‘Peaceful’ People

Yesterday, did anyone else watch the “peaceful” cunts (the shit programme) “Can’t Pay or We’ll Take It Away!” on CH5!?!   The Mrs watched it.

Here is a surmise:

A shit tat jewellery shop in Birmingrabad. The two gadgeys have a court order to collect monies to the value of ‘X’, so they go in and the “peaceful” cunt owner was quiet as a mouse as they collected stuff from the shop.

He sneaks (yes SNEAKS) off and the next thing is that the bailiff bods get a phone call from court saying that the they were applying for an immdiate writ to delay the collection process.

The two bods carry on collecting stuff – which they’re legally allowed to do – next thing the “peaceful” shop owner returns with another 4 blokes (probably brothers) walks behind one of the bailiffs and twats him off the back of the head calling him a “baldy fuck!”

All brave now and…AND…he had the writ! Now I’m imagining that the Birmingistan court in question was full of “peaceful” cunts and they grease the wheels for their own! Utter utter cunts!

The bailiffs rang plod (rightly fucking so) to file an assault claim, plod duly arrive, they go out and the fucking street was littered with fucking bedsheets walking around. What a fucking site!

And to add insult to injury, while plod arrested the “peaceful” owner, they told the two bailiffs to hop it sharpish for fear of it kicking off.

I’M FUCKING SORRY!!! Colour me simple, colour me fucking stupid, aren’t we allowed to walk the fucking streets and go about our business these days???

Sorry plod but you need to get a fucking grip and start unloading a few black mariahs in riot gear and put paid to these twats! Unless it’s the Cressida Dick’s if this world that wants us to go down the path of Sweden and have designated police no-go districts/towns because they’re full to the brim of “peaceful” cunts!

I have no idea what happened (had to leave the room as I was fucking livid) but I bet the “peaceful” cunt shop keeper didn’t even get a warning, and – as I mentioned in a previous post – on their own they’re fucking cowards, as soon as they get a good dozen bedsheets around them they all of a sudden grown a pair of balls!

No the wonder they use cars and bombs to kill the “infidel” using terror tactics cos they’re too much of a bunch of fucking cowards to square up to anyone mano-e-mano!

And our “law” (legal system and police) let them fucking get away with it and they’re a chippy set of cunts to boot!

This country has been fucked by the religion of “peace”, it’s those cunts, and those cunts alone that need dealing with and shamed and not continually appeased because they’re just a nasty set of untrustworthy cunts to a one!

Fucking “peaceful” CUNTS!!!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

162 thoughts on “‘Peaceful’ People

    • I have actually witnessed shit like this on an almost daily basis in Immigration. The fucking raghead solicitors have offices in all asian countries. Documents are signed for legal aid before entering the country, raghead is caught, in walks uk rep from ********* and the cunt is in the process. Paki solicitors are milking the fucking system as well as being complicit in trafficking. Answer=Get Trump to take out Birmingham, Bradford, Sheffield because one thing is patently clear, OUR fucking useless Government does fuck all! And the reason. Legal Firms donate to party funds. Cunts.

    • I always avoid that show coz it makes my fucking piss boil!
      Fuckin white trash scum, theiving Africans that shouldn’t even be here (just allowed to walk off) and Pakis that know that the legal system, meejah and institutions are on their side and full on racist against the indigenous Britains.
      It’s bound to kick off eventually. The only question is will we be the minority by then?

      • I watched it. The cunt was released without charge. Why? They had the evidence on film. Doesn’t exactly discourage law-breakers.

      • Just think, imagine if the the roles were reversed and the white bald guy had been the “chippy” shopkeeper and the “peaceful” cunt had been the bailiff.

        Had baldy come back with a few of his skinhead mates and gave the “peaceful” cunt one upside the head calling him a “**** cunt!”, do you reckon that baldy would be “released without charge”?

        No, I reckon an interfering cunt (like Gina Miller), or “peaceful” legal cunt (like the Mayor of Londonislamabad) would be filing petitions to have the cunt extradited to the US just so that he could be executed!

        All with appreciative nods from you Linekers, Allens and Adelephants!

        What a bunch of cunt!

    • See it all the time on BBC’s The Sheriff’s are Coming. Most of those the Sheriffs try to get money from are obnoxious twats, but the Pakis are the worst. They would kill and eat their own families if they thought it would get them out of paying money they owe for being dodgy cunts.

      I could never be a Sheriff, diplomacy and tact have never been my thing. The first time one of the jumped up little fucks threatened me, I’d be kicking off.

  1. That’s why they get away with it, they turn up in numbers and the rossers try to act all pc so they don’t upset anyone. Mind you if the coppers did dish out some shit there would probably be riots in the supposed name of racism, because that’s the only way these cunts know how to react if they can’t get their own way. These cunts also have no comprehension of how to park a car properly, just leave it double parked causing an obstruction, does it get towed away, like fuck, it’s just allowed to stay there until the flea infested cunt comes back and drives off.

