Jeremy Corbyn (25)

Magic Grandpa – ‘ I was Right’.

Jeremy Corbyn says the government’s response to Coronavirus proves he was “absolutely right” about public spending at the 2019 general election.

The Labour leader told the BBC he had been “denounced as somebody that wanted to spend more money than we could possibly afford” to fix social wrongs, but he said he had been vindicated by the vast sums the government was spending on the current crisis. The Tories now realised they had to “invest in the state”, he added.

The measures the Government has taken will bankrupt the UK. No doubt whatsoever. Our grandchildren are going to be paying until their retirement, and this shambling fucking loon sees that as a model for our economy. How the fuck did this middle class, champagne commie get anywhere near power? His politics have never grown up from the Sixth form and he has learned fuck all from history or experience.

What an utter cunt.

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46 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn (25)

  1. Old Jeffrey Corbett, or whatever his name is clearly predicted the worst pandemic since Spanish flu…ho could have said sommert.

  2. What the government is doing now shows Corbyn is wrong. All this borrowing is going to fuck us royally and we’re not investing in the state the money is going to private companies. What a fucking spanner.
    If the private sector isn’t up and running soon we will never recover hence the reason Trump is saying business needs to start up soon. We need to go for it and start things moving or the damage done will make this Chinese virus look like a day out at the beach.
    Corbyn is such a fuckwit it’s beyond belief.

  3. Corbyn is more harmful than the fucking virus, he leads the parasite army.

    Despise the cunt

  4. Everybody knows Jeremy won all the arguments and has forced the Tory government (with its 80 seat majority) to enact all his policies and everything in the Labour manifesto, and that he’s the BEST leader in the Labour Party’s history EVER, according to the membership, so he’s having the last laugh, ha-ha-hee-hee…

    If a General Election were held tomorrow Labour would win by a landslide! 😂

    In other news, Rebecca Wrong-Daily has let it be known that if voted leader she would be willing to take part in a Government of National Unity… 🙄

    • That freaky looking little face bint isn’t in a party that’s united, what the fuck is she on about? Fuck off love, the grownups are talking.

      • She resembles a female Rodney Trotter with a slightly melted plastic face. Ugly cunt it is

      • All together now – it’s the Labour only fools and horses song:
        “Stick a turnip in me pocket”
        “I’ll get the suitcase from the cart”
        “Cos if you hate the best uns and you don’t ask questions then comrade, I’m your mong”
        “But where the cash comes from is a mystery”
        “It’s like the changing of the seasons or the tides of the sea”
        “But here’s the one that’s driving me berserk”
        “Why do only fools and capitalists work”

        Labour election manifesto 2020.
        I utterly despise Corbyn, he hangs around like a fart that won’t find a window, wish he would just make like the creepy third rate “magician” he is – and disappear.

    • Perhaps the BBC could use her in The Archers. Wireless 4 is in mourning, as the show has been cut to 4 episodes a week made in the cast’s own cells. She could play the back end of the cow.

  5. Shouldn’t the cunt be at home getting Abbott to his shopping seeing as he’s 70 odd?

    • Yeah me too. The very fact that he equates the absolutely necessary spending to mitigate the effects of this horrid virus to his totally irresponsible massive public spending spree (paid for by rich people) just says how utterly fucking thick he is. How on earth can he equate this to their shit manifesto?
      Corbyn is the thickest, most inept cunt ever to set foot in the houses of parliament. Jew hating communist arsehole.

  6. Those that thought that he was the only choice still do. They think that the NHS would be in fine shape now, ready to meet any problems, the trains would be cheap, clean and plentiful, and on time and budget too. There would be no such thing as unemployment, as everyone would have a universal income, regardless of what they did or didn’t do.
    A despicable human, that appeals to delusional mongs.

    • I misread part of that at first GJ – “ the trans would be cheap, clean and plentiful.”
      Cheap and plentiful? Yeh but clean – nah.

  7. I would only trust a conservative ( it’s all we have, come on Nige after this is over) to dismantle this oppression after the event. Steptoe would create Venezuela with this outbreak. All left wing revolutions from Lenin to Hitler to Pol pot to Chavez love chaos. Fuck all these cunts

    • ‘Trust a Conservative’???? I seem to remember ‘Call Me Dave Cameron saying there will be NO cuts to frontline services before decimating the police and fire brigade. Gleefully carried on by the buffoon in charge, now. How quickly we forget.

      If one of those oily cunt politicians told me the time, I’d check my watch. One, to see if the fucker’s still there, and two, to check the actual time ‘cos I wouldn’t trust a word that came out of their filthy, lying sewers.

      • And if you shake them by the hand make sure you count your fingers DCI!
        Politicians have proven so many times not to be worthy of our trust, so I have none.

  8. Labour are at least making progress – Grandad took you back to the 1970s, and from next week Qweer Charmer will transport you to the 1990s – an effete, fey, millionaire lawyer will be lecturing us about poverty, and giving a leg up to every poofter, lezzie, POC, asylum seeker he can lure into the cuntry. Sounds familiar?

  9. With all that’s going on, not only Corbyn who is having his last little fling before being confined to the sanatorium the stupid fucking media (BBcunts) are still going on about that Naz Zaghari woman, she is Iranian, the Iranians say so, they aren’t going to let her go until she finishes her sentence! Just let it go!

    Fuck off Jez you old cunt, you are the biggest fuck up in Labour history!

    • Jermany corblimey an his loony left army.
      Nice to see hes actually got a sense of humour,
      Albeit gloating over our financial meltdown an the deaths of over a thousand people.
      Im not getting the joke though, thats why im called Miserable.

  10. A 70 year-old man with sixth-form ‘Rik from the Young Ones’ politics.

    Grow up you silly old fool!

