Jeremy Corbyn (27)

Jeremy Corbyn needs a nomination. Bet you thought you’d never see that cunt’s name typed on this site again, didn’t you? Well, today (21st July) news has emerged that, in the wake of the EHRC report into Labour’s anti-Semitism, Labour has apologised and agreed to pay damages to the seven whistle blowers and the Panorama team, who were smeared over Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal, which blew up under Corbyn’s “leadership”. Rather than apologise to them for what happened, like any decent, honest person would, Corbyn issued a statement, which contained the graceless sentence, “this was a political not a legal decision”. And he wonders why he’s now on the back benches. Though from what I’ve heard, not for much longer. There is talk that he will soon have the whip withdrawn. In my opinion, he should be chained to a post and a real whip applied to his back. Vigorously.

This is a…piece of shit…who backed Russia after their attempt to murder a Russian dissident in Salisbury back in 2018, which left two (I think it was two) British citizens dead. He supported the IRA while they were active during “the troubles”. He has backed and apologised for Islamic terrorist groups and the political wings, and even laid a wreath at the grave of one the 1972 Munich Olympic terrorists, then tried to deny it in the face of photographic evidence. He has NEVER stood up for or backed Britain or the British people. He led Labour to its worst electoral defeat since 1935. Even Northern constituencies that had voted Labour for decades voted Tory. Yet instead of being dignified and statesmanlike in defeat, he chose to claim that he’d won the argument. No, motherfucker. You LOST the argument, that’s why you lost the fucking election.

And of course, there was his behaviour during the shutdown. He turned to parliament despite the fact that, being over 70, he was supposed to be staying at home. He also took to wandering around his constituency, ignoring social distancing by trying to shake hands with people. And then, because there were cameras present, he came out during one the “clap for the NHS” events with a fucking school bell. He wasn’t simply doing it to show his support for the NHS, he could have done that simply by clapping. No, he did purely to show the MEDIA that he was supporting the NHS. Even Derek Hatton was less of a cunt than Corbyn. And he was a huge cunt…..

…Forgot to mention. Because of Corbyn’s graceless statement, journalist John Ware is now seeking legal advice, apparently with a view to suing Magic Grandpa.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw


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  1. Oh Jeremy Corbyn!
    Oh Jeremy Corbyn!

    Thought it was in the bag didnt he?
    Touching distance of people Republic of united Kingdom.
    All cycling to the fields in our chairman Mao suits,
    Poor Jeremy, all turned to shite!😫
    Bet it was the jews fault!!

  2. In that picture he looks like the old Captain Birdseye if he’d been drawn by Gerald Scarfe.

    He’s no relation of mine.

      • I’m afraid its too late now Miserable, he’s already unzipped and baited his hook.

      • Hahaha, ill just shut my eyes and keep to my promise LL! 😁😁😁

      • Quick Miserable, tell him you believe in the Israeli state and fucking love bagels and Simon & Garfunkel.

      • I’ve always thought I had a strong stomach Mis, but that’s made me feel rather ill.

        Why don’t you challenge Jezza to a beard off?

      • My beard hates commies,
        Itd hand him over to the israeli secret service with 2 black eyes and his teeth shattered.
        Keep his funny little hat though!!

      • In my mind’s eye I picture you as a bit like Bluto out of Popeye. With the hat even more so.

      • Because of your avatar and name on here, I picture you as Harold!
        Know your probably nothing like him, but still do.
        Harry H Corbett was a wythenshawe lad, near Manchester airport,
        And during the war killed a man with his bare hands!!
        Not many actors like that now.😁

      • In real life MNC I look a bit like Luke Evans so I’m told. Could be worse but I believe he is a gay chap, which may explain why some gay fellas have tried to chat me up in the past, which can be awkward. I was with a girlfriend when it happened once and she thought it was hilarious
        There are some perks though, quite a lot of young women like the look of him.

        Don’t know why I chose Harold tbh. Just did it on a whim really.
        I used to watch steptoe and son when it was repeated on television. My favourite episode is the one where they divide the house up between them and he flushes the toilet on Albert. They fucking hated each other in real life.

      • Im a big fan Harold
        My favourite being them going to France and Albert insulting everyone on the plane!☺
        Don’t know who Luke Evans is mate,
        Googled him, you should do alright with the ladies, my face is a bit more “character’ actor!😁

  3. Communism in a pair of slippers with a crossword, a cup of ovaltine and a bag of werther’s originals.

    Its a bloody disgrace.