  2. I have just been reading this, not particularly mind boggling, and rather inaccurate in that the police are not being “re trained” just a simple policy change on non lethal shots. regards the “special ammunition” that’s a croc of shit too, special is normally the down powered stuff for suppressed weapons that I doubt they use.
    any way.


    probably a good job I am not armed plod in Birmingham as I may take these orders quite seriously and cause massive problems for various logistic agencies

  3. The religion of peace is manifest in almost every country upon the globe. There are a few exceptions, and these are places that there is little if any economic benefit for the peacefuls to exploit.

    The United Kingdom has always been the hot favourite for relocation, and it has been this way for some 50 years.
    Its increasing popularity is due to the generous benefits system, and the white mans willingness to give it away. Few , if any questions will be asked, and relocation guarantees that the extended family will also be permitted entry. A generous breeding allowance is payable, and this is of distinct benefit to the peacefuls who practice polygamy. Breeding in Islam is essential, and the windfall that breeding produces is indeed an added attraction.

    White people are very apologetic, they have to be. To cause offence , no matter what provocation, is punishable with a custodial sentence.

    The British are willing to allow infiltration to every level of their society. Institutions such as the Law, Health and even Government are open for exploitation. Indeed, the whites are so willing to allow the take over, that they practice ( would you believe ) something that white people call positive discrimination.

    Peacefuls, can practice such rites as subjugation of females, practices of mutilation, and the exploitation of minors without any fear of challenge. It is the assurance of “Cultural Protection” that allows such a wonderful country to be assimilated into the Islamic way.

    Resistance to the “peaceful invasion” is confined to decent, loyal and nationalistic white persons who refuse to be brow beaten into submission. These people are blessed with common sense ( which is an increasingly rare commodity these days) These are the people of which all migrants must be very wary.

    These rebels can be identified by the coded words that they use to describe elements of which they do not approve. The word “Cunt” is frequently used as are “bastard and twat” These words are a sting to the ears of all peaceful people.

    Fortunately for Islam, British people these days are quite thick, very submissive and very easy to fuck over. Their leaders are a spineless breed of Moron with the ability to become elected into high office, by lying and deceiving.

    Shortly they are to vote again in a general election. Nothing, absolutely nothing will change with the result.

    In the meanwhile, some will continue to fight for their country, and will Cunt and Twat any fucker of the peaceful persuasion that gives them the opportunity.

    ISAC reply
    As a breed of syphilitic camel shaggers who deserve no better that the sand dunes and deserts allocated to you. Fuck Off, !

    • Japan doesn’t take any shit from Muslims, and there are hardly any Muzzies in Japan. Sensible people those Japs.

  4. Every single one of these ‘peaceful’ filth should be jettisoned from the UK…. It should be a muslamist-free zone… Of course flakes of snow will give it all their ‘One (thousand) bad apple’
    and ‘They’re not all bad’ bollocks, but it’s the bowl of Smarties situation… If some cunt said ‘Only 10% of those Smarties in that bowl are poisonous and could kill you… Go on, grab a handfull’ would anybody sane do it? Would they fuck… Take no chances, and get shut of the lot of them… Fucking savages….

  5. I was stuffing my face in a KFC and in walks a Muzzie family with 3 kids, pjs, hijab, big fucking beard, all the gear. They ordered one of those family buckets and 4 massive bottles of fizzy piss. They were given them in 2 of those big paper bags with KFC all over them. They took them to a table, the Mrs pulled out a couple of Sainsburys bags and they transferred the stuff to them, fucked off and left the KFC bags on the table. Now what was all that about?? It seems obvious to me they didn’t want their Muzzie neighbours to see them with this western non-halal grub because they would be called cunts and get the shit kicked out of them. I imagined them stuffing their Muzzie gobs with KFC while peering through the curtains shitting themselves in case a bunch of Camel killers turned up on their doorstep. Some fucking peaceful religion.

    • And not a peep from any of those once highly vociferous animal rights campaign groups.
      Strange that.
      Wouldn’t have anything to do with them being politically motivated would it?

      • Animal rights is probably the only thing i stand for, apart from lagalize the weed.
        Yer right, where the fuck are these fuckers.
        I’ve seen them rightly pour red paint over cunts wearing fur coats and harass shoppers coming out of clothing stores that sell animal products.
        I’ve never heard of them targeting halal/kosher shops though.

        Dirty, barbaric cunts.

        C’mon the animals.

        Its a pity they don’t eat lion.

      • Shame we can’t do what what the Romans did birdman. Just replace the Christians with muslims.
        And stuff their pockets full of bacon before they go out.

