Angela Merkel (9)

Mad Mütter Merkel is ein big cunt, isn’t she? Again.

We can have a deal but we must “commit to accepting the rules.” Oh. Has this loopy, tunnel-visioned dough-faced frau been in a coma for 26 months? Has she gone blind from overdosing on sauerkraut? Did the frumpy harpee miss our Referendum because she was concentrating on rapey immigrants and shoring up the concrete bollards outside der Khristmås markets too much?

We know the Fourth Reich supports/loves/is the EU. We know it suits the Fatherland to have a captive, enslaved market to whom to flog its Teutonic tat. We know the EU is perfect for easing the, erm, guilt of those difficult early 20th century years. This, though, is more schizen, perhaps even the last gasps of power before the Queen of Europe (© Angela Merkel) is finally usurped.

A future of global, tarrif-free cars await our the British buyers so…
Nein, danke-shun, überKunt.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

36 thoughts on “Angela Merkel (9)

  1. There is some ‘home roosting’ going on in Chemnitz. All the fault of the ‘Far’ right of course and fuck all to do with Merkel and her peaceful guests.
    It also looks as if Sweden has had enough of criminal, violent, non integrated scum as well. Add in Italy, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Holland and Hungary – the EU has never been in better shape. We are fucking fools to want to leave. At least Mavis is doing her best to prevent it.

      • Russian Empire collapses 1917
        Austro-Hungarian Empire collapses 1918
        German Empire collapses 1918
        Ottoman Empire collapses 1922
        Empire of Japan collapses 1947
        French Empire collapses 1962
        British Empire collapses 1980
        Yugoslavia collapses 1992
        USSR collapses 1992

        Anyone see a pattern developing somewhere in there ?

      • I’d say the British Empire was struggling by the end of the 1920s and finished after the 2nd World War but nonetheless, good point.

      • I take the granting of independence to Rhodesia(Zimbabwe) in 1980 as symbolic of the final dissolution of the Empire but you are probably correct.

  2. I wish this woman would just fuck off already. You know, the AfD may be slightly too right wing for my liking but they’d be far better than Mama Merkel and her merry band of cohorts.

  3. Haven’t we already left the EU? or at any rate the “U” part of it.
    It seems there is no union at all, unless compelled to toe the line by a bunch of unelected cunts.
    In light of the fact there is nothing anyone can agree upon, let’s consider ourselves out of a union that simply does not exist anyhow.
    Don’t like the Ireland border issue? Then deal with it yourselves EU fuckwits. The Republic is still in the EU, Northern Ireland is not.
    Don’t like the trade proposals? Then trade elsewhere like Britain intends to when its not shackled to a bunch of cripples.
    Don’t like our attitude towards migrants? Well that includes all of you in Europe too so fuck off and leave our country alone.

    • Stop press, that slaphead Sajid Javid is showing some backbone.
      He’s just announced that the latest child molestation enquiries reveal that the majority of perpetrators are from a Pakistani background.
      At fucking last, someone saying it like it is, and from a Pakistani background too.

      • I bet AL-BEEB and Sly still report it as “Asian”.

        I’m pretty sure folk from China, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and Japan would actually prefer to be called “Oriental” than be lumped in with that shower of shite from the Northwest Passage!

      • Spot on RWAC
        Sky are really pushing the Bbc in the cuntitude stakes these days.
        Sometimes I’m not 100% sure which shower of shit I’m actually watching!
        I used to love Fox News but according to the mahoosive Cunts over at sky only myself and about 4 or 5 other people watched it? FFS…….

      • Tbf to Javid he has been pretty good when it comes to dealing with the grooming gang problem. Seems like one of the few ministers who’s prepared to truly acknowledge and deal with it.

      • I hope he has decent bodyguards…

        Today’s Times suggests that May could…FINALLY…be on the skids, as IDS and others are said to be on the point of rebelling over the Chequers “plan”. It is suggested that as many as 60 Toties might, just might, stick their heads above the parapet on this one. Apparently, seven would be enough to make the old hag soil her frillies seriously.

    • We don’t ‘leave’ until March 2019… and probably not even then if Government and opposition parties get their way.

  4. Hitler in drag, with more patience, but just as mad and dangerous. The bitch will forever be associated with opening the floodgates to the enemies of Europe. Like many of her ilk she totally fails to understand the nature of Islam.
    Cunts like Owen Jones and James O’Shithead can tell us how great they are until they are blue in the face that won’t change my personal experience.
    Fuck them all to hell.

