The banks

The Banks

As we all know most, if not all of the banks that operate in the UK, are greedy, merciless two-faced backstabbing cunts!

We also know that because of their greed and financial incompetence back in 2007 the world went into a massive fiscal meltdown, bringing with it the economies of many western nations.

Typically they went cap-in-hand to their respective governments, gave the usual sob-story and managed to suck untold billions out of the various Treasuries around the world with little or no interest to pay, and very tenuous rules on how those loans should be allocated and paid back.

Needless to say as the economies struggled to recover the banks were soon back on track doing what they do best – creaming the plebs with loan/mortgage restrictions, financial penalties, high interest rates and fuck knows what else, while not concerning itself too much with paying back their generous loans to their respective governments.

Fast forward 12 years, and the banks are at it again, although this time the catastrophe is far worse because its affecting ordinary people, ordinary businesses and the need for governments to find billions of pounds it doesn’t have.

The Bank of England cut interest rates to historic lows a few days ago, but what was the fucking point when most High Street banks barely budged lowering their own interest rates.

And despite the government acting as guarantor for SMB business loans during this crisis some of the banks are inferring that they will come after a person’s personal assets if they fall into debt with such a high-interest, personal guarantee loan!

Moreover, it would have been nice had the banks reduced interest rates on credit cards & overdrafts during this pandemic. But no. That would go against everything banks stand for. They want it both ways: “Bail us out when we fuck up big time.” and “We want our money come what may; and fuck you, your business, your cash-flow problems and your virus!”

Remember that when all this shit is over with, and you see TV ads from the usual suspects saying how much “we care!”

Nominated by Technocunt

51 thoughts on “The banks

  1. Totally onboard this nom Techno!👍
    These greedy bastards first thoughts on the chink plague are
    A) are we going to lose money?
    B) how do we make money out of it?
    I could apply for a small business loan but fucked if ill let these parasites make money of me.
    Saw online people were panicking and withdrawing all their money from banks.

  2. Strange how people who live from payday to payday are expected to have money set aside that can see them through an emergency that could last several months, yet multi billion pound companies are on the brink of bankruptcy and begging for handouts after a couple of weeks….

    • Sunok or the Bank of England has already bunged the banksters a couple of hundred million to maintain liquidity. but and SME gets a loan they`ll have to repay (to the banksters) and some self employed will get something. In June. And they`ll give us another decade of austerity to pay for it. And expect us to be grateful. Cunts.

  3. Banks? Along with politicians, the apotheosis of the term ‘Cunt’. Fucking parasites.

    Techno displaying his craft magnificently and showing he’s at the top of his game with this cunting and I commend it to the House.

  4. Bankers are pushing for the end of cash and corona might be the reason to fully justify the move.

    Think about not being able to buy anything with cash, not obeying the lockdown, your account is locked out.

    That’s just the start.

    Let him who has understanding……

      • Pretty much what they are doing now, parking up out side of closed businesses, kicking the doors in and robbing them.
        Even the Albanians gave troops on the street stopping this kind of shit, But we are too nice, and it may be a violation of their human rights (Right to roam and pillage)

  5. I agree with the nomination overall but I am with Barclays (one of the dirtiest cunts in the industry) and they have at least suspended interest/charges on my overdraft for 1 month so I can’t really scoff at that gesture.

    • Don’t be too pleased; they’ll find a way to to shove a pineapple up your arse at some stage.

  6. Anyone seen an MP lately?
    They are still getting paid by us for their corruption … ho hum … what does that say about us?
    The banks – havin’ a larf as usual …. my nearest branch is now 17 miles away but hey, that’s fine by them
    A truly valuable cunting for the entire elite class is what’s really needed … and then some social unrest, burn their houses down, remove all of their ‘assets’ and lock them all up.
    Have gun sales increased yet?
    Angry – I’m livid

  7. A worthy cunting Technocunt,
    I sometimes wonder if we are living in a dream and all this blatant cuntishness is all so blatant it can’t be true.
    The Banks are in with government and the right people get a nice holiday home in the Bahamas and/or shares in some new Swiss company.
    They’re all at it… Politicians, the Royals, Banker’s, Insurance companies, etc all shitting on the little people and there are enough little people who are busy worrying abaaaaaht their bills etc to spread the load and not cause a fuss.
    I’m a right wing, slightly racist, hate almost everyone cunt but I am also a bit of a power to the people cunt. We need a massive revolution.
    The piss has been taken for too long, the only problem is people are too worried abaaaaaht losing their jobs etc…well there aren’t any jobs left you cunts.
    Time for a revolution french style.
    Cmon there isn’t much left to lose.

