The BBC (7)

I’d like to nominate (a daily occurrence these days) the ABBC for yet another cunting.

This morning I caught the start of the Victoria Derbyshire programme (as the ABBC news channel is always on in the canteen and I have no fucking idea where the remote is).

The start of the programme showed a rabble of “peaceful” cunts kicking off in Holland (Turk or otherwise it doesn’t matter – they’re all cunts) presented by Kasia Madera where the headline read: “Turkey Diplomatic Protest”

And within 1 second – literally – this then switches to the poe-faced Derbyshire waffling on about cancer sniffing dogs!??!

Looks like some producer miscalculated their flip-switch and we managed to get 1 whole second of real news out of the cunts. Which is 1 whole second more than we usually get on a monthly basis from these cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

I fucking hate the fucking BBC.

Their latest shit is about Tanveer Hussain who was allegedly banned from the USA for being a Muslim. BBC headline: Kashmir Muslim athlete denied US visa due to ‘current policy.’ But when this fine upstanding individual was accused of sexual abuse the headline was: Tanveer Hussain: Indian athlete held over sex abuse in US. No mention of the dreaded M-word.

Nominated by a Cunt’s Mate Cunt.

Fuck me, I woke up this morning to the news that some cunt had attacked and injured 5 people with an axe at a train station in Dusseldorf. Apparently he had “psychological problems.” Of course. Then it completely disappears from the cunt news. I have to crawl around the net to find out that the cunt is an asylum seeker from Kosovo. Strangely enough I can’t find any reference to this story on the BBC website although there is a story about a car ending up on the roof of a house in China. I didn’t read it because I don’t give a fuck about what happens in China but, as a citizen of Europe, I am interested in what happens in Germany. I wonder why the BBC doesn’t share my concerns?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog.

This is just a sample selection of BBC antics from the past week. The list runs longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Please keep them coming cunters!



148 thoughts on “The BBC (7)

  1. Its like when they have a news story on IS, its always ‘so called’ Islamic State or this ‘Daesh’ bullshit, just call them what they are,fucking terrorists. Journalists & editors are so pro EU/immigration and anti Trump its fucking embarrassing as a so called unbiased publicly funded organisation.

    They love to tout themselves as inclusive and diverse but apparently not it you happen to be white,male, hetro and want a job at the BBC as they often advertise for more minorities and women under the guise of ‘positive discrimination’. Also bollocked radio host for calling trans cunts not real women which they are not( DNA and genetics do not do political correctness) yet let part time footy pundit and full time cunt Saint Lineker spout his crap because his is freelance.

    • The ABBC would never call them DAESH as apparently the mussie cunts hate it and they would never want to upset the peaceful folk. CUNTS of the first order.

    • and why does that Fiona The Bruce always look so feckin smug (especially when she’s reading out a choice Bumfiddling Benders’ Caliphate item, such as ‘Increase in testicular cancer post-Brexit’ ? I bet she only ever does it with a load of ground glass up her growler !!

    • Also, triple cunting to Bigoted Bastards Caliphate for referring to islim scumbag terrorists as “having mental problems”… Don’t the GENUINELY mentally ill have enough to d/w without being tarred with the same brush as these camel-fucking shitebags?
      Couldn’t the BMA / GMC / Royal College of Psychiatrists and charities such as Mencap apply some much-needed pressure ?

  2. There’s a carpet somewhere in the BBC that has had so many scandals swept under it that it looks like a relief map of the Himalayas. And right in the middle is the Mt. Everest……the stinking rotten corpse of Sir James Savile. Of course Savile is dead, and therefore untouchable, but there are plenty of other cunts who were and still are at the BBC who, while not nonces themselves perhaps, covered up for the bastard and helped him along his way. These fucking cunts should be strung up and get the Frank Maloney treatment but they all protect each others’ arses to keep their noses deep in the trough. An absolute shower of shit.

