Angela Merkel (7)

Merkel Says “Germans Have a Lot to Learn from Asylum Seekers” Oh Yeah, we have so much to learn from them about rape, massacring people on the street with semi trailer trucks, cousin fucking and how to wipe your ass with your left hand. Just kill yourself Merkel you fat dogfaced cunt

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In a recent speech ” mama” merkel launched into the recent spate of terrorism and the attacks on women by the peaceful ones, but according to her the problems don’t stem from her decision to let in a million plus virtually unchecked muslims? Oh no!! , apparently her government have been let down by local authorities and the police , she laid the blame of the 2015 cologne New Years sexual assaults, the Xmas market attack firmly at the door of local authorities , this has happened as “they” failed to intergrate the tsunami of peaceful people?? North Rhine – Westphalia have according to merkel “take the blame”!! , well I’m glad she’s cleared that up!, because I’ve always thought these problems we are hearing about all over Europe had something to do with her inviting millions of Muslims to flood into Europe!!!
What a 24 carat cunt ……

Nominated by Quislings.

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  1. Merkel is an arrogant shovel faced thick as troll shit cunt, its up to new arrivals to adopt to their hosts culture not the other way round. She should have been handing out the lederhosen, frankfurters and a ticket to Oktoberfest, the peaceful’s are not interested in intergration but domination and bring all the problems of their own war torn oppressive shithole backwaters to the West.
    Its like when a paki moves into your street, more will follow and there goes the neighbourhood.

    • Lot to learn from refugees! What is this cunt talking about? Fucking goats, raping children and beating women do not float my boat. Can she not just fuck off and shut up.

  2. There’s 2 things most people in this country don’t know about this flabby faced old bitch:
    Firstly she comes from a family of Bible bashers. Secondly, although born in Hamburg her thick as shit Bible bashing Daddy moved the family to East Germany when every other cunt was trying to go the other way. I’m sorry, but it’s no surprise that this sack of shit’s brain is totally fucked up given a background like that. Of course nobody forced the Krauts to elect her to high office but, given our own record on that score, we haven’t got too much to brag about. You get the politicians you deserve, as they say.

  3. The amazing thing with the whole ” mama” merkel fiasco is that no Cunt has taken her to task?? Very little negative press regarding HER ridiculous call to the peaceful ones to come to the fatherland.
    A few countries have rejected the EU,s ” migrant ” quotas but for all the shootings, bombings and vehicle jackings merkel has escaped a real savaging.
    There’s talk that she may lose out in German elections but even that’s not a given, how could one person bring so much misery to Europe and remain relatively unscathed?? And judging by her recent comments she thinks she’s right!! Amazing arrogance from the kraut bint……

    • The way I hear it, her main rival, Martin Schulz, has managed to make himself less popular than ole Mutti Merkel. That really takes some doing. The Krauts will probably vote her back in. And they’ll deserve everything they get.

  4. The German people were thoroughly indoctrinated following their defeat in WW2. That shame and guilt is passed down through the generations, and today, the programming is the most superb example of State Control.

    Di I feel sorry for Germany? Do I feel sorry for Europe? No. I really only care about this country. The Europeans have brought this upon themselves and seem relatively unwilling to do anything about the state of affairs.

    Merkel is beyond cunt. She is the most singular evil of modern time. A bitch of such enormity, that she actually dwarfs the spectre of Adolf in her tyranny.

    May her bowels drop through the mesh of her knickers. May her cunt be eternally infested with roaches and may her tits rub on gravel forevermore. CUNT

  5. The French are a serious bunch of spineless faggots, always have been always will be.

    What I’ve noticed over the years is that social liberalism is really a face saving tactic for those too weak to stand up for themselves. In the end though, it will kill you.

  6. I am staggered that the Germans don’t tip the bitch overboard for letting in a giant shitslide of poncing knuckledraggers many of which hate the west. I don’t think she is evil ,just so stupid as to think what she has done would win her friends.
    Sadly none of the other main Euro leaders have the balls to say ‘fuck you for giving us all the last problem we need for a total return of sod all’.
    The woman is simple. And the biggest cunt in Europe.

    • I’ll tell you this with certainty.
      Dp not feel sorry for the world of shit that the likes of Germany and Sweden are now in.
      Having discussed the state of play with regular people from these countries and been frank as only a cunter can…

      They are fully behind this project and think they are great fellows for shipping in millions of Muslims.

