It’s about time Facebook had a cunting.

I’m currently serving 24 hours in FB prison due to meme I posted in one of the groups I’m a member of being removed, after some snowflake cunt reported me. It was a cartoon of a pig fucking a muslim, with the words, “That’s the way Allah, Allah I like it”.

The post I put it on was by some muslim gobshite bragging the UK would be taken over by muslims and we’d all become slaves.

(Ed: Provocative and insulting to all non-muslim British people. Slavery is a crime in the UK.)

Now I don’t really give a fuck about being blocked, I have a life outside FB. Besides, I see it as a badge of honour. I’ve offended at least one lefty, and that pleases me.

What annoys me, is Zuckerberg’s double standards. He’s quite happy to allow the most vile, left wing bullshit to be posted without sanction, but when those of us who are NOT braindead, lefty dickheads post something, we don’t even get to appeal. There was also mentioned in the message that they would delete my profile if I keep doing it. Big fucking deal.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

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  1. Fuck Facebook in the eye. A fully functional cunt trumpet, filled with shit you would never be interested in. A useful tool for the press when some teenager tops themselves or some chavs perish it a fast and furious style car crash, within minutes they have photos of the victims, usually with the same fucktard look, sucking in the cheeks, pout, then take the picture from above, to hide the double chins. Never signed up, as I don’t do anything I think other people might be interested in, and I couldn’t give a rats arse for what anyone else is doing.
    What I don’t like is that Zuckertwat has been toying with the idea of standing as a presidential candidate. With three quarters of the worlds population in his fucking pocket, he would probably walk it. Talk about a snowflake Armageddon! The slimy cunt has also said that there should be no secrets between people. Seeing as he is buying up half an Hawaiian island to protect his privacy, he obviously doesn’t see himself in the same light. A mega cunt of truly Blair proportions, potentially beating the evil overlord himself to be crowned cunt of the century.

    • Yup. Facebook photo. Chins in, tits out, mouth puckered, full on filters. 10,000 attempts later and you’ve got the one picture that accidentally makes you look glamorous. Keep as your profile pic for the next 5 years and keep misleading yourself and others that’s what you really look like.

      • Totally right, Megacunt… That Facebook obsessed silly cow who is related to my mrs does that for all her Facebook selfies… Every single one of them tinted, filtered, and fucked about with… Eyes made blue (when they’re not), skin made to look clear (when it isn’t), lips made red (again…)… It’s fake, it’s delusional, and it’s fucking vain…. But the joke of it is this: who the fuck is she trying to impress?! What is the sodding point?! People she has never met and never spoken to?! A load of cunts who are crackers and as bad as she is for attention seeking?! Cunts who – in the grand scheme of things – mean absolutely fucking nothing?! It’s laughable, but it’s also pathetic…

  2. Gooood evening, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to this month’s race, the July Classic, 4.20 at Lingfield and this month brought to you by our sponsors Hug-A-Refugee, Walkers Crisps and the BBC. Let’s go over live now to see the latest figures….

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    • I despise that smug, bland coffee salesman cunt Clooney.
      And the other three cunts as well of course.
      I truly hope that George gets fucked by a nasty terminal disease and, as he lies on his death bed, the ghost of Charlton Heston (a better actor and a much better human being as well) pops up beside him and sits chuckling to himself while polishing an assault rifle…
      How’s that for “cold dead hands” eh George? You nasty cunt…

  3. I don’t wish to full-on cunt Tommy Robinson but he is definitely up for a bit of critique lately.

    I admire the bloke and wish him well but I must confess I had to unsubscribe from his Youtube channel recently. I was actually getting tired of his obsessive compulsive talking-head videos, in which he seems to be on a mission to narrate his entire life in selfie form. (Portrait mode as well just to make it all the more annoying). A life which appears to be a perpetual series of resolutions looking for a conflict. Most of which are rarely followed up on and left unresolved.

    I could also do without the ‘cockney geezah’ fight clubbing he does on camera whenever some cunt of a snowflake or muslim approaches him in the street and makes insults. Off camera Tommy, feel free to head butt them in the face, but on camera it might be best to give all the “cum on den, let’s av it!” a miss ,as the world is watching and it does you no favours.

    There are so many other criticisms I could make but wouldn’t dare do so in the comment section of his Youtube videos for fear of being eviscerated by his fan boys.

    He is suffering from the same narcissistic tendencies most of the alt-right are partial too. Their constant selfie approach to politics is starting to look a tad disingenuous.

    Having said that I would happily slide a few inches of man gristle down Lauren Southern’s throat.

