Donald Trump [4]

Trump has proved to be a colossal cunt, hasn’t he?
I know we cut him some slack on this site and that Hilary and the status quo would be worse but it seems most of what he says or tweets is bullshit.

We had the ‘my inauguration is bigger than yours’ bullshit.
We had the support for that odious dwarf Putin which was subsequently denied despite being broadcast worldwide.
We had his interview with the Sun which he later said was fake news.
Now he says his son met with the Russkis after previous denials.

He lives in a world of lies and bullshit. Seems a shame but he is undoubtedly a cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Roger Waters

Roger Waters is a cunt….

Loved Floyd when I was younger, but this lefty windbag’s latest interview in Uncu(n)t Magazine shows what a blundering, harumphing snowflake old fool he really is… First of all, he compares Farage to Hitler: saying Hitler had it in for Jews, while Farage ‘has it in for’ everyone in Europe…. Someone should tell this old cunt trombone that not wanting you homeland infested with thieves, rapists, terrorists and benefit cheats is not the same as gassing millions just because you don’t like them… Gilmour’s nemesis then also has digs at Enoch Powell, says that Brexit is a ‘disaster’ that ‘disgusts him’, and also compares Trump to Hitler (Trump ‘has it in for’ Muslims apparently)… The cunt dodders on about Magna Carta and saying ‘the people should decide!’ Errr… The people did, Rog, and they voted out of the EU…

Yet another rich as fuck country mansion cunt who will never have to live near Iron Curtain benefits thiebing gyppos, or muslamist human flith rapeugees… 22 people from my home city died because of these ‘they’re not all bad’ scum last week, so I am in no mood for his pompous and self righteous buffoonery… Mind you’ he’s always been a bit ‘diificult’ with anyone who dares to disagree with him… The ex-members of Floyd could tell you that…

Nominated by Norman.



Last summer I made a post cunting the modern world for making life shite since the 90’s.
I’ve been thinking a great deal and now would like to cunt globalists as the cause of the demise.

It’s come to my attention that there are a bunch of weapons grade cunts with hook noses at the top of world society who have decided that it would be better for them if everyone was in one basket. No nations, no governments, no patriotism, no grief, just one mixed race bunch of humans with one govt.

Easy to control and administer and fleece.

Ah you think..a conspiracy theorist loon.

Well if you think that the very wealthy and powerful at the top with all the influence who run the worlds finances haven’t considered conspiring with likeminded people in order to get themselves more of the same, then you are the loon.

If your goal is a global govt…..
(Hillary Clinton and Bilderberg group advocated a hemispheric and world govt many times).

Then how do you get it?

You take out the law and order in the area between the first and third world, the Middle East by removing the leaders and allowing chaos. Assad is the last left.

Eradicate nations by mixing everyone up.


Create massive migrant flows through war. Allow them in having first infiltrated most western governments and media.

How do you start wars?

You stage attacks on the west by middle eastern countries.
9/11. That was the start of it all.

I think they, the elite, the establishment, whatever, are firmly in control of the manipulation.

Watching Trump switch over to Assad attack mode when Assad had nothing to gain by using chemical weapons at a point where he had won, suggests to me that they give us the odd hope (like scratch cards) to make us think there is a counterance to the likes of Clinton, where in all likelihood, it’s just that, an illusion.

Actors to make it look like we have a choice.

Brexit a minor inconvenience.

Circuses and bread keep everyone occupied while they carry on with the plan.

It will directly impact all our lives soon enough.

Nominated by Lord ferrigno.

Donald Trump [3]

In less than 100 days in office The President of the US of A has gone from the peacemaker to the  warmonger.  Who would have thought he would be added to ISAC quite so soon.

Donald Trump is a cunt for launching a $100m airstrike against a Syrian government airbase.

