‘Undocumented’ Immigrants

In the midst of the world wide pandemic, the Governor of California has locked the state down. That’s 40 million people being asked to limit excursions from home to the minimum.

California has two concerns: brain dead students insisting they will party like it’s 1999 for spring break. Yes, the same cunts that condemn my generation as selfish for everything, don’t apply the same standards to themselves because they think Corona won’t impact them and California also has an estimated 2.5m “undocumented immigrants” or illegal immigrants to you and me.

‘Undocumented’ suggests that these people are residents someone forgot to count, so not their fault. These are illegal immigrants; these people are now a huge risk in spreading the virus and as they often live in high density slums. They are likely to swamp the state’s health care system when Corona rips through their neighbourhoods.

In the midst of a crisis unprecedented in the lifetime of most Californians, the government is concerned about the poor, undocumented immigrants.

Wokeness is not just stupid; for many it will be costly, or even deadly.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

47 thoughts on “‘Undocumented’ Immigrants

  1. A good nom – lets also not forget those bastards who have the money to pay enormous sums for a rubber boat which they use to swamp the Kent Coast. INstead of being either imprisoned and depotted or merely made to float back whence they came they are treated like royal invalids by the British coastguard. GOd knows what diseases these cunts import into the UK.

      • They could be DEPOTTED from their flimsy rubber dinghies in the middle of the English Channel.

    • Agreed, would should be turning these cunts away mid-flow now more then ever I.e. whist they’re still in the English Channel, by sinking their vessel’s and not running out with warm blankets and hot cups of coco- no wonder thie CUNTS take this piss.

      Chinese Flu rampant in London & Birmingham apparently, hardly surprising anyone who’s been to certain parts of these areas will know the “local” community empty the contents of their noses and mouths onto the pavements on a regulars basis, and sometimes their arses Too as they seem to think it’s ok to have a shit anywhere ( just like home…..). Medieval vermin!

      • The more generosity shown to these people the more they will be tempted to come to the U.K., it is bleeding obvious but the pious handwringers refuse to acknowledge this. The bleeding heart brigade is encouraging people to risk their lives. It won’t be long before the ambulance chasing lawyers are advertising on Syrian tv- ‘Have you had a relative drown in the English Channel? Let us sue HMG on your behalf’.

      • Hear hear! Whatever happened to Defense of the Realm? Should Putin ever decide that annexation of the UK is a viable prospect, then all they need do is purchase a huge fleet of rubber dinghies and simply float across the English Channel, where they will be met by these open armed fucking clowns! They won’t have to waste valuable resources on a long, drawn out invasion!! And no doubt the garlic ratio surrender monkeys will help them, as fucking usual!

      • The film – Defenc.e of the Realm, that is, was a veritable fap-fest with the luscious Greta Scacchi. total blow-out for me, every time.

  2. Chinese fuck bat flu is killing thousands in Italy because of illegal chink cunts from Wuhan working on the Mafia controlled textile factories. All cunts. ” Free movement” and open borders is going to be a bit of an issue when this is over me thinks.

  3. I went on me holidays there 2 year ago and the excursions were wank and over priced so them Yanks being asked not to go on em is probably a god send for the apple pie scoffing cunts.

  4. Morning.
    Good nom Sixdog.
    California is home to millions of loonies, get em locked down,
    Hepped up oranges, Beach Boys music, an movies, who nows what theyre capable of?
    Shoot to kill I say!
    Firm hands needed.

    • Since I posted this nom the moronic students partied, they then travelled all over the world.

      The French and Germans are not policing the lockdown heavily in immigrant areas because the residents might riot if they do!

      What does that tell the rest of us?

      The Americans have made as much money available for illegals as the British government has injected into the entire British economy.

      Morning MNC and all cunters.

      • Morning mate.
        If they’re not enforcing the lockdown in ‘immigration areas’ its pointless anywhere else.
        Im still getting calls from ethnic types asking me to move them!!

      • Morning mate, they know its a lockdown, what theyre asking me is to break it for them,
        Which means they obviously break it themselves.
        Pakistan? Dont even touch uncle Bens rice its too ethnic!