  3. About time the Beebistan Broadcasting Caliphate was nominated for another cunting.
    The whole organisation wants shutting down. To think we have to pay for the shit they broadcast at us everyday.
    Their entire journalistic agenda these days is to rubbish Trump, Brexit, White Working Class Males, Old People, England, basically everything the right on, virtue seeking lefty establishment wankers despise about the country they live in.
    Every day they are full of shit stories.
    They don’t report news they make it up, broadcasts are full of crap about gender reassigned luvviecunts who can’t get a job or have been turned down from every position they applied for because their name is Mohammed the Peaceful or something.
    And what’s all this about the continual promoting of the ethnicity thing? I don’t see many camel drivers where I am but I’d expect the regional balance to be fair, but If so why is BellEnders full of mainly white people? I understand some of the areas of London it’s ‘set’ in look more like downtown Karachi these days… Oh let me guess they are hiding the facts again and presenting their version of the truth.
    A bit like when every terrorist atrocity in mainland Europe that’s carried out by a peaceful cunt is either not reported or made out to be cos the suspect has ‘mental health issues’.
    They are supposed to be impartial in their outlook, but I’ve lost count of the times I heard cunty clegg or ISAC champion far wrong bangin on about another bloody refferdum without reply of riposte. In fact chief political reporter Laura Kunntesburg actually promotes the remain view by constantly harping on about how bad it’s going to be..blah blah blah..

    Plus any organisation that gives the crown prince cunt Linekar airtime needs to be terminated.

    They make my piss boil the cunts.

  4. Another reason to hate the BBC is the continual employment of Graham Norton..a “dirty, disgusting, mucky minded little poof” as my old Mum (Gawd rest her soul) used to say. It’s probably no surprise to any of you that I wasn’t brought up in a very PC household.

      • His Saturday morning show on Radio 2 is when he’s at his worst. All the mincing Cunt does is stick his tongue up the arse of some luvvie actor twat no fucker has ever heard of.

    • Norton an Carr are the worst kind of pooves. Screaming,over-the-top shit-stabbers. The trouble is that they give kids the impression that it’s acceptable to act like a deviant. Someone should have knocked hell out of them when they were children,until they learned that their “in your face” hysterical displays are not acceptable behaviour.

      Should have been bullied as kids until they straightened out or topped themselves.

      • Doughnut punchers like Norton and Carr promote the image of the cartoon bender… Talking in a silly voice, going ‘Oooh!’ every other sentence, and making buggery jokes on national television… Same goes for that uphill gardener off Corrie….

        And when I heard there was a special on James Bond by Mark Gattiss on BBC4, I thought it possibly might be good… I liked The League of Gentlemen, so I gave it a go… However, all it consisted of was Gattiss and some other fritter bitching about Sean Connery’s make up, chest hair, and Roger Moore’s safari suits… Bond is a man’s thing (At least it was before Barbara Cauliflower got hold of it and employed a whinging Scouse dwarf as 007)…. Never let pooves anywhere near real man’s TV…

      • Mark Gattiss made a cunt out of himself as Mycroft in Sherlock and a crusty bell end of a job as Prince Regent in Taboo. In fact, does the cunt ever work for anyone else but the BBC? I bet he is clasified self employed so he doesn’t pay as much tax but only ever seems to work for the one employer. Cunt.

      • Bond films were made for men and for women that liked men. Nowadays I find myself wishing that Timothy Dalton had stuck around long enough to tell Judi Dench to “piss off”.
        Sadly Bond is truly dead now. Maybe not financially because the name will always sell, but in terms of the character that Ian Fleming created and that old Cubby and Harry Saltzman brought, slightly modified, to the screen.
        Auntie Barbara and those useless hacks Purvis & Wade murdered 007 and replaced him with a moping, alcaholic, navel-gazing, closet gay Jason Bourne in a Tom Ford suit, endlessly ripping off Batman Begins.
        Pure unadulterated worthless shite….

      • I would never let a dog bite any peaceful folk, they might catch something and vets don’t come cheep, you know.

    • Top site that one. May not appreciate the use of the cunt so much as here, but hey still good.

