batteries? But worst of all is when pushed hard they sound like a sewing machine being thrashed. They can never make the sort of music my quad-cam V6 makes.

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  1. When Global Population and overcrowding ( and including migration ) are on the discussion table, then I will take Global Warming with a bit more interest. Until then, they can fuck right off. Its a con.

  2. I went to a mercedes Benz dealer the other day as I collect hazardous wastes from garages and the like, there was a huge wooden crate in the workshop on the floor, I asked the service manager what was in it expecting a engine or 2, no it was a replacement battery pack for a SUV which retails around £60,000 new, the battery pack last 3 year’s and cost £36,000 to replace which the customer has to pay, I’ll keep my desiel thanks ,

    • On the bright side, the cunt who gave Merc £60k gets fucked over and can feel like the cunt he looks. Bonus !

    • Looked at an electric Cayenne a long while ago. Batteries came with a smallish guarantee from Porsche, 2 or 3 years, or similar. Online research suggested Porsche got them from Sony with a 10 year guarantee. Nice little earner!!

  3. It’s absolutely a mess what we gonna do with old cars batterys ect, we are better off buying fossil fuels as mas use of the batteries is worse for environment.

  4. Fuck these electric cars.

    I haven’t got any off-street parking.

    The wiring in my terraced house is original,- probably from the 1930’s? It only has a 100 amp main fuse. The shower and the electric water heater combined are getting close on its capacity.

    I haven’t got a pot to piss in,- let alone 60k.

    I will be running my old Montego diesel on used hydraulic oil and gassing everyone out, until someone comes up with a more cost effective solution.

    This electric cobblers is not it.

    • The point is though that you won’t have a choice in the matter.

      With Boris signing up to the Greta plan of ‘net zero’ you won’t find anywhere to fill your car up. And even if you did somehow find a place to buy fuel on the black market, drive that car around and you’ll be arrested and probably jailed for ‘climate terrorism’ (something they might bring in to).

      I’m just hoping the reality of these insane plans means they’re ditched as the the deadline approaches, but do not underestimate these ‘elitist’ bastards.

    • I don’t think anyone has more than a 100A main fuse. An extra 32A final ring circuit for a charging point that’s only used 45 minutes twice a week would be an extravagance. No-one, and I mean no-one, asks these questions. Boris Johnson never asked the electricians about harmonization of wiring standards across Europe after Brexit. These are important questions.

      I drive, but I hate driving. I had an accident 2.5 years ago with a cunt going too fast on a roundabout wrote my car off, had to get a loan to get a new car and they’re still trying to get him to accept liability so I get my excess back.

      Battery technology is crap. Lithium Ion batteries are not supposed to fade, but they deteriorate. I don’t think they can remove a cell from the middle of the unit and the whole battery back is more expensive than a petrol or diesel engine. If the battery pack was so cheap to make it cost under £1000 it would be a good thing and if it was serviceable so that individual cells could be replaced without too much time or effort that would be good.

      At the moment I don’t want an electric box of shite.

  5. With 8.5 million cars parking on the road, that is a lot of charging points needed.
    In the extreme cold the batteries loose 60% charge and the batteries can also suffer from whiplash that wrights them off with a kerb strike.
    Fuck electric cars.

  6. I reckon electric cars should have a handle on it so the driver can wind it up to charge it like those dynamo torches.
    Or put some solar panels on the roof.

  7. All this Carbon shit started when the Arabs turned off the oil tap, remember? Not long after Al Gore made up this shit about Carbon being the devil, anybody but a thick parrot cunt knows that clouds are the temperature moderator, ask anybody with solar panels.
    Anyway, it’s to get the West dependency on Muslim oil changed to other types of energy so to bring the power balance back to the good old USA. They even tried doing the filthy shale oil while screaming Green energy.
    CO2 has a feed back time of 800 years, lots of info on this.
    C3 plants, what we eat grow best at 1050ppm (ask any green house grower), Earth is about 420ppm, plants start to die at 180ppm.
    Seems to me the cunts are trying a double hit, depopulation through starvation and taking the power away from oil producers with an added bonus of killing of the African kids through mining. They could strip the old batteries for us and burn whats left over. Greenies are a bunch of thoughtless Gore serving cunts.

  8. Great Cunting. This Con is Bollocks of the highest order. About as fucking green as Chernobyl.

    Mining, Battery Life, Depreciation, lack of charging points ( ever heard of a Flat Boris ) National Grid drain at night , Copper supply. Fuck Me , Stevie Wonder can see through this bollocks , not the British Public though , I fucking give up.

    Greta you are a Cunt.

  9. Leccy cars, not there yet, batteries the don’t do what they say they, distance half to three quarters of claimed distance, Amazon have fleets of these fuckers that are not up to the job.,fast charging fucks the batteries up in half the claimed time, getting a battery changed in a 5 year old Nissan leaf… Hell no not worth it, scrap the car, but wait where do the fucked batteries go.
    God help you if you have any kind of water ingress issue, bearing in mind they can’t fix this problem on normal cars, like back to the future if you drive into a car wash.
    The Toyota Prius apparently if its used every day for 20 years it still doesn’t compensate for its own carbon foot print WTF and going off currant Merc build quality, there is no way these fuckers are going to last 20 years.
    Then there is where to charge the Tesla charge stations fuck up everyone else’s batteries, also if you overstay a charge point the prices go up up up, cheaper to put petrol in My aging E55.
    The the good old gov will change the rules again, the you get sued when people purposely trip over wires ect, some cunts will cash in.
    You have to have your own charge station at home, that can’t be fitted to old wiring, so a rewire or a modern house that has a garage no car fits into, Triumph Tiger with panniers on fills it to the point we’re you can only squeeze around iit
    Making engine noises so dumb fuck pedestrians who don’t look don’t get mowed down,,, now where is the fun in that.
    As usual the gov will do all sorts of deals until diesels are gone, then the costs on Leccy and Leccy cars up, up and only ever up.
    Can you imagine how unreliable these fuckers are going to be, you will be sat in your Leccy car surrounded by electrics all made by the cheapest bidder due to the car only needing to pass the end of its warranty period.
    So 20 years from now we will all be sat next to some nutter offering you a bite of his bacon sandwich on a diesel powered bus, the reason I drive a petrol, diesel powered car in the first place.
    No way this is going to be going to be good, I’m going to hang onto my petrol Benzo until Gretta Thumberg buy it off me for 10 times its value, which is what most petrol cars are going to be worth, rather that a bite of bacon on a bus…..

  10. Sirs:

    There is an array of Tesla chargers a couple towns over. They’ve been there two years. Nobody has touched them.

    And answer this, Greta: Where is the electricity going to come from to charge millions of cars?

    It’s almost as if a group of powerful people want to do away with private cars and force people to live in green housing in green cities and take green transportation to their green jobs. Except for a small number of servants, who will be allowed to live outside the cities because somebody’s got to take care of the dachas.

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