Donald Trump [4]

Trump has proved to be a colossal cunt, hasn’t he?
I know we cut him some slack on this site and that Hilary and the status quo would be worse but it seems most of what he says or tweets is bullshit.

We had the ‘my inauguration is bigger than yours’ bullshit.
We had the support for that odious dwarf Putin which was subsequently denied despite being broadcast worldwide.
We had his interview with the Sun which he later said was fake news.
Now he says his son met with the Russkis after previous denials.

He lives in a world of lies and bullshit. Seems a shame but he is undoubtedly a cunt.

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58 thoughts on “Donald Trump [4]

  1. It’s been known that Donald junior met with that Russian lawyer to dig up some dirt on Hilary for over a year now. I read about this on Zerohedge something like 18 months ago so I don’t understand how old news is now newsworthy.

    • It’s because his opposition on the Left have been doing nothing but trying to get him impeached so they make mountains out of molehills to pretend he’s insane, a Russian agent, etc. to further their goal rather than helping their country (something Trump’s actually doing a pretty good job of much to their annoyance)

  2. Simple fact: to be in politics, you have to be a cunt to some degree.

    But anyone who reduces Hilary Clinton to a shrieking, bitter mental case who tours the country in her nightgown just to preach to an ever-dwindling throng of Democunts “I shudda won, I tellz ya”… well, he can’t be all bad.

    And as my esteemed cunters have already said, the UK could greatly benefit from a Trump-style no-nonsense straight-talker during these EU negotiations, even if he is a cunt. May is bending over for Barnier and Juncker to alternately Barrymore her ringpiece, clean up to the elbow – can you imagine Trump allowing himself to be shafted like that?

  3. Yeah the Tangoman is a cunt, a bullshitter, says what he thinks and then has to backtrack and gets involved in total shit like this NFL anthem bollocks.
    But he is essentially a reality tv star, a showman not a professional politician. I think we’ve had more than enough of those cunts and the more he winds them up and makes the snowflakes cry the more I like him.
    If the Republicans lose the mid-term elections in November they will try and impeach the cunt, make no mistake. Then we can go back to normal……..different day, same old shit.

  4. “We had the support for that odious dwarf Putin”

    If its proved that Trump is a Russian agent Putin will go down in his country’s history as the greatest Russian of all time.They will build 100 foot statues of him and his image will be placed on religious icons in Russian churches .When he finally kicks the bucket he will be cryogenically preserved just in case.One countrys cunt is another countrys hero. Ive got nowt against him, hes our enemy but he is a 100% Russian nationalist patriot putting his countries interest first and last and fuck the rest.Wish we had a leader like that

    • America has more sanctions on Russia today than when Trump took office. Despite what his opponents say Trump really has not been soft of Russia.

  5. Agree with TECB – being a cunt comes with the job so far as politics is concerned. However, better its a no nonsense, populist cunt like Trump than another establishment cunt like Killary. When you consider what the alternative could’ve been, especially looking at the state of the Democrats now, I’ll take Trump all day long. Besides, cunt though he is he did run on an America First ticket and despite the odd policy slip up does appear to be fulfilling that.

    • Not sure I altogether go along with the “no nonsense” bit OC, but you’re pretty much spot on otherwise.

      Meanwhile, off topic…

      The most gorgeous bitch in the world has just walked past my window.

      • Beyond words mate, beyond words. I’ve already creamed my Y-Fronts 3 times since posting – haven’t done that since I was fifteen!

  6. Anyway the fucking Democrats should blame themselves for Trump. Could they have found a worse candidate than Clinton and who the fuck advised her to have Blowjob Bill hanging around during the campaign? Fuck me ! The trouble is they thought they couldn’t lose, they had it in the bag. From the very first day they have been moaning like cunts about the result they themselves brought about.
    Hmmm……i’m sure i’ve heard that somewhere before.

  7. Nigel Farage was a politician. And in my honest opinion he is far from a cunt. Quite the opposite in fact.

    Hopefully he will return to be a leading politician again in the very near future.

    Appreciate Nigel is not like most policians and totally accept the fact that most are cunts.