    • These peace loving paki cunts are astonishing….. Cousin of mine is assistant manager of a department store… And these cunts deliberately sabotage goods so they can get them cheaper (not to mention stink the fucking place out!)…. This always fails, yet they always try it and give it the ‘I have for ten pound!’ (when it’s worth over twenty!)… And while the snowflake scum and nanny state cunts shine their nosy glare on British families, these parking stanleys again are unsurpassed… Every son from these type of families is spoiled to fuck…. Seen many instances in my time, but when I recently visited my cousin in her store, there was these two parky wimmin, and their brat had a whole packet of Maryland Cookies in his grubby paw… He was scoffing the lot, while the two bints went about their sabotage and haggling… Now, if that had been a white and English parent and kid there’d be alarm bells and hysterics… But when it’s those cunts it’s gets overlooked….

  6. Except hezbollah is a paramilitary resistance organization not terrorists FFS there is a difference not that anyone cares…. smdh fam

    • The IRA would describe themselves the same way, murdering scum is murdering scum whatever it calls itself.

      • Its not the same fucking thing tho sixdog, also hezbollah are the only ones committed to fighting ISIS. Infact they are more committed to fighting ISIS then our own bleeding government and military

        Also I hate IRA… statistically the fenian scum caused the most cowardly attacks on civilians nothing to do with the peaceful protestant ulster movement God bless Ian Paisley

  7. The questions I would like to put to all politicians, of all parties is as follows:

    When you present yourself on radio, television or in the press, you all – to a one (even UKIP) – extol the virtue of living in an “integrated”, “accepting”, “multicultural” and “tolerant” society.

    You use some, or all, of these words to signal your virtue in this most “forward thinking” of societies.

    And yet when one sector of this “tolerant” and “accepting” nation prove themselves to be anything but “tolerant” and “accepting” – namely the “peaceful” sector – you say or do nothing about *this* lack of “tolerance” and “acceptance”.

    They ghettoise large tracts of cities which are now unrecognisable compared to 40yrs ago and overtly intimidate anyone who dares even walk through those areas, minding their own business, for no other reason than they are clearly not of the “peaceful” persuasion, and yet you say or do nothing about *this* lack of “tolerance” and “acceptance”.

    They hold rallies, marching through the streets of Great Britain, chanting “Death to the British Police!” while the British Police are there alongside them in order to protect them and their right to rally/protest, and yet you say or do nothing about *this* lack of “tolerance” and “acceptance”.

    They treat British law as advisory when it is applied to them (the hallowed “peaceful” ones) but expect British law to be applied to the fullest when it is to their advantage, and yet you say or do nothing about *this* lack of “tolerance” and “acceptance”.

    They congregate in their places of worship, poisoning the minds of the young and the weak, inferring that all non-“peaceful” people – the same people who welcomed them into this country – are infidels, with the natural conclusion (based on their religious tomes) being that all infidels deserve to die, and yet you say or do nothing about *this* lack of “tolerance” and “acceptance”.

    My first question is simple, and requires only one word: why?

    My second question is slightly more verbose: if the hate, intolerance and unacceptance extolled by the “peaceful” sector of society was extolled by the Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Sikh sector of society against the hallowed “peaceful” ones, would you be so reticent to condemn them and their actions?

    If you answer “No” to question #2 above then please go back to question #1.

  8. And most of them drive like utter cunts too.

    I fucking hate driving in Bradford. You always get these cunts driving VWs like fucking demented cocksuckers.

    If you saw they way they have changed the areas they live you’ll realise that there’s NO WAY back to the past, they’re here to stay.

    • These fucking cunts are fleeing from a failed third world shit hole, then demand that the country they flee to, changes their social and economic structure to become like the third world shit hole they fled from…..

  9. You asked for election predictions, Shaun. Here’s mine…


    I propose an ISAC party with only one policy. Tony Blair, Bonio, Russell Brand and Alex Salmond would be tied down, legs apart in the corners of Trafalgar Square. Passersby would be charged 50p to kick them in the bollocks. Once their bollocks had worn out, nominations to ISAC would be used to determine replacements. Any member of the ISACP caught fiddling their expenses or generally behaving like George Osborne would automatically go to the top of the replacement queue.

    I reckon the ISACP could pay off the National Debt by the end of the year. Any money remaining would be used for a fleet of boats to send god botherers to Antarctica to preach to the penguins. Arch Druid Justin Welby and oxygen thief Anjem Choudhury would be on the first boat.

    • druid? is justin welbley really a druid because hes shite at being a archbishop seeing how hes fine with poofs. Most druids are pretty tame not him, he also likes the idea of flooding uk with shitload of rapeugees no matter the cost. What a dodgy Cunt

      • I’d end up bankrupting myself and having to sign up to bollock kickers anonymous.

      • Do we have to pay extra for women? I’d gladly chuck in a few quid to kick Gina Miller/ Merkel/ Sturgeon in the cunt. Hmm, actually Sturgeon probably has both genitalia.

      • I say… kicking Merkel in the cunts a bit risky Captain….you might lose your foot! … even a leg FFS !

