The Brexit Hokey Cokey

oh you leave your left foot in, you take your right foot out, in out, in out, we’re neither in nor out… Let’s all do the Brexshit hokey cokey, fellow cunters. You’ll recall that in the not too distant, we were offered a choice; in or out, and we chose O.U.T. ‘Brexit means Brexit’, said the Rt Hon (???) Mrs May. Really? Because this ‘deal’ looks like Mrs Chamberlain waving lots of pieces of paper and declaring ‘sell out in our time’.

A couple of examples, if I may. Just where, for instance, is our trade deal? In his resignation letter, Sharish Vara says that ‘it will take years to conclude’. Meanwhile, we’re tied in by EU policy; de facto we’ll still be in the customs union and the single market as far as I can see, with an end to that arrangement only being concluded by JOINT consent. As though THEY’RE ever going to agree… As far as Northern Ireland’s concerned, I must admit that I’m not really sure just what’s being proposed, beyond the fact that it seems different arrangements will be applying there to the rest of the UK; all, it seems, to satisfy those great friends of ours in the Republic.

Somebody tell me if I’ve got this wrong, but it just seems that under May’s deal, we’re going to be shackled to the EU for ever, in a half way house, not a sovereign nation, and still paying through the nose for the privilege of kow-towing to Brussels. This isn’t what 17.5 million people voted for. Mrs May, you’re now asking those people to accept a situation that you said you would never allow to happen. You promised to maintain our sovereignty and the integrity of the UK, but you’ve betrayed that promise and are preparing to sell us down the river. The EU has shown us that with friends like them, we don’t need enemies. Brexit means Brexshit, Mrs May. Fuck the Fourth Reich, and fuck you.

Nominated by Ron Knee

104 thoughts on “The Brexit Hokey Cokey

  1. Bang on ron!
    Fuckin bitch had this planned all along. Accept a deal that keeps us in or….
    Second referendum.

    Backstabbing cunt!

  2. All I voted for was out. I’m not interested in deals or we’re leaving on certain conditions.
    I’ll happily put up with any hardship caused by EU tantrums biting the hand that feeds them and trying to punish us. I know we’ll be better off eventually, and have the cunts come crawling to us with their begging bowls when their meal ticket is gone.
    As for the Irish border issue, if the EU don’t like it, sort it yourselves cunts.

    • Bang on, Duke. If we remain subject to EU regulations, and under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, how can we be a SOVEREIGN nation again?
      We originally voted to join the EEC, and were assured that it would never morph into a political union, which of course, was what was planned all along. We were conned then, we’re being conned now. The Fourth Reich will NEVER rest until it has complete financial and political hegemony.

    • I know. Ipswich is turning into a real shot hole.

      My youngest daughter is currently working in Melbourne for the Australian government. Has to return back to the UK on January when her year work visa is up.

      Have advised her to try and extend her work visa beyond a year but is unable to do so.

      Loves it in Oz but difficult to emigrate there even when well qualified and experienced.

  3. This is no surprise; Saggy had this planned all along. She with the hunched back and flared nostrils has some fucking neck to crow that the deal delivers Brexit.

    May is simply a fucking bare faced liar and a triple XXX cunt.

    If the deal is pushed through parliament I hope to God we will see some serious civil unrest.

    • Ideally we should have a warm-up round before that session of Parliament. Let them know we’re not fookin about anymore.

      A few fireworks and molotovs should send the message.

  4. We don’t do civil unrest and they know it. It’s just your typical snowflake/Corbynista/ lefty types that do. We’ll just say ‘ oh musn’t grumble’like it was just some minor problem such as a cold rainy day while our betters continue to pour shit on our heads for evermore.

    • You’re right, except snowflakes don’t really do civil unrest, unless you consider waving 4th Reich flags around and looking like cunts is civil unrest.

      Corbynista Momentum brownshirts and Hard Left rent-a-mobs on the other hand…

      Quality Cunting Ron.

