The BBC (7)

I’d like to nominate (a daily occurrence these days) the ABBC for yet another cunting.

This morning I caught the start of the Victoria Derbyshire programme (as the ABBC news channel is always on in the canteen and I have no fucking idea where the remote is).

The start of the programme showed a rabble of “peaceful” cunts kicking off in Holland (Turk or otherwise it doesn’t matter – they’re all cunts) presented by Kasia Madera where the headline read: “Turkey Diplomatic Protest”

And within 1 second – literally – this then switches to the poe-faced Derbyshire waffling on about cancer sniffing dogs!??!

Looks like some producer miscalculated their flip-switch and we managed to get 1 whole second of real news out of the cunts. Which is 1 whole second more than we usually get on a monthly basis from these cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

I fucking hate the fucking BBC.

Their latest shit is about Tanveer Hussain who was allegedly banned from the USA for being a Muslim. BBC headline: Kashmir Muslim athlete denied US visa due to ‘current policy.’ But when this fine upstanding individual was accused of sexual abuse the headline was: Tanveer Hussain: Indian athlete held over sex abuse in US. No mention of the dreaded M-word.

Nominated by a Cunt’s Mate Cunt.

Fuck me, I woke up this morning to the news that some cunt had attacked and injured 5 people with an axe at a train station in Dusseldorf. Apparently he had “psychological problems.” Of course. Then it completely disappears from the cunt news. I have to crawl around the net to find out that the cunt is an asylum seeker from Kosovo. Strangely enough I can’t find any reference to this story on the BBC website although there is a story about a car ending up on the roof of a house in China. I didn’t read it because I don’t give a fuck about what happens in China but, as a citizen of Europe, I am interested in what happens in Germany. I wonder why the BBC doesn’t share my concerns?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog.

This is just a sample selection of BBC antics from the past week. The list runs longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Please keep them coming cunters!



148 thoughts on “The BBC (7)

    • I did for around a year until some snidey little cunt stole him for themselves in the last one. Thats not on as far as I am concerned. Standards have clearly dropped around these parts. Name the cunt.

    • Wow he finally died huh? I forget I think Vermin Cunt had him for the longest time but who knows someone usually had him,was a popular pick

      Keef Richards must be stumped Berry was one of his biggest influences he probably would of let Chuck fuck his wife no question hahaha sad cuckolded bastard lol

    • Aw fuck, another ‘legend’ dead.

      I’m always amazed that when some cunt who had some hits in the sixties or seventies gets described as having a career that spans decades.

      No it never.
      It lasted ten/fifteen years max.

      Playing the same shite over and over is just playing the same shite over and over.

      The same with actors.

      They’ll tell you that Joan Collins career has lasted over six decades, but how much employment did she get in all that time ?

      I’ve nothing against Chuck Berry, but for the next few weeks I’ll be continuously hearing about how he invented rock’n’roll.

      Buddy Holly invented rock’n’roll. 🙂

      Cue cunters disagreeing about Buddy Holly. 🙂

  1. House to myself.
    Mrs B and stepdaughters out on a girly night.
    Plenty of beer and a bag of weed from my mate who looks like a hippy (but thankfully doesn’t think or act like one).
    Already watched John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and now sticking the first (and best) Predator movie into the DVD player.


      • Hav to agree The Thing was bloody magnificent

        Some of John carpenters thriller films haved aged well, They Live and Mouth of Madness were gems too

      • Escape from LA and Ghosts of Mars were so utterly dreadful and the reasons I had JC in my dead pool. Same with George Romero and Land of the Dead. A massive disappointment with a cheap look and overcooked social commentary. Shame really how the mighty have fallen…

      • Shame escape from La was so long winded and you’re right it was boring as fuck. Prince of darkness was horse shit as well Escape from new york was pretty good tho

    • Simple times, but good times.

      Toke it, Toke it, Toke it.

      The missus is on nights and the daughter is staying out at her pals.

      I’m watching Case Files Of Aphrodite Jones. (Milf)

      Are you gonna pass that doob, Mr Bastard ? 🙂

      • Assault on precinct 13, JC at his best. Especially when the kid gets it in the chest. You wouldn’t see that in a movie these days.

      • Great film, that. Loads wouldn’t be made today. Can you imagine “Life of Brian” getting past the pitch stage.

        “W-what? It insults religion?!”

        Cracking film.

  2. So Chuck Berry has died. The man I nominated for the dead pool for around a year solid till some snidey little fuck stole him in the most recent one. So enjoy your 15 minutes of fame you thieving snidey cunt. You will be named shortly.

  3. Here’s my new deadpool nominations. i’m posting them here as I lost out last time as the admins on this site took a while to post up a new dead pool giving time for snidy unoriginal bastards to steal from others. Anyway Im not bitter as I only stuck with Chuck Berry for over a year before he was plagerised.

