Angela Merkel (9)

Mad Mütter Merkel is ein big cunt, isn’t she? Again.

We can have a deal but we must “commit to accepting the rules.” Oh. Has this loopy, tunnel-visioned dough-faced frau been in a coma for 26 months? Has she gone blind from overdosing on sauerkraut? Did the frumpy harpee miss our Referendum because she was concentrating on rapey immigrants and shoring up the concrete bollards outside der Khristmås markets too much?

We know the Fourth Reich supports/loves/is the EU. We know it suits the Fatherland to have a captive, enslaved market to whom to flog its Teutonic tat. We know the EU is perfect for easing the, erm, guilt of those difficult early 20th century years. This, though, is more schizen, perhaps even the last gasps of power before the Queen of Europe (© Angela Merkel) is finally usurped.

A future of global, tarrif-free cars await our the British buyers so…
Nein, danke-shun, überKunt.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Angela Merkel (8)

It’s about time Obersturmbanfuhrer Merkel got a good cunting. Now she is saying that NATO can no longer rely on the UK and the US for defence because :

(1) The Tangoman has the cheek to insist that the Krauts and their hangers on pay their fair share.

(2) The Brits have the bare faced front to want to be out of the EU.

Ok Herr Oberst, have it your way. Us and the Yanks saved your brainwashed arses from the Russian bear last time, if you want to go on your own be our guest. See how useful your hardworking, taxpaying immigrants are when Ivan’s tanks roll into Berlin and Dimitri’s missiles are smashing up your cities. Fucking mouthy arrogant bitch. As Basil Fawlty, quite rightly, said…..”Who won the bleedin’ war anyway?”

Nominated by Freddie the Frog.

Angela Merkel (7)

Merkel Says “Germans Have a Lot to Learn from Asylum Seekers” Oh Yeah, we have so much to learn from them about rape, massacring people on the street with semi trailer trucks, cousin fucking and how to wipe your ass with your left hand. Just kill yourself Merkel you fat dogfaced cunt

Nominated by TitSlapper.

In a recent speech ” mama” merkel launched into the recent spate of terrorism and the attacks on women by the peaceful ones, but according to her the problems don’t stem from her decision to let in a million plus virtually unchecked muslims? Oh no!! , apparently her government have been let down by local authorities and the police , she laid the blame of the 2015 cologne New Years sexual assaults, the Xmas market attack firmly at the door of local authorities , this has happened as “they” failed to intergrate the tsunami of peaceful people?? North Rhine – Westphalia have according to merkel “take the blame”!! , well I’m glad she’s cleared that up!, because I’ve always thought these problems we are hearing about all over Europe had something to do with her inviting millions of Muslims to flood into Europe!!!
What a 24 carat cunt ……

Nominated by Quislings.

Angela Merkel [6]


Can we please please please cunt Frau Merkle again? This woman is a commie Leftie twat and needs to be hunted down with a dead goldfish and smacked repeatedly around the chops. What has the would be Führer done now I hear you ask well lets see shall we…..

“Since last year’s flood of “refugees” into Europe, border closures between various countries have all but cut off the flow of migrants into Germany by land. Austria in particular is no longer cooperating with the migratory imperative — it has built fences and installed border controls at the crossings from Slovenia and Italy.

The German government is evidently determined to make Brecht’s sarcastic poem a reality: they are now flying in the migrants secretly, by night. The regime seems bent on abolishing the German people and appointing a new one.” (see here)

If you prefer a translation it’s available here

Nominated by: Kath Gillon

Angela Merkel [5]


Angela Merkel is a typical Hun Cunt….

Merkel now tells us to ‘set limits’ on what we say, having ordered the prosecution of a comedian for mocking the president of Turkey…. What people should and shouldn’t say? Limits? Prosecution for a joke?

All we need is the chorus of ‘Sieg Heil!’ and Dachau to be reopened… And The Four Tops to belt out ‘But it’s the same old Krauts….’

Nominated by: Norman