  5. Again and for the sake of clarity, this proposed deal means the UK will de facto remain a member of the EU in perpetuity, subject to all EU regulations and directives including rulings of the ECJ. Free movement of EU nationals across member states’ borders will continue. UK payments into the EU budget will continue. The UK will forfeit its sovereignty and be unable to leave the EU unilaterally. The difference is that whilst the UK is currently represented in the European Parliament and Commission it will not be after 29th March 2019. The UK effectively becomes a vassal state of the EU. There will be EU taxation without representation. This is not the result of incompetence or weakness. It has been the deliberate policy of a treacherous Prime Minister and Civil Service. If the British people remain cowed and supine now then all is lost. Good morning

    • We have forces in this country ( small in number ) who have learned that terror tactics will always win. We have witnessed the IRA for example succeeding in almost every political arena, and without fear or prosecution. Our Camel Driving friends are able to transit without prejudice, and are even paid to terrorise the public from generous benefit allowances, paid to them or their dependents wether or not in this country.
      Yes, I think we can say that we have learned from cultural enrichment, and have learned over the years that toadying feckless wankers who infest the Palace of Westminster are exactly that Feckless wankers.
      I ( even at my advanced age ) hope that I may live to see the most violent kickback for all the decades of treachery, and corruption in our once great country. Tommy Robinson is visible. Many are not. Long live the English Nation. Long Live the Whiteman and fuck every one else.

      • Not sure the IRA was entirely successful in achieving their goal of a united Ireland…

      • Agree RTC. But they still exist, are still represented politically, and free from persecution. I recall the success of Martin McGuiness as a resounding victory for terrorism, and those of us who served at that time will recall atrocities that even to this day, are not persued by either Police of State. A United Ireland? I think that will come, and sooner than we think.

      • Certainly don’t disagree that the IRA still exists (far from it) or that they haven’t been seriously appeased, they have.

        Just that their main raison d’etre has not been achieved by terrorism, though they may still get it through the ballot box.

        Besides, if you’re right and “terror tactics will always win”, we may as well just lie down and let them have whatever they want.

  6. Micheal fucking Gove is getting on my tits. Stupid little shortarse, who looks as if he was shit out of Andrew Adonis or John Bercow’s arsehole..

    The self righteous, self important little motherfucker has apparently beein deciding whether or not to resign since Wednesday evening. It’s Friday morning now, stupid little prick. Just go, find a gutter and go and lie in it. It will be the likes of him that fore an election on us which Catweazle will be bound to win – then will start the never ending war between his cunts and the Blairite queers.

  7. Listening to the cunt earlier on lbc and she assures us that she hasn’t just capitulated, the EU have made concessions too…
    Apparently they wanted the ecj to have complete rule over us but she said no.
    …So you refused to allow them unfettered rule over us.

    They’ve given us fuck all and May knows it. She’s just trying to cover the fact that she’s failed.
    The EU are self serving, uncompromising cunts that need a tomohawk or 10 rammed up their arses.

    On a happier note, she’s just about to get a vote of no confidence.
    I recon Boris will be pm by next week…..

    • Disappointed at this mornings poll that shows 2/3 of the Tory Voters Nationally support May and her Plan ! The poll of course was commissioned by the Daily Mail…Ah! Yes…that Paragon of Truth and Virtue.

      • Yea sly news have polls that say most people want a second ref, more want to remain than leave and that more people trust comrade compo to negotiate with the EU than jrm…
        Fuck knows who puts these polls together but they’re cunts whoever they are.

      • You are right there DTS. Some of the establishment are very determined to destroy this country! UKIP is the safest Vote

      • If only the fuckers who had voted for Tiny Tim Farron, and now embrace senile old Cable had voted UKIP we would have had a fighting chance of getting real Brexit. We are stuck with masturbating LibDems, union arsehole crawlers and poofs and wimmin in the divided Labour party and a group of demented Conservatives who would sooner see Catweazle in power and all of the cunts to a man and woman all try to pretend they only care about this country. Lying cunts the lot of them.

        Hopefully come the next election UKIP will be a real force in Westminster, and Juncker and co will finally get the message to fuck off.

      • People can come up with statistics to prove anything…… 14% of people know this!
        Homer simpson
        Vigilante episode

  8. Ha Ha. Pob has refused to pick up and drink from the poison chalice, i.e. he has refused the post as Brexit secretary. Clearly he is not behind Saggy’s Great Deal of Wankitude. Would be nice if Pob and a few more were to resign from the cabinet – we might just see the end of this treacherous hunchback.

    • Apparently Gove wanted the green light to try renegotiating some aspects of the agreement, but she told him no.

      What she didn’t tell him was the “agreement” had been dictated and signed off by Merkel & Macron months ago, possibly years.