  10. I”ve got an idea for this Archbishop cunt. Seeing as his churches are empty 6 and a half days a week why doesn’t he use them to accommodate all the fucking foreign ponces he loves so much? On Sundays, when he needs to use them for a bit of Bible bashing the ponces can fuck off for the morning and line up for their free bags of crisps from Saint Lineker. I can see no other purpose for these buildings nor the continued existence of this soft in the head fucking Archbishop wanker.

    • If the Holy Spirit appears as a dove, and the Holy Spirit is God, and God is Jesus, and Jesus is the word, does that mean the bird is the word…

      The Trashmen knew their stuff…

  11. Despite being stuck in the desert, there’s not a peaceful cunt in sight!

    Currently sat in the bar drinking free beer because a sand storm has set in and they’re trying to work out how the fuck to get us all out of here.

    I’m relaxed about it all. Not my problem and the beer’s still free.

      • I hope you make it out okay Dio, your scenario is starting to sound like a B- thriller film

        Free beer? yeah but hows it taste probably low grade shwill right? I saw a film where tourists got free booze and whores while the local natives took all their valuables killed a bunch of people resisting and left the rest stranded… I hope that doesn’t happen to you D I don’t trust those foreign places I truly don’t I mean you could die anywhere but going to those places increases the odds

      • In the desert during a sandstorm but still gets a better signal than Limpers…

      • Was in the southern part of Namibia/Northern Cape a few years ago. Loved it. And I presume you are quaffing free Windhoek you lucky cunt.
        I liked the lack of murderous bastards you get over most of southern Africa.

    • I’ve heard that Rickie Doubleday and Keith Vaz,after hearing about your abscence,broke in and have set up a knocking-shop in Castle Dio.

      Do’n let this slightly worrying turn of events spoil your holiday.

  12. Just heard that Turncoat Carswell has pulled out of the election. I wonder what his cuntish little game is?

    • Samuel Smiths are cunts… What with supermarket booze and the smoking ban, there are hardly any punters left in pubs anyway… And Sam Smiths want to drive what they’ve got left away by banning swearing?! Let me guess: some snowflake modern parent libmong silly slag complained when she heard someone mutter an ‘offensive’ and ‘vile’ (they love that one) word in front of her brats, Tamara and Pukeykins, who shouldn’t be in a pub anyway… Sam Smiths are cunts and deserve to go bust…

      • I have sworn for most of my life, but i do know when to be polite.

        Since I’ve been on ISAC though, i find myself calling people cunts all the time, forgetting that I’m not in the company of my fellow cunters.
        In supermarkets, talking to acquaintances etc.

        One day, not long after becoming a cunter, i was googling Leicester City and i typed Leicester City is a cunt. 🙂

      • Yea me too! I’ve found myself cunting a hell of a lot lately.
        I think it’s due to being on here! 🙂
        I even called someone a doss cunt the other day.
        …I don’t even know what that means!

      • I got it from Trainspotting .

        They’re on the coach going down to London and Begbie asks Sickboy if he brought the cards.
        Sickboy didn’t bring the cards and Begbie calls him a “doss cunt”.

        Google “doss cunt” and the clip on YouTube will come up.
        It’s a funny scene, and i cant do it justice with words.

        Doss means lazy, so it means “lazy cunt”, but i love it, so i use it for all types if cunts.

      • Yea hilarious!

        Why didn’t you bring them?


        Haven’t seem that film in years!

      • Catriona White “Better watch your F-bombs over a cheeky pint, because Samuel Smiths brewery is reportedly refusing service to any cussing customers.”

        The fact that she called it a cheeky pint goes to show what a cunt she is. My church has a policy on cussing. The difference tho is they are a fucking church not a pub! If you swore they would probably ask not to do it again or to leave the 2nd time. Pretty sad when a church is more lenient than a bar Not a big fan of drinking at pubs anyway its either too loud or too quiet… or too expensive for drinks

    • San Smiths is shite but it’s cheap shite. Besides which S Smiths ban music from all their pubs as well so although you may not see a decent covers band’ you don’t have to listen to X factor fucking warbling night after night.

      • If I ever go in one of these shit Pubs I’ll say “Oi cunt…Give me fucking pint”.
        What a fucking joke.

      • I’m always polite as piss I don’t want the barkeep to spit in my mug or fuckup on my cocktail, its worse enough I’m a bad tipper… but a swear or two shouldn’t get me barred for fucksake

  13. Welcome to fascist Britain Part 2… A kid banned and ostracised by his school for having his head shaved for charity!?! The lad’s skinhead is called ‘extreme’ (whatever that fucking means), yet the school nazis were happy to let him go around with hair like a pissed up clown….

    This country has completely gone to cunt…


    • During the late 70s/early80s all the young lads had skinheads: due to The Specials, Madness,The Beat and all them… Now such a look would be labeled as ‘extreme’… Focusing on Brexit and (another) General Election is all well and good… But councils, schools, medical centres, and public services are run like mini dictatorships… Banning a kid for having a bonehead is crackpot lunacy worthy of Kim Mong-Un or Bobby Mugabe…

      • I mentioned the other day that a few years ago i shaved all my hair off and was stopped by customs four days in a row.
        The passport cunts let me through but the Guardia pulled me into a cubicle and searched me four days in a fuckin row.

