Jeremy Corbyn [7]

I’ve read and heard a lot of people have been saying, “Corbyn is a man of principles.” I disagree.

He voted to NOT join the E.E.C. in the 70s; he voted AGAINST Maastricht; however when it came to the big one last year, the dozy bell-end towed the (Tory) party line, consequently both going against his “principles” as well as choosing the wrong side.

Furthermore, where were his “principles” during that whole train debacle? What an embarrassingly monumental turd he looked, despite the fact it was engineered by Richard “Atlantic-sized cunt” Branson.

All politicians are vile, foul, power-seeking liars. I like Mark Twain’s quote about giving the power to the person who wants it the least. Nonetheless, this time I’ll vote to whoever delivers Brexit the fucking quickest.

Nominated by captain Magnanimous

112 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [7]

  1. I can’t imagine what kind of a twisted mind composed that photo at the top. Disgraceful,disrespectful….but hugely alluring.

  2. No true man of the left can be pro EU. It just doesn’t make any sense. Jezzer has been against the EU all his life but when it came to the crunch he bottled it, like so many others, because he was scared of being called a racist by his liberal pals. So he fucked about and tried to say as little as possible. The left case for brexit has never been put and it should have been put by this cunt. Man of principle my arse.

    • Tony Benn Barbara Castle Peter Shore and the like would all be spinning in their graves at Corbyn.

      • Tony Benn was a decent sort but Holy Shitsheets he’d be woefully ashamed of his son. Hilary Benn (ironic first name) stomped his father’s name into the dirt with his craven, pro-EU nonsense. Yet despite this flagrant dogshit, there’s talk of him being a potential leader! Astonishing.

      • Yeah, but funnily enough, that could be a good thing. His kind of Euro sucking would disgust any socialist worth their salt. The man,s a total wanker.

  3. All Teresa May needs to do is put this picture on Cuntbook and Twatter and a win is guaranteed. Although its guaranteed anyways.

  4. How am
    If the Are all
    Is it. The thingy

    Eh em

    You know how, eh

    See that guy that, eeehhh

    WILL YE REMOVE THAT FUCKIN PIC ?????????!!!!!??????!!!!

    Can’t cope, can’t cope,

    Oh the horror

    The humanity

  5. Gideon Osborne needs another cunting,
    The useless cokehead cunt is quitting as MP for Tatton, he is no doubt really busy ‘earning’ his pay as editor of the Evening Standard (No doubt he’ll get a bonus for all the promoting of the Cuntservatives we will now get). He also gets an ‘allowance’ from his families business.
    What a fucking cunt.

    • He’s quitting “for now”. Which was quite an arrogant thing to say. Then again, just like his former boss, Cameron, Osborne is an arrogant, entitled toff twat.

      • Your right QDM,
        He’ll be back when he thinks he has a possibility of being Prime Minister. Politicians are like Premier League managers, they can be shit at their job, ruin the club, get the sack and then get another job with another club. What a load of cunt.

      • Considering his performance in the Brexit campaign, I expect his paper to be full of lies. What happened to the global economic meltdown, you cunt?

    • A very necessary “Lest we forget” cunting.

      He’ll have more time to hang out with cheap red bras, score a few lines, “spend time with his family”…the usual politician’s excuse when their cover’s about to be blown.

      Not that his is, though. He’s more teflon than Tone.


  6. I wouldn’t be so sure about the Standard’s political stance if he is quitting. Not only is he a remoaning cunt but he and Maybitch share a mutual loathing for each other. Watch out for the stab in the back I say!

    • Your probably right although he is a Tory cunt through and through. Actually he is a cunt through and through. I have to say to say I respect Teresa for sacking the cunt right away, she might get my vote for that alone.

  7. Victoria Beckham is now an OBE.

    She looks like a lollipop, I am sick of her and Duh’vid what a pair of cunts. Nothing to offer either of them, he’s a washed up Footballer desperate to be a ‘Sir’ and she ‘Designs’ clothing. She said she’s proud to be British, yet her and Duh’vid have both contributed to the current hurricane of wannabe famous talentless cunts and the celebrity culture we now have. Fuck off, and I bet that Haig whisky is shit.

