Jeremy Corbyn [12]

This entry requires no write-up; but ISAC rules demand it so here it is:

This terrorist-sympathising, extreme-left fucktard cannot even ‘fess up to laying a wreath for a dead scumcunt bomber, despite the full and irrefutable photographic evidence available. A cunt of biblical proportions for even being at any such funeral in the first place; he manages to ratchet up the cuntmeter to the point of overclocking it by giving such a fucking withering and incomprehensible response to said photographic evidence.

I did not think it would be possible to despise a Labour leader more than Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. Yet Corbyn has already overtaken the Renfrewshire Cyclops as literal and figurative unflushable ‘Number 2’, now only behind the seismic deity of cunt himself.

I hear a lot of Tory voters or supporters now saying “I’ll risk Corbyn just to get rid of May”. As appallingly as Mavis May and Co. are handling matters, I can’t emphasise enough what a tenth circle of hell shitshow this country would become – socially, economically, industrially – under the clown prince of cuntitude and his obese Momentum sidekicks. Think this country is being ruined by the liberals? Corbyn as PM will definitely ask you to hold his fairtrade hemp & lentil beer.

A man of such radioactive cuntitude that his mere presence emits deadly gamma rays of solid cunt, I give you Jeremy Corbyn. Fucking shitcunt.

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83 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn [12]

  1. Could Corbyn get any more of a cunt?
    We know he sides with terrorists – IRA, HAMAS etc.
    We know he supports bankrupt failed states like Venezuela, and backward banana republics like Cuba..
    He hates America and still supports Russia even after the fall of his beloved communists. (Hasn’t anyfucker told him?)
    He is anti-Semitic. Not for criticising Israel but for tolerating and protecting the Jew baiters in his party, and siding with groups that deny Israel’s right to exist.
    We know his politics are those of a sixth form champagne socialist.

    But putting wreaths on the graves of murderous savages who killed Israeli athletes is despicable even by his low standards.
    The cunt.

    • I really do struggle to see how Corbyn can’t be considered a traitor when he openly supports every terrorist organisation he can think of along with every nation that has declared war against us. He would also love nothing more than to completely dismantle our entire armed forces, which I again consider an act of treason. It’s amazing that I actually find myself wishing to have Blair back sometimes since he didn’t look at the Soviet Union and think, what a great idea!

    • Oh look, the perennial dweeb school boy perma-cunt Owen Jones has come out with a little gobshite opinion piece,

      ‘The Corbyn wreath ‘scandal’ is just an exercise in hypocrisy’

      I suggest you don’t read it. What a cunt.

      • Thanks for the warning, TBCC !

        Indeed, I won’r read it – Moaning’s repartee is what pours out of my arse after too much Guinness on a hot day.

        As Dr. Spooner would say, the boy is a shining wit.

  2. If he gets elected I’m gonna look at moving out of the country – dependent on being able to afford it of course. I don’t wanna stick around to see us become Venezuela.

    • I would suggest you start planning to do so now. Live frugally, don’t buy dumb shit, Save, save some more, move or start work online/remotely. Get rid of all your useless junk and convert into cash, no, you don’t need that flash car/house/watch/holiday/pair of shoes/gaudy gold chain/posh restaurant meal etc.

      Prepare yourself to leave, if nothing happens or it all goes swimmingly you will still be a much much stronger financial position

      This goes for all ISAC UK contributors

  3. How prescient.. I was just cunting compo on the Donald Trump cunting.
    Where the fuck do I start… perhaps its worth a quick check first… He does know that communism doesn’t work right? It’s been tried and failed, tweaked and failed and usually ends up with a big killing spree of all the people it was meant to help. He does know this doesn’t he? I mean… we’ve checked right?. Communism eventually leads to a giant peasant killing clusterfuck where you buy loaves of bread with wheelbarrows of cash. He also knows that the peacefuls will hang him at the earliest convenience right? That they are not to be trusted and that their one track mind begins and ends with spreading their religion.. nothing else. No economy, art, literature science. None of those lovely tax payers that need to exist for socialism to actually work. He knows all this, yes? Someone’s checked?

