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Faecesbook… Look at me! Look at ME! A platform for narcissistic beef curtains, just like Insta-attention and Twatter! Invented by the so called creme de la creme Spam intellectuals, as a social network for their Harvard alumni. Devolved beyond recognition now into a platform for attention seeking, semi literate, white trash scratter rats. Once again a noble idea corrupted in practice.

It gets hammered home how insidious such social media networks are, especially when I go out with or have ‘friends’ round my lair. Rather than talk or interact, they sit glossy eyed and glued to their mobile phones, a stalking and a ‘liking’. Cunts. Would love to smash these devices into their mesmerised, vacuous faces (if said devices cost any less than a grand that is).

I shut down my Faecesbook and Insta-wank account recently and actually felt liberated. I read a lot more now and have realised just how much of a distraction it was. The negative backlash from the sheep and my ‘friends’ was laughable because they bleated on in the mistaken belief that I had unfriended and blocked them. Boo fucking hoo! Here’s a tissue for your issue!

Anti social media is the death knell of the real community and society as we know it.

Nominated by See You Next Tuesday

I’d like to nominate twats who enjoy social media for a cunting.
If it’s not sharing what they had for breakfast with the world on facefuckbook, it’s a “selfie” (what retarded crap is that anyway?) on wankchat of themselves grinning aimlessly at work.
I never in my whole life thought I’d get to see grown men in the workplace running around giggling posting pictures of their retarded practical jokes on the internet. Or housewives whiling the hours away on facefuck telling everyone how they do so much but “he” does fuck all.
It’s bad enough that these idiots are not working, but why behave like kids in a funfair? Is ‘having a harmless bit of fun’ a fucking human right now or what? Fucking aimless, tired, lazy cunts if you ask me.
“but there’s some great stuff on here, just look at these breakfast recipes”
Fuck off.
“but there’s hot women”
Mm. Hot women. That’s all right then. Fuck off.
“its the best way to keep in touch with my friends”
Then your friends are cunts. You are a cunt. Fuck off cunts.
This is unbelievable. The entire modern world being obsessed with naive childlike fun whilst being as aimless, uncreative, unproductive and quite frankly, fucking thick as possible.
But it gets worse.
Whole legions of fucktards rewriting science of the basis of group consensus.
Scientists and healthcare professionals are lying. Cancer can be cured. With a coffee enema. A coffee what? Its real. My god, it’s for real.
In a bid to stave off cancer, soshal medjans pour a litre of coffee up their arse and swear it does them the world of good. Actually videoing themselves blowing their bowels out on a coffee high. What the fuck?
Soshal medja has also enabled people to validate themselves by meeting others like them. They fail to realise that other people who like living like a puppy (yes, these are for real too) are also fucking mental, not that they are all just normal folks who like to sleep in a cage.
Social media is a highly contagious neurological disease that gets hold of the weak of mind and reams them forcibly with their own dignity.
Like a parasitic wasp it bores into their skulls replacing their intelligence with slack jawed obsession, leaving the victims as carbon copies of each other.
This lack of intelligence or dignity can be seen every time one of these pathetic pricks take a day off sick and goes ice skating, posting themselves all over facefuck before their shift is even over.
And let’s not forget those feeble cocksuckers who think sending something to ten people you know will make it happen…….
Cunts, the lot of them. Cunts who blatantly need a proper hobby and some self respect. Cunts who should be doing some work. Cunts.

Nominated by Cuntflap

Social media definitely needs an in-depth cunting.

My problem with it is what its turning young cunts into. And before people harp on about “uhhh all old people have a problem with the younger generation uh huh”, this isn’t the same as the traditional youth rebellion that you saw im the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc.

Social media and other internet activities aside are a game changer. These fucking things are, for the first time, prioritising the self over the social for teenage fuckers and upward. Insidious shite like FaecesBook and Instawank are normalising behaviour such as unashamed vanity and whoring for instant validation.

Someone in the Mail – pinch o’ salt on standby of course – made a case for Britain’s falling productivity being due in part to increased smartphone usage and the neverending social media curse.

These bastard sites, like nothing else apart perhaps from the rise of the Peaceful religion, make me genuinely despair an so fucking wistful for the 90s amd earlier.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back


It’s about time Facebook had a cunting.

I’m currently serving 24 hours in FB prison due to meme I posted in one of the groups I’m a member of being removed, after some snowflake cunt reported me. It was a cartoon of a pig fucking a muslim, with the words, “That’s the way Allah, Allah I like it”.

The post I put it on was by some muslim gobshite bragging the UK would be taken over by muslims and we’d all become slaves.

(Ed: Provocative and insulting to all non-muslim British people. Slavery is a crime in the UK.)

Now I don’t really give a fuck about being blocked, I have a life outside FB. Besides, I see it as a badge of honour. I’ve offended at least one lefty, and that pleases me.

What annoys me, is Zuckerberg’s double standards. He’s quite happy to allow the most vile, left wing bullshit to be posted without sanction, but when those of us who are NOT braindead, lefty dickheads post something, we don’t even get to appeal. There was also mentioned in the message that they would delete my profile if I keep doing it. Big fucking deal.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

Marc Zukkerberg

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Facebook and that Zuckerberg knobcheese are cunts.

Apparently the narcissists and loonies playground that is Facebook is now going to ban hateful posts about migrants. Well, if a load of greasy fanatical savages rape and assault more women in Cologne or somewhere else, nobody will be allowed to say anything about it?

Fuck Facefuck and fuck that knob in charge of it! If you turn a blind eye to such heinous crimes, then you are as guilty as they …

Nominated by : Norman