    • Years ago at the start of this sleb culture, a mate of mine said that his girlfriend and her pals where going to London to see Posh’n’ Becks.
      I asked if they were Spice Girls fans and he said “no, they’re Posh’n’ Becks fans.
      His comment baffled me, and to this day i can’t get my head around what it was that they were a fan of.
      A fan needs a product to be a fan of something, but these tarts were fans of a celebrity relationship.
      How fuckin brain dead is that?

      Yer right, Black and White Cunt, this celebrity worship started with them two cunts.

      She can’t sing and he was an average footballer who was not bad at dead ball situations.

      • A fan of Posh and Becks. This is exactly it Birdman, people are fans of anything these days. Forget talent, you can get fans by appearing on some shit show or being a cunt on Facebook. When I read the paper (on my phone) the amount of nobodies who are apparently celebrities is worrying, and all these cunts are making money. Fucking cunts, but not as big a cunt as the ‘fans’.

  8. ” however when it came to the big one last year, the dozy bell-end towed the (Tory) party line, consequently both going against his “principles” as well as choosing the wrong side”

    How do you know which way he voted? I reckon that in the privacy of the voting booth he voted Leave, which means the joke is on all his supporters (all cunts too).

    • Perhaps he did vote Leave. Then why not support the Leave campaign. My point was that he’s called “a man of principles” which is hard to swallow if he’s publicly supporting (however tepidly) those undemocratic gangsters in Brussels. If you believe in something, why say the opposite? He played the political game and chose the wrong side.

      • If he did actually vote leave and kept it quiet surely that makes him even more of a two faced lying cunt, not less.

  9. I’d just like to know which cunt beefed up Jeremy and slimmed down Abbott for the picture!

  10. He looks like some Siberian gulag porn star, send him a Red Nose Day emergency food parcel comrades!

  11. What’s that behind Corbyn’s left ear? Has he had some cornrows fitted? Is this awkward black cultural appropriation or Jezza’s sly attempt to peel off Flabbot’s parachutesque lingerie?

    It must’ve been like chucking a stick into the Grand Canyon.

  12. Actually if you look at a picture of the young Flabbott she was a bit of a sort. I can see why the young Jezzer stuck his winkle up her joybox. Mind you there’s no need to be grateful for the rest of your fucking life, the silly cunt.

      • Not at all. In fact if you look up pictures of Princess Anne , when she was about 20 odd, she was a right horny bitch. Most women don’t age well unlike handsome devils like my goodself.

      • Check out pictures of the young Princess Margaret before the heartbreak, fags and booze took their toll.
        An absolutely terrible waste…

    • Seriously what the fuck goes on in Gina millers head?? Does she wake up in the morning and start playing around with saddle bag sized Cunt whilst dreaming up ways to aggravate vast swathes of the UK,s population!!

  13. Cunt of the 1st order.

    Jew hating Hezbollah loving do-gooder who is nothing but a marxist terrorist sympathiser.Praises the IRA and wants brave UK service women and men prosecuted for thier brave and loyal service to HM The Queen. He wants to gice the Falkland Islands away:NEVER! Gibraltar: Over my fucking dead body. This man is CUNT.

  14. How many labour MP’s have quit now, 6 or 7?
    Probably 10 by the time I finish typing this.

    ….like rats from a sinking ship!

    Or maybe they just saw the picture at the top of this cunting and decided that they couldn’t face the boss with a straight face ever again.

    • Sad that Gisela Stuart is standing down.Not surprised she doesnt want to be associated with a cunt like Corbyn.

      • Well that always happens, one of the few decent ones from that mob going. Figures, and who can blame her, she’s seen the writing on the wall.

  15. Kay Burley, the Sky News carrot topped gobshite is making a proper cunt of herself and no mistake. The dummy is right out of the pram because Treezer has told the MSM TV channels to get to fuck with their live debates. And despite every interviewee giving a perfectly sound reason for her doing this, Kay just puts her head to one side and asks the same question time and time again;

    “So, what has Mrs May got to be afraid of?”

    She probably thinks it makes her look like a hard nosed journalist exposing the truth for the good of the people. She is wrong. It makes her look like a mutton dressed as lamb petulant arse hole. And a cunt.

    • I noticed her doing that a few times over the last few weeks.
      The guest is trying to explain his point while burley just shouts over him, repeating the same question again and again.
      Every time I half expect the interviewee to just yell “fuck off you annoying cunt” and storm off.
      Burley is a shit cunt.