    • He has openly said that socialism can work, well yes in theory in the mind of a complete fool.

      If you can bear it read the Labour website and then for a ‘fist in mouth disbelief’ moment read Momentums.

      If these clowns get in I can foresee total catastrophe with Corbyn booted out by those rabid nutjobs behind him in 12 – 18 months so they can take over and implement their Utopian plan of destruction and starvation.

      You have been warned.

  4. Not only is he a massive cunt, he is a patronising thinks he’s so right on smug cunt. Top cunt in a party full of cunts following the doctrine of cunts.

  5. Good stuff TECB.

    Mavis would have been out of office years ago if not for Corbyn and his toytown front bench. We might even have had a proper Tory government…

    Corbyn & May: symbiosis in action.

  6. An absolute cunt of monumental proportions. Britain with this cunt in charge doesn’t bear thinking about. All information that enlightens people as to what this misguided, anti British, treasonous tramp is really like should be spread wider and without let up until we’re safe from Corbyn’s fuckwitted ideology.
    Excellent cunting TECB.

    • Treasoness tramp. This website gives me hope in such a left wing shit show of a world. He will never lead the country though, I know that much. He’s nearly 70 so let’s wait for him to die out naturally. The clock is ticking.

  7. We need a credible new 3rd party.

    I have never voted for Labour, will never will do.

    Unfortunately I have already decided that I will never vote Tory again, for what they are now doing with Brexit.

    Neither of these parties can be trusted, both made up of of absolute cunts, and neither deserve my vote.

    As I see it until a party is legally required to honour and carry out the pledges contained in their manifesto within a specific time frame and to the letter, then voting is a complete fucking waste of time.

    • Vote UKIP. They’re growing at a phenomenal pace these days now that they’ve become more than a one party policy. And the stuff they’re coming up with really shows how they’re much more in tune with the views of the people. They actually support real free speech so we won’t be arrested for mean tweets, oppose all the PC bullshit that’s infested society. They want us all to be proud of Britain and it’s history again rather than pretending we’re bad and need an influx of peacefuls to make us see the error of our ways. UKIP have their national party conference this September where they’ll be detailing their plans and policies going forward which I’m really looking forward to seeing since some of the stuff they’ve hinted at is looking great. One being a rework to how the TV license works so the BBC won’t be free to create ever greater bullshit without any fears of financial repercussions like every other broadcaster. Oh they must be shitting themselves.

      • May well do Mad Jack

        Voted Conservative for many, many years then switched to UKIP when Nigel was at the helm.

        Tactically voted (like many) to Conservative for the last vote as I thought the Conservatives would get us out of the EU (in hindsight what a fucking idiot) and to stop Labour getting in.

        UKIP next time perhaps, or when Nigel returns (as he will do when Brexit is not delivered) for whichever party he is associated with.

        I admire Nigel for his bravery, his straight talking, no nonsense approach, humour and above all his utter contempt of the EU.

      • Farage is certainly cutting it fine to make his return,Willie. Why do you think he’s waiting?

      • I have been wondering that for a few weeks Dick.

        I suppose that considering after almost 20 years of single handedly fighting the system, the corporates, the multi nationals, career politicians, the European Union, the endless lies, banging his head against the wall and the amount of shit he has faced can imagine he is enjoying a break from it all.

        But as you rightly say he is leaving it late, and to be honest I do not know how he will be able to stop what is happening.

        He is a resiliant character and I hope he is true to his word. The political world is a far emptier place without him. A beacon of light in the darkness for Leavers.

      • I was a member of UKIP until Farage resigned. If he could gather around him apostles who are sharp minded, then UKIP could perhaps succeed.

        The problem is, a party that espouses the wants and desires of the the real electorate would be shouted down by snowflakes and be ridiculed by the BBC. We need a Maggie.

      • Leave lost the day that they won – they thought it was all over and walked away en masse, trusting the Remainers to follow through on the democratic mandate. Big mistake. True, Nigel was exhausted, but the others should have known the Establishment and 85% of the political class would not give up without a fight or resorting to subterfuge at least.