  5. All the yanks are undocumented immigrants as I doubt that the native americans ever documented any of them.
    Never fancied America and won’t be going ,every American I’ve ever met were as false as Dolly Partons knockers.Have a nice day Y’all…FUCK OFF

  6. When we get this virus under control, which is looking like months down the line, are we going to face a global recession?
    The cost must already be astronomical?
    Unemployment figures through the roof, businesses that folded,
    Yet the media, politicians, and tv types dont seem to be pointing the finger or berating China?
    Seems to be a attitude of “well accidents happen”
    Like theyd spilt a drink rather than released a global pandemic.

      • The crime that put Moggie in purdah was his inference that cunts who died in Grenfell lacked common sense and should have ignored the fire brigade’s instructions to stay put and await rescue.

        His exact words being:

        “And I think if either of us were in a fire, whatever the fire brigade said, we would leave the burning building. It just seems the common sense thing to do.”

        PS: Are you CS? If so I wish to claim my £5.

    • Despite impressive/ repressive lockdowns anyone who believes the chinks have got this under control is deluded. Item on ABBC as far in the past as two weeks ago dutifully reported ‘’no new cases in China reported today” without the slightest hint of irony. Emphasis on ‘reported’ I guess FFS!!!

      I agree the economy is probably fucked for decades to come, and would be regardless of Brexit in my opinion. I’m expecting some unaccustomed Greek medicine – means tested pensions ; charges for NHS (arguably no bad thing to pay £20 to see the GP, it’d keep the timewasters and work shy out); closure of a few marginal Universities offering piss-useless degrees or over-reliant on Chinese students…. hooray !

      As for California yep there’s always some loudmouth cunt barging his sweaty lardarse into things and even seen waddling around here outside Buck House. I went to California around 40 yrs ago when the laydeez were dressed like Linda Rondstadt or Stevie Nicks (Linda Blair and Linda Lovelace anybody?). Fuck knows how it’s degenerated into some woke hellhole now.

  7. Loved Trump explaining to that shouty reporter bint who was asking him why he was demonising the Chinese over this.
    Because the virus began in ‘China’ ‘China’ he patiently explained.
    So a statement of fact will soon become the latest hate crime no doubt.

    • Yah omg he was like….. totally being racist against the authoritarian, communist government of China?! which is like……the worse thing ever?!

      He’s literally Hitler, Orange Man bad, Drumpf, small hands lalala.

      I love how the media get nitpicky about Trump’s use of language (which I think has been obvious since 2016 is pretty clumsy and off the cuff) yet they let Chinaaah off the hook. Glad to see they have things in perspective.

    • Yet again , stating the obvious is seen as racist by the left. I had hoped that this episode in human history would have led to a fundamental rethink of values but I am not holding my breath (!).

  8. Load of unnecessary, lefty PC bollocks.

    Illegal Immigrant = Undocumented Migrant
    Illegal Pharmacist = Drug Dealer
    Illegal Lover = Rapist
    Illegal Euthaniser = Murderer
    Illegal Parental Guardian = Child Abductor
    Illegal Owner = Scouser

      • Illegal removal man = Burglar
        Illegal Taxi Driver = Asian m0lester
        Illegal animal torturer = Farmer
        Illegal manoeuvrer = cyclist
        Illegal Hand Car Washer = Hand Car Washer

  9. Morning FM, your not alone. Heard a lot about the state of California not just tourists but the poor cunts who have to live and work there. Democrat run shitholes like San Francisco and LA are magnets for illegals because they are sanctuary cities, massive rents, anti-business, homeless epidemic and all the problems that come with it. No wonder 5million Californians have left with a good portion going to Texas (Republican, pro-business and low taxes) where their standard of living goes up 40%.

    • Problem is they don’t change their political beliefs. Like communists, they think ‘It will work this time!’ and turn the area into another California.

      Same with effnicks bringing their primitive culture, recreating the same shithole they fled from.

      No wonder the left are pro-immigration. Birds of a feather flock together.

  10. Undocumented Immigrants or cunts who throw away their passports and ID so deportation takes longer.

    Our government and indeed all governments need to get tougher with these fuckers, if someone is caught working illegally and will not cooperate it should be immediate detention for unlimited time and the employer should face prison rather than a fine.
    The French are cunts, if the UK border force catch stowaways in Calais they hand them over to the French police, if illegals have no documents the the French just let them go so the cycle just keeps repeating.

    Get the cunts out!!

  11. There is only one treatment for Illegals….Zyclon ! No ifs, no buts…..Zyclon!

    • That cunt Cameron said ‘No ifs, no buts I will reduce immigration ‘. The cunt is long gone but still remembered; not with any fondness.