  8. People drooling over that geeky cunt Rishi Sunak, yeah whatever. Will they still be drooling when he taxes every cunt to near death except the super rich to pay for this ‘Government help’.
    We will pay for this one way or another.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if the NHS is sold off also.

    • That paki fuckers now number 1 in ‘miserables bumper book of HATE’.
      Theyve given grudgingly the self employed a grant that theyll claw back through taxes but youve 3month for any money?
      If youd locked this island down from 3rd world cunts in the beginning wed still be working we wouldnt need a fuckin charity handout!
      All because you elite types love a low paid nanny.
      Rishi your a cunt, a little establishment stooge an I hope your imam catches coronovirus.
      Cunt 😡

      • I noticed the cunt mentioned Sound Engineers when he said the self employed haven’t been forgotten. I am a Sound Engineer MNC and self employed also, no money from that cunt till June what a piss take.
        I hope they base the earnings on last year’s returns as the peaceful shop owners etc will have declared the minimum.
        This is a piss take.

      • Although I’m sure they will make an exception for their peaceful friends.

      • Agreed Bwc, feel sorry for everyones predicament.
        The banks are gonna be chasing me when i dont pay my direct debits,
        But what can they do,
        Bailiffs? What about infection?
        An if they do, they better come mobhanded because at least 4 will need a ambulance.

      • Just stand at the door coughing like a bastard.

        You won’t see them for dust.

  9. You’re better taking your money out the bank,or as much as you can, and stashing it under your floor boards in a fire proof box. That way these greedy cunts can’t get it. And let’s face it you won’t make any interest anyway so you lose nothing.
    When you walk into a bank always tell yourself “I’m entering enemy territory”.

    • Just out of interest (no pun intended) I worked out what interest you’d get on £100 kept in a standard current account for a year and what you would pay in a year on a fairly average credit card. You’d get about 10p in interest and pay about £15 on the card.

    • I pulled a grand out in cash the the bank clerk wanted to know what I was using the money for?? Whores and coke I said….Saturday night luv, come around if you want….bring yet hubby he can watch!..cunts

  10. Don’t get me wrong, before I’ve had my 2 pints of coffee in the morning I’m convinced a certain Austrian corporal was a liberal moonbat. But j- ust so we’re on the same page – it was a certain Big Bang overseen by a demented cunt and her team of uber cunts that got us here, fractional to fictional reserves. Deregulate until you get what Bill Black (of S&L fame) calls a ‘criminogenic environment’, the greatest ROI in the world is achieved with the equivalent of a sweaty brown envelope. I have spent an inordinate amount of time understanding all of this shit, but what I realise now is that the aforementioned cunt whilst getting her panties in a bunch over the EU did something worse. She gave sovereignty over to ‘the markets’. If money is our God, greed its credo, the banksters the priesthood, then we and every other cunt globally are the fucking supplicants.

    An ode to executive order 11110.

    More coffee!

  11. There have been designs on ending cash for years. This is the perfect opportunity. Interest rates will likely end up in negative territory almost to force you to spend /invest what you have.

    I predict any income from whatever source will end up being taxed as earned income before too long. Business owners paying themselves dividends at lower tax rates have been a target for a while now.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a dedicated NHS tax either.

    • A wise choice to pay me in Lidl supermarket coupons and food stamps Creampuff, during my employ with your good self.

      • You struck lucky LL.

        I’d recently watched ‘A Christmas Carol’ and was in an unusually generous frame of mind.

        How’s the gammy leg by the way, and that poor struggling family of yours? Please remember me and the generosity of my nature to them.