        Now the Remainers have all but got their way, Nigel’s intervention will not make a jot of difference, he’d be better off sticking with his radio phone in show. May & Hammond & Rudd et al should have been challenged 2 years ago when the direction of travel was there for anyone to see… but then maybe I’m more cynical than the average cunt.

        Fuck them.

        (sorry Dick, I couldn’t resist)

      • I think Gerard Batten’s actually doing a pretty good job of leading the party, especially considering their growth. And he’s saying all the right things in my opinion. Here’s what he tweeted about the Westminster attack today.

        “Car crashed into Diversity Barriers outside Parliament injuring pedestrians this morning. Was it: a pure accident, a lost Uber driver trying to find their way, or an attack by a devotee of the Religion of Peace? Thank God, not Allah, injuries said to be, ‘not life threatening’.”

        And then he followed up with,

        “The Daily Mirror contacted me to ask what ‘Diversity Barriers’ are? I explain that they are barriers designed to protect us from the worst manifestations of diversity. Just as police officers with a sub machine guns are now there to protect us from the ‘peace-mongers’.”

        Fucking yes!

      • Wouldn’t disagree.

        Think Nigel carries far more weight though and perhaps a better motivator.

        Respected and had high hopes for l
        Wolfie before his spat in the European Parliament.

        Don’t dislike Batten, just prefer Nigel.

      • Never understood why Batten didn’t stand for leadership in 2016 after Nigel resigned and Steven Wolfe got his lights punched out.

        Maybe he was another one who thought Brexit was a done deal after winning the referendum.

        Agree though Mad Jack, he’s been doing a excellent job since becoming interim leader. Hopefully he’ll stay on after March 2019 when the next UKIP leadership contest is due to be held…

      • It infuriates me Mad Jack how they use any words describe this cunt except the blindingly obvious words Islam or Muslim.

      • Fucking brilliant stuff!!
        We need a few diversity barriers at Heathrow Gatwick etc not forgetting Dover Folkestone harwich etc etc ……
        might actually buy a couple for outside my house….. 😂

    • A credible new 3rd party ?

      Wouldn’t that be Mr. Cable’s recycled LimpDumps ?

      UKIP. Stating the b. o., but if we don’t vote for them, they won’t get in.

      If they got a decent number of seats, JC wouldn’t that cause snowflake tantrums and dummy out-spits across the land…

      • A credible 3rd party, assuming it’s unequivocally pro Brexit, is likely to split the Tory vote and let Labour, who are unequivocally pro Brino /Remain, in by default.

        This country badly needs a genuine system of proportional representation (PR) to encourage cunts to vote positively and not just against the shit party they hate /fear the most.

      • Campaign for Electoral Reform was the only “political” org I ever paid any dosh to in my whole life (for a few teenage years – like Corbyn, I had principles, once upon a time. Being continually shat upon by HMG has more or less eroded them).

        Sadly, the whole cuntitudinous set-up is totally against anything that might, just might, make politics in our benighted land in any way “meaningful.”

      • You cant eat principles BH, ask any socialist who has actually encountered socialism in its truest form. For the many – paid for by the few.

      • I would say that there is actually a lot of traditional Labour voters who would vote for a 3rd pro leave party. All the working class men and women who are realising that Labour and the Unions have never given a shit about them, just fed them bollocks to try and keep them as vote farms. And Labour’s current remain in the customs union, we need more immigrants, etc. policies should really show how out of touch they are with the working classes who are suffering under this shit. With a good alternative party that addresses these issues Labour would only be left with the peacefuls, communists, and snowflake millennials. I mean Macron managed to win in France despite only making his party a year before the election and he was total shit so I don’t see how a third party couldn’t quickly rise in the UK especially since we’re smarter than the French.