      On a similar note check out the BBC I Player and have a look at the picture of Raj and Pablo on the Asian Network. Not your typical religion of peace, book of lies following devotees I would guess….

      But hey we are not in Saudi Arabia where walls tends to strangely fall down on heads of type like our Raj and Pablo…. So I guess it’s ok……

    • It’s a good place, I think most cunters will like it however it isn’t as sweary as ISAC.

  5. What the fuck has happened to BBC Breakfast? This is surely the most cunt filled programme on TV.

    Dan Wanker and Louise Mingebag are a fucking joke, a grade A, XL size cunt the pair of them. It’s like watching CBBC the way they grin like chimps and employ forced banter, she can’t read an autocue anyway, how the fucking fuck did that blonde bimbo get the job? Oh, wait, let’s think…

    I almost miss Bill and Sian, as least they hated each other enough to tell us the news, not try and complete unfunny segways into the weather with Jugs Kirkwood.

    BBC, get some proper presenters, I don’t need the cunting Chuckle Brothers at six in the morning, cunts.

    • Too right, every opportunity going to get a woman or an ethnic in. Sports presenters, “experts” they interview now usually women. Fuck if they done a men’s health special the only bloke aloud on the show would be there purely to make men look stupid.

      And that roving report cunt bloke they do have wears fucking jeans. Cunt can’t even dress properly.

      As for Kirkwood, she is a limelight hogging cunt. On a slack weather day she will turn the country into 30 regions to tell us it is cloudy in each and every one of them.

      Shower of shite BBC cunting cunts

      • Don’t get me started on ABBC weather! You’re better off looking out of your window or using a couple of pine cones on your windowsill.

        First thing in the morning they’ll tell you about the weather they got completely wrong yesterday, and last thing at night they’ll tell about the weather they got completely wrong during the day.

        And finally, when they get to the 30 seconds for their guess for the rest of today or tomorrow – the report is always the same: calm with windy spells at times, quite mild but also possibly cold, sunny and dry with cloud and rain.

        In summer they may mention “heat” and in winter they may mention “wintry” – that is the only variance in weather prediction across the year.

        Even if Carole was stood in the middle of the South Pole in winter, -60°C with her nips like docker’s bolts, the prediction for that day’s weather would still be calm with windy spells at times, quite mild but also possibly cold, sunny and dry with cloud and rain.

        I wouldn’t let the cunts predict their own birthdays!

  6. Why we are on the subject of the BBC how about the Sherlock with Bendadick Cuntybagg? What the fuck were they thinking?
    Every one praises it and i can’t stand it, am i the only one?
    Why do they have to re-invent every thing and forget what makes the characters great.

    And and top of it all WHY choose Cuntybag for the role? WHY?

    • I despise Sherlock… A load of Steven Moffatt PC crap… The horrendous Amanda Abbington hogging the show as Watson’s wife killed it for good, and the supposedly dead Moriarty is just reused time and again… And why does he have to be a screeching Irish poofter?… The last (and hopefully final) series being the most laughable… Mrs Watson is faster than a bullet (funny when she snuffed it Blackadder The Third style though), Sherlock’s new foe is his panto villain evil sister (more wimmin, just like in Doctor Who), and Mycroft (again, another poove) having as much screentime as Holmes himself… It’s just an excercise in PC bollocks and the only two good ones in it were Louise Brealy as Molly and Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson… Cuntberdinck, Freebloke, and the Irish poove are spectacularly overrated and overhyped… And that pube headed cunt Moffatt couldn’t write a shopping list….

      • The downside to Elementary is that Rhys Iffanny plays Microft.

        I tend to switch them episodes over and fall behind on the story than watch that annoying cunt.

        John Noble is great though.

      • The Watson in Elementary is easier on the eye and even though she’s a dwarf, she looks good in short skirts.

    • Elementary is top hole and far superior. They cram a load more stuff in but it’s over too soon.

      Moreover, that Chinese bird is properly tidy; I’d cram a load into her but it’d be over too soon.

