Jeremy Corbyn (27)

Jeremy Corbyn needs a nomination. Bet you thought you’d never see that cunt’s name typed on this site again, didn’t you? Well, today (21st July) news has emerged that, in the wake of the EHRC report into Labour’s anti-Semitism, Labour has apologised and agreed to pay damages to the seven whistle blowers and the Panorama team, who were smeared over Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal, which blew up under Corbyn’s “leadership”. Rather than apologise to them for what happened, like any decent, honest person would, Corbyn issued a statement, which contained the graceless sentence, “this was a political not a legal decision”. And he wonders why he’s now on the back benches. Though from what I’ve heard, not for much longer. There is talk that he will soon have the whip withdrawn. In my opinion, he should be chained to a post and a real whip applied to his back. Vigorously.

This is a…piece of shit…who backed Russia after their attempt to murder a Russian dissident in Salisbury back in 2018, which left two (I think it was two) British citizens dead. He supported the IRA while they were active during “the troubles”. He has backed and apologised for Islamic terrorist groups and the political wings, and even laid a wreath at the grave of one the 1972 Munich Olympic terrorists, then tried to deny it in the face of photographic evidence. He has NEVER stood up for or backed Britain or the British people. He led Labour to its worst electoral defeat since 1935. Even Northern constituencies that had voted Labour for decades voted Tory. Yet instead of being dignified and statesmanlike in defeat, he chose to claim that he’d won the argument. No, motherfucker. You LOST the argument, that’s why you lost the fucking election.

And of course, there was his behaviour during the shutdown. He turned to parliament despite the fact that, being over 70, he was supposed to be staying at home. He also took to wandering around his constituency, ignoring social distancing by trying to shake hands with people. And then, because there were cameras present, he came out during one the “clap for the NHS” events with a fucking school bell. He wasn’t simply doing it to show his support for the NHS, he could have done that simply by clapping. No, he did purely to show the MEDIA that he was supporting the NHS. Even Derek Hatton was less of a cunt than Corbyn. And he was a huge cunt…..

…Forgot to mention. Because of Corbyn’s graceless statement, journalist John Ware is now seeking legal advice, apparently with a view to suing Magic Grandpa.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw


Jeremy Corbyn (26)

Once again, I find myself having to nominate Jeremy fucking Corbyn. Oh Jeremy Corbyn, you must be desperate to win the 2020 cunt of the year award. It seems that Magic Grandpa considers himself to be exempt from the shutdown advice that those who are 70 and over should stay indoors, because there he was when Parliament reopened, sitting on the Labour backbenches like the complete and utter twat that he is. And that isn’t the only example of this pathetic communist’s breaching of lockdown rules. He’s been photographed wandering about his constituency, ignoring social distancing and trying to shake hands with people. A few weeks back, he was pictured outside his house, apparently attempting to give one of his sons a gong. WHY he was trying to give him a gong is anyone’s guess, but he did it.

The most ridiculous thing he’s done though was on the latest round of ‘Clap for the NHS doing their fucking jobs’. Clapping wasn’t good enough for Corbyn, oh no. Like one of the many publicity hungry ‘celebrities’ who’ve got everyone’s backs up, there was Corbyn, the terrorists mate, in the middle of the frigging road, ringing a fucking SCHOOL BELL. That wasn’t the dickhead supporting the NHS. That was Corbyn TELLING everyone else that he was supporting the NHS. Fuck…Off, you pathetic old codger.

Even though I don’t like the current rules, I accept that they’re in place for a reason. And that reason is to stop, as much as possible, the Kung Flu from infecting even more people. This doesn’t seem to have occurred to Corbyn. Can you imagine what this country would be like right now, if this utter cunt had won the election? We’d all be fucked.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Corbynistas (2)

‘Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, we’ll keep the red flag flying here’.

Well thanks for that, I’m sure we’re all most grateful. It’s often said that those who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. Thanks to Jezza and his backing group The Corbynistas, your happy, clappy Labour Party stands as an excellent case in point.
As we all know, Labour under The Beloved Leader got its arse handed to it on a plate in last year’s general election, after which Magic Grandpa, still maintaining that he’d won the argument, decided to call it a day. After an excruciating contest, Keir Starmer, the second most boring man in Britain (pipped at the post by that insufferable windbag Ian Blackford), has been crowned as leader. The hard left faction suffered a serious setback, with favoured candidates failing to win either the leadership election or election to the National Executive Committee.
How Starmer must now wish for a bit of peace and quiet to enable the party to lick its wounds while he attempts to reshape it into something remotely resembling a credible opposition. Fat chance. He’s barely got his feet under the table and the word is that the Corbynistas are already scheming and plotting to regain control. The hard left is regrouping under MP Richard Burgon and John McDonnell, who are seeking to re-establish the so-called ‘Campaign Group’, which organised Jezza’s 2015 leadership challenge. Momentum (bless it) has issued a statement saying that ‘the left cannot continue as it has been’. It added that it ‘must not repeat past mistakes’ by allowing ‘centrists’ to control the party, while calling at the same time for (lol!!!) ‘unity and a comradely debate’.
So there you have it; The Islington People’s Front v. The People’s Front of Islington. ‘Unity and comradely debate’ my arse. Labour looks to be heading into yet another protracted bout of navel-gazing and internicine warfare. How Magic Grandpa will love this, weaving and spinning his webs from the back benches.
That’s Labour for you. The party that wants to be a credible opposition and then to win back power at the next general election, but which couldn’t organise a cock-up in a brothel.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Jeremy Corbyn (25)

Magic Grandpa – ‘ I was Right’.

Jeremy Corbyn says the government’s response to Coronavirus proves he was “absolutely right” about public spending at the 2019 general election.

The Labour leader told the BBC he had been “denounced as somebody that wanted to spend more money than we could possibly afford” to fix social wrongs, but he said he had been vindicated by the vast sums the government was spending on the current crisis. The Tories now realised they had to “invest in the state”, he added.

The measures the Government has taken will bankrupt the UK. No doubt whatsoever. Our grandchildren are going to be paying until their retirement, and this shambling fucking loon sees that as a model for our economy. How the fuck did this middle class, champagne commie get anywhere near power? His politics have never grown up from the Sixth form and he has learned fuck all from history or experience.

What an utter cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Jeremy Corbyn (24)

Jeremy Corbyn is a cunt …..

I’m going to start this cunting with an apology: I know at IsAC we have absolutely hammered this prick from pillar to post.

After his extinction level event, the 2019 General Election, you would have thought this Islington, Prosecco socialist would have got the message that outside of his London centric bubble of cuntery, he was utterly despised by the vast majority of British electorate.
Not on ya fucking nelly! With shrew-faced Wrong Daily still in the Labour leadership race, it appears Jezza could be in line to make a comeback as SHADOW HOME SECRETARY!

FFS!! Labour haven’t learnt a single thing from their December 12th humiliation. How could any future Labour leader countenance bringing back this useless, two-time loser? It’s beyond a joke……

I’m almost hoping this comes to fruition and launches the completely clueless, patronising Labour Party into OBLIVION.


Nominated by Quislings