Online Dance Parties

Online Dance Party is a cunt!

Does our collapsing society know no bounds when it comes to cuntitude?

No sooner has BoJo closed the pubs and clubs (including ‘Spoons), that the stupid masses take to CuntBook and GoogleCunt Hangouts to gurn like idiots, and prance about like Wayne Sleep with itching powder in his codpiece – along with other like-minded imbeciles – in online group chats cos…ME! ME! ME! IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! LOOK AT ME!!!

Prosecco skanks, soy simps (hoping a skank will notice), Fosters fuckwits, and various alphabet people acting out tropes of themselves, with Wham! blaring away in the background, all because they can’t go out with their friends (and then completely ignore them as they remain zombie transfixed with whatever smart device is glued to their hands).

“Yaaayyy! We’re all going to die! Yaaayyy!”

The COVID-19 virus is not selective but watching those morons makes me wish it had facial recognition and raise the country’s IQ points by culling these “hard of understanding” fuckwits!


Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

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  1. Narcissists, morons, mongs and utter fucking cunts… These fuckers make me ashamed to be human, never mind British…

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