‘Peaceful’ People

Yesterday, did anyone else watch the “peaceful” cunts (the shit programme) “Can’t Pay or We’ll Take It Away!” on CH5!?!   The Mrs watched it.

Here is a surmise:

A shit tat jewellery shop in Birmingrabad. The two gadgeys have a court order to collect monies to the value of ‘X’, so they go in and the “peaceful” cunt owner was quiet as a mouse as they collected stuff from the shop.

He sneaks (yes SNEAKS) off and the next thing is that the bailiff bods get a phone call from court saying that the they were applying for an immdiate writ to delay the collection process.

The two bods carry on collecting stuff – which they’re legally allowed to do – next thing the “peaceful” shop owner returns with another 4 blokes (probably brothers) walks behind one of the bailiffs and twats him off the back of the head calling him a “baldy fuck!”

All brave now and…AND…he had the writ! Now I’m imagining that the Birmingistan court in question was full of “peaceful” cunts and they grease the wheels for their own! Utter utter cunts!

The bailiffs rang plod (rightly fucking so) to file an assault claim, plod duly arrive, they go out and the fucking street was littered with fucking bedsheets walking around. What a fucking site!

And to add insult to injury, while plod arrested the “peaceful” owner, they told the two bailiffs to hop it sharpish for fear of it kicking off.

I’M FUCKING SORRY!!! Colour me simple, colour me fucking stupid, aren’t we allowed to walk the fucking streets and go about our business these days???

Sorry plod but you need to get a fucking grip and start unloading a few black mariahs in riot gear and put paid to these twats! Unless it’s the Cressida Dick’s if this world that wants us to go down the path of Sweden and have designated police no-go districts/towns because they’re full to the brim of “peaceful” cunts!

I have no idea what happened (had to leave the room as I was fucking livid) but I bet the “peaceful” cunt shop keeper didn’t even get a warning, and – as I mentioned in a previous post – on their own they’re fucking cowards, as soon as they get a good dozen bedsheets around them they all of a sudden grown a pair of balls!

No the wonder they use cars and bombs to kill the “infidel” using terror tactics cos they’re too much of a bunch of fucking cowards to square up to anyone mano-e-mano!

And our “law” (legal system and police) let them fucking get away with it and they’re a chippy set of cunts to boot!

This country has been fucked by the religion of “peace”, it’s those cunts, and those cunts alone that need dealing with and shamed and not continually appeased because they’re just a nasty set of untrustworthy cunts to a one!

Fucking “peaceful” CUNTS!!!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

162 thoughts on “‘Peaceful’ People

  1. Little Timmy should learn the lesson. If you are going to be part of the Liberalati you have to toe the line and you are not allowed to deviate. Who does he think he is having opinions of his own? Little Timmy gets no sympathy from me…if you jump into bed with the pigs don’t cry when you come out stinking of shit.

  2. Gina Miller is on this week.Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt.She is saying she still isnt trying to stop Brexit.Fuck off no one is stupid enough to buy it.Just admit what you are you treacherous bitch.

  3. Chuka Umunna is clearly positioning himself to take over from jezbollah if he loses or a cabinet job if he wins.

  4. Dwight Yorke is a cunt in the papers today crying that he doesnt even get an interview for a managers job and there isnt enough black managers erm sorry Dwight dont you think it might be down to the fact that your shit and who the fuck would want to employ someone daft enough to not only shag but fucking impregnate that horrible shit cunt jordan or whatever her name is why dont you just fuck off back to Trinidad put your feet up and enjoy the fucking millions and millions of dollars you earned playing the game and leave the managing up to white cunts you buck teeth smiley cunt

    • Overrated turd, always was. How can he be expected to look after a football club when he can’t even look after a little blind kid.

    • Shame Yorkie doesn’t apply his ‘not enough blacks’ to his own personal life… As he always goes for white (or permatanned) slappers… And only a complete knobhead and utter imbecile would fuck that superslag, Katie Price and get her up the duff… I’m surprised Fergie didn’t take a revolver out and shoot Yorke when he heard about it…

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