  7. While I accept that the BBC is a corporation of cunts can I propose a further media cunting.
    ITV is a Pile of shite.
    . On the main channel there is hardly ever a programme that doesn’t conform to the lowest common denominator. Utter trash. The presenters are mostly uber-cunts. The adverts are bad but the programme trailers for tripe, usually Simon Bowel’s latest karaoke fest, are worse. And they are interminable. Try watching ITV news on Saturday pm and you get inundated with trailers and plugs for shite.
    Then there are the sister channels for morons for whom ITV 1 is too highbrow. ITV ‘Be’ for fucks sake. Just when you think ITV 2 cant get any worse they come up with ITV Be.
    ITV programme content is second only to Sky in it’s cuntedness.

    • The biggest issue I have with ITV these days is that their shit programmes interrupt some pretty decent adverts.

      It’s always the same, 5 minutes of decent ads (where at least some money has been spent) followed by 15mins of piss-poor cheap shite TV.

      Commercial TV was supposed to have all the money to make high-end series. ITV has now given up and have become the Poundland of broadcasting.

      Oh, and while I’m on ITV, put a decent flick on at chucking out time: Dirty Harry, Bullitt, French Connection, 3 Days of the Condor – you know summat worth watching but which will cost you fuck all to air!

      But no, as soon as the witching hour hits it’s some cunt with a roulette wheel shilling for bets for 6hrs – not that it’s fixed or owt – until the useless breakfast twats come on and start interrupting the “sponsored by” ads.

      I’m certain they’ve invented new segments just to get more sponsor deals. I mean it just used to be settee shite, news and weather. Now it’s settee shite, news, weather, pollen count, money markets, mens health, womens health, pets health, auld cunt health, food, drink and entertainment…and each with their own sponsor advert.

      I put entertainment last because it certainly is on ITV. I’ve had more entertaining hernia operations!

      1hr of ITV is more like a sketch show even if it’s an hour long (=35mins) programme!

      Still not as bad as the ABBC though and their constant appeasement of “peaceful” cunts!

  8. Some bint who works for the BBC Asian network has used their twatter account to pose the question ‘what should the punishment be for blasphemy?’. So many things wrong with this. There is no punishment for blasphemy in the uk, saying there is no God is exactly the same as saying Doctor Who or Harry Potter doesn’t exist. Why are they even debating this on UK tax payers money? Fuck the BBC. If she had asked ‘why do some backwards cunts believe this shite so much, they will kill you for not being retarded enough to believe in it?’, she would probably have been sacked.

    • The only question that needs answering is why do the tax payers have to fund the cunt that is the BBC??
      The days of viewers being held as prisoners to watch hours of fuckin adverts are all but over, get a hard drive recorder, sky etc etc record everything and + 32 thru the shite!! most of the BBC stuff is utter crap now days…

      • Too right. As I understand it you only have to have a TV licence if you watch live TV or use iplayer. If you record the program you want and watch it later it is perfectly legal to have a TV but no licence.

        You may also withdraw implied right of access which means the cunts can’t even walk up your garden path and knock on your front door. Very handy at keeping the thieving cunts at bay.

        Given this it is a wonder people are paying the licence fee at all. It takes an especially talented cunt to pay for something they don’t want and don’t have to pay for.

    • There is an inherent need in some people to attach an emotional significance to certain sensory stimuli which has evolved as a function of biology. For example some people ( not me ) will see a baby and this will trigger an emotional response to protect and nurture the little sack of vomit and shit. This is all part of brain function, specifically the hypothalamus, and it is easy to see why it has become an evolutionary necessity.

      People who have suffered brain injury can suffer changes to their emotional response, one such young man could not recognise his parents after suffering brain damage after a car accident. He thought his parents were imposters when he saw them, but if he spoke to them on the phone he would recognise their voices and complain to them that imposters were living in their house.

      So, those who are religious are simply reacting to an over active hypothalamus. An emotional response is being triggered when its inappropriate and this emotion leads to a belief system which dictates a higher being. Such people can see a grain of sand and see the secrets of the universe in it driven by their emotional reaction.