  4. Agree Corbyn is a cunt, but he was right, the decision to settle out of court was a political one.
    I have no sympathy with the snivelling cunt whistleblowers, they are cunts by default, working for the Labour Party they deserve a fucking good Cunting.
    The ‘new’ labour is just as shit as the Corbyn one, the dame and deputy ‘horse face’ dawg taking the knee…
    They are all collectively cunts, MPs, Momentum, Activists and anyone working or associated with fucking anti British Labour.

    PS, white lives matter, I am really pissed off today that little cunt Hamilton won the British GP with a flat tyre, but good to see the magnificent 7 not taking the knee at the start, they all wore anti racism T shirts except Hamilton who had a Black lives Matter T shirt….. what a cunt!

    • I’d like to see that Hamilton cunt do a Nikki Lauda and the emergency services be tardy in their response.

      • It’s bunch of multi Millionaires obediently following the best funded car on the grid (I think it’s called a Panzer) with 10 stone of irrelevant ballast on board.
        Corbyn needs to be imprisoned for treason.
        Or a “walk in the woods” as some of my East European chums describe it..

  5. I really haven’t been following this case at all purely because Steptoe and Labour are such utter cunts by default.

    And yet here’s Labour banging on about diversity and BLM, and be nice to BAMEs, and yet they still won’t rid themselves of all things anti-semitic. They seem to be in complete denial of their own blatant racism and bigotry, and yet have the afront to accuse the Tories of being horrid to the bruvvers and sistas!

    Torys – gutless, clueless, begging-on-bended-knee-not-to-offend cunts
    Labour – hypocritical, clueless, racist cunts
    LibDumbs – Marxists-R-Us… no,no, make that Greens-R-Us… nope, Fascists-R-Us… nope…errr…. well what the fuck do they stand for?

    What a sorry state of political affairs in this country!

  6. Are we sure when Magic Grandpa rang the school bell, it wasn’t just him ringing it for Flabbotts teatime?

  7. I see that the cunt now faces being sued by Panorama’s John Ware. Daft twats with more money than sense have now contributed in excess of 300k to a crowdfunder to pay for his legal fees. There really is a mug born every minute.

    • Including Derek fucking Hatton. Back from the darkest recesses of history like the creature from the black lagoon.

  8. So this is Uncle Jezza’s 27th cunting on this site. Is that some sort of record? Makes Lewis Hamilton look like an amateur!

    • Corby. Is a lot older than Lewis; give him time.
      BTW , how many of you were willing Joss Verstappen to overtake LH on the final lap?

      • I certainly was. I always used to cheer for British sport but with cunts like Hamilton, Andy Murray and Wayne Rooney turning up in recent years I’m not quite so patriotic.

  9. If he offered his hand to shake mine I would keep punching him in his face until I stopped.He is a complete pile of horse shite.Comrade Corbynski can live in the Motherland

  10. Corbyn was a disgrace, but then you look at his replacement – simpering knee bending, racist supporting (Lammy) misandrist supporter (Jess Phillips) and screaming queen supporter like Lloyd Russell-Moyle and numerous other poofters and misfits, and you just feel that Starmer is just another turd wiped away with a different bog roll. It is the same shit in a new wrapper. The “acceptable” face of loony left PC bollocks.

  11. Would love to see dirty old man Corbyn taken to the cleaners and then lost or at least severely damaged while in their care. Same with that smug shit Len McCluskey.

    • Yeh me too Ruff.

      I was hoping for the same for Salmond but the slippery cunt got away. For now.

  12. Hasn’t this cunt crawled back under his rock? Like a bad penny the fucker comes back

  13. Again:
    Captive bolt gun to head (saves bullets)
    Bill family
    Job done.
    Several thousands to go!

    • Nah, you need a new firing pin each time, cricket bat with nails sticking out of it will suffice!

      • Yes Captain you are right there.
        Sod using a humane killer on these cunts.
        A brick will do.