  8. No argument about Corbyn being a Cunt, but I wonder if a lot of his troubles stem from the fact that he’s a naive idealist. I think that Corbyn would support the “Underdog” no matter who they happened to be. He’s rather like a sixth-form schoolboy who still believes in the “that isn’t fair” mentality? Most of us,when younger,were.I suspect,far more idealistic…then real life rudely intrudes and we realise that life can’t always be fair. I’m not sure that Corbyn has ever accepted that,and still believes in a Utopia where all is “Just”.
    The IRA,the Palestinians plus other causes,no doubt, can be seen as Underdogs in Corbyn’s eyes. The IRA fighting the wicked British occupiers,the Palestinians fighting the wicked Israeli occupiers. It’s a naive view,no doubt,but perhaps he honestly believes that he is fighting for the weak.
    I have no time for Corbyn,but then again, I’ve no time for any politician. None of them seem to live in the real world,but I suspect that what motivates Corbyn is idealism,perhaps that why he appeals so much to the as-yet unjaded,unworldly young?

    • Have to hand it to you Dick – forever endeavouring to see the best in people!

      🙂 Good evening.

      • Evening RTC…it’s not that. It’s just that however big a Cunt Corbyn may well be, I, personally, believe that his views,however misguided,are probably genuine. Other politicians bend with the wind,or just lie. That’s not to say that I don’t distrust him,but I do see where, I think,he’s coming from. Let’s be honest, the Consevatives are in the middle of executing the biggest con in British political history and yet strangely the media is more interested in what a naive fool did years ago,and the fact that he refuses to accept a questionable definition of Anti-semetism
        I don’t excuse or like Corbyn’s views,but I o believe that he thinks that he is putting the greater good before his own personal ambitions,however misguided he may be, which is more than many other politicians.

      • Most of Corbyn’s heroes presumably also deluded themselves into thinking they were putting the greater good before their own personal ambitions – Lenin, Castro, Mao and the cunts who have brought Venezuela to it’s knees recently, all cunts of the highest order, just as Corbyn and McDonnell would be, given the opportunity.

        As for bending with the wind, Corbyn does it on a regular basis. For 30 years a staunch campaigner for leaving the EU – now he heads an opposition party committed to the softest BRINO possible!

        I take your point Dick, but will have to agree to disagree when it comes to Comrade Corbyn and his motivation.

        Gotta go and cook the wife’s sausages now…!

      • On that note Ruff Tuff, nice to see Deploy The Sausage back in the fold again.

        Still nothing from Basement Bob though.

      • But isn’t Corbyn just a puppet for Momentum ? As far as I can see that’s what Labour have become and they have put this kindly old uncle character at the helm to give them a caring cuddly image.

    • I was discussing the exact same thing with my Dad the other week. I said that if Corbyn were in 1930’s Germany he could well have been a defender of the Jewish underdog…….. Until his own party, the National Socialists put him up against the wall.

      Although I may be wrong.

    • Yeah I’d go with that explanation. It’s just more of the old tribalism in the end of course.. as opposed to being able to concede defeat, admitting it’s all a shitshow madhouse scramble, becoming a cynical bastard, and finding the light/ISAC.

    • I see where you’re coming from with that DF but i think the truth is more sinister. Jews are maybe 300k people in the UK (I think). Snackbars are at least 3 million ( I know).

      He’s obviously a clueless 6th former but he also understands numbers. Muslims could get him into office. Jews will not.

      I hate antisemitism. The jews have been persecuted since year dot. They punch above their weight in every field you care to mention and you never hear a peep out of them. As opposed to our snackbar chums who I noted elsewhere today……via the ‘Muslim council of Britain’, DEMANDED that Boris be investigated. This is a group topped up with your tax pounds and with links to some very dodgy snackbar crews.

  9. Catweasel excuse this time –
    I was only at the ceremony honouring the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich terror attack in order to get directions on how to get ‘away’ from the ceremony honouring the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich terror attack.

  10. By the way, scientists made a remarkable new discovery earlier in discovering the first known human without a spine. The genus, known as Maybot. T, was found to be the first known species of human to have absolutely no backbone, and as was likely very submissive and cowardly compared to her homo sapien masters.

    • I saw in one newspaper that doctors were going to transplant a jellyfish into where her spine should be to give her additional rigidity……

  11. I see there was a “man from Birmingham” accidentally plowing into folk in Cuntminster today.

    The AL-BEEB made the mistake of showing a picture of said driver being arrested by plod. “Cultural Enrichment” – surely not.