      They ignore the slaughterings as a necessary part of it.

      They say that they are refugees and they need to be helped.
      They are fully brainwashed.
      It’s like talking to a stepford wife.
      They will always state that the local men are more of a problem.
      I noticed that with both Germans and swedes.

      The Germans hate themselves for ww2 and have been programmed to hate themselves for this very purpose.
      The swedes hate themselves for being rich and happy. It’s a form of masochism.

      Worry about Blighty.
      Brexit if done well is a quarantine manouvre

      Don’t trust Theresa to do it though as her record on immigration suggests she’s in cahoots, same as all the other western govts.

  7. Reasons Merkel is different to Adolf Hitler:-

    Hitler wanted to dominate Europe.
    Hitler hated the fact that Britain was strong and independent.
    Hitler controlled the Media – he was never criticised.
    Hitler was a man and therefore went to ze Men’s toilets.
    Hitler saw Germany as special and above the shitty, little Euro states.
    Hitler had a ghastly fringe and moustache.
    Hitler wasn’t too keen on Jews.
    Hitler only had one bollock.

    • …… And Hitler put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger but,sadly, this cow will not follow his excellent example.

  8. The thing with Merkel is that when she invited all those sandwogs to come to Germany,she was effectively inviting them to come to any part of Europe. There was no way that the stream of human filth that flooded in,at her invitation,was ever going to settle just in Germany. She is responsible for the swarm believing that it was an open-door policy for every country in Europe. Border controls had been conveniently removed prior to the invasion to make the spread of these “refugees” impossible to check. It’s the greatest sellout in history.

    Merkle knew just what she was doing when she enabled an unopposed invasion of Europe. The woman has another agenda,which I believe doesn’t bode well for the Western way of life.

    • I think she expected all the other nations to suck up to her and offer to take there quota.

      Yea I get a quota for you merkel.
      Youa areaa aa cunta.

  9. Is Alistaire Campbell or Mandelscum up to much? This would be right up these lying fuckers street, not like they don’t have form. Probably too busy trying to fuck up this country.

    • Let’s hope those two weasels pop up with Blair to champion the lib dems in the election, remember it only took one iceberg to sink the titanic , with those three political pirahs on board what chance has tiny TIM the liberal runt got?

  10. For a country and a people that is capable of producing and manufacturing a lot of good shit, Germany, as a country and a people has been particularly thick about immigration. Why they don’t just admit their decisions are awful and turf the goat fornicators out on their flabby arses I will never understand.
    Also, Is Merkel a lezzer?

    • There is a picture of Merkel aged 18. She is naked. So too are the other two girls. Lezzer? Hmmmmmm……

  11. “Suspected Islamist Attack” in Paris.

    Courtesy of the ABBC.

    Still refusing to acknowledge it for what it is. Utter cunts!

    • … and were also reporting it to be an attack with ‘an assault’ weapon .. even they know the mention of the fact ( which was known and mentioned on other media outlets ) it was an AK47 immediately points to terrorists. Cunts …

    • Sky News were still clinging to the armed robbery thesis this morning.
      It happened outside Marks and Sparks on the Champs Elysees.

      Who takes a Kalashnikov to steal underwear?…

      • I can’t watch the media coverage of these ” events ” it far too annoying listening to them skirting round the truth, the way sky and the BBC appear to work is fudge the issue whilst it’s fresh news and when most people are watching, wait for 24/36 hours to pass then slip in the words terrorist attack hoping the masses have moved onto something else!!, it’s fuckin cynical!! Cunts…..

    • Its only a “suspected” islamic attack, because its racist to assume otherwise lol Even if ISIS confirms the attack, lamestream media will still say its “not true islam” or the individual has psychiatric issues and we shouldn’t base the attack on his religion. Then they will have his mum on to tell us what a good boy he was 10

      • psychiatric issues, my feckin arse !! You don’t have to be a swivel-eyed goatfucker to be an islime, but it helps.

        The genuinely mentally ill have enough on their plate without being lumped together with sandwog ringpieces.

    • as in the so-called “British Broadcasting Corporation” !! aka many other things in these troubled times.

      I would say that Richard Baker would be spinning in his grave. Except he is very much still with us, I believe, and doing “Face the Music” type quizzes.
      Hope for his sake he gets his news from the only reliable source, IAC !

    • Yea that “so called” shit really pisses me off.
      “So called” sky news do it all the fucking time.
      “So called” Cunts the lot if em!