    • A cashless society is dangerous. We need a back up to credit and debit cards as the companies that process the payments will be targeted by hackers. If a small business can’t take payments for a couple of days while their processing company haggles with the hackers over a ransom, they’ll be in the shit.
      The system works at the moment (well, until a week ago!), leave it as it is

  12. Why isn’t a smaller state, reduced gov’t ever a response to the endless situations humans face?
    Seems inconceivable that it’s never deemed useful.
    People and communities are bad it seems. Only the Ministry of Depts have the answers. Seems to me they are just middle men.

  13. Gobshite T liar Blert on sky news again, he knows best , just hurry up,get the virus and die CUNT

  14. Off topic, but a colleague, (another ‘ambulance driver’), of mine is in intensive care with this virus. It’s fucking real, gents. Take the Govt. advice and don’t be a cunt.

    Stay safe, and, thoughts and prayers that cunts I don’t like will get it. (An extensive list). I’d swap Tony fucking Blair in place of my mate, first.

    • I think the medical staff need fucking hamzat suits the way things are going. There may be truth in the theory that people who have it bad pass on a stronger version of the virus, which would explain why medical staff get sick from it.

      Hope not of course, but more protective equipment needed for you guys surely.

      Good luck and thank you, by the way.

    • That’s sad news. Take care out there DCI.
      I’ve started a petition calling for the Queen’s birthday honours list to be awarded only to Health workers in June. That would be a game changer. Fuck politicians, bankers, sportspeople etc.
      Arise Sir Gene.

    • Good luck to you and all your fellow workers mate.
      We take our hats off to you all!!!

  15. Banks are cunts. Remember Abbey National years back (Santander now) continually sending me blank fucking cheques to put my loan amount (£3k-7k I think it was) and return to them. I could have the money within 48 hours, they said.

    Anyway, I binned them all until I split up with an ex and felt sorry for my self. At a low ebb, these fuckers got me and I entered a world of debt and misery that took me 10 years to get out of. Yeah, my own fault I get that. Shouldn’t have been so daft. But the fuckers got me when I wasn’t thinking straight.

    Bastards. I think the blank cheque thing they did back then is illegal now though, for obvious fucking reasons.

    • The opposite for me. Back in the 90’s I took out a loan from the Abbey for £7,500 over 3 years, I think. Despite obviously having all my details they never took a single payment. I, of course, kept my gob shut.

      • I would love to know what happened, apart from nothing, as I never heard from them at all. No calls, no letters, nothing on my credit record, just a nice increase in my bank balance.

      • Mine was 7k if memory serves me right. The repayments started leaving me a bit short so I borrowed can guess the rest.

        I was fucking stupid (but young). I’m cunting myself here I think and the banks.

      • I used to work in banking and commodities trading – the remit is always the same – hook ’em in and wring them out.
        And now the thieving b*stards want MORE of our money! Where is all the profit you have made forever? NO! NO! NO! Filthy rats, use your own – utterly sick of vampires appearing with the begging bowl!

  16. Well done.
    There is a reason these Teflon cunts get away with anything.
    They own everything and everyone.
    They should be nationalised and borrowing rates set by online poll.
    Fuck off.

  17. If there was a nuclear war, scorpions and Tony Blair would be the only things that survived.

    • And Owen and Peters makeup bags Bob!
      Some Years ago I had a Morgan Stanley Dean Witter credit card – I had transferred from another card provider to get zero interest.
      9/11 happened, MSDW offices containing all their computerised records in their WTC offices obliterated – all my details gone.
      Some time later began to get threatening letters from a debt collection agency (owned by dirty mudslimes) threatening me with removal of my goods, arrest, stripping my bank account, you name it.
      I informed them – tenaciously – that what they were doing was illegal and if they wanted to send 4 or 5 “collectors” around I would be most pleased by that (they declined, softies!), and reported them to the DTI as it was called at the time – turns out they were a dodgy offshoot of a mudslime bank called BCCI, which folded as it was being investigated – losing it’s mudslime customers a fortune, I was sooo sad to hear that bit of news!
      Banks are c*nts, as are pretty much all credit providers, but quite pleased I spanked MSDW for nearly ten grand – and now it is long past the 6 Year statutory recovery period they can’t do a thing about it, poor things! 😃👍

  18. Odd, but thankfully I’ve not seen an HSBC / E I Addio advert for a good few days now.
    Very good days indeed.

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