      Besides, the EU and Merkel confirmed only yesterday that it couldn’t be changed.

  9. I’m looking forward to some civil unrest. Anyone know the English version of “Allah Snackbar”?

  10. Fucking hell sly news are on project fear overload today!!!
    Lorry jams, food shortages, panic buying, no medicine, rationing, civil unrest, the cozzers needing to call in the army to help them ….. fuck off. I’m only watching it coz I’m waiting to hear that enough letters are in for a no confidence in theresa the appeaser but I don’t think I’ll last much longer.
    Fucking propaganda.

  11. Ive never felt so angry politically,theres only civil unrest left now,democracy is dead,i never thought id say this as I utterley loathe Corbyns mob but id consider voting for him to help destroy the tories,no point in UKIP cos its a rigged voting process,its total betrayal and so damaging,shes clearly unhinged,she has to be!!!

    • I think I’ll continue voting UKIP in the locals and Tory in the general just coz the thought of comrade compo, the flabboptomous, Emily cuntberry, David Lamy and chukka ummuna taking over is such a scary thought. Imagine what kind of mess would be made with ummuna in charge of brexit and flabbott in charge of the economy!
      I’d consider voting for Boris.
      I’d definitely vote for jrm.
      Pob can go fuck himself. It it wasn’t for him Boris would’ve taken over instead of saggy…
      I think saggy will be finished over this.
      “Strong and stable” *scoff*

      • A wise voting choice, DTS. This is REALLY the moment that UKIP needs more visible support, so the media can no longer deride them as being a “cranks’ minority party.” It would be nice to see them overtake the utterly pointless limp-dumps.
        If someone sprays “The Greens” chicken-colour, maybe they will be accidentally gobbled up by The Flabbott…

      • I know ‘Pob’ is Gove, but what does it mean? Is it an acronym?

        Btw, UKIP don’t stand in our constituency, it’s always a straight choice between the Useless Party and the Totally Unacceptable Party.

        Our current MP is a Totally Unacceptable faggot.

      • Perhaps it needs a dose of Corbyn, Dining About, Emily PIggery, Lammy Chops and old Maoam cola pinball head to kill the moribund UK completely and show those spineless Tory cunts that everyone is pig sick of their spin, weasel words and outright porkies.

    • She indeed has “The Illness” – the same one that Druncker, Verminhofstadt, Selmayr et al. suffer from (Jean-Claude is visibly in the tertiary, terminal stage…).
      There is only one cure. May must be repatriated to Elbonia, or at least imprisoned at Egdon Heath.

    • I’ll be voting UKIP and if they don’t have a candidate in my constituency then I WILL just wipe my arse with the ballot paper and stick it in the box!!

      • Good man!!! They’re legally bound to count them, you know.

        I’ll probably scrawl ALL CUNTS across mine.

    • Smasher. Honestly vote for Corbyn and McDonnell and you will never have to vote again. Ever. Because democracy will be finished they will find a way of abolishing general elections, even if it means bussing in millions more third world people who can put a cross beside the Labour candidate. But the Catweazle mob will probably outlaw elections as elitist, homophobic, mysoginistic and sexist, and anyone who dares demands one will be carted of for *re-education”

  12. Although I once nominated him (unsuccessfully) for a cunting I am now willing to eat a huge chunk of humble pie and admit that Jacob Rees Mogg is the only person to be trusted to deliver Brexit.At least he actually believes in it and is willing to tell the EUSSR that deal or no deal we are out.May,Johnson,Grovel etc are all Remainers to their core and in the pay of the plutocratic Globalists.It could all be an act with Mogg but the alternatives are even worse.

  13. A Jolly Jape this morning is to tease and send GCHQ into a state of frenzy. Just Google search “Bulk Chapati Flour “

  14. Gove has decided NOT to quit.
    I thought he’d play it like this…he will obviously continue to suck up to teacher, but try and push his odious little self.

    WE’ve all got your number, Gove, and when ISAC takes over wetminster, you will NOT get any phone calls from us asking you to join our government.
    FO&D, Gove, you obnoxious, toadying little arsewipe.

    Miranda B Liar is back for another 45 minutes of fame…”Another referendum is the only way forward…” I wonder who s/he will conspire to murder this time. If it’s The Jellyfish, I might uncunt the bastard my a pico-something.