  12. Religion has always been used to control the people. The Christian Church were a pretty ruthless bunch of cunts particularly in this country, but they were very effective in control.
    We managed to wise up. The Godgobs are now confined to Sunday worship with a few dozen pillocks who still cling to the concept that you must suffer all your life, to receive a great gift when you are dead. ( how the fuck that works is well beyond me )

    The New World Order requires willing easy to manipulate arseholes. Islam fits the bill. A cretinous robotic deluded camel shagger, willing to blow himself up, coz some fucking Ayatollah tells him to. And that if he does, he will get 13 virgins when he is dead. ( ? )

    Under the control of NWO Muslims can be used to replace the stubborn and sceptical indigenous race of Europe. Just Imagine, a bunch of camel shaggers, who will do anything that the Ayatollah orders.

    Merkel and her Euro Cronies are complicit in a conspiracy to replace us with Islamic vermin.

    Merkel is indeed a cunt, and she knows exactly what she is doing. No person can be that thick ? ( Cunt )

      • Why have they got to be virgins? virgins who know nothing and would give crap head?

        Give me 72 yummy mummys instead or 72 bored housewives who’ve hit the gin.

        Fuck all this n00b virgin bollocks.

      • Ahhh, but they never qualified what type of virgin did they.

        So Johnny Bombvest offs himself in the hope that when he gets to “peaceful” heaven there will be a bevvy of beauties all waiting for a bit of cock.

        Alas when Johnny arrives in paradise his tranche of virgins are made up of previous male bomb-vest virgins or career virgins a’la Anne Widdecombe and SuBo!

        Yeah, how do you like those apples, you thick, gullible, “peaceful” cunt! Hah!

      • I guess with new breakthroughs in medicine, there aren’t as many 9 year olds dying and going to heaven so they’ve cut it down to 15.

    • They don’t plan to catch up with civilisation,Mike. They plan to destroy it.

    • Mike, you make the classic mistake of comparing islime with a religion, it isn’t, it is a political ideology which demands complete obedience for the common good. More like communism than a religion.

      Further more, The Bible is clearly a book which has been written by a number of different authors over a number of decades or even centuries. The quoran however claims to be the literal word of God, as dictated to ( quoran means “the dictation”) mo the mighty ( may piss be upon him ) by the Archangel Gabriel. Futhermore it claims to be God’s final word to man, there will be no other prophets after mo the mighty ( may piss be upon him ).

      It is impossible for islime to reform, for to do so you must remove or re-write parts of the quoran. That would mean that God got that bit wrong, or he didn’t mean it, or it was just a silly mistakes. But God is infallible, he doesn’t get things wrong, he always means what he says and he never makes silly mistakes. See the problem? Without accepting God’s fallibility there is no way to reform islime.

      • Off the top of my head, the bible was put together (a few cherry-picked gospels that fit their own beliefs) by the Romans as they were manifesting their empire into the Catholic church.

        I think the gospels are old law books. How to be a good citizen!! And all that and all the other religeous texts. Old shit that fruitcakes and fools still peddle.

  13. Or 72 Fiona Phillips clones from around 10 years ago with voice box and opinion removed.

  14. My two colleagues were sacked following an incident at work.

    Some may remember several years ago, you could buy toilet rolls with each sheet printed with a crossword. It was a novelty, it was a joke.

    My 2 colleagues obtained a photocopy of a page of the Koran.

    ( You can see where this is going )

    We had some fucking laughs in immigration.

  15. Bill Gates you specky billionaire cunt. When its you own money being pissed up the wall on cunts half a world away by other cunts on a vanity trip then you might have something to say. So since 10 minutes ‘work’ for you is more than most earn in a year, you can fuck off.

    • Gates is like that uppity houseboy Obama. They should mind their own business. This is the U.K, and we have enough wankers of our own without having to listen to fucking Septics giving their views on British matters. If Gates is so worried about starving Gollies he can give some of his own fortune to pay for them instead of expecting the British taxpayer to support every feckless coon who is too thick and lazy to do anything for themselves. Fuck them,let the fuckers starve. They wont be much of a loss.

      • 6pm News this evening, and Tessa has vowed to continue with overseas economic aid.

        Q Has Bill Gates got a big cock?

