The Brexit Hokey Cokey

oh you leave your left foot in, you take your right foot out, in out, in out, we’re neither in nor out… Let’s all do the Brexshit hokey cokey, fellow cunters. You’ll recall that in the not too distant, we were offered a choice; in or out, and we chose O.U.T. ‘Brexit means Brexit’, said the Rt Hon (???) Mrs May. Really? Because this ‘deal’ looks like Mrs Chamberlain waving lots of pieces of paper and declaring ‘sell out in our time’.

A┬ácouple of examples, if I may. Just where, for instance, is our trade deal? In his resignation letter, Sharish Vara says that ‘it will take years to conclude’. Meanwhile, we’re tied in by EU policy; de facto we’ll still be in the customs union and the single market as far as I can see, with an end to that arrangement only being concluded by JOINT consent. As though THEY’RE ever going to agree… As far as Northern Ireland’s concerned, I must admit that I’m not really sure just what’s being proposed, beyond the fact that it seems different arrangements will be applying there to the rest of the UK; all, it seems, to satisfy those great friends of ours in the Republic.

Somebody tell me if I’ve got this wrong, but it just seems that under May’s deal, we’re going to be shackled to the EU for ever, in a half way house, not a sovereign nation, and still paying through the nose for the privilege of kow-towing to Brussels. This isn’t what 17.5 million people voted for. Mrs May, you’re now asking those people to accept a situation that you said you would never allow to happen. You promised to maintain our sovereignty and the integrity of the UK, but you’ve betrayed that promise and are preparing to sell us down the river. The EU has shown us that with friends like them, we don’t need enemies. Brexit means Brexshit, Mrs May. Fuck the Fourth Reich, and fuck you.

Nominated by Ron Knee