    The AL-BEEB almost saved the day by stating that plod are checking to see if there is any history of mental illness. Yes that’s exactly what I’d be checking for first too…cough…ahem…

    No doubt orders from on high courtesy of Cresida Strapon.

    P.S. Back on thread, I don’t think Corbyn is an anti-Semite. I hold no water for the dangerous socialist cunt and what would be his disastrous policies (when gifted the premiership courtesy of Appeaser May – SHE MUST GO! THE CUNT!), but I think he’s being scapegoated in this instance. As a huge fan of our old Testament allies I would call the cunt out if I thought he was. Does Labour have anti-Semitic members (including some in the two houses of Cuntminster), I’m pretty sure they do. As does the Connies, UKIP, LibDums, etc.

    • Tbf though, when you look at what Marxist teaching is regarding the Jews there probably are more in the Labour Party (being as far to the left as it now is) than there are in other parties. Is Corbyn an antisemite? No. Is the whole thing being grossly exaggerated in the pursuit of yellow journalism? Yes, of course it is. However, the Labour Party certainly does have more antisemitic elements than the other parties at present.

    • Non alcoholic lentil beer… great source of fibre apparently. Personally I’ve rather keep the farmer giles…

  12. Although undoubtedly one of post war Britain’s biggest cunts my problem isn’t really with jezza What really gets me grinding my teeth in rage as well as despair is people would actually vote for the Cunt!
    Lots of simplistic fools think Corbyn is PM material ??
    Good grief……… What the actual fuck…….

    • A frontbench of Flabbott, Thornberry et al, stuff of nightmares Q. Could end up a re-run of the US election where people just voted for the cunt they disliked the least.

  13. Just a few years ago if some cunt had told me that one day Jezzer would be leader of the Labour Party I would have said…….oh yeah?……..would that be before or after I fucked the arse off Kylie Minogue? I bet even Jezzer himself wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks……. fuck me! I’m Leader of the Labour Party and Diane is Shadow Home Secretary!!…….nah, it’s just a dream. But here he is.
    Not only that but he is up against the most useless, traitorous Tory government in history and the most spineless, shitsack of a PM that anyone could imagine. Anyone who thinks the Catweazle can’t walk into number 10 is kidding themselves.
    I look across all 3 parties and all I see is a load of greedy, lying, traitorous, money grabbing cunts who couldn’t run a whelk stall on Southend pier.
    If I were a young man again I’d be off……Australia, New Zealand somewhere like that.
    As it is I stand and wait for the fight. There are hard times coming.

  14. Just seen the footage on sky of Corbyn being asked directly if HE LAID a wreath?? What an absolute cunt he is!! He just rambles on about the atrocity of Munich blah blah blah , he’s then asked again if he laid a wreath? The cheeky cunt then has the audacity to roll his eyes?? PM? You’ve gotta be kidding………

    • They should have wheeled Paxo out and battered him into submission like Michael Howard on Newsnight. What was it, 12 times? I’m not sure if the slippery bastard even answered in the end.

  15. This Worzel Gummidge tribute act hates Jews. Is he was at a peace conference where were the Jewish contingent?

    He refuses to sing the national anthem, he supports fenian scum by inviting IRA frontmen to the palace of Westminster three months after the Brighton bomb. He calls Hamas and Hezbollah is friends.

    If this vile traitor ever gets into power I am on the EL AL flight to Ben Gurion International…… One way.

  16. Problem with jez is he is hundred years out of date; tied to bullshit ideology that has never worked anywhere except in the torrid dreams of fellow travellers. Also his love of the peaceful ones shows to one and all this is a cunt with a problem.
    For my sanity I sincerely hope that jez and all the other politicians take a fast run off a fucking mountain so in the future their mangled carcasses can be recovered and used by future scientists to prove that planet cunt was not just a frightening fairy tale

  17. What a highly predictable cunting this is. But I have to remember that there’s a delay between penning our masterpieces and the pleasure of seeing them displayed, so the writer probably wasn’t exposed to all of the incessant cunting Corbyn has received from the media since it first became possible that he might be Labour’s leader. He must have missed two days of it, since the wreath scandal erupted all over the Jerusalem Post with a Post-it note requesting all UK editors to copy, at the weekend.