  12. Good nom. I think ‘undocumented immigrants’ falls under the same bracket as ‘economic migrants’ i.e. fucking illegal skum of the earth who should be deported straight back to their country of origin – or preferably shot. Another body of people that the wokes seem to be getting upset about are the homeless. I even saw an advert for those fucking cunts Shelter which has cost me a new TV – think I’ll claim it from them, the useless fuckers. Well, fuck ’em I say. I have very little sympathy for the fucking ‘homeless’. Of course there are some very genuine cases but the majority of these cunts are without somewhere to live because they choose to. Let the fuckers die and then burn the cunts.

  13. I am going to put a different spin on this one, one of perhaps more concern.
    Until a couple of days ago I was employed in a “key industry” supplying building materials and equipment to the “Trade” my last two days were spent phoning customers telling them that they were non essential and there was nothing coming to them, a few just said ” well that is me out of a job”.
    Now on a lot of the sites small and large there is a large amount of cash in hand labor with little grasp of English.
    This is the under the radar labor force, the ones who will not be getting their 80% pay or payments based on their tax returns, they also normally live in hot bed squalid conditions living to their next pay packet.
    Now think about it, we have an unregistered “Army” of young men aged from 17 to 40 years who will have no income or way of feeding themselves.
    I wont speculate as to what happens next, but we really have made a rod for our own back by not having ID cards and not deporting on contact the illegals.
    Do you think the slave masters are going to knock out benefit packages to their now redundant work forces? I think not.

    On a lesser subject, some little cunt stuck a leaflet dripping with Covid 19 through my letter box advertising the joys of a pizza delivery service, obviously sticking shit through peoples letter boxes is classed as an essential service. (with reduced bin collections this junk mail could be a problem)

    • You are very perceptive. This situation is going to throw up a multitude of bizarre consequences, few of which anyone thought could happen.

  14. As if California wasn’t bad enough to begin with, they now have to contend with two more uninvited immigrants in the shape of the Ginge & Cringe circus. The chicken legged, yo-yo knickered, quadroon, scheming cunt and her slavering, ginger headed, village idiot have hit Tinsel Town. Not that I’m a malicious cunt, usually, but now would be an excellent time for the long overdue, massive earthquake to occur.

    • “Ginge & Cringe circus”

      Perfect, Shitty B. Those plastic cunts in Californialand are welcome to the leeches.

  15. Believe it or not but South Africa is awash with illegal immigrants and the local black South Africans don´t like them much. So much so that Nigerians in particular were targeted, their shops torched and some even killed. I reckon there are more Zimbabweans and Mozambicans there than in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Also tons from the laughably named Democratic Republic of Congo. This shows that it is not just whites who resent immigrants. I remember being in a shop in Miami once that was run by an Indian and a couple of black American guys started abusing him for being a foreigner and said they would be back to burn the place down.

  16. Every man-jack of these rats should be put on notice they have a week to leave the country.
    After that round them all up and gas the rotten fuck out of them.
    What a shitty panto.

  17. Undocumented migrants? No ID? Assume they are here for fraudulent of criminal purposes, detention lockdown until they state where they are from,then back there they go.
    Borders? We used to have them, now we have a welcoming committee from communists and rich white snowflake traitors. (Ignore that white waycist Mo, just carry on r*ping and stabbing, then I will give you a lift to the benefit office).
    Want a free house, money, food, job (no, only joking about that one – these c*nts don’t work except in the black market, stealing, conning, scrounging and dealing), free lawyer, medical care, bigger house for the ever increasing family, more money, do what the f*ck you want and cry racism if you don’t get it, walk around in bin bags, demand all the World adopt your “religion of peaceful r*pe and murder, demand your own foul stinking food brutally slaughtered – and then spend the rest of your privileged life bating and hating whilst simultaneously whining constantly about how racist whitey is – with the permanent assistance of rich white traitors.
    We need a very serious debate about this, and action – because we are being invaded and usurped by proxy – and the logical conclusion is blood on the streets, with magic grandpa complaining about our brutality to the poor dear foreign types.
    I do not want, or need, or welcome “undocumented migrants” (in fact, very few immigrants in general) – because they are s*um who hate us and would destroy us and take back MY Country to the filthy diseased murderous stone age.
    Time for a fight, because if we do not we are lost, and I simply cannot contemplate the pain and rising anger of seeing so many of our best inscribed on war memorials to tamely surrender what they died for.