This is supposed to be a message, he says, not a declaration of war. Of course, our own dear government is right behind him calling it a “measured and appropriate response”. A measured and appropriate response to what? Has there been an independent investigation into the alleged gas attack? No. Have independent scientists been to the scene to take samples and identify the gas used? No. What evidence do we have? A few shaky home videos made by the white helmets, the well known propaganda arm of Al Qaeda with links to ISIS and a few post mortem examinations of some supposed “victims” carried out by the Turks, like the Turks have been a byword for dependability and honesty for hundreds of years.

But this cunting is of Trump and Trump alone. It could be said he acted out of self interest, to head off any possible impeachment against him concerning his alleged links with Russia. Wrong. All he has done is make it clear to his opponents that they just have to hit the big red “Russia” button and Trump will fold like a cheap suit. You could say it was to appease those in the Republican party who are batting against him, like that failed presidential candidate, McCain. Wrong again. Now those folks know if they cry they will get candy, do you think that will stop them crying? You could say he is overthrowing an evil dictator. Wrong. It didn’t work in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya so what sane man would think repeating the same actions time after time will have a different result this time? You could say he is protecting the poor little children. Wrong. Personally I don’t think the lives of children are worth more than those of an adult, but even if you do thousands of children die needlessly every day and no one does anything to stop it. He has betrayed all those who voted for him, all those who want to see an end to Americans coming home in body bags fighting a war on the other side of the world that they cannot win and shouldn’t be having anything to do with in the first place. So for all these reasons he has been a huge cunt.

But the big one, IMHO, is that he has played directly into the hands of ISIS. We know they have chemical weapons because we know the Saudis supplied them. We also know they have been developing weapons systems to deliver the chemicals because we have found them in former ISIS held territory. So Trumps actions have sent a very clear message to ISIS; if you set off some of your chemical weapons we will help you by bombing Assads forces.

Far from protecting those poor icle kiddies, Trump the cunt has endangered them exponentially. Expect many more chemical attacks in the coming months, all carried out by ISIS but all blamed on Assad and expect Trump to react in exactly the same way he has done today. Also expect WW3 by the end of the year, seriously.

Trump, you are a CUNT!!

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

The BBC (7)

I’d like to nominate (a daily occurrence these days) the ABBC for yet another cunting.

This morning I caught the start of the Victoria Derbyshire programme (as the ABBC news channel is always on in the canteen and I have no fucking idea where the remote is).

The start of the programme showed a rabble of “peaceful” cunts kicking off in Holland (Turk or otherwise it doesn’t matter – they’re all cunts) presented by Kasia Madera where the headline read: “Turkey Diplomatic Protest”

And within 1 second – literally – this then switches to the poe-faced Derbyshire waffling on about cancer sniffing dogs!??!

Looks like some producer miscalculated their flip-switch and we managed to get 1 whole second of real news out of the cunts. Which is 1 whole second more than we usually get on a monthly basis from these cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

I fucking hate the fucking BBC.

Their latest shit is about Tanveer Hussain who was allegedly banned from the USA for being a Muslim. BBC headline: Kashmir Muslim athlete denied US visa due to ‘current policy.’ But when this fine upstanding individual was accused of sexual abuse the headline was: Tanveer Hussain: Indian athlete held over sex abuse in US. No mention of the dreaded M-word.

Nominated by a Cunt’s Mate Cunt.

Fuck me, I woke up this morning to the news that some cunt had attacked and injured 5 people with an axe at a train station in Dusseldorf. Apparently he had “psychological problems.” Of course. Then it completely disappears from the cunt news. I have to crawl around the net to find out that the cunt is an asylum seeker from Kosovo. Strangely enough I can’t find any reference to this story on the BBC website although there is a story about a car ending up on the roof of a house in China. I didn’t read it because I don’t give a fuck about what happens in China but, as a citizen of Europe, I am interested in what happens in Germany. I wonder why the BBC doesn’t share my concerns?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog.

This is just a sample selection of BBC antics from the past week. The list runs longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Please keep them coming cunters!