      In other words they are mad cunts.

  9. In a similar vein, I would like to cunt Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson and Charlotte Rampling for making me sit through almost 2 hours of unrelenting Pro-muzzie and anti-Christian propaganda that is Assassin’s Creed. Apparently it is based on a video game, so is obviously well grounded in historical fact but has something to do with the Knights Templar ( boo hiss Christian bad guys ) seeking the apple from the garden of Eden in order to use it to crush free will. Fighting the bad guys we have the Assassins, of Arabic origin and the grand mufti himself who is guarding the apple in his palace in Granada. That’s right, those whose religion means submission and whose holy book means dictation are the guardians of free will against the evil Christians. FFS! Cunts.

      • Like a rabbit caught in the headlights, I was transfixed by it’s cuntishness.

      • I didn’t realize assassins creed was anti-christian I thought the protagnist was italian? I hate when they do video game films they always ALWAYS fuck it up!

        Assassin the word is actually derived from the secret arabic order Hashshashin who were under the command of Hassan-i Sabbah TLDR Hawkwind did a song about him

      • Yes, it’s explained in the film that the assassins were of arabic origin. It doesn’t say however that they were an islamic sect although it is implied. Thus the good guys defending free will are peaceful folk and the bad guys are the Christians.

        It’s one of my favourite hawkwind tracks too.

    • Michael Fatbender – Talentless Bogtrotter ‘housewives favourite’ cunt
      Marion Cutprice-Lard – Uppity Froggie cunt
      Jeremy Iron-Hoof – One trick pony posho cunt
      Charlotte Rampling – would have shagged her senseless in the 60s/70s cunt

      On the subject of back in the day and shagworthy… I really wanted to root Alison Steadman when she was in Abigial’s Party and P’tang Yang Kipperbang…

      • Still worth a prod when she played Mrs Wilt in the Smith and Jones film (the only good thing they ever did. Morons from Outer Space anyone?)

    • I enjoyed some of the games but the film is complete boring shite!

      Assassin Boring Cunts is more of an appropriate title.

      • @SE post got me thinking I was watching ridley scotts kingdom of heaven awhile back and the film portrayed the crusaders in a almost worse light then again isn’t ridley scotts sister moslem?

        Thanks 4 the link the robert calvert years in HK were definitely more interesting thought Quark, Strangeness and Charm was their best album with him

      • Films based on video games have a history of being crap. The Resident Evil series springs to mind, endless cheapo sequels so that twat Anderson can trouser a pay cheque and show off his skinny no-tits missus to a load of stoned wanking fanboys….

      • I don’t know about RS having a sister. He had a brother, Tony who topped himself a few years back. He was executive producer on the pile of BBC inclusive shite Taboo.

    • Brendan Gleeson is a great actor.

      Check out The Guard with him and Don Cheadle, its excellent.

      • Brendan Gleeson has been lucky enough to be in some great films, The Guard being one such. It doesn’t make him a great actor.

    • I sat through that Eye in the Sky film last night (was in company so couldn’t turn it over when it became cringeworthy).

      That’s 2hrs of “peaceful” appeasement I won’t get back. Luckily I was asleep for an hour of it but from what I could see it was about the western world’s entire military and political establishment wringing their hands over killing 1 innocent Vs 100’s of innocents if the 3 bomb makers manage to blow themselves up in a local ahopping mall.

      Wow, tough decision, 2hrs worth.

      Me, I could have had it done in around the same time as a Magic Roundabout episode:

      Three known bomb makers enter a well known “peaceful” terrorist location. We have eyes on their location, have confirmed their identities and have missile lock on them. They can take out 100’s of people but there could be one friendly fire victim. TOUGH! FIRE! The end.

      • I saw that film and it was fuckin irritating, they should rename it Death by procrastination!! 😡

  10. And there’s more….

    I just finished watching the high budget star studded BBC production, Taboo. Don’t worry, I downloaded it off pirates bay, I wouldn’t pay for this crap.