      • … I couldn’t think why she is doing this, but I guess this is the only chance she will have to put this down in an election manifesto, as she probably believes she ( the Tories ) are bullet proof in this election. She’ll be getting my vote this time, purely on her being able to see the Brexit affair right through … however, if she pulled the ‘keeping foreign aid at this level’ ( or truthfully ANY fucking level) during any other election, she’d have to whistle for my vote.

  16. Having HER FAMILY staying for the weekend is a cunt.

    Her brother, wife and three sons have come down from Valencia for a couple of days.
    They arrived two hours ago and I’m already thinking of throwing one of the boys out of a window.

    Ye’d think after more than thirteen years of knowing me, they’d stay the fuck away.

    The kids just don’t shut the fuck up, and they want to eat everything.
    The first words out of one of their mouths when he came through the door was “can i have something to eat”.
    No hello or anything.
    They describe everything they fuckin do, and their parents won’t tell them to shut up.
    Two hours and I’ve drawn blood from my tongue already.

    Little loud gobshite cunts.
    I know none of this concerns you cunters, but I’m just letting ye’s know in case my posts over the next couple of days come across as snidey.

    And they piss all over the toilet seat.

    • Hey, Birdman…you heard any more about your dust-up with your neighbour? In-laws are cunts. One of the best things about the last Mrs Fiddler fucking off was not having to have anything more to do with her appalling family…bunch of grabby cunts.

    • I feel for you birdman!

      I fuckin hate kids.

      Never understood why anyone would want one, let alone 3 of the annoying little cunts.
      …My idea of hell!

      • I have an “accidental” daughter, but apart from inheriting her mothers brain, she’s a star.

        I never wanted kids coz i just don’t like them.
        I got lucky with her and our relationship is beautiful.

        Her friends and other kids though are a different matter.
        Even if they’re nice, i can’t communicate with them.
        I just really hate kids.

        Especially when their parents let them do what they want.

        As i write this, i’m holding back tears.
        I don’t think I’ll make it through this. 🙁

      • I never used to mind my inlaws, actually they were both quite nice. It was my wife I had the arse with, what a fucking cunt.

      • Spanish families are the worst they are so anal retentive about everything, I imagine its like being in the bloody spanish inqusititon or something

      • These cunts are English.
        Her family are super duper mega mega loaded, and have loads of land and property, mainly campsites, in England, Wales, France and Spain.
        The cunt has two houses in Spain, one in Seville and one in Valencia plus another one in Kent.
        Valencia is where the little bastards go to school.

        I have a very, very close family friend who we call Auntie Antonia or Tia Antonita.
        She’s a devout Catholic Spaniard, who does full time charity work with nuns.
        She fuckin lives with nuns.
        Despite this, since my grandad died four years ago, she’s the only family that i have anything to do with. Even though she’s really super Catholic, she’s a right laugh. She doesn’t mind my lack of beliefs coz she KNOWS I’ll see light when God takes me in his arms when i die.
        And she’ll be there giving it “i told you so”. 🙂

      • I wish I was super duper mega loaded then again I’m better off then most people. So they just came on the spot no invitation at all? what a bunch of intrusive cunts just show them the door if they get picky or start demanding things

      • The missus got a “whatthefucks app” this morning to tell us the joyous news.
        Her and my daughter are over the moon, whereas I’m on the dark side.
        The little cunts are demanding as fuck. “can i have this/that/everything”
        And all three of the little cunts turned they’re spoilt noses up at my homemade sundried tomato and basil pasta sauce.
        The cunts wanted MEAT!!!!!!!!

      • I knew a Spanish bird once, she was really rather nice and quite a brightly-coloured dresser; the four of us went out to eat in some part of W London where they lived – about 25 years ago, all the motorists were honking and flashing their lights at her !! Don’t think she realised that she actually looked a bit of a splosher… She had ciggie burns from her sister on various private parts… all very Lorca.

  17. She looks like she keeps her clothes in a manky carrier bag and sleeps in her car.

    • Yarvöhl, das ist nein gut. She looks like she smells of black bananas, German ham, and urine. Mein Gott, she’s as ugly as a third Neville brother and she dresses like a lesbo plumber.

  18. There is a cunt in work with me and he smells like a bin bag full of dead ferrets. It’s not fresh sweat, which is unpleasant but bearable, but that dried on funk that could make a billy goat sick. He comes into work on a Monday, reeking like he’s three weeks dead, and gets worse as the week goes on. I am way past the point of trying to find a polite way to tell him how offensive his B.O. is, so it’s going to be a choice of hand in my notice, or set fire to the cunt. Any suggestions?

