Angela Merkel [6]


Can we please please please cunt Frau Merkle again? This woman is a commie Leftie twat and needs to be hunted down with a dead goldfish and smacked repeatedly around the chops. What has the would be Führer done now I hear you ask well lets see shall we…..

“Since last year’s flood of “refugees” into Europe, border closures between various countries have all but cut off the flow of migrants into Germany by land. Austria in particular is no longer cooperating with the migratory imperative — it has built fences and installed border controls at the crossings from Slovenia and Italy.

The German government is evidently determined to make Brecht’s sarcastic poem a reality: they are now flying in the migrants secretly, by night. The regime seems bent on abolishing the German people and appointing a new one.” (see here)

If you prefer a translation it’s available here

Nominated by: Kath Gillon

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  1. Yeah this practice of flying them in at night was agreed in the deal with turkey last year.

    Just wasn’t sure if the scale of it.
    Looks like, from the list of flights shown on that link that it’s many thousands per night.

    Also the sight of hoardes of Arabs streaming up across Europe was deemed unacceptable with the Brexit vote approaching.
    So they had to find a way to hide it.
    Flying them in was the answer.

    Met some Germans on holiday recently and I don’t know how representative they are but as far as they are concerned, they are doing a great thing. The more the better.
    Blind cunts.
    I just don’t think they comprehend what lies ahead for them.

    Or more likely, they are in another state of national hypnosis. They do what they are told by the leader and follow it through to the bitter end. Even if it means self destruction.
    Maybe that’s why Germany was chosen to carry this project out?

    Brexit is a quarantine measure and let’s hope it’s done properly.
    We are all fucked in the long run though.

  2. Merkel hasn’t just fucked Germany,she’s fucked the whole of Europe. She has enabled a huge army of fighting age vermin to invade the continent. The peaceful people aren’t coming here with gratitude and a desire to intergrate,they are coming with the aim of destroying Western culture and replacing it with their own sick,backward beliefs.
    I also believe that we are too late to get out of this pan-European conspiracy and in the words of Cpl. Frazer “We’re doomed”
    I’d dearly like to shit on your festering corpse, Merkel, you utter cunt.

  3. One of the many reasons why the EU is a crock of shit is the press, not so much the quality but the lack of any popular media which all euro citizens read.
    Here in the Uk we have TV and newspapers which are common to all of us, so stuff like the above would be seen by all . Love ’em or hate ’em , these flights would have been picked up by one of the papers if not all and splashed over the front pages along with a condemnation of a government who are deceiving and lying to the citizenry.
    Effectively there is no opposition to whatever the EU do; if these flights are real, it will mean these refugees will spread out into all of the EU , as if Mrs Crankie had opened the doors of Jockland knowing that most of them will sod of to the rest of the Uk.
    Our press would have a ball.

    Johnny Euro reads his national paper , isn’t used to seeing any serious EU criticism , couldn’t bear to think it was all a bag of giant bollocks to start with and the papers don’t bother him with such trivialities.

    Sorry, need to do some cunting so Merkel Junckers Hollande are seriously cuntable cunts and need watercunting a la CIA .

    • What is it with the myth that all women will make great leaders? ” oh , she’s a women , makes her more caring ,approachable, and isn’t white male.had many female teachers as a kid and majority were cunts like their male’s a sad day when being female is the only credential they need. Oh and I’m not sexist ,i luvs the bunts i do, luvs them.

      • We don’t want our leaders to be too caring in this way, we want them to make rational decisions which puts the safety of Europeans ahead of migrants (most of these people are NOT refugees). Most of our globalist elites care nothing about people or nations, they just care about money. At least the leaders in Eastern Europe seem to have more sense.

    • Merkel is punishing europe with ugly violent brown people, because she can no longer have children in her crusty old uterus. She has recently dropped the “we can do it” phrase because thats what people stranded on a island for 2 months considering cannibalism usually say.

      The stupid bint supposedly hates dogs, who could hate dogs?! she must be a witch or moslem! I wish I could set my dogs on that delusional slag.

      • Too true @ birdman I thinks mums make great mums well mine anyway, but as leaders/politicians? Hell no I’ve seen enough clones of merkel clinton and abbott to shake a stick at. They make great puppets for more powerful men to control them more like

  4. I’d like to cunt ‘Generation Snowflake’. I recently had cause to reply to one of these cunts who was posting all over twitter on how those who voted leave were idiots who didnt bother to read up on the ‘facts’. When I politely asked her to detail what ‘facts’ she was alluding to she replied that there were many of them but she wouldnt be conversing with me because I was ‘horrid’. True fucking story. What a dumb little cunt.

    • Twitter is a place snowflakes go for affirmation, they ain’t the sort of people who want a debate

      • I’m on Twitter, and there are plenty of great people on there who hate PC, 3rd wave feminism, SJWs, regressive lefties etc.

  5. Today on the BBC

    “Leo is 10 years old. For most of his life he’s lived as a girl, but this summer he began to speak openly about his sense that this didn’t feel quite right. With research help for his parents, he’s decided he is non-binary – in his case, both masculine and feminine – though for the moment he dresses as a boy and has taken a male name. This is Leo’s story in his own words.”