      • And she has a nose like the invisible man has stuck his fingers up it and pulled it forwards!

  16. Corbyn is a right cunt but his brother runs a company that predicts the weather 6 months in advance. He’d be ok as a geography teacher.

    He looks like old Steptoe in that picture, but I’d do Dianne if she looked like that in real life. Corrrr…

  17. COTY tiny Tim Farong has dropped a huge bollock. Apparently he doesn’t like poofters. He is a God bothering little toe rag gobshite who talks of equality and inclusiveness and yet he abstained on the same sex marriage vote and when asked if poofery was a sin he simply answers “We are all sinners”.

    Right you are Timmy my boy, nice knowing you. Close the door on the way out and take the other 8 loosers with you. Cunt.

    • In fact, thinking about it the poofery question could become political kryptonite, especially to all those Labour candidates of the peaceful persuasion. I wonder if anyone has asked Suckdick Khunt, grand mufti of londonistan what he thinks of batty boys?

    • Well that’s a way to lose you libtard vote.

      Christ, with the way he looks and talks and is generally a knob, you could have fooled me with him.

      Eh, RIP Lib Dumbs, can’t say that I’ll miss you. Cunts.

    • Timmy won’t clarify whether he thinks homosexuality is a sin.

      Timmy claimed that the British people didn’t know what they voting for.

      Timmy furiously demanded a seconded referendum.

      Timmy. I think being a wretched coward and a breathtaking cunt could be a sin.

      • For Timmy, his existence is such a sin that his mother slapped the stork that delivered him.

      • His mother tried to blame his existence on the milkman (as Mr Farron Snr said there’s no way that cunt is his).

        “Well darling, little Timmy must be the milkman’s, hmmm??”

        “And you can fuck off an’all! I’ve always gotten the milk on my way home from Sainsbury’s! Right, there’s only one thing for it, if any cunt asks about him, tell them he’s adopted!”

        “But darling, did you feel nothing for him when he giggled as you changed his nappy just now??”

        “He’s 46 for fuck’s sake! Little cunt!”

      • What were the first words Timmy heard?

        Christ that’s ugly, push it back in.

  18. Nicola Sturgeon is due another cunting,

    She realises she is now fucked with the election coming up, so she’s talking about a coalition with Labour or some shit. Corbyn has told her to fuck off.
    What a fucking palava.
    PS. Alex Salmond is a cunt.

    • When Corbyn tells you to fuck off, you know you’re an utter cunt.

      Isn’t it time Sturgeon got another cunting anyway?

      • She was there, little Jimmy Krankie talking about the election and standing up for Scotland and all the wee schemies.. I thought she was part of the Mickey Mouse assembly, not the real one. Do they vote as well? If not what the fuck has this thin lipped fucking harridan got to do with the UK election?

    • I’m praying that the snazip will implode…

      I’m not going to buy a bottle or three in, but…I shall stash some dosh just in case of good news in the morning.

  19. Lib Dems. At best, a protest vote, or sneaked in by dopey students and middle aged ditherers, with little connection to the real world. Now that Timmeh has got ‘poofgate’ hanging over him, he’s toxic to a large proportion of their target voters. Well played, you balloon headed cunt.

    • I laughed when the deluded bastard claimed he and his 8 fellow LibMongs could be the main opposition to the Tories.

      I think he needs to stop taking the hard drugs……

    • Cant wait to see how there remoaning stance goes down in their heartlands – rural communities who voted to leave. He really is a deluded little cunt.

  20. Serena Williams is pregnant…..Don’t think I’ll be trying to get hold of a copy of that birthing video.

  21. Well considering there isn’t any other opposition the runty cunt may have a point , although the word doesn’t really fit, cannon fodder would be my choice….
    I’m just praying cunt of the century BLAIR actually campaigns for the lib dems, it would be hard to find a bigger act of political self harm! Even better if mandelson and Campbell join in…..

    • I must say that I think that Blair is legitimately, genuinely evil.

      For what he’s done to this county…..

      • Blair is that cunty little Damian kid from “The Omen”. Somebody fetch Gregory Peck and his daggers…

      • If Blair was African or Balkan he would be being tried for war crimes the slimy cunt.