    • I think he’s probably terrified coz if Boris gets in his career is gonna get flushed down the shitter.

    • Specky Gove

      Always thought he was a cunt, now has proved me and many others to be a man with morals which change with the weather. Or should that be whether- there is something in it for him?

      How he loves the spotlight.

      Fucking wanker.

      • Michael Gove now says he “absolutely” has confidence in Theresa May as she pursues her Brexit deal.

        But he told reporters on Friday that he was focused on working in cabinet to get “the right deal in the future”.

        Mr Gove reportedly rejected an offer to make him Brexit secretary after Dominic Raab’s exit.

        The PM has said her Brexit agreement is “truly the best deal for Britain”.

        The BBC understands Mr Gove said he would only accept the job of Brexit Secretary if he could try to make changes to the negotiated deal – something Mrs May and EU leaders have made clear is not possible.

        Lets get this clear. He is remaining in the cabinet to try and get the right deal for the country. But he has turned down the pointless Brexit secretary role. And the deal according to both sides cannot be changed? What has changed? A nice job in Brussels? Lots of money?

        So which way is it Michael? Only a politician could come out with statements that make no fucking sense- or to put it another way a bollocks statement to say he is sitting on the fence, and will wait to see what happens.

        I reckon the security bill to the taxpayers for all of the traitors who are selling out to the Germans will run into tens of millions of pounds a year.

        Total cunt.

      • Theresa May has certainly pulled a blinder in not only getting Gove not to go against her, but to now back her. I initially thought she must have ‘promised him the earth’ … then after a bit of thought, I guess she didn’t have to offer the snivveling piece of shit much of anything after the way he turned on Boris. It was only a matter of time before he showed his true colours.
        Now she’s got a (faux) ‘Brexiteer’ on her side, in many of the public’s eyes, it must appear that she is on the right track with her deal.
        Our only hope, is to have a vote of no confidence and she gets fucked off. Let’s see where the utter wankstain, that is Gove, turns to then.
        I believe his turncoat nature will be the final nail in the coffin for the Tories at the next election. Any person looking in, with a decent bone in their body, will see the Tories for the slippery Cunts that they are. Labour are certainly no better,but I’m sure, at the last election, quite a few Labour voters turned to the Tories to see Brexit executed properly.
        Gove is a Supercharged, Turbocharged, Methanol fuelled, on Nitrous Oxide .. CUNT.

  15. There’s some narcissistic gammon ‘presenter’ on LBC right now frothing at the mouth about some poor cunt called Farrige…? Nope, me neither.

    Apparently they allow him 15 hours a week to froth thus unfettered.

    • Oh fuck i can’t even imagine the kind of cuntitude spouted by o’cuntface today…
      I’m gonna put it on to find out.
      I haven’t even put it on yet and I feel the rage bubbling up already.

      • Right that’s all I can handle. I’m gonna smash something soon.
        Apparently people like o’cuntface and his enlightened callers can’t engage with our kind coz we’re all stupid liars and fascists.
        He doesn’t like trump much does he!
        ….makes me like trump even more.

      • It’s laughable DS.
        The can’t grasp that trying to overthrow a democratic vote makes THEM the fascists. In their world view, any one who disagrees with them has to shouted down by calling them fascists, bigots, whatever. It’s their way of trying to close the debate down.

      • Every day O’Shit renews my faith in Brexit.

        He’s now going on about some bloke called Batty… thinks he’s the leader of UKIP or summat.

        Wonder if he knows who the Prime Minister is?

      • It’s ruined my day!
        And by coty selections….
        I should’ve made O’Brien my British nom.
        I should’ve got sadiq khan in there too.

        ….such a difficult choice!

      • Can’t make my mind up. So many major CUNTS!

        Got to have Treasoner in there… and Compo of course… but as for the others?

        Am currently down to a short list of approx 20…

      • The problem is that there are just so many cunts for too few places. Reckon ideally I probably needed about 5 places for each nominations category.

        Suckdick makes my blood boil every time I hear or see him, because of this made absolutely to get him in my list. A nasty racist cunt totally out of his depth. Understand his father was a bus driver.

        But there are many, many others who make my blood boil.

        James O’Shithead- never listened to him as I know he would be very bad for my wellbeing and peace of mind. Try not to listen to Remoaner cunts in general.

      • Unfortunately I already submitted my noms but it was too early.
        The decision is too difficult.