  8. Tangoman is a total cunt.

    But fair play to him that he’s also a politician who, shock and horror, is doing what he said he would and is trying to look after his own first instead of being another cookie cutter globalist shitstain like the Pig Fiddler, Ocamelbummer, Macron and all the other super cunts.

  9. Of course he is a cunt, he has never hidden it. he’s made a living being a cunt in the public eye with no hint of shame. He maybe the best last hope the US has got and the least worst cunt putting himself up for the job at he time.

    • He’s an open cunt.

      We know he’s a cunt.
      The world knows he’s a cunt.
      He himself knows that he’s a cunt.

      I can abide him more than all these closed cunt politicians who try to BS people into thinking that they are anything but.

  10. No. Donald Trump is not a cunt.

    He is the greatest president of the 🇺🇸 ever.


    PS: Corbyn is a lying terrorist genuflecting cunt.

    • Rather suck a fart from Trumps arse than share a postcode with catweasel. The guys got the biggest case of Stockholm syndrome going, so bad it’s new name is Jallalabad syndrome. Peaceful appeasing cunt. I can’t even muster the energy to say something witty (if I ever do)… catweasel is an utter cunt, a traitor and an extremely dangerous fucker. In my opinion he has gone from someone who should be ignored to someone who should be shot from a cannon into the heart of the sun.

  11. Fuck off you cunt. Trump is a legend and the best thing to happen for years. Anyone who gives the two fingers to the feminist PC cunts is a good man in my book.

  12. So he’s a cunt. I’d be amazed if he was anything else. Even if he gets taken down a peg he won’t give a fuck. For entertainment value I’d say he’s a hit, and the darkies, peacefuls and celebrislags get really wound up about him.

    • His greatest ability is being able to trigger the lefties, luvvies, peacefools and the right-on brigade at will. I do like how he trolls Suckdick Khunt and CNN all the time as well.

    • The take-away boys are what I call the greater scope villains of the world.

      One the peacefools, Ivans and other cunts are dealt with, that leaves these insidious locust like cunts. Trump is doing what should have been done 30 years ago regarding that herd of fuckin’ ugly reds.

      • He has put blocks on foreign takeovers particularly tech firms by the noodle noshers while Mavis is of course playing catch-up after allowing them to swallow up some great innovative start ups.

      • Mavis…… is it safe to say that she is officially Heath/Major level bad now?

      • I don’t know what’s worse with Mavis, her advisors or her (lack of) judgement.

      • Probably the fact that she has NEVER delivered on anything of substance, except the scuppering of Brexit.

        For that achievement alone the Establishment and their history books will laud her as the greatest Prime Minister of all time.

      • In fact, has she even delivered a shit since she came to “weakness” (well, I can’t call it power…) ?

        She looks too bloody constipated if you ask me.

        Needs a quart of turps up the jaxie.

  13. So Big Don is a cunt, so what?… Which President of the United States of America hasn’t been?… Lincoln was a cunt, JFK was a massive cunt, Dickie Nixon was a cunt, Bush (both of them) were cunts, Bill Clinton was (still is) a cunt, and Barack Obellend was a cunt… But at least the Don isn’t a cunt who favours and appeases all that human filth and is against the scum running riot (see Sweden, Germany, and France), and he also doesn’t give a toss about upsetting snowflake libfucks… Also, imagine the alternative… The evil witch that is Kilary…. It doesn’t bear thinking about…

    Viva Big Don!

  14. I’ve just finished reading “Alexander Hamilton”.. nothing’s changed in politics since 1776.
    Even the good guys lied… “sometimes you have to lie to save the ship”
    They accused each other of treasonous behaviour , they fucked any number of mistresses , they schemed ,they stole, they kept slaves when they said they were abolitionists, they used proxies to accuse one another, they blackmailed each other.They were all cunts
    Of course Donald is a cunt but in my mind he’s a better cunt than all the others because SOMETIMES he tells the truth.
    You need a guy like him from time to time to clean up the garbage by playing them at their own game.Yes he’s made mistakes in choosing the people he has for key positions but he has no problem in firing them if they don’t come up to snuff.
    At least he has the power to choose, whereas in the UK you have to take the dross that the General Public has offered up
    When Kennedy was elected he said he thought that all he had to do as President was to tell somebody to do it and it was going to get done.
    He soon found out that he was mostly farting in the wind as his opponents schemed to delay or kill his policies.
    Trump’s job has been no different, but he has the experience of being a Real Estate developer where everybody he’s met has tried to screw him over (and he of course, tried to screw them) .He’s the man for the job at the moment, even though he’s a cunt

  15. I know bugger all about Mr Trump apart from one thing, and this is important to me, he makes the self important intellectually superior elitist patronising twats, especially the creative darlings pee their little panties en mass.