    Typical BBC right on ( that means left on ) production. The hero is an incestuous cannibal whose cultural enrichment at the hands of w@gs has given him mastery of which craft. Assorted other “good guys” include a few staples of costume dramas set in London, a whore with a heart of gold ( German ) and a lovable mud lark ( half w@g ). We also have a transvestite, a Mauri complete with face tattoos, a Scottish butler and a w@g abolitionist ( because you knew William Wilberforce was actually a w@g, didn’t you? ). We also have the compulsory ginger heroin, more on that in another post. Oh yes, and all these good guys are involved in a plot against the British crown in favour of the Americans ( who at the time the show is set in 1814 are still enthusiastic slave owners ). So much for the goodies.

    Now for the bad guys in the shape of the evil East India Company and the British Crown. Predictably, all white English men wearing gender appropriate clothing.

    On top of all that bias, the show is predictable, slow, pretensions and boring. I used to like Tom Hardy but now I think he’s a cunt.

    • I forgot to mention, it also has a distinctly arabic theme running through the soundtrack. Not that there is anything remotely middle eastern about the story, just another tick on the BBC diversity check list.

  11. The cuntitude of the BBC knows no bounds. In its show “1066: A year to conquer England.” they cast Robert de Beaumont as a w@g! Robert de Beaumont was not a w@g and later became 1st Earl of Leicester.

    It is one thing to cast fictional characters in a diverse and inclusive fashion, but quite another to cast historical characters thus. I seem to remember a huge shit storm when a white actor played Michael Jackson. I wonder what would happen if they cast O’Bummer as white? Even though that would be half true.

    • Also saw this. Robert de Beaumont was probably a refugee child in actual fact. Nurtured by William who rescued him from Calais.
      The whole programme was shite anyway. Stupid cunts talking shite pretending to be the 3 protagonists. Harold was of course female. Very poor indeed.

      • I agree. Those talking head cunts were shit. If it’s history give us the story not what someone now thinks what they might have said.
        Spoilt it for me.

  12. Emergency cunting!

    Yorkshire Sculpture park, in a sickening display of virtue signalling has erected a “refugee” shelter in the grounds next to the Henry Moores and the Barbara Hepworths.

    YSP is in the grounds of Bretton Hall, just outside Wakefield. Until a few years ago it used to be part of the University of Leeds and has many buildings on the site, including halls of residence for the students. Why not house the pan handling chancers, sorry refugees in one of those? I suppose it doesn’t make the required political statement like a shanty shack covered in plastic sheets. It looks quite flammable, though. Cunts.

  13. Another cunt regularly employed by the BBC is that fat sack of shit Dara O’Smugface. This unfunny fucking comedian pops up everywhere grinning like a monkey with a sackful of bananas. Cunt makes my skin crawl. Oh….and we shouldn’t forget cunt’s cunt James O’Shithead who regularly pops up on News Night to fill in when the regular incumbent is having his arse checked out. Another BBC poof. In fact I reckon O’Shithead will one day be the Director General, an ideal candidate surely.

  14. Excellent page40 in The Times today.

    A half-page appeal for donations from Action Against Hunger to fight the crisis in South Sudan….The other half of the page is an article about South Sudan spending oil cash on weapons as its citizens starve.

    • Only two things would solve that crisis, contraceptives and more contraceptives.

    • The fucking British government has pledged £5 million,plus another £5 million if it’s matched by public donations. Never seems to be a need for austerity when it comes to dishing out public money to a load of gollies.

      The UN report says that the famine has been caused by protracted conflict… let them keep spending their money on weapons and the British taxpayer will pay for their people. Utter fucking stupidity.

      • There’s a begging advert about some poor little gollie kid having to walk miles to get water and then when she does find some it has a cow pissing in it. I’m sorry but if you don’t have the sense to keep livestock away from your only water supply then keeping you alive isn’t going to be great for the gene pool.

      • So another £10m put into another despot dictator’s hands then!