  11. I dare say fascism will become really quite popular again when the dust settles and the full economic reality of the situation sinks in.
    Magic G should shut up and Fuck off to Venezuela while he still can.
    What a daft cunt he truly is.

  12. In some ways he’s right, but not quite in the way he thinks.

    This ‘situation’ (global genocide by the Chinese leadership) creates a ‘living under socialism/communism simulator’ for all.

    And what fun it is. It’ll get even better when the food runs out too. Yes, Jeremy, reverting to a form of communism isn’t quite what’s needed. It’s just what happens when everything goes to shit (no jobs, police not letting you go anywhere without the right ‘papers’).

    We are now living in a socialist/communist simulator kids. Enjoy it, because it gets even worse!

  13. You raise a good point in so much as that whilst we don’t want fascism, an even greater surge of populism wouldn’t go amiss. Nationalist – but not fascist – movements, that have currently been struggling to gain traction and persuade the sheeple out of the two-party mentality, need to organise well enough, and get their message out effectively that they can offer political solutions to rebuild countries, which actually do start with the people and for the people. As the true ravages of this become increasingly apparent, it may slowly dawn on people that neither red nor blue ‘saved’ them from this and so they might – just – start hearing the alternative voices.

    One thing we are going to need in a guiding governmental hand is another ‘crack-down’ – on Benefits. We simply cannot balance the benefits bill with rebuilding the economy, end of. That means dealing with those who can but won’t work – ie mass deportations of you know who, and workhouse-style settlements for the feckless. It’s all very well talking about saving lives now, but what’s worth saving about not being ever able to return to even a modest percentage of the way we’ve got used to and are entitled to live, ie working and paying tax for the privilege. We simply cannot go back to dishing out money for nothing to those who can do but choose not to contribute.

    Alternatively, Corbyn could do his bit for the environmental angle of our recovery by going round planting trees – ie shitting the seeds of those Magic Money ones he apparently has out of his arse.

    • I would approve the return of workhouses. Provide basic accommodation, provided that you are grafting away in the factory next door. Seems reasonable to me. How our country became a place where people can simply choose not to work and still claim benefits is beyond my comprehension.

      • They have a more robust attitude to the work dodgers in America Weary – work or starve seems to be the order of the day there.
        And if it’s a choice between a workhouse, a shipping container or the street I know what my choice would be.

  14. The deluded Commie cunt couldn’t even win against Appeaser May, the most useless PM in British history… EVER!

    Talk about an open fucking goal.

  15. With the country almost shut down, being self employed I’ve already told the council cunts won’t be getting any poll tax till this shit is sorted out, fuck them and their six figure salaries.
    and that’s just the start

  16. Salvini and Marie Anne Le Pen and AFD will receive huge, huge, boosts to their popularity. Should cement another large ruling party Conservative win in 2013/4.

    It’s not enviable to be an ordinary American citizen under Trump’s “leadership”, reported in the news today that a lock down in New York is not necessary, fucking idiots.

    I for one think that Coronavirus is man made and intentional. It might be the Chinese, but it might also be another rogue nation state e.g. North Korea, China, America, Russia, Israel, etc. etc. The man-makers of Coronavirus knew full well that it would go global.

    If not any of the aforementioned countries that it would also be a perfect plan by the Illuminati / New World Order or for that matter the J3ws.


    • Don’t forget who was supposed to be the POTUS right now, and that a few months ago, she, sorry, they would have been wanting one big massive ‘Trump’ card to pull to guarantee her, sorry, their 2020 landslide victory, having beguiled the masses with promises of unlimited social freebies in this time of national crisis, and with all the controls installed that she, sorry they, could ever possibly have dreamed of, and beyond, to stay in unquestioned authority for ever more.

      • Yep, all those nations along with the fucking Seventh Day Adventists, Jedi and Flatearthers will gain hugely from this.

    • Funny you should mention the ‘loose screws’ as my neighbour Avi was looking a bit more fucking smug than usual! House bursting at the seams as he stocked up on kosher comestibles from his brother Abraham’s Cash & Carry so the cunt won’t starve to death! But don’t worry, if this gets out of hand, I’m going to put on my Great Uncle Heinrich’s old uniform, and invite him in for a shower! Slimy cunt, that he is!

  17. Damn them pixies RTC – given half the chance they will “Doolittle”!
    Should rename them the Jeremies!

  18. Jeremy Corbyn and the hateful f*scist communist cult of momentum have destroyed the Labour party and reduced it to a laughing stock for anyone with a brain and independent thought.
    The blue collar workers who run our Country have no voice, no representation and no hope – and Labours answer?
    “Well comrade Jeremy, they didn’t fall for your magic narnia money tree and socialist utopia – any other ideas”?
    “Shut the f*ck up Sc*mmy”
    “It’s Shami”
    “Well leather my ministerial car off then you sour faced c*nt”
    “What about me ducky”?
    “No Owen – it’s bad enough Jeremy smelling of cabbages without the punters throwing the f*ckers at us”
    “Why would the f*scist public be throwing members of Moominmentum at us”?
    “Shut up Owen – and stop eating rusks, the crumbs go all over!”.
    “What about me – multi millionaire, peer of the realm, privately educated, never done a proper days work in my mollycoddled life, f*cking ridiculous Public School name, plastic Tony Blair copy – those factory types will go mad for me”!
    “Lady Miss Keir – I’m hired! Jazz hands”!
    “You’re hired – just a minute, you aren’t one of those f*cking Jews are you Keir”?
    “Perhaps this photo of me at the annual PLO pie and pea supper will assuage your doubts Jeremy”?
    “Oh, yes – if I’d known you were there I would have said hello”!
    “Anyway, let’s celebrate – free drinks for everyone”!
    “Now – who’s paying”?

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