    • Must admit that I find watching that little fanny Jones quite entertaining, Fred. I’m sure that one of these days he’ll short circuit a fuse and spontaneously combust before our eyes, a Youtube phenomenon in the making. Bring it on

      • I’d wager he’ll be the first to get himself committed to a psyche ward or go completely off the rails. James O’Knobhead is surely a contender too but he seems more composed than that whiny cardigan wearing perma-toddler Jones.

  5. ‘Commit to accepting the rules’ my ringpiece. I love this idea going around that we can ‘leave’ the cunting EU as long as we stay tied up with it, and by it; technically ‘out’, actually ‘in’, with THEM still pulling all the strings with OUR cash, no doubt.
    Fuck off Merkel, and take your GrossDeutschland Union with you. Raus!

    First rate cunting, Captain.

  6. This stupid Kraut bitch really makes my blood boil.

    Almost single handedly responsible for many of the problems resultant of cultural enrichment in Western Europe yet has the nerve to blame the right wing (local folk who do not appreciate being stabbed by the immigrant scum) and everyone else for her own stupidity and the trouble she has caused.

    The dowdy frump swanning around, smiling, attending summit meetings with all of the other cunt leaders (with the possible exception of The Donald) and living a lavish lifestyle spouting her EU nonsense and is treated as some sort of guru, whilst many people in her home and surroundings are suffering and facing negative repercussions directly attributable to her foolishness.

    No, just a badly dressed deluded thick bitch sack of spuds EU puppet who history will reflect as being a national disgrace.

    If there is any justice in the world she will be gone soon.

    • If she gets d/w terminally in her Farterland, I shall celebrate.

      As Harry Lime said
      “The politicians have their 5-year plans; I have mine.”

  7. This cunt has caused as much decimation in Europe – with her EU backed population replacement experiment – as another German cunt from a previous era.

    Different method, same catastrophic result.

    When the world, especially Europe, sees sense, this cunt ought to be tried for crimes against humanity, fitted for an orange jumpsuit and sent to rot in Guantanamo!

    Fucking evil witch!

  8. Ze Germans are always touted as a successful nation. If they’re so smart and on the ball then who the jolly fuck keeps voting for this battered leather sofa! That’s what I don’t get.

    • Jerry is far from being a libtard by nature but he has been brought up with a lot of guilt about his (relatively) recent past. As that past recedes, and he finds alien cultures, and the dog shit that comes with them, dumped on his doorstep he will start to revert to type. There are signs that this is already happening.

  9. This pudding faced Glutenburger has done more than anyone else to destabilise Europe. The importation of vast numbers of peaceful types is, as we all know, a recipe for disaster .
    The next European war will not be between countries, it will be between opposing factions of differing faiths and cultures. We know this, the politicians must know it, so what’s the aim ? I’m fucked if I know.
    Good afternoon.

    • I had to google ‘angry pirate’ not kowing what it meant and now I can’t stop laughing at the picture.

      What strange circles you move in Shackledragger.

      • She has just announced that one million Jewish refugees will be allowed to enter Germany in memory of Moshe Dayan.

  10. As many posters have said how the fuck is “mama” Merkel still in charge? I’m glad some countries are starting to find the backbone and tell this Cunt where to stick her migrant quotas! I’m just surprised there’s not more rage in Germany? Surly it’s time to stop making apologetic gestures for the past and move forward, getting rid of the meddlesome misguided cunt would be a step in the right direction, she’s turned Europe
    Into a tinderbox of resentment and rage, the clock is ticking louder with each passing day…..

  11. Slaphead is jockeying for position. He smells May,s blood will likely be spilled and he wants to looks hard and good for the start of the butchering of her fucking carcass.

  12. “Wir schaffen das” sagt sie and one of the most pathetic said in the western hemisphere and nero could not have put it better and a pan faced east german fuckwit of stalin
    And ladies and gents gives a concert in chemnitz with the German equivelent of BONO U2 the TOTEN HOSEN with the lead singer CAMPINO wiki the cunt and his brother is an investment banker who made millions off the crash and campino is a liverpool fan whos only claim to fame was john peel played a shitty tune called eine kleine jagermeister FUCKWIT CITY

  13. Not even the most desperate,perverted and backwards migrant would lay down with that German equivalent to Susan Boyle.!!

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