  14. Despite his age and Somali like build I would happily kick Catweazle’s fucking commie face in. Even though he was pro brexit he didn’t have the balls to come out and say it.
    As long as the state of Israel exists Labour will never rid themselves of the Jew haters. It is rooted deep in the left, something you could never have imagined before 9/11. Hope he gets his scrawny arse sued to buggery. I don’t like to think about his scrawny arse because I always imagine it bobbing up and down between the Abbotpotamus’s huge thighs.
    Yeah, there’s something wrong with me, tell me about it.

    • JC was the most effective parliamentarian supporting The Leave campaign. He and McDonnel absolutely sabotaged the Labour in part of the Remain campaign. They agreed to turn up at days when the focus would be on Labour in Europe and cancel at the last minute, were disruptive at meetings and were a general, bloody, nuisance.
      The only useful thing the cunt has done in his whole life.

  15. I knew Catweazle.

    Catweazle was a friend of mine

    Jeremy Corbyn you are no Catweazle.

  16. Dull cunts still say we would have been better off during the Covid crisis with Corbyn and co in charge. As much of a shower of lying shit that the tories are, can you imagine what it would have been like if they had won? Corbyn would be moving heaven and earth to make sure Palestine was free of Covid (and yids), Kier cuntface would still be trying to stop Brexit by any means fair and foul, Abbott would be dictating social distancing, with a mandatory gap of eleventy seven feet, lady Nudgee would cancel H2S and build a covered walkway to Calais instead, so those poor folk don’t get wet on their way to utopia.

  17. Hate this cunt. I cant explain how worried i was at the thought of this traitor being PM. It is beyond belief that a british man hates his country so much.

    • Hes a traitor Tono.
      And not just a traitor on a single cause, on any issue he sides against his own country, his own people.
      Im not joking when I say this, but to me that should be a hanging offence.
      Not much offends me but being a traitor does.

      • Well most of the cunts who get a mention on this site offend me, that’s all. Only been on here a couple of weeks, it’s been a revelation to me.

      • Yes, certainly a revelation, and we nom some right peaches but rare im offended.
        Learn a lot on here though, some smart people!
        You enjoying it Cupid?

      • Yeah it kind of holds a morbid fascination for me. Being able to hurl abuse at some richly deserving recipient and having an appreciative audience for it is quite cathartic.

      • Your right it is cathartic.
        And mostly deserving recipients.
        Occasionally, rarely, you get one where opinions are split, I like those!
        We have Deadpool too,
        I enjoy that.

      • The best for me is the thought that one of the Cunts might one day goggle themselves and get to read our thoughts….

      • Im betting thats happened Dick.
        Theyre mostly vain types, love the hype, like to think they were shocked, then angry, maybe tearful, then fainted when saw their name in Deadpool!!😁

      • When I see that some “celebrity” has dropped dead of a heart attack that they were actually logged on to “…is a Cunt” at the time and had just read our thoughts……James Corden,you revolting fat Wanker, I fucking hope you chance on this site soon.

      • Im not arsed about James Corden but if Judi Dench died reading I said she looked like a elderly chinaman, id be fulfilled in life.
        Even pay for her headstone..
        “SOME CHINK

      • Nice to find some kindred spirits in a world increasingly full of arseholes and bullshit and no one apparently having the balls to stand up and call a spade a spade.

      • Northern cunt i never feel right about calling you that name. You are not a cunt and always speak sense. Also you are right about Jezza, he should have been done for treason

      • And I remember he said quite recently he would “rattle” Angela Raynor. To borrow a Fiddlerism, your a disgrace man.

      • Dont listen to him Tono!
        Hes shortsighted and confused!
        Yes im probably the most commonsense on here!
        And the nicest.
        Oh and most handsome!

      • @Tono
        Most of the lads I talk to on here call me Miserable or MNC,
        The others ignore me,
        Probably jealous?!😁

      • Morning MNC, always good to hear from you. Anyway when Cunstable mentiond you want to bonk Angela rayner, is he not aware i fixed you up with Angela merkel.

      • He only reads the Braille format of ISAC in welsh so misses a lot in translation, dont let him know though Tono or he’ll want in on the action.
        He carries a torch for her but she rebuffed him!☺

  18. Jezza will always be a cunt on this site. Thats because he is one dangerous mother fucker. He is a true trojan horse character. I can never understand why so many cunts at glastonbury chanted his name. I wonder if the same cunts, would have chanted his name, if there family was at Salisbury.

    • I can Tono.