    In fact, Corbyn represents a bigger threat to the Establishment than Farage ever did, and the Establishment is hurling everything it’s got at him. Eagerly assisted by Netanyahu and every Zionist on the planet – for why? Because he questions the Israeli narrative and supports BDS, that’s why. Because if by some happy accident he became PM it would be a lot harder for Israel to pull this country’s strings, as it did with Blair (who was suitably rewarded).

    Maybe he’s a cunt. I don’t care. He’s a countercunt to some monster cunts, and that’s fine by me.

    • Yes but the trade off is the other way around for a lot of people. Whilst we’d all rather be free from any interference we are not in an ideal world and it’s a shade better to be under the shoe of some shady four by twos and have a few nice tenners in your back pocket, than to be under the boot of compo and his fellow travellers with your last tenner in his back pocket. Which is soon to be handed to Mo and his 9 cousinwives, while you get to pull a double shift at the gulag.

    • K.
      So it’s all a Jewish conspiracy eh? And what exactly is the Israeli narrative? Survival. I suppose we should side with the Islamists then? Far better to have a middle east dominated by murderous scum?
      I don’t know if Israel pulls our strings but if they do, they are being pulled by a civilised people who have given more to humanity than any other ethnic group.
      By the way, I am a Welsh/Irish halfbreed with zero Jewish forebears.

      • No, it isn’t a Jewish conspiracy. I didn’t say it was, and I don’t think it is. It is a convergence of the interests which are threatened by Corbyn, just one of which is the colonialist Zionist project in Israel. However, since that seems to be a trigger, I find it curious that Netanyahu has involved himself, unless I assume – and many Jews would disagree with this – that Israel IS the Jews, and the Jews ARE Israel. In which case, criticism of Israel becomes criticism of the Jews, which, by the definition imposed on me by a US-based Jewish faction, is not just criticism but race hate.

        So much for the Jewish aspect. It is not, in fact, important to me what a religious minority to which I do not belong thinks. What is important is that foreign influence, including Israel’s, on our own political system is rigorously restrained.

        From the particular to the general:

        If you care to activate your secret fair-minded person, you will see a parallel with the beasting Farage got in all media except the Express when he was steering UKIP towards political relevance. Indeed, similar insinuations of fascist sympathies were made, and the charge of racism was deployed liberally in his direction…

        But Corbyn is a far worse threat: his many grass-roots supporters are capable of taking parliamentary seats (denied to Farage by the voting system) for a solidly-established party. And the nature of the threat is similar: a popular wave of opinion hostile to our cosy and corrupt economic system.

        I do see Big Khunt’s point. It is entirely valid, (and I’m reasonably certain that self-interest will win in the end. It usually does) My interest is in something that many cunters, left and right, here, have proposed, not entirely in jest. And that is a break point, forcing this country to notice its institutional corruption, its decline into vassalage under global oligarchy, its rampant inequality and its loss of any national awareness and pride. Something like Corbyn is our last chance for this to happen peacefully; it’s got that bad. And your man has it in him to deliver the sort of comprehensive calamity that can’t be hidden by bailing the banks out with taxpayers’ money (from your back pocket) or bribing the AB’s.

      • @ CC, In response to details of your ancestry, I am not an Arab or a Muslim, and as far as can be determined through some generations for which no marriage was registered, probably mostly English. Not sure if that’s relevant either…

  18. Don’t worry rail commuters, the transport secretary (Chris Grayling) is well and truly in charge of the rail fares and performance issues situation.

    The rail industry should change how it calculates fare rises and staff wages to cut costs for passengers, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has said. Pretty please.

    Mick Cash, leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, said (to summarise) Fuck off.

    “This is a basket-case government and a lame duck transport secretary continuing its all-out war on staff and passengers alike,” he added.

    So a 3.5% increase in fares it is then, for a general highly substandard performance, crap service and
    and fuck the customers.