        We’ve pissed-away billions in charity money sent over to Africa from at least the 70’s onwards and what difference has that made? None whatsoever.

        It’s about time we decided to keep the money and spend it on our own folk in need. By the Gov’ts own statistics there’s around 3.9 million folk in the UK living on or below the poverty line.

        I bet it warms their hearts to see £70mil pissed away to M’Tembe and Katuta every two years or so (if not their homes)…

      • I will say tho Mugabe does have nice shoes but i dont like his ties.They knock a me a fucking sick their cunts.

  15. Dear Gary

    You earn a cool couple of million from the BBC and a shiteload more from those woefully unfunny crisps advertisements (and incidentally you’re an awful tv presenter).

    To the nearest round figure, just how many refugee “children” have you taken in to your embarrassingly luxurious life?

    • Worst football presenter in the history of broadcasting… The smarmy ex-goalhanging cunt thinks he’s all laconic and dry with his ‘humour’… When in actual fact Lineker is a condescending and smug cunt…. Word is that Linekunt has blocked the press with numerous ‘super injunctions’ regarding his tax ‘activities’ and immense philandering…. He really does like to appear holier than thou and feel superior… The tabloids are waiting for their day with the jug eared oli slick, and it can’t come a day too soon…

      • Scored a couple of goals for England but won nothing, apart from the “How to shat a turd out in a live match” award. Wretched presenting skills and a hypocritical, popularity-chasing cock.

  16. Anhil Artthanyake – he’s a BBC boring cunt on bbc radio 5, I’ve heard him jump down many peoples throats in defence of The BBC, but I suppose if the BBC have lined your pockets for 20 plus years I suppose he’d not have anything bad said.

  17. Sorry his first is Nihal, another beautiful British name – as Al Murray would say!

    • I cunted that cunt previously because the fucking Bigot Broadcasting Co allow the cunt to spout out his opinion on Trump, Brexit, immigrants etc with total impunity. He has the most Uriah Heap-esque horrible condescending tone. Can’t listen to the cunt.

  18. Yes, Cunt Gary Lineker gets a shit load of cash, while nearly 400 poor sods in Peterlee County Durham loose their jobs by closing the Walkers crisps factory!

  19. Nope, no job! Signing on this Monday. Had a interview Tuesday gone with a well known high Street retailer that rhymes with Barks and Fencer for a 16 hour job and the cunts didn’t even contact me out of courtesy to say if I was successful or not. 40, bald, still living in the family home and I’m a miserable angry cunt!

      • Oh fuck, not a good time to mention I bought a decent suit in M&S today for £79 in a sale……I’ll get my coat. On a serious side Harry I hope something good comes your way soon.

    • Is it worth
      The aggrivaayshonn
      To find herself a job
      When there’s fuckall worth
      Working for?

      It’s a crazy situashonn
      But all I need is
      Cigarettes and alcohol.

      I was listening to that line as i read these posts.

      Eerie maaannn

      Keep on keeping on, Harry.

      Best of luck, mate.

      • ‘Herself’ a job ?

        I’m using a different keyboard on this phone, and it’s a CUNT.

        When I typed ‘different’ it came up as fifteen and when I typed ‘cunt’ it came up as vintage.

        What the fuck is going on ?

        Time to go back to my phone.

      • Whoever called it a smart phone was taking the piss. 🙂

        How does typing ‘cunt’ end up coming out as ‘vintage’ ?

        Its the works phone and it has been thrown on the floor three times today.

        And the cheeky cunt still works.

        (I know what smarts are)

  20. I had an interview for a position as gym teacher at a girls sixth form college.

    During the interview I was asked where I saw myself in five years.

    “Suspended on full pay”….

  21. Look at them twats on bbc 1. No fucking dignity, be easy if they just put us out our misery and wrote a cheque out between them all, Mel and Sue are fucking shit.