    • Nothing ruled in, nothing ruled out, there is a third way…

      Or so I am told.

  22. I see our friend Gina miller has piped up again, apparently she is going to front a new campaign to get Brexit opposing MP,s to do deals to beat the tories in marginal seats!! What an absolute cunt…….

    • I think it’s time that Gina Miller was cunted again.

      This self righteous, self absorbed rich bitch wants to piss all over the millions of people who didn’t vote her way.

      The bint is using a go fund me to raise money for the remoaners, what, she can’t use the millions of her own money? Cheap Bitch.

      She also has the sort of smug face that you want to take a claw hammer to.

      • Spot on…..and to make matters worse, the press are giving this bitch coverage at every opportunity. I pray that her piles turn square and fester at the fucking corners…….black cunt.

      • I think Windy Miller needs to fuck off a long way from here. Hopefully some clever cunt will be able to fuck her website up.Evil cunt

      • She is one of 2016/2017’s ginormous cunts. Talk about Remoaner. Article 50 well activated and this bubble of toxic puss is still insanely mumbling about another referendum. A 24-carat, poisonous piece of discharge.

      • Whatever happened to “not trying to block brexit, just getting clarity on the law.”
        “Doing a service for the people” and “protecting parliamentary sovereignty.”
        Fuckin anti democratic remoaning CUNT!!

  23. Cunt Clegg was on Newsnight this evening. Cunt ,bastard ,fuckwit, fucking twat, shitehouse, turd, arsehole,pisspot, gobshite,poxy cunt, anal sphincter,puff lover,arse bandit,Euro filth……..

    And those are just the nice things I can say about him.

    • Nick Clegg is about as much use to this country as Bluetooth car audio is to a deaf person!

      • Clegg is like one of those cunts who has seen a film that you are yet to see, and the smug cunt can’t help themselves from telling you the plot twist or the ending. But, when you do see the film, you realise that they missed the point.

  24. Next time Trump’s just had a session on Medal of Honour, got an itchy trigger finger and feels like dropping another MOAB he could do worse than some of our raghead infested hotspots.

  25. Brenda from Bristol is a cunt.
    Yesterday, some cunt of a reporter asked this clueless old biddy what she thought about the announcement of the upcoming election. “Oh gawd, norra nutha wun” she cackled, much to the amusement of the twats at the BBC, because they have been playing that clip constantly on the fucking radio. She probably thinks Harold Wilson is prime minister, but wishes it was that nice man Alan Titmarsh. Apparently she was trending on social media, which further proves how much of an intellectual vacuum it is. Eddie Mair loved it. Of course he would, he’s a cunt. And a BBC cunt to boot.

  26. Gina fucking Miller has stuck her head out of the trench again. This time, she’s set up a Go Fundme page, to stop what is now being called an “extreme” Brexit. I have no doubt that Remain idiots think that this will cause panic among the public. What it actually does, is show us how increasingly desperate those anti-democratic pricks in the Remain camp are becoming.

    This isn’t simply about them showing contempt democracy. They know that they’re on the losing side. They know that they can’t stop the UK from leaving the EU, but because their psychologically incapable of admitting defeat, they carry on regardless, in the vain hope we’ll change our minds. We won’t.

    Miller is a prime example of the type of remainer who just won’t let it go. Arrogant, ignorant, obnoxious, selfish, patronising and possessed of an unshakeable belief in their own superiority. On top of that, she’s a boring, self obsessed, attention seeking, sour faced twat. I wish this anti-British cunt would fuck off back to the Guianese shit hole she came from. I’m actually at a point now where I hope someone smacks the bitch in the face with a shovel.

  27. What really boils my piss about cunts like Clegg is their arrogance. In 2015 the people showed Glegg exactly what they thought of him and his party of non entity shills when he lost 49 seats. And yet the cunt is still at it. Clearly he still thinks he is right and we are all wrong. The very definition of arrogance.

    I fear that if Cleg, Timmy, B-liar, banana boat vagina, cambell(end) and mandelson ever got together the shear weight of cuntishness would form a black hole in space time and drag us all in. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • He said leaving the EU had destroyed young peoples future, staying in has done the youth of France, Spain,Greece and Italy no favours will huge unemployment over 30%. Clegg said he might stand again in this election, hope the good people of Sheffield flush this greasy little turd for good.

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