    Day in day out more agenda driven articles, it isn’t your job BBC to introduce this new “normaility”


    • If it’s got a cock it’s male,if not female. I just don’t understand how there can be any way around the fact.
      The BBC love this kind of shit because it fits in with their bastardisation of normality. They glory in what,to a normal,well-balanced person,would be seen as encouraging perversion in children.They really are “no longer fit for purpose” and should be abolished.

      • Exactly right. Every specific time period of this new shit western world we’re living in, has to have a new hipster watchword for right-on sensitive headcases to attach themselves to and create more snowflake Twatter and FaceFuck pages so that other likeminded pink beret wearing cunts can stroke their ego’s. It’s “Gender Fluidity”.

        Children these days are being blatantly misguided from their earliest days when they’re at their most impressionable. I can see it now…”Tarquin, I see you playing more with dolls than action man toys…would you be more comfortable as a little girl? You would wouldn’t you. Go on, say you would…I know you would”. And the next step is to open their heads, thoroughly wash and re-wire their brains and planting the seeds of confused gender in their minds, so the kids start growing up already fucked in the mind. This in turn gives these new age devotees and their demigods all the media-fuel they need for a mass smugwank and back-patting session because their seriously fucked agenda has been realised.

        “Another confused little darling converted…we’re so smart”. What in the mellow fuck has happened in today’s world? Male is male and female is female. This is plain scientific FACT…not truth. This has gone way too far and is abuse wearing a moral crusader cap. What a cunt.

    • Have you seen the “reality”show all that JAZZ,it’s about the Jennings family who’s youngest SON is now their 14 year old slaughter .creepy little fucker,seriously I’ve seen some shit, but all these little boys who once played dress up when they are 3 and now want to live their lives as a bint,get a fucking clue.prepubescent trannies? Peados absolute wet dream, anyway if you have the stomach for it check it have been warned …feel strange having a go at a 14 year old but fuck off,just fuxk off eurghhhh. Have a nice Sunday everyone.

    • Gender fluid….what a load of old cock. Your either male or female, end of story. It’s greedy fuckers who just want to fuck everyone and everything, without impunity and spreading their disease to the rest of us by being Gender Fluid. I have to agree with Christopher Biggens on this one, and there is a phrase I never thought I’d say!

      • I’m in favour of gender fluidity, as long as it involves these transsexual bastards putting their knobs in a blender. That would sort the cunts out.

    • I read some of this article before I felt the desire to chuck into me breakfast. We pay a poll tax for this fucking perverted propaganda. Twisting the gender of children is sick and playing along with the child’s fantasy of being opposite to what he is, is the worst kind of indulgence and plays into the hands of the LGBT+ cunts. What is the plus going to be next, paedos?
      They have been trying to get on the agenda for years aided initially by Harriet Harperson, Patricia Hewitt and the Natonal Council for Civil Liberties which morphed into that poisoned dwarf, Chakrabarti’s outfit,and now that cunt sits in the fucking Lords. Fuck inclusion, some things just ain’t wanted at all and a perverts propaganda tax is wrong. BBC cunted again.

    • Germaine Greer recently said that just because your cock has been lopped off it doesn’t make you a woman. She is a feminist but I actually agree with her, she even pissed off other feminists who decided she wasn’t a proper feminist because she didn’t follow feminist dogma and they tried to no platform her (prevent her from appearing in lectures) because she didn’t toe the party line.

      That’s why feminists are cunts, they make me defend other feminists.

      • Just listened to a guy who has been censored by Facecunt and Instacunt for posting a meme “only other crackers can call me a cracker”

        The problem with progressives like Greer is she was a stepping stone for the next more militant feminists, human nature always mean the next generation need to be more extreme. The Kray Twins are outdone by 14 year old kids in London now. Greet doesn’t like the hell spawn she helped create? Hyopcrit bitch.

      • Greer is indeed a hypocrite… When she was in Manchester in the 60s, she was one of the biggest slappers around… Greer even openly bragged about being a ‘top groupie’ or a ‘super groupie’… She did plenty of shagging to get where she got, yet she’s dined out on her ‘feminist’ status for decades… What a cunt…

  6. Apparently…
    Many American schools now have “White Privilege” awareness sessions for pupils starting at the age of six years old.
    Some Lib Dem cunt has suggested that Prostitution be included in UK schools careers suggestions.
    The Western World is truly fucking doomed…

  7. They should have kept Germany split up… That wall was built for a fucking reason… Because a ‘United Germany’ – one way or another – will always and eventually cause trouble where everyone else suffers… Another German trait is leaving it, thinking things will either get better or go away, then it blows up in everyones’ faces… Usually the rest of Europe…

    Wayne Rooney is a useless cunt who should be shot and sold for glue, and Daly Blind certainly lives up to his name…. Twat…

  8. Just seen a Walkers Crisps advert with Gary Lineker and Paddy McGuinness… Two cunts for the price of one…

    I’d give that bird off the Optimax advert a seeing to though…

  9. The fat cunt should have the begging future terrorists in her house for a year and pay for them if she wants to help them. Total cunt of epic proportions.

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