        It wasn’t all bad as it gave me an excuse to get torn into the cunts.
        And that’s something that always cheers me up.

      • I feel your pain Norm, but it is not only what they are banning which is a cunt, it is what they are compelling too. The Greens have it that 5 year olds will be compelled to have diversity and equality education. Sounds more like indoctrination to me. Nazi cunts.

      • “Give me the child, and I will give you the cunt” First line of the liberal charter….

      • from the back cover of Dung Beetle books…

        “Est doctrina de stercore” – from shit comes learning.

        For just as the humble Dung Beetle gathers faeces from the forest floor in which to lay its eggs, the child lays ‘eggs of knowledge’ in the turd of its own mind.

        The book, “We go to the Gallery” is a bloody funny piss-take !

  14. Two afternoons ago i was down the beach with my dog Pancho.
    We were down where the the border fence is.
    It is busy there in the summer but not yet. Anyway, it was only me and Pancho chilling out when a peaceful cunt and his wife came along.
    He was wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals and she was in full bedsheet mode.
    As soon as their sandalled feet touched the sand, both had their phones out and were walking slowly and hunched over.
    They were filming the sand.
    They slowly walked to the shoreline, filming the sand the whole time on two phones.
    When they got to the shoreline, they crouched down and filmed the surf hitting the sand, for a few minutes.
    They then turned their cameras to Ceuta, filmed that for a minute or so and then slowly returned to their car, filming the sand the whole way.
    And the male was also directing her where to film.

    What i took from all this is that the cunts were gathering information for beach landings.

    Laugh if ye want, but didn’t the allies send guys to Normandy to check the landing conditions ?

    I cant think of any other reason that a couple would spend just under ten minutes filming sand and then leaving.

    And no, i wasn’t smoking a doob.

    • Maybe they were pining for the sand dunes of home. You’re lucky they didn’t fuck your dog….and then eat it.

      • I’m trying to swap our Border collie for a new one.
        The one we’ve got at the moment doesn’t seem bored enough….

      • They’re lucky Pancho never fucked them.
        He’s twelve and a half, yet his carrot is always out and he rapes any pillow he can get his paws and baws on.

      • Peaceful cunts don’t like dogs, cos Mo the original thought they were dirty. Funny thing is, my old dog used to think the same about them…..

    • I must admit, that’s the first thing that came into my head. 🙂
      Maybe they just missed home and want to reminisce over some home videos of sand, sand and more sand.
      Let’s face it there’s fuck all else where they’re from.
      …or they could be launching an invasion. …but why bother when you can just turn up with your hand out anyway and get a free house and some new shit!
      Though I don’t know if they’re given the same free shit over there as they are here.



      It’s getting weirder.
      I’ve just got in from a night out with the missus and a couple she knows.
      I was telling them about the weirdos at the beach, and they said that they saw two men of peaceful persuasion doing exactly the same on the beach at the western side of the border.

      That’s me witnessing it happening on the Mediterranean side and them seeing it on the Bay if Gibraltar side.

      There’s something strange going on.
      Who films close ups of sandy beaches and shorelines?????????

      • If i reported it to the polis, they’d probably arrest me for racial profiling or some other heinous crime against Islam.

      • Yea you’re right.
        The fuckin muzzies are probably trying to find places to smuggle in bombs, weapons or even worse, more cunting muzzies!
        The authorities will always defend them though coz they’re cowardly libtards.

  15. My god, walking through Manchester today I’m seeing posters for a march (rally) to show solidarity with the LBGT people in Chechnya….I’m not fucking kidding.

    People must need something to do.

    • Saw the posters myself (I work near Deansgate)… I also couldn’t believe the recent LBGT Manchester ‘tribute’ to George Michael…. I mean, why for fuck’s sake?… Why are these doughnut punchers so over the top?… No wonder they used to be called ‘Theatricals’…

      • March in solidarity with the LGBT people of Chechnya. What about the normal people living there? Oh fuck them! It can’t be a barrel of laughs for anyone who isn’t a bearded peaceful cunt there, but no one is going to give a shit. More sub human ex communist shit holes that took up the religion of peace, because freedom sounds like hard work to them. Just give them some other totalitarian nonsense to rule their hearts and tiny minds.

    • Since Chechnya is muslim the luvvie snowflakes will have a double whammy of right on ‘solidarity’ with comrades Suckcockanov and Munchruganova.

      • With their slutty cousin, Nickersovalit and her three-testicled brother, Oojanickabollokov.

        They might bring their Indian lesbian mate, Mingeeter.

  16. Sick to fuck of reading about that ludicrous ‘grooming’ plot from Corrie every time I open a paper at work…

    I would fucking smash that Bethany Platt though…

  17. Timola Corbas needs an emergency cunting…

    This is what happens when Tim Farron and Nicola Sturgeons love child meets Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas’s love child… then those two kids grow up, shack up and have the spawn of satan which is now running to win the general election.