    • Let them in. But the rich white snowflake traitors have them live in their houses, at their expense. That means private schools for the children, private medicine, pocket money for them (not allowed to work), absolute responsibility including for any and all crime, same punishment etc. Let’s see how keen they are then to have them

  18. Here in Texas we have a massive problem with illegals. The fact they’re on US soil illegally makes them a criminal by default. Something the left conveniently overlooks. The entire system is corrupt from the politicians virtue signalling and turning a blind eye to the cops not enforcing the law. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth doing so again to make the point:

    The drive to a job I used to have took me past a couple of gravel lay-bys. These lay-bys were chock-a-block with illegal immigrants of the Mexican variety. They congregate and hang about hoping to pick up casual cash-in-hand work from passers by. The vehicles they drove to get them to said lay-by were absolute wrecks. Just by looking at them you could tell they weren’t safe or road legal. Valid inspection stickers (MOT) on each one? Unlikely. All fully insured? Take a wild guess. The potential charges then were:
    1) Being in the country illegally.
    2) Seeking employment illegally and seeking to not pay tax on that income.
    3) No valid inspection sticker on vehicles.
    4) No car insurance.

    And yet I’d see cop cars drive right past them as if the illegals weren’t even there. Why? I hear you ask. Lots of paperwork involving other areas of law enforcement and lots of citations to write up for no return because these scum have no money to pay the fines. Hence the cops don’t bother. BUT….professional, employed whitey goes 5 MPH over the speed limit on the freeway….and you’re treated like public enemy #1. Pulled over, lectured and given a speeding ticket. Why the disparity? Whitey can pay the fines so it’s revenue to the police department and hence worth their time and trouble. The gratuitous breaking of multiple laws by the illegals doesn’t generate revenue for the cops, so they routinely let it go. Lovely isn’t it?

    • So how long have you lived in the UK IY – it sounds identical! 😀
      And glad to see you haven’t been too traumatised by my recent dreadful “jokes”!

      • Evening Vern. Well, I was born and raised in good ol’ Blighty. Got my degree there, started my career there and worked for about 15 years in various jobs before an opportunity came along to work in the US for a while. So I put my UK consulting company on hold for what I thought would be a year to 18 months and moved to the US. That was in 2001. Long story short, I never moved back to the UK. Been in Yankland almost 20 years now.

        There’s good and bad about it. Once you live somewhere other than where you were born and grew up, you have something to compare it with. Overall, I’m way better off over here but during the time I’ve lived in Yankland, the UK has priced me out of a return. To move back to the UK now would mean a massive drop in my quality of life and standard of living. So that’s not going to happen. Scary and sad at the same time.

        That being said, whenever I visit it takes me about 2 or 3 days before the UK completely winds me up and I start to look forward to returning to the US. The UK I left in 2001 doesn’t exist anymore. Also scary and sad.

      • Evening IY – Great Britain no longer belongs to the British.
        There was phrase used a lot with regard to the senseless avoidable carnage of WW1 – “lions led by donkeys”.
        In 2020 this phrase has changed “loons led by traitors”.
        Sorry for the slightly dark tone on this one, but I can muster no cheer at the death of a once great Nation.

      • No, I get it Vern. I don’t have to live with your reality everyday since I’m over here, but you’re right about the demise of our once great nation. Our towns and cities are now awash with foreigners, many of whom show no allegiance to the British or the British way of life and show absolute contempt for assimilation. The UK is regarded as a ‘soft touch’ and the political classes are complicit in the wanton destruction of our nation from the inside. Have been for many years now. Decades even.

        The rich use their wealth and influence to insulate themselves from the horror which is unfolding. The poor, whose numbers continue to swell, want more and more hand outs while contributing nothing to justify it. Those in the middle are extorted to help pay for it. It’s a model which plays out over here too. It’s absolutely sickening.

        I think many of us here on ISAC feel varying degrees of sympathy for those less fortunate. But at the same time, I don’t feel a sense of collective responsibility to help pay to level the playing field. Life’s not fair. Favour shines on some more than others. That’s just the way it is. If fate hasn’t dealt someone a particularly good hand, it’s not everyone else’s problem to fix. The belief that it is, is basically communism and that can fuck right off.

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