    • I think fire is yer only option, Gutstick Japseye.

      It amazes me that smelly cunts don’t know that they smell. If he thinks he smells alright, then burn the smelly cunt.

      Or throw a bag of lime over the cunt

      • His friends who work there have told him on several occasions, but to no avail. I almost tried to shit my pants today, because the smell of my own mess would have been more pleasant, but I didn’t think it would overpower the fucking stench this guy was giving out. I’ve tried to say fuck all, cos you know the young ‘uns these days can be quite touchy, and I didn’t want him to top himself. See, I can be thoughtful. Don’t know for how much longer though…..

      • Smelly cunts are a health and safety issue. The gaffer has a legal obligation to tell the smelly cunt to shape up or fuck off.

    • I would rather put it in a sock and beat him over the head with it. Still not sure even then he would sort it out!

    • There was a bloke at work who use to smell really, really bad. You could smell him a corridor or two away.

      His nickname was “Phil Socks”. He never washed or changed clothes.

      Some bloke said he was in the van with him once, and the fucker nodded off at the wheel, but the arms of his jumper grabbed the wheel and started steering the van.

      • My nasal nemesis has a ten meter reach, and the stench has a half life of fifteen minutes. Like a three bird roast, he smells like a dead fish stuffed inside a dead sheep stuffed inside a dead horse. I’ve worked with whiffers before, one nicknamed onions, another called eau de damp mattress, but this guy is in a league of his own.

  19. Just in case any of you are interested, here is a link to a documentary called “the red pill”. It’s about the way men have been fucked over by wiminz and what a load of horse shit feminism is.

    In the same vein, Sky are cunts again. This time their new drama series, Jamestown is being pushed hard by showing scenes of sexual violence, perpetrated by wiminz on (no doubt deserving) men. Said sexual violence being a bloke getting kneed in the plums. I wonder what sort of outcry there would be if one of the sisters got a cunt punt?

    • I woke up early this morning because the wife had me in a headlock.

      I think she had a wrestlers nights sleep…

  20. Orn the subject orf personal effluvia in me producing days orn occasion was required to deal with members orf the public in large classy venues (no money refunded under any circumstances) who showed up stinking like a five day old sanitary pad. Always had a handspray aboit me person filled with industrial fragrance. Gave the whiffy cunts no quarter, couple puffs to bollocks/cunt, armpits arse and feet, job done. At least they smelt better than the acts. Funkeeee.

  21. The other night, Freddie The Frog mentioned that the Flabbot was not bad when she was younger.
    So i looked up her images and i saw an old Conservative campaign poster having a pop a labours militant young members.
    Its quite a good dig at the cunts.
    Anyway, there was a guy on the poster called John McDonnell.
    I’d never heard of this cunt before.
    He said the Brighton bombing was “political art”.
    What a dirty bastard!
    I googled the cunt and what i read about his love of the IRA got worse.
    I hate labour, and i knew they harboured IRA sympathisers, but not to this cunts extent.

    I cant believe I’ve never heard of this CUNT.
    Michael Stone needs to pay him a visit.

    PS. The Flabbot was NOT anywhere near rootable when she was younger.

    • At the risk of being called a cunt, McDonnell was right. The IRA had a political aim, the unification of Ireland. They also claimed to represent the Catholic people of Northern Ireland. It was possible to negotiate with the IRA because they had limited political goals.

      This is why comparing the IRA with the current Islamist maniacs is so fatuous. The IRA had goals that were limited and finite. The Islamists’ goals are unlimited and infinite – they want nothing less than the complete dismantling of Western society and the imposition of their own theocratic dictatorship. It is impossible to negotiate with people who see the world in black-and-white and either/or terms.

      This is not to suggest that the IRA were not, and are not, complete and utter cunts. The love fest that followed the death of Martin McGuiness was nauseating. And pursuing squaddies for killings during the Troubles whilst letting IRA members off is sickening in its hypocrisy.

    • Presumably the same John McDonnell who is Corbyn’s oppo and Shadow Chancellor orf the Exchequer. Cunt.

  22. Flabbot is so ghastly, I wouldn’t piss at the next urinal she was commandeering. I bet her cock smells of shite. Her balls are probably dirtier than her opinions. Filthy cunt.

  23. Labourites like The Flabbot always bang on about how thick the cunts who voted for Brexit are. They never seem to mind when the very same thick cunts vote for them.

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