    Basically the result of this relationship tree is the greatest uber cunt the world has ever seen.

    As a result we are now left as an electorate with the choice between Theresa May and Timola Corbas… A real shit sandwich of an affair if ever there was one.

    We the electorate are about to take a bite as there is nothing else left to eat, and I am a trifle concerned we may never wash the taste out.

  18. Please remember that these TV shows are completely made up. You’ll find that the policeman was an actor, the situation was ficticious and the other towels were extras from the cash and carry.

    You don’t see many immigrants or rapefugees in Scotland because it’s too fucking cold. If they built a quarantine centre in Aberdeen they’d soon want to swim back to their place of origin.

    • Exactly. A load of these Religion of Peado types were nonce rehomed up in the Highlands – two weeks later, all whinging about no mobile signal, too cold, and all the sheep ran away from them.

    • And the air’s too fresh too!

      ….they just can’t feel at home if the whole place doesn’t stink of shit and bo.

  19. According to the Quran, Allah allegedly took Muhammad on a journey from the Kabah in Mecca to the Temple at Jerusalem.

    They flew in the sky, near Heaven, on a wingèd horse called Burak. It was bigger than a donkey but smaller than a mule. It possibly had the face of a woman.

    There is no punchline. This is what they believe.

    • The amount of utter shit you have to believe in to accept any of the monotheistic religions is beyond belief, no pun intended. Resurrection, parting the seas, flying horses, for fucks sake. Yet a Christian guy I used to work with couldn’t believe in dinosaurs. He reckoned they were a test of faith from god. So, to recap, believe in unprovable nonsense, don’t believe in the physical remains of animals that were around before man. Bonkers the lot of them. Earth only five thousand years old? I’ve got socks older than that….😀

      • I understand Mo the Mighty also chopped the moon in half with his sword on that journey on Burak. You know, because it was the peaceful thing to do. Obviously.

      • I did Geology and there was one chick, quite fit as it happened, but mad as a box of frogs. Real serious God bother. Anyway, comes to studying Charles Darwin ( who was a Geologist before he was a Biologist ) she stood in the lecture hall, announced she would not listen to such blasphemy and walked out. I think she quit the course after that.

      • Jc, Alun’s Snackbar… wtf is coming out of it’s arse ? Dodgy tindaloo ?

      • Fuck me, finally!


        If that photographic evidence doesn’t convert you then you’re doomed for eternity.

        …fuckin unbelievable that any rational, normal, educated, non-retarded, human being could even begin to believe any of this shite!

      • I love all the stories. Mad as you like. Talking snakes, swarms of locusts, aliens’ dianetic altimeters, flying horses, hereditary kings chosen by monks, Loaves & fish sleight-of-hand, Sikhs’ undies, Noah’s fucking Ark, stolen ribs, monkey Gods, elephant Gods, rat Gods, twelve-armed-blue-cunt Gods, don’-do-any-work-on-the-Sabbath nonsense, don’t-covet-your-neighbour’s-ox nonsense, don’t-touch-the-Qur’an-if-you’re -on-your-period nonsense, bend your knee and cut off your foreskin crazy bollocks.

        Then you meet someone who believes in some of it and you say, respectfully, “Yeah, I’m not religious myself…”

      • I miss the old days when if someone started banging on about religion you could just nail the cunt to a cross….

      • Captain magnanimous, you just reminded me of the Hindu religion!
        By far the maddest, dumbest crock of shit ever created!!
        They’ve got loads of God’s and they’re all like something a 5 year old would make up.
        The monkey God was the funniest for me!
        Apparently the God of wind shagged a monkey and … well … it’s a load of bollocks.

      • There is only one monotheistic religion worth following. That of alcohol. I worship it every weekend, sometimes I offend it and it makes me suffer, other times we get on like a house on fire. I’ll be seeing what mood he’s in later tonight. Definitely not a religion of peace mine

  20. Anybody remember the 1979 British classic “Scum”:

    “Excuse me sir, I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to Mecca.”

    “MECCA!..Archer…you’ll see the Chaplain in the morning, and there’ll be no more talk of MECCA! In this establishment.”

    Oh how we laughed. Now Muslim gangs are running the fucking prisons. We ain’t laughing now.

      • The snooker balls in the sock, right across the kisser! and…. Tool.. what tool ? “This fuckin tool “

      • I believe it was the first time Ray Winstone played that role. He’s been playing it ever since. Cant.

    • That film is not screened nearly enough.

      That greenhouse scene though…… Good God that was evil!

    • Actually it’s my turn for the saturday night movie, and I am going to watch that.

      Had fucking “Can’t Buy Me Love” last saturday

      My wife is a cunt at times

  21. A day into the long painful election campaign and I am totally fucked off with it. Every single one of the cunts has had ample opportunity every fucking day since hte last election to tell us what they would do and how they would do it.