  22. That new Bake-Off has surpassed itself with its glittering galaxy of cunts… A programme on making cakes presented by that Scouse cunt, Paul Hollywood, that smug dyke cunt, Sandi Toksvig (one of the biggest cunts of all time), and that unfunny as fuck Alice Cooper comedy act, Noel Fielding. is an unholy cunt trinity that makes even Clarkson ,Hammond and May look agreeable… All they need now is the sacred cow BBC god, Nadiya, and it will be like the four horsecunts of the cuntpocalypse…

  23. Paul Burrell is a cunt… Whored himself using his ‘I knew Lady Di’ bollocks for decades now… Showing his arse for everything: from newspaper ‘exclusives’ book deals, reality TV, you fucking name it… And now this cunt is self important and fame hungry enough to think that he needs to give the world more ‘exclusives’… This time about him being a cockmuncher…. Who fucking cares?… What a cunt…

    • One day he was saying that only Lady Died knew he liked stretching anal muscles,then the next day he was saying that he went to a gay orgy and the queen knew.

      Bum sex fucks the mind as well as fucks anal muscles, either that or he’s just another look at me poove.


      I ended up at a gay orgy once.

      The wimmin never showed up.



      • That fucking Toksvig on bake off will be voting anything that resembles a cunt,Its well known them dykes likes like cakes ,I feel sorry for any females on that show they will be a shitting with that dyke strutting about,I can see another BBC sex scandle on the horizon.

      • Trust me Toksvig will be looking at the womens tits and arse and not the fucking cakes,Theirs even a lot of lesbos out there who fear this.

      • I like cakes and pussy, but hate the talkspig.

        How did someone with them looks ,that personality and that fucking voice get steady work for the last thirty odd years ?

        I wonder what her lemon slice is like ?


      • One of the BBC sluts Bird even Jim Savs would of kept on walking past this dyke,His shell suit would of stayed tightly fastened up.

  24. London had to suffer another break out of snowflakes today. Several hundred twats, complete with social worker sponsored placards, stomping about like the righteous bunch of cunts that they are. Professional shit stirrer, and perennial terror suspect Moazzam Begg was there to address the moronic throng, no doubt extolling the virtues of the tolerant free west. Then again, probably not…….

    • Speaking of unsightly gatherings, can I cunt Hen Parties…I saw five of the bastard things in Bath this afternoon, makes me cringe with embarrassment,groups of orange slappers in eight inch heels necking bottles of Prosecco and charging up the High Street like lot were going around Sainsburys dragging an inflatable man with a dildo attached to it. People stared in sheer amazement,especially kids and pensioners. One of the brides fell over on her arse and her friend was shouting out “look at ‘er,she’s totally fucked out ‘er ‘ead”. Not exactly Oscar Wilde then. Why do people have to behave like total cunts when they are enjoying themselves?.

      • Jesus wept, where the hell did that happen? I often like to go to York but retreat back to our hotel when the tsunami of fat blobs appear for hen do’s

      • When I was seventeen, I fingered a bride to be on her hen night, or ‘bottling’ as its called in Scotchland.

        That’s fucking terrible that some doss cunt married some tart that had her tongue down the throat of a teenager who was finger banging her behind an Italian restaurant.

        Seriously, what a slag.

        Good for me though.

      • Only if she was marrying another woman!

        Hey if that was the case Birdman you could have used both hands and done both brides at the same time – Rick Wakeman style! 😉

  25. The ABBC are biased lefty cunts who won’t have a word said against immicunts etc. Brexit is bad, the Tories are all fanatical fascists etc.
    Having said that I still find people who can’t see the bias. This astounds me. There I am being held back from giving the telly a kick in and others can’t see why. Has it got to the stage where they have been spouting their shit for so long that people regard it as the norm and not biased at all.

    • I think you have nailed it their, Johnson. It is called brain washing and it works. It doesn’t really matter if its BBC, ITV, C4 or Sky because they are all spouting the same deranged lunacy and yet they turn around in astonishment when anyone calls them out as FAKE NEWS. Like all fanatics they simply cannot see the truth before them and insist it must be some one else’s fault and never their own. Sad really.

      Thankfully there are still enough people around who see through the smoke and mirrors.

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