  4. When people ask me why i’m not on Faeces book i always say…..”it’s for kids and losers”. I don’t know why they take such offence. They know i say what i think and if they don’t like it why would they want it on their precious Faceshit page the cunts? It’s like those Monday morning wankers who say….”do anything special this weekend?” Of course, they don’t give a fuck about your weekend they just want to tell you how they took their brats to Eastbourne on Saturday and little Josh said the funniest thing. Just fuck off bitch! One day i’m going to say….” well i flew to Paris to assassinate the granny grabber but i couldn’t catch the cunt in my crosshairs”

  5. If you must have a Facebook account (mine is deactivated half the time), I advise you ensure all the settings are set to the highest possible privacy ones. Mine is tighter than a hangman’s noose so no fucker can snoop.

  6. I think i may be sold on Facebook.
    I’ve started following The Rebel, Tommy Robinson, and bands i like so now rather than look for stuff, they are sending me the stuff and i just sit back and enjoy.

    As long as i keep it to that, i think this is an alright thing.

    Anybody seen Paul Joseph Watson tearing George Clooney a new one ?
    Its funny.

  7. Surely George Clooney is up for a major cunting after fleeing the terrorists playground that is Europe and taking his family to the safety of LA.
    This from an immigration enthusiast.

    As for his ‘acting’, he looks up, looks down, smirks, speaks and repeatrepeatrepeat.

    Also, i cant stand male slebs who wear tuxedos to fancy do’s but wear faded jeans and t-shirts when riding their ‘classic’ motorcycles, and then don a baseball cap to watch the basketball with the ‘boys’.

    That’s called schizophrenia, or in layman’s terms, an arsehole.


    • That ‘that’s’ at the end is a mistake.
      Just in case someone felt I’d left them hanging. 🙂

      • George Clooney publicly joked about an old man’s cancer. Chuck Heston may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but there are limits.
        And Clooney was an even worse Batman that Val Kilmer, which tales a lot of doing considering how bored old Iceman looked…

  8. This Facebook is fantastic.
    Just over twenty four hours and I’ve already got into an argument with some Glesga Rangers fans.
    Jeez, are they easy to wind up.

    I said earlier that I wouldn’t comment on Facebook and keep it private, but i just couldn’t help myself.

    Now for some Celtic fans. 🙂

    • Arsenal fans are easy meat, birdman… Well, the plastic nu-footie ones are… Ask them who Michael Thomas is, and call them clueless knobheads when they obviously have no idea who he is… Then some ‘Lifelong Gooner’ from Malaysia or Fuzzywuzzyland will explode and then be threatening to ‘take you out’… Fucking hilarious and totally priceless…

      • These rangers fans think that they’ve all got the better of me without realising that I’m winding them up for fun.
        They’re all in a right tizz.

        They’re obviously unaware of ISAC humour. 🙂

      • Tut tut birdman – Fuckbook has obviously created another ‘monster’. For shame…..for shame.

  9. dont do social media myself as someone said above its for kids.
    if i want to speak to someone ill ring them
    if i want to see someone ill go to my local
    if i havent been in contact with someone for 20 years there is a reason
    they are cunts
    i once took the piss out of a mate who was all over facebook
    he told me he only uses it as a promotional tool for work
    silly cunt

  10. The problem I have with Fuckbook, Twatter and all the other so-called “social media” outlets is, they lend themselves to and encourage narcissistic over indulgence which transcends the banal and trite. Put another way, it’s absolute bollocks.

    For companies or such like who have product to sell or a message to spread, I can see how they could be a useful means to spread the word, so to speak. That aside, they are all completely unnecessary.

    What really cracks me up is how these internet based offerings are collectively referred to as social media, when in fact they are the antithesis of being social. They actively encourage distancing oneself from actual human to human contact. Furthermore, the relative anonymity of one’s identity online also encourages the type of behaviour one would expect from a very young infant, someone with severe mental issues and/or sociopath tendencies.

    As such Fuckbook and all its kin can all fuck off with extreme prejudice.

    • too fucking right mate
      what the fuck is social about a pub full of cunts all staring at their phones?
      i miss the days of walking into a boozer and every cunt in there stopped talking,turned and stared at you, now no cunt bats an eyelid as they are all too busy squinting into their phones the cunts

      • “every cunt in there stopped talking,turned and stared at you”

        Walk into a pub in the Cotswolds and they still do that now.

    • I know I’d get banned and have been lol, its too much ego stroking for insecure tossers. Cunts are always asking if I’m on facebook it feels like a another job for me and having opinions on facebook is life threatening could get doxxed or lose friends. People ruin their lives with facebook its like a cocaine addiction

      I like Orwell his novels and writings are easy to read and I think hes somekind of prophet too

  11. It’s cunting Youtube that fucks me off. At least with Facebook you have little idea how popular stupidity is. Youtube keeps a count of it.
    For instance:
    “Richard Dawkins, the explanation of our existence” 36,000 views in 1 month
    “Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners” 5,000,000 views in 2 months.
    And as for that utter, utter retarded man-child cunt pew-dee-pie. Take a fucking sledgehammer to him somebody please.

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