    Time to scrap the whole fucking system and start again. From scratch. From top to bottom. Current system and those running it not fit for purpose. Get the Japanese involved.

    • If anyone associated with the running of rail travel in Tokyo were to come over here to study our system, they’d laugh their cocks off.

  19. I am looking into being a whitleblower about my work.Have had enough.This is indefensible.

    • In my experience Shaun management often do not like to hear the truth (they almost take it as a criticism of their managerial capabilities) and you will probably not receive any thanks from anyone.

      I remember twice when working in London being asked by two different senior work colleagues in two different insurance companies for my opinion on the running of the department.

      On each occasion I was brutally honest as I though this is what they wanted.

      Couldn’t have been more wrong. Only wanted praise, which was not forthcoming.

      • I do not seek praise just want a just outcome for those we allegedly are caring for.If I ensure their safety at the expense of my career that is a price I am willing to pay.Screw my future I agreed on taking the job that I was going to ensure these vulnerable people’s safety and with every last breath that is what I will do.In this world you tame on impossible tasks but to stand by against injustice to those who can’t speak up has to done.The day I favour bureaucrats against those I allegedly care for us a day I wish not to say.One cannot sacrifice vulnerable people and yet hold their head high.If I hit rock bottom I would rather do so with my integrity and soul in tact.There is what is convenient and what is right and I will not sell vulnerable people down the river for my career.Sometimes you have to stand up for those without a voice whatever the consequences.I am not alone I have many people in the same boat.

        I had to lift a grown man with pneumonia having a seizure with the age of a toddler out of bathwater filled with his own faeces to prevent him drowning.That is not something I can accept or even tolerate.If I lose everything fighting against such an injustice then that is a price I am willing to pay.Either something is right or it is wrong and that is fundamentally wrong by anyone’s standards.

      • I’m sure you have the support of all the evil cunters here, Shaun. There is right, and there is wrong. Looks pretty clear which side your employers are on. Be sure to have evidence, such as photos and voice recordings. I would suggest wearing a recorder when you raise the matter initially with your manager (as you must, regrettably) Do not tell them your intentions. Take legal advice, too. Sounds like criminal negligence, it may need to go to the police.

      • I cannot sit by and let people live like this.It is downright evil.I cannot believe I have to fight against such things in this day and age.Imagime it was you mother father brother or sister niece or nephew son or daughter nearly drowning in their own excrement.This is inhuman. it is cruel.

      • I can no longer sit by against suchch injustices.Thsse people need respect and basic dignity.The mere prospect of someone drowning in a bath soiled with ones own faecal matter is a disgrace

      • Apologies Shaun, completely misunderstood. Thought you were referring to your current position and not your former position.
        If the whistleblowing you are thinking of relates directly to the mistreatment and suffering of fellow human beings, if you and if you truly believe the exposure of the conditions and procedures under which you were working under and the patients safety, dignity or wellbeing was being compromised, if you feel your saying something would change this for the better then perhaps you have a moral obligation to say something.

  20. I can only listen to that fucking idiot talk for about 5 seconds before I get the urge to put my foot through the bastard screen. My fucking god HE’s SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Arrogant, left wing, spastic, motherfucking CUNT

  21. Has anyone got the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin in the Dead Pool? reports are she is gravely ill and has just hours left before she Says a Little Prayer…

      • Takes the sport out of it for me somewhat, Shaun, but if someone wants to nominate her then they will be enjoying an odds-on win shortly.

        Fair play to Aretha, it seems she is hanging on in there.

  22. C4 news last night with salad dodger Krishnan Guru Murty. Leftie shite bollocks and peaceful appeasing crap.

  23. Give Catweasle his due, It takes enormous dedication to stand by a failed political/economic theory that has slaughtered millions and caused untold misery to millions more.
    Not actual hard work though, naturally…

  24. For this cunt to claim he is not a terrorist sympathiser who cannot be sure that he took part in a wreath laying ceremony while pictured standing, holding a wreath at a ceremony is like asking the McCanns what really was going on. You are only going to get a shifty answer from an untrusted source. Looks like a natural cunt with his umshaven lips and acts like one.

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