    Little Richard
    Sir Bernard Ingham
    Brigette Bardot
    The Duke of Edinburgh
    Her Majesty the Queen.

    • No point posting them here because they won’t count. The way it works is when someone croaks they go through the pool comments with a word search so if it ain’t there it won’t get caught.

      Suggest you copy this across to the right post. That’s why that rule is there. Makes it easier for the admins. Blame me for setting it up that way when I was doing it…

      • Er…… Yeah, it’s the front page when load the site ?!?

        Word of advise : stop changing your email and/or web page when you post comments because you’ll get caught by first comment moderation every time which is why your dead pool noms were delayed.

        Also insulting other commenters and calling me ‘fuck Dio the faggot Jew arsehole’ doesn’t exactly do you any favours.

        Suggest you learn to behave or you might be taken for a troll? Just saying…

      • First rule of ISAC, don’t cunt other cunters.
        Second rule of ISAC, don’t cunt other cunters!

    • Comic Relief for me, Dio… All those cunts who are supposed to be ‘funny’ but are anything but… Loads of ‘Sir’ Lenny in our faces… That fat cunt, Corden, and his Cuntpool… And Comic Relief attracts the higher echelon of celebricunts (Bono, Madogga, ‘Bad’ Pitt, Katy Perry etc)…

    • That’s like choosing between Anthrax or Smallpox…..either of which I’d prefer to suffer than Children in Need or Comic fucking Relief.

    • Comic Relief because it’s just totally unfunny apart from those sketches they do in Africa (where whitey ends up crying at the end like in Love Thy Neighbour). They’re mildly amusing I suppose.

      Decent FX too. The flies look real and everything.

      • When celebricunts get down with the Africans in their shitholes (with TV cameras, naturally), and then fuck off to Raffles in Nairobi (without TV cameras, of course)…. Fucking cunts…

      • Also, on Comic Relief this year, expect to see oodles of Gary Linekunt (trying miserably to be funny and witty), Slaglotte Church babbling heaps of shite, and Lily Mong: throwing a ‘tearful’ eppy about how nasty white working class folk are to the ‘vulnerable’ 35 year old ‘child’ sandspades…

        And I bet a few movie bastard celebricunts surface on Comic Relief (Concorde Conk Streep, Scarlett ‘Another Hubby Bites The Dust’ Johansson, that fat munter from the feminazi Ghostbusters, Ewan McGregcunt, Hairy Mulligan etc) to tell us ‘riff-raff’ to give our money and also whinge on about how beastly President Trump is… Overprivileged Tinsletown twatbags…

      • And you were right, birdman… ScarJo is a cunt…. Attends the gobshite feminazi rally spouting about equality while wearing a 2000 pounds parka with real fur on it… Also, her SNL pisstake of Ivanka Trump: saying Ivanka was ‘complicit’ (complicit? In fucking what?!)… Says the person who signed a millions of dollars deal with the well dodgy Sodastream company , and also worked with the infamous Woody Allen and conveniently ignored calls to speak out about, or up for, his alleged victims, saying it had ‘nothing to do with her’….Selective feminism, eh? You can’t beat it…

      • A rich, spoilt, never said no to, overprivileged, indulged celebricunt like Johansson , who also turns a blind eye when convenient (Woody, Chinese sponsorship deals, lavish freebies and goodie bags etc) having a go at Ivanka Trump for exactly the same things is like Stalin calling Hitler for being anti-semitic…

  4. I have never given a penny to either children in need or comic relief but I would gladly pay the fuckers to stop. Just stop.

    • I’d donate money if they chained Lineker and Lily Allen together and gave them a whipping with a razor.

  5. All their programmes are like news round made for fucking 10 year olds. I saw one about bees, where a smelly looking fuck wit walked through some undergrowth with a bee on his finger and said ‘this is a bee’. I had to turn it off and hit myself, the level of spazitude they think us prole cunts have is blatent.Their presenters get paid to sit like wagging doggy cunts bouncing and patting everyone who agrees with them on the backs.Fucking Lineker being the main over paid gob off cunt, getting all political and throwing his two Bob in every time he feels his relevance slide-which seems to be every other week. There is probably a lesbo broiler lined up to take his wank of the day job.The ‘non bias’name that they have been living off for years has now become a joke, all they do is talk down brexit at any oportunity and whine about Trump. The worst thing about it is there are cunts that take what they say a gospel. They tried their absolute best to scare every cunt to vote to stay in the EU because they get money from the corrupted cunts! Fuck off!

  6. Now the BBC radio cunts in all their cuntitude have moved Sounds of the Sixties to 6am.

    You utter, utter bunch of pus filled cunts, I may only be 42 but this is what I love at the weekend, new tunes to me etc.

    But no. Brian Mathew not even fucking dead yet and you replace the show, I really don’t have enough cunts to call you, you cunts. Cunts.

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