    But nope, now they all of a sudden have come up with new ways to make the world into Utopia just in time to try and nab my vote just before an election.

    So now I have to go through the process of elimination

    1. Cuntservatives:
    Never vote Tory if there is a better option
    2. Labour:
    Fucking hell, no, socialist cunts Abbott, McDonnell, and assorted Marxist cunts who hate this country
    3. LibDems:
    Not in Farrons wettest dream
    4: UKIP:
    Now just a shitefest
    5: Greens:
    Erm no, I like my own transport, having heating and lights

    Looks like I am voting Tory, on the basis of keeping the other cunts out then. Now that is a thought process many of us will be going through, no need for any campaigns.

    Lets face it the less Labour say the better for them, if Corbyn and co shut the fuck up until June 8th they will probably get an extra million votes.

    • This must be pretty close to many, many voters, SV. The hand that hovers over the whole ballot paper, loathing them all, marking the paper forlornly, bereft of passion and later having to be scrubbed clean. Vote for the least cunty. Again.

      • That’s what kept Maggie in No 10.
        The alternative was just too shit to contemplate, it even kept that bland cunt Major in office for a while…

      • Too bad that Major was such a useless EU sell out cunt and general incompetent that we then had to suffer Arch-Bastard Blair fucking our country into the dirt for 10 years. Doing damage that I don’t think it will ever truly recover from.

      • Everything Blair did fucked this country up.
        Asylum seekers – he opened the doors.
        Immigrants – Likewise.
        Benefits- he opened the floodgates.
        Education- he fucked it up. Billions spent to get nowhere.
        NHS- Again, billions spent to get nowhere.
        Euro- he wanted us in it. It was only the fact that the equally useless Brown opposed it because he deemed Blair a cunt (the only thing he was ever right on) that kept us out.
        Iraq- The cunt is a war criminal.
        The banks- Blair & Brown were happy for the cunts to screw the rest of us over, or ‘light touch’ as it was called.
        Now the cunt knows better than us over Brexit.
        Blair is the biggest piece of shit this country has ever produced.

  22. Gina “fucking” Miller, the tree swinging banana boat w@g has raised £150,000 in the last 24 hours. The reason, tactical voting. The m@nkey wants to go around the country persuading remoaners to vote in any MP that wanted or wants to remain in that pisspot shithole EU.

    • It’s a bloody joke that she’ scabbing money off of other people for this.

      The rich bitch doesn’t even want to use any of the money out of the millions she has. That makes her a even more colossal piece of shit than she already is.

      • would be funny if all the money “disappeared”, and went to an animal sanctuary, to help four-legged victims of ritual peaceful slaughter, and mosque-based gang-bangs.

    • There is some satisfaction knowing that these Remainiac piss-ants harbour a continuing thread to wreck the process but it becomes further away with every days that passes and furthermore must hurt them as their dreams die. After the election (when most of the cowardly cock wombles will be obliterated) they’ll be fewer and fewer.

      • I wish they would go the way of those dreams……

        I can’t stand that Miller bitch, she has the sort of smug satisfied face that you want to punch in. Repeatedly.

    • Don’t worry it’ll just be some misunderstood bloke from Provance whose AK-47 accidentally went off as he approached police to ask directions to the Moulin Rouge (or summat not “peaceful” related).

      The unfortunate accident resulting in the accidental death of one officer and the accidental injury of another.

      François Hollande immediately called for an emergency meeting in order to see what colour the Arc De Triumph and Eiffle Tower should be lit up as and also to make sure that there’s plenty of stocks of vigil candles in readiness.

      President Hollande hopes that the accidents won’t be claimed by ISIS or performed by anyone called Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki, or any other “peaceful” sounding name until *AFTER* the election, when it can then be swept under the carpet, as the appeasement parties carry on ignoring what utter cunts these “peaceful” cunts are.

      The ABBC are ignoring this story as it probably never happened, and if it did it wasn’t “peaceful”, and if it was, it was just another single act of violence perpetrated by a misunderstood French chap – striped shirt, onions, beret and all!

      While Kay Burley’s nostrils extended a further inch when she reported: “What attack in Paris? Don’t know nuffin’ about it guv! I’m just covering Theresa May’s election U-turn for the next two months! No, that news flash about a terror attack in Paris by the associated press on my desk is fake news by Donald Trump!!!”

      I hope Marine Le Pen milks this incident like a cowgirl!

      • Beebistan Brainwashing Craporation are again cunts…

        “An armed robbery.”

        Oh yeah? So I’m an armed robber in Paris, I’m really going to wander dahn the Chomps-Elysees and do over a posh jewellers, when it’s blindingly obvious that at the first sight of an illegal arm, every bloody trained gunman in France will be breathing down my neck ?!!
        Thankfully (sadly, however) the truth came out pretty quickly, that it was a terrorist incident.
        BBC all the while peddling the “mustn’t jump to any conclusions” myth.