  16. Mr Trump doesn’t bother me, but I like that Bannon chap more. Very concise speaker in my opinion.

    • I have always been Impressed with Andrew McCabe, the former director of the FBI.

      Speaks clearly and intelligently, selects the words he chooses to use extremely carefully.

  17. Talking of being impressed have just come back from collecting my son from his badminton training.

    On the way back whilst in a filter lane turning left at a cross roads, the car about three in front of us was cut up by a white van turning right from the other direction. Our filter lane has right if way.

    Almost immediately two police cars appeared from nowhere approaching from the direction we were heading. Both on with the lights and sirens, U-turned and gave chase.

    Got the cunt within 200 yards. When we drove past less than two minutes later a skinny dark skinned foreign looking gentlemen was already in handcuffs.

    Fucking excellent. Well done Suffolk police.

  18. From the man himself…

    ‘When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!’

    Viva Big Don!

  19. Trump’s a cunt. A lying, petulant, rich-kid cunt who doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Achievements? N. Korea’s not going to stop building nukes and missiles to carry them Wait and see. With Iran/Israel he’s laid the foundations for either (a) still more bloodshed in the ME, spilt by proxies or (b) US blood and treasure being expended in an assault on Iran. His policy there is determined by the fundy ‘Christian’ contingent in the US who are happy to ignore his blatant absence of Christian values and vote for him. He will discover the value of protectionism when US steel and aluminium are in surplus and he belatedly notices that potential importers have all installed tariff barriers too. Putin is playing him like a hooked fish, not least because Trump is Putin’s retarded little brother in matters of business and controlling oligarchies.

    Oh, and he only takes advice from people he agrees with anyway.. Always a bad sign.

    Wait and see, cunters. There will be a reckoning, and some of us will have to eat our words. It could be you…

    • There’s a lot to be said for straight talking and not giving a shit what people think, but with this attitude he is only endearing himself to a certain percentage of his own party. A good number of influential Republicans are embarrassed by him and have already distanced themselves from him. And when things start to unravel, as they probably will, he’ll find that very few will support him.
      But he’ll still be a mega-rich cunt so why should he care?

  20. Thick, vulgar, overweight, hopelessly ignorant and self obsessed, Donald Trump is every negative American stereotype rolled into a gelatinous orange ball of infantile bombast. The fact that this endlessly lying cunt inspires such a cult of personality is a testament to how hopelessly stupid and credulous large swathes of modern America are.

    • It’s a shame that the BBC don’t though… According to the Black Broadcasting Corporation, the lastest cunt being held on suspicion of terrorism after the Westminster car crash has been named as Salih Khater by government sources…The BBC state the latest piece of terrorist scum is a 29-year-old British citizen, originally from Sudan…. In other words he is yet another peaceful piece of bogo-bogo filth, who isn’t British at all and never has been…

  21. The scores of rich and ivory tower living celebrity cunts in the United States who have the arrogance to tell ordinary working people how to vote and who make out that they are great minds and political animals just to get what they – and not what the people – want are much worse than Big Don…. Showbiz cunts who take swipes at Trump (and his family), yet they openly revere and laud someone as corrosive as Kilary Clinton…. See Kunty Perry, Skanklett Johansscunt, Tom Wanks, Chickboy Gaga, Devil Streep, Madogga (old witch) etc….

    • And Paul McCartney with his ‘I’m With Her’ Kilary Clinton badge? Daft decrepit old cunt… And people said Lennon was politically gullible….

  22. Trump was voted in because the sane electorate didn’t like the crooked, libtard alternative – Clinton. In rejection of libtardism, Americans voted for the only alternative. He’s a moron, but not making too bad a fist of it.

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