        I was thinking about being a really annoying cunt and asking admin if I could delete my noms and start again but I’m not sure.

        Stewart or o’cuntface?
        O’cuntface is a bigger cunt.

        Khan or Hesslecunt?
        I think khan wins that one..

        I should’ve thought it through more.

  16. She’s in a similiar position to Marshal Ferdinand Jean Marie Foch during the First World War: ‘My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking’. I predict she will prevail.

    • I have dread fear you may be right, Miles.

      I think Treesa may kinda linger until the New Year, like a rather moist, wet fart from sprouts and Christmas pudding

      Re Conservativesformmentalhealth, I have appointed Penny Mordaunt as my very own Minister for Sexual Health.

      Am now off to do the prescribed exercises.

  17. I see The Daily Mail and Express, two papers that heavily supported Brexit are now turning on Brexit supporting ministers such as JRM etc . It’s plastered on nearly every page( we must accept May’s plan or we’re doomed ) really ? These papers were the only ones as I recall that advocated a full withdrawal. Fucking hypocrites .

    • I read the Express and I’ve been really pissed off with their stance recently – make your fucking minds up what you want. If you now don’t want Brexit, say so and I can start buying a paper that does, or stop reading them altogether if there isn’t one.

      • Have not bought or read a newspaper in nearly 15 years.

        You are only given selected news that they decide they want you to have.

        Our local rag is anti Brexit and reports increased poor turnout numbers at anti Brexit rallies. I have witnessed this with my own eyes.

        It also does not give names of “local criminals” when they are a Eastern European.

  18. In my darker moments I fantasize that the UK has signed a comprehensive treaty with Russia,just like Hitler did with Stalin.Just to see the reaction of those cunts in Brussels.A treaty agreeing to economic and military co-operation.A treaty signed in secret and suddenly presented to the World.It would be worth it just to see Barnier,Merkel,Drunker et al shitting their pants as they realize their beloved EUSSR is suddenly wedged between 2 military superpowers.Thats how much I fucking hate the cunts.

  19. Think this summed up the Blancmange Lady – someone whose status I didn’t catch this morning on R4: “She doesn’t listen to anyone.”

  20. Liam Fox


    I reckon TM will not be ousted, as Farage predicted the Tory Brexiteers will simply fade away.

    • Sadly your right Willie. Their will be a lot of hot air for a while and that’s about it. Business as fucking usual.

    • And Michael Gove is a slippery, fifty-faced, slimey cunt!

      You would have thought he would have relished being Brexit minister but the self-preservation genes that all career politicians are blessed with, especially the slime-mongers like this cunt and Mandy, et. al., kicked in so he avoids this particular hospital pass.

      Total (untrustworthy) cunt!

      • I don’t understand why they even need a new Brexit Minister. It has all been decided. The EU isn’t going to start renegotiating so what would the Brexit Minister actually do?

      • Its all a fucking con and farce, as other cunters have said before me the outcome was decided the day after the referendum,put a remainer in charge of negotiations,drag the whole process on and on til ordinary folk are sick and tired of it,issue countless warnings of death and destruction if we were to leave and if all that fails play the ace card,get corbyn and a coalition of his fellow cunts into downing street to give the illusion of a fresh beginning .A “Peoples Vote” (what was the first one an animals vote?) after some “concessions” by the kind,caring,democratic EU and No Brexit.Fucking Cunts the lot of em.

      • You said it mate. This has the stench of Munich all over it. The biggest political sell out of my lifetime. Now I know what people meant when they used the term ‘appeasement’.

      • Apparently he’s in charge of preparing for the worst at home. Poor cunt thinks it’s a promotion.

    • Yea most are fucking arse-covering cowards, only concerned about their own careers.
      …And they get the bonus of staying in the EU whilst being able to blame the betrail on 1 person.

  21. A bunch of cunts
    It is obvious that there is a majority of Mps who would love to stop Brexit and all the confusion we are seeing now is just what they have been hoping for.

    The Mps who represent leave majority constituencies have been waiting two years for this opportunity to vote against Brexit by stealth, while still pretending to honour the referendum.

    The Labour shadow Brexit secretary is a fraud, he would do anything not to leave so how can a labour government do anything different and truly leave the EU


  22. Well guys I guess we’ve been well and truly cunted. We’re fucked. I’m drinking to forget right now.

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