        What UTTER, miserable CUNTS they do be. Orf wif their Royal Charter.

      • Like the moment shit like this happens EVERYONE doesn’t say immediately “muslim cunts again.”
        It’s pathetic the way they try to come up with anything they can to show how tolerant they are.

  23. Remoaner Alert! Remoaner Alert! They’ve come up with a cunning plan. They’ve set up a website called Swapmyvote, or something like that. So if you are Labour and your man has no chance of winning in your constituency you get in touch with some LibDem cunt in a similar situation in their constituency. So you vote for the LibDem cunt and he votes for the Labour cunt. SERIOUSLY! How desperately powerless must they feel to come up with this complete bollocks? Fuck a duck! Don’t they realise that the more they whinge and moan the more people come over to our side? They just can’t shut the fuck up can they?

    • It’s the tactic of the evil!Libtard mob, they will sink to any and every depth to get power.

      Hope the Tories go all Ramsay Snow on the lot of them.

      • It’s certainly against the spirit of democracy. You are supposed to be voting in the best person for the job !

      • It’s all bollocks anyway.
        Do you really think the other guy is gonna vote for their man?
        Hoe they gonna prove it?
        I might sign up, get the cunt to vote tory and go into the booth and vote tory.

  24. Well well, surpise surprise the ABBC don’t want to specify what was behind the latest Paris attack….

    How many terrorist attacks have France had under Socialist leadership now?

    Now imagine if we get the unholy Corbyn/Farron/Sturgeon cunt alliance…….

      • Well there’s an election on Sunday, they don’t want to give any ammunition to Le Pen.” Wait until Monday” is not the normal way news agencies work but we live in interesting times.

      • And whoever did it won’t – of course – be *known* to the authorities will they…cough…splutter…

  25. Fellow cunters, I haven’t been drinking or smoking owt and you may all think I should get the Diane Abbott face sitting torture. But here goes. I would like to stand up for Timmy the cunt…………😰
    The cunt has been berated by Sue Perknips and David burst mellon faced Walliums for failing to discuss his beliefs about the quegs. So the fuck what! If the little cunt ain’t comfortable with talking about the fuckers why should he be forced into accepting it. The twats have got more fucking rights than ever and that’s ok but why should anybody be compelled into accepting it. The way it’s going it’ll be a fucking offence not to be gay. Don’t know about you lot but the more they shove it down my throat sends me a full 180 degrees in the opposite direction. So Timmy boy you’re still a monumental cunt but I back you on that one.
    Soz cunters. I’ll go stick my head down the can and flush.

    • As much as I despise the Farron cunt….. you’re not wrong on the topic.

      It’s obnoxious, the whole double standard there.

      • Tiny Tim is a 5* bellend but the shit he is taking from cunts like Perkins and Walliams wrong but predictable. Had he been a peaceful one saying he is following the koran then not a peep but since he’s a Christian its a free for all to crap all over him. But still a cunt.

      • Agreed, christ even the peaceful ones can only say so much about the Rainbow brigade before they get slapped down.

        By the way, love the user name, it fits.

    • Well he is COTY but his opinion on this matter is private and his alone.

      No one can force him to make public his opinions or beliefs on the matter and so he’s perfectly within his right to say nothing.

      Which worked out great for Sir Thomas Moore didn’t it…

      One can hope!

      • Ordinarily I would feel sorry for the cunt. I used to hate those cunts who used to go ‘outing’ people in the 80s, led by that prick whose name escapes me. Some fucker perfectly happy, packing fudge, enjoying a private life, and then those cunts turn up and out the poor cunt. Perhaps they were annoyed that the guy who was keeping his sexuality to himself had more going for him than just his sexuality, unlike those sad activist cunts.
        So, as I said, I normally would feel sorry for poor old Tim, but he is a slimy politician cunt who has to pretend he’s more liberal than he actually is. And he’s a bible basher, so he’s dimmer than he looks, and that’s saying something!

      • Sorry, that’s bollocks, Reb. If you are a private citizen then you are entitled to your views and if you choose to express them or not is up to you. Fine.

        But little Timmy isn’t a private citizen, he is a leading politician and the leader of the 3rd largest political party in England. Therefore his opinion on any given matter under the sun is a matter of public interest, that’s why people vote for the cunts; because their own values and opinions co-inside with theirs.

        Personally I’m delighted he is being outed as homophobic, not that I particularly like shirt lifters or anything but it just shows him up for being a hypocritical cunt.

    • I agree kendo but remember this is the same cunt that if me or you said we didn’t agree with gays, he would call us far right nazis, stupid, out of touch peasants, modern world, tolerance, diversity, climate change blah blah.
      He’s quite happy to judge and label everyone with a different opinion to him but he doesn’t even practice the “diversity” and “tolerance” that he FORCES on the rest of us.
      If you have convictions and opinions, fine.
      But don’t preach one thing and practice another!
      He is a cunt.

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