      Glastonbury has been cunted on here a few times. Check it out and see why.

      Probably the best thing about this Chinky flu has been the absence on our screens of Ashley, Maisie, Gregory and all the other waify Notting Hill cunts at Pilton this year flying their stupid Nuclear Power No Thanks etc flags and cheering Corbyn.

      • Isaac what worried me furher, was all the stupid cunts that willing to vote this cunt as PM. Isacc of all the cunts mentioned on this site, Corbyn is in my top ten.

      • He’s firmly in mine too. As are Lineker, Salmond, Thompson and Thundercunt.

        But easily the biggest cunt of all time is Anthony Lynton Blair

  19. Off topic have you heard what Bozza has done?He nominated his brother for a Knighthood,Phillip Maya Knighthood,Ken Clarke a Knighthood and Phillip Hammond a Knighthood.Also he wants to make Ian Botham a Lord.Will his cronyism ever end?Give me strength

    • Not quite. Philip May is the only one who got a knighthood. The others you mention – Biffa Botham, Jo Johnson, Ken Clarke, Philip Hammond have all been made Lords.

  20. Can’t say I hate him. He’s just sort of there and he keeps turning up every so often like a bad penny. Same with Blair. Same with Major.

    Funny how all these self proclaimed socialists end up very wealthy or build their own little empires isn’t it. Blair is worth about £850 million and has his own little empire and a property portfolio, but made out he was socialist.

    Corbyn lives in a £650,000 house in Islington.

    Kier Starmer is a millionaire and has a knighthood. He also has a £1 million house in London and acres of land somewhere in Surrey also worth millions.

    I could be mistaken but they sound a lot like white privileged males to me.

      • Talking of which it always fucks me up that James Pur-nell as he likes to be called, was a fucking awful ultra Blairite who conspired with his boyfriend David Milliband to get to No 10 (Mili you remember lost is backbone and Pur-nell resigned soon afterwards), only to turn up at the BBC and by using his crawling skills is now “Director of Radio & Education” (I hope they check his expenses claims carefully). He is the daft cunt who wants one third of all BBC employees to be Black, transgender or bent (if there are not that number already). He is turning the BBC into the New Labour Broadcating Company, and as the BBC knew of his proclivities they can hardly say it was a politcally neutral appointment. The only job I would give him at the BBC would be to lick Jo Brand’s lavatory seat clean whenever the old tart is appearing on one of her numerous Wireless 4 appearances. He would be good at that, licking up the piss stains on the seat whenever she has been shitting and farting..

      • Thats his £650k
        Jesus, what a dump, don’t get much for your money in Islington do you?
        The Dosser.

      • On the tv shows they always show that £650k gets a 12 room mansion on 20 acres in Devon?

  21. He’s a galaxy sized cunt of the highest order, who is so far from number 10 that I can’t hear the cunt anymore……sorry, what did you say cunt?

  22. We certainly dodged an ISIS bullett in December. Imagine if Compo got in power – his ridiculous ideas of re-nationalising the trains, getting rid of private contractors for the NHS, spending his way out of so-called austerity was quite frankly laughable. But what I find chilling is this: all that money he was going to spend and tied into spending when he signed those government charters is that the UK would be far harder hit from this Covid stuff because the lack of government money for Furlough and GDP would be down by quite a margin. The mountain of debt would’ve been huge if that prick got in.
    I find the Leftwaffe completely deranged and idiotic about Compo. What fucking planet are they on? Don’t they realise that no one outside of Islington likes him??

  23. Traitor. Communist. Rat. How the hell do these shitweasels slime into these cushy well paid positions? Why no prison, Beardy Burgess?
    And I noticed multi Millionaire red Jez was VERY capitalist when demanding enhancements on his £60,000 a Year index linked pension recently (part of the deal for him to step down and Dam Starmer to slither in) – keep the red Pound flying eh, you greedy old cunt.
    And your house is shit – the one you have round the back of the Kremlin is much nicer! 😁

  24. Much as I hate this cunt, I possibly hate Starmer more. Because he looks less like a cartoon social worker he is potentially more attractive to the sort of cunt who would consider voting for the current Labour party. Corbyn wasn’t a one-off, Labour is full of traitorous pieces of shit like him.

    Ah